Story Index


Freshman -
Stealing Is Bad
Skipping Class

Sophomore -
Cheater, Cheater
Skipping Again
Stolen Car
To the Park
Heavenly Weed
Summer of Concerts
Ashton's Car

Junior -
Brianna's First Day of School
Anastasia's First Day of School
Bad Grades
District Championships
State Championships
Ditching School (Anastasia)
Rated R Movie
Chicago Fun Part I - Souvenir Hairbrush
Chicago Fun Part II - Chad's Party
Anastasia's Birthday - Part I
Anastasia's Birthday - Part II
Spiffy Big Brother (Anastasia)
U Drink, U Drive, U Walk

Senior -
Food Fight
Lesson Finally Learned
The Homecoming Dance
The Soccer Party
A Bit of Jealousy
The Good Old Days
Dinner At Romano's
Viva Mexico - Part I
Viva Mexico - Part II
No Pain, No Game
Temper Tantrum


The Stabler Girls (by Breanna and Lenore)


Chapter 1!
Chapter 2!
Chapter 3!
Chapter 4!
Chapter 5!
Chapter 6!
Chapter 7!
Chapter 8!
Chapter 9!
Chapter 10!
Chapter 11!
Chapter 12!
Chapter 13!

Just Shannon

End of Summer
Kyle's House
The Bell Rings at Three
Procrastinating Into Trouble
Rave, Anybody?
The Winter Ball
The Winter Ball, Part 2

Katelyn and Jessica

Run Away Smartass (by Mackenzie)
The F Word
Drinking Young (by Mackenzie)
Go Mets!
Starvation Kills (by Mackenzie)
Why Did Katelyn Cross the Road? (by Mackenzie)
Searching for Trouble
Never Again Part I  (by Mackenzie)
Never Again Part II (by Mackenzie)
It's Okay To Be Imperfect (by Mackenzie)
Family Time
Asking For It (by Mackenzie)

Mini Series


Aerial's Diary

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Still Makes Perfect
Practice Will Always Make Perfect
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
Practice Makes Perfect... Years Later

Have Faith (Breanna and Haley)
Roller Holler
Seven O'Clock Ride
The Deal

The Brat
The Brat
The Brattiness Continues
The Brat Learns Her Lesson
The Brat Takes After Her Sis

The Yay! Series
Yay! Chili's!
Yay! Australia! (Prologue)
Yay! Australia! - Chapter 1

Weird Reality
Catholic School Dreams
What Is Going On?

First Concert
Skyy Meets Nathan

Oak Grove Academy
Orchestra Trip #1
Orchestra Trip #2
New Roommate

Procrastination is.... Bad


Alex and Anali
Alex y Anali (español)
The Advisor
Back on Track
Back on Track 2
Back on Track 3
Beach Party
Boarding School
Bratty Little Sisters Are a Pain
Camp Counselors in Trouble
Camp Counselors in Trouble (Edited)
Cherry Kiss
Chilean Spanking
Christina's Bad Day
Christmas in Amsterdam
The Circus
Curious Jenny
Cynthia's Mexican Adventure
Daycare Drama
DDR Junkies
Drag Race
Drunken Rampage
Ecstatic For Ecstasy
The Emo Story
Fake ID
Fed Up
I Like Cheese
I Like eBay
I Wanna Go Home
Learning the Hard Way
Learning a Lesson
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Like a Father
My New Little Sister
Nikki's Amusement Park Adventure
Not Normal
Old Fashioned Family
One Week Later
Peer Pressure
Picture Yourself Here
Potty Mouth
Random Short Story
Raven's Black Tears
Running Away
A Second Older Brother
Shopping for Aunt Becky (Full House FanFic)
Sleeping Kicks Ass
Sneaking Out
Spanked Down Under
Stupid Paddles
Tears of Frustration
Tio Ricardo
Tio Ricardo (español)
Too Drunk
Too Much
Total Anarchy!... Sorta

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