30 May 2002

Story: Orchestra Trip #2

Part of the Oak Grove Academy mini series.  Stephanie gets caught with cigarettes on the orchestra trip.

Orchestra Trip #2
by Breanna Carter

“Okay,” I said, quietly, as the advanced high school played on stage in front of us. I knew to talk softly, because Trey could pick up any sound from his spot on stage, and if he heard me talking, I knew I’d be in for it. “I got some cigarettes from one of my brother’s friends. He kinda left em sitting out, so I grabbed them and brought them down here with me. So I figure, we can go into the bathroom after this performance while they’re doing their sightreading stuff and we can smoke. How does that sound?”

“Uhmm,” Jade said, nervously. “That’s not a good idea, Steph. I think I’ll sit out on this one. My parents smoke and I don’t really like it too much.” It was state festival my seventh grade year, and since we were performing so late and it was so far away from where we lived, we were able to stay the night after our competition. The only problem was, the highschoolers were staying, too, and Trey definitely wouldn’t let us stay on the floor with them after what happened last time. We were sure they were going to have a huge party, and one of the guys had already invited us to come... but for fear of what would happen, we declined politely.

“Fine with me,” I said, then turned towards Abby. “How about you?”

She shrugged. “Fine with me. You don’t think we’ll get caught, do you?”

“Nahhh... Trey can’t walk into the girls bathroom, and we’ll just threaten anyone who happens to walk in. I don’t know with what... but besides, we have the biggest influence in the orchestra.. nobody will want to tell on us.”

She shrugged again. “I’m in for it. You don’t mind, do you Jade?”

“As long as you don’t do it in the room tonight.”

“Works for me,” I said. We sat listening to their piece, then watched as everyone on the stage grinned whenever they finished, sure that they had made superior. Trey turned towards the audience who now clapped gleefully, and bowed, then got the orchestra to rise and bow aswell. We just grinned as they walked off stage, and when we were sure that they were gone I said loudly, so people around could hear, “we’re going to the bathroom, be back in a minute.” I checked my backpocket behind my wallet to make sure the small package of cigs were still there and nodded to Abby who followed me to the bathroom.

I shook with anticipation and Abby stood impatiently. “Will you hurry up and get those things out ofyour pocket? If we’re too long they’ll be suspicious!”

“We’ll just say we had to take a shit,” I said, grinning and finally finding the two cigarettes. I handed her one, and put one in my own mouth and lit it with the lighter that I used to light my candles. I sucked in and inhaled a whole shitload of smoke then coughed. “Jesus Christ,” I said, still coughing.

Abby shrugged again and lit her own, doing it coolly as if she were a highschooler herself, puffing on it. “Not too bad,” she said.

“You’ve never done this before?” I said, almost turning green, but still inhaling the smoke.

She shook her head. “Nope, but I like it. How about you?” she asked, avoiding the fact that I was coughing like crazy.

“It’s okay,” I said. I finally stopped coughing and inhaled more, getting the hang of it. We then heard a noise at the door and ran into the stalls, ending up in the same one. She took a last puff, but I said screw that and threw it in the toilet, then she did the same and we flushed it, the girls already inside.

“God, it smells like smoke in here,” one said.

The other sniffed. “Yeah it does...” There was silence for a moment as I stood on the toilet and Abby stood on the floor, and we both almost began cracking up. “Is anyone in here?” the girl asked.

“Yeah,” Abby said in a high pitched, valley girl voice, almost causing me to giggle and fall into the toilet.

“Are you smoking?”

“Ewwww, no,” she said, and giggled. “Some girls in here were, though. It was gross.”

“You’re telling me...” she said. I was, by this time, cracking up, and ended up letting out a big breath, making a horrible noise. “Are you okay?” the girl said. Abby was now silently laughing, too.

“Yeah,” she said, coughing, “allergies.”

I could only imagine the weird looks that the girls were giving each other. “Later,” the girl said. We heard the door open, then shut and we cracked up laughing.

“Oh my god, you are SO insane!” Abby squeaked. She opened the stall and I jumped down from the toilet and we stood at the sink washing our hands.

“Geeze! You guys are taking forever! They told me to come in here and make sure you didn’t fall in!” Jade screamed. They turned around to see her opening the door.

“Oh, great to see you, too, Jade,” I said, sarcastically.

Jade wrinkled up her nose. “Come on, guys, get out of here. You’re going to smell like smoke.”

We nodded and followed her outside to let our clothes air out.

“So?” Jade asked.

We just shrugged. “It was okay,” we agreed.

Jade shrugged back, “if you say so.”

Just then, Trey and some of the seniors came walking outside with a huge trophy in his hand. We all clapped and cheered as he held it up and everyone followed him.

We got on the bus about 6 that evening and went to eat dinner at a fairly nice restuarant. Trey spent the evening telling stories from the year, sharing memories with everyone, his first year teaching. Something that would live in his heart forever. His first group of seniors. I took pride in knowing that I was part of his first group, also, although I would not be a senior for another 5 years. But one day I’d be sitting there at that table with him, listening to him ramble on about how we were whenever we were in 7th grade and all the trouble we caused. It almost made me want to cry, seeing the seniors go.. although I did not know many of them. I’d never get to see Daniel or Brian again, or even the guy who invited me to the party that night. They all only had two more weeks left of school, and this would be the last I got to see them. Trey ended the night by giving a toast to all of the orchestra students for doing such a great job, and to the seniors for spending 7 years in orchestra. We all clapped for one another and then a senior lead the toast for Trey, for being an awesome teacher and helping us win at state.

Around 8 we went to the hotel. We were allowed to stay out until 10, getting to swim or just hang out for a couple of hours. The highschoolers went swimming, most of them at least, and the middle school kids went to one anothers rooms, finding it amusing to flirt with others.

“Hey, let’s go smoke again,” Abby said. “This’ll be the last time we’re able to, probably, so might as well.”

“Good idea,” I agreed. We informed Jade of what we were doing and she shrugged us off, going outside to sit by the pool.

So Abby and I sat outside on the balcony, I not coughing anymore and she sitting there, admiring the cool air. We did not speak much as we watched the people inside the pool dunk each other and play around. They could not see us, but we could see them. I felt so lonely inside.

“It’s weird,” I said. “I barely even know them, and I already miss them.”

“Yeah, another school year, coming to an end. Kind of sad in a way.”

I nodded as we finished up. I carefully put the cigarettes back in my backpack and laid on the bed. Abby laid on the other bed and we turned on the tv, watching the news, half boredly. There was a soft knock on the door. I walked up and answered it to see Trey standing there.

“Ah, hey Trey,” I said smiling.

He smiled back. “Hey Stephanie. Are the three of you in there?”

“Uhmm, no... Jade went down to the pool, and I guess she’s still down...”

“No no, here I am,” I heard the voice and looked behind Trey to see her running up, dripping wet. Trey looked over and smiled.

“Mmmk, guess we all are here.”

“Okay, I’ma tape the doors now. So don’t leave now, okay? I don’t want anything to happen like it did last time.”

I blushed. This was the first time that he’d mentioned it. The three of us nodded. “We won’t leave..” I assured.

He just smiled. “Goodnight,” he said.

“Night!” the three of us said happily and shut the door.


The next morning, we arose bright and early. Well, morely around 9am, there was a loud knock at the door, unanswered until the third attempt whenever he started yelling at someone to answer the door. Abby, of course, was appointed as the door answerer, and she opened it, looked out, said “we’re up,” then shut it back. I knew Trey was still standing there, slight grin on his face... and about to knock..


Wow, am I good or what?

“Come on, guys, get up,” he said.

We all whined and finally Abby got back up ando pened the door. “We’re really up this time,” she said, trying to shut the door again, but he held it open with his hand.

“Hey guys!” he yelled into the room, causing Jade and me to jump half a mile into the air.

“Jesus Christ, Trey, you don’t have to scare the mess out of us...” Jade said. He just chuckled lightly.

“There’s a continental breakfast downstairs, but some fast food places around. Be back at the bus by 10:30.”

We all nodded and then ungracefully got up, fighting over the shower. After dressing ourselves we dropped our stuff off at the bus, then walked over to Burger King where we gorged our faces with bacon biscuits. We finally arrived back to the bus where everyone was getting on, and I quickly grabbed my backpack from the ground so one of the loaders wouldn’t shove it in the bottom and I ran on the bus, my backpack almost causing me to fall off because I accidently knocked it against the door.

We finally took our seats, in the back like usual, Jade in front of us, and I threw my backpack in front of me and instantly put on my portible cd player, giving Abby one ear of it so we could act goofy and sing together. We sat there, waiting for Trey to get on the bus and call to make sure we were all there, but it was taking an unusuably long time. I kinda lifted myself up, to see if I could see him, but all I saw was the high school bus leave. Then I felt Trey stepping on the bus, angrily. He proceeded to raise the microphone thingy to his mouth.

“Everyone take off your headphones,” he said loudly. Then he waited, and everyone did as instructed, except for Abby and me, of course. We knew that he didn’t need to be yelling at us about cleaning our room. He waited longer then got back on the microphone. “Stephanie, that means you and Abby, too,” he said, giving us a stern look. We reluctantly took our earphones out and sat up straight to listen to him. He called the names of everyone, waiting for them to say here, and everyone was on the bus. But we still didn’t leave. “I found this,” he said, holding up a cigarette in his hand, “outside the bus. Now, that means that somebody on this bus has cigarettes on them.” He paused for a moment and there was a buzz as everyone looked around, already accusing people. Abby and I looked at eachother and then Jade looked back. “I’d like for whose ever this is to stand up right now and confess.” Silence. Nobody admitted to it. I looked down at my backpack where the zipper was half open. Trey began walking towards the back of the bus and i couldn’t make any sudden movements or he’d know it was me... “This, was in somebody’s backpack,” he said, inching closer to me as I tried to look him straight in the eye without flinching, “and I’d like to know whose it was.” His eyes were dead on me. He finally stopped next to Abby and me. “Okay, that’s it. Everybody off the bus, we’re having a check.” Everybody groaned. We had had one of these before whenever somebody was accused of stealing a watch. Still, nobody fessed up. Meanwhile, I was freaking out. I had cigarettes in my backpack, and he was about to check everyone’s bag... what was I to do. “Everyone out,” he said sternly and we began to file out slowly, dreading every moment of this. We stood outside in a line, boys on one side and girls on the other, embarassed as hell. There was a woman chaperone checking all of the girls, padding them down to try and find cigarettes, and a man doing the same for the boys. Trey came off the bus with a disappointed look in his eyes,staring straight at me. I gulped... it was beginning to get harder for me to breathe. “I’ll take blame,” Abby said, generously.

“No, it’s okay. I got them, I won’t even mention you.”

Abby shrugged in a “suit yourself” manner.

The chaperones finally got finished checking everybody, finding nothing.

“Now, I want everyone to march back in their rooms and go clean up their messes. Is it necessary that every trip we go on we have to do this?” he said in a scolding voice. Everyone was curious to know who the guilty party was, but Trey was determined not to let them know.

We all went up to our rooms, and he followed the three of us. He knew that our room was decent looking, and normally he would tell us just to stay at the bus. But not today. Today he went with us to our room, as if he needed to monitor our cleaning up.

We walked in and he slammed the door shut behind him, motioning for us all to sit on the bed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a package of cigarettes and a lighter. Looking directly at me he said, “care to explain this to me?”

I took a deep breath, and tried to calm myself. “Well, um... I got those.. from a friend of my brothers... and brought them with me.”

“And you’ve smoked them on the trip, haven’t you?”

I nodded slowly and looked down at the ground.

“What about the two of you?” he asked, no longer looking at me.

“It wasn’t...” I began.

“They can answer for themselves.”

Jade spoke first. “I promise, Trey, I didn’t smoke any. I hate cigarettes.”

Trey nodded then looked towards Abby.

“Me either,” she said. She knew I didn’t mind, because I knew she’d do it for me. Either of them would.

Trey nodded again. “Well, then, the two of you may go ahead to the bus,” he said. They nodded and gave me a compasionate smile, then headed out of the door.

“Young lady,” Trey began, “I cannot believe you. Now, I thought what you did last time was outrageous, and believe me it was. But this time.. to steal a package of cigarettes, smoke on the trip and to top it off lie to me? What are you thinking?” he scolded.

“I... I don’t know,” I stammered.

“Do you realize how bad this stuff is for you?” he said, referring to the cigarettes. “Do you realize how dangerous it is, smoking in these hotel rooms, because something could catch on fire? Or smoking in public where a police officer could see you and you could get arrested? Do you realize that?” he asked, putting his fingers underneath my chin and forcing me to look into his upset eyes. “Stephanie, you are 13 years old, far too young to begin this habit. Understand?” I nodded. “And I don’t appreciate the fact that you lied to me. You could have been let off much easier if you would have fessed up before I searched your backpack.” I nodded again. He let go of my chin as tears began to form in my eyes. I could feel his disappointment in me and I just wanted for him not to be mad at me, and to trust me. But I had broken that trust.

He sighed. “Well,” he said, “you know how I’m going to handle this...” he said, standing me up, and taking my position on the bed. I felt relieved, seeing that he hadn’t taken his belt off this time. “And all while I’m doing this, I want you to think about how much you have let me down, okay?” he asked, looking straight into my eyes. I nodded again.

He took my left arm and led me over his lap, my body already shaking with fear. Even though he didn’t have his belt off, being over his lap like this was the most embarassing position...

I felt him flip my skirt up and yank down my panties. He didn’t begin with a lecture, but instead began with sharp smacks on my bottom.


He pounded rhythmetically on my barebottom, five short, sharp smacks on my right cheek, then proceeded to do the same with my left cheek, in the same spot each time.


His smacks had such a sting that I was already squirming.


“Now Stephanie, SMACK!,” he began, me squirming more and whining with each smack, “I SMACK am very SMACK very SMACK disappointed in you SMACK SMACK SMACK! I hope you understand SMACK! that whenever you break the rules SMACK SMACK! you will be SMACK! punished SMACK SMACK! Am I making SMACK myself SMACK SMACK clear? SMACK SMACK SMACK!”

My bottom was stinging and I was still shaking and nearly crying with embarassment and pain, and every time I was smacked I nearly yelped with pain.


“Yes, sir,” I answered, taking my punishment well for so much pain being administered to me.


“Owwww,” I said in protest, finally. It was really beginning to hurt...


“Owwwwwww, I’m sorry...” I said, almost to the point of wailing. “Please, no more...”


I cried softly as I kicked my legs a bit and squirmed like crazy on his lap. “Stephanie,” he said, that same stern voice he had kept through the entire punishment. “Keep still.”


I tried to keep still, honestly... but I couldn’t, it was stinging too much. “Stephanie!” he nearly yelled. “If you don’t keep still, it will only be worse.”

I whined and cried and pleaded. “Please... no more... please,” I begged.

“I’m not close to being finished yet,” he said


I cried harder, keeping myself from the squirming, at least it was working a ltitle bit. Then he stopped abruptly and lifted me up. My hands went immediately to my stinging bottom, but he pushed them away. “No, Stephanie, we’re not finished yet.”

This caused a louder whine to escape from my mouth. He ignored it though and laid me across the bed, my feet placed on the floor. I prayed silently that he would not use the belt again....


I felt a hot stinging on my bottom, worse than Trey’s hand, which was fierce enough as it was. I cried out from pain, not expecting such a blow. I struggled to look back and see what it was, but I was stopped. “Head DOWN!” he said sternly. “Now, if you will lay there and do as you were told, this will be finished quicker, young lady.” I weeped into the bed sheets.

WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!!!!

I cried harder and harder, and I could barely contain myself because of the pain... I tried hard not to struggle... not to wiggle around, but it was so hard...

WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!!!

“Stephanie, WHACK!!! I do not want to have to do this to you again, WHACK!!!! I don’t think that your brother will be too pleased whenever I tell him about what you’ve done WHACK!!!!”

This got my immediate attention, although my bottom was throbbing. I loved my brother a lot, don’t get me wrong, but whenever he found out about the drinking incident, he freaked out... he said if Trey hadn’t have already done so, he’d spank me himself. He also added that next time, he’d spank me anyway. I had never been spanked by my brother, but I knew his punishments would be as bad, if not worse, than Trey’s.

“Nooooo,” I pleaded. “Please, don’t tell him...”


That shut me up.

WHACK!!!!! WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!!

I was done struggling... all I could do was lay limply over the bed, sobbing into the sheets, thinking “wow, deja vu.” I felt Trey sit down on the bed next to me as he pulled my panties up and put my skirt down. He picked me up from the bed and I wiped my eyes as he looked at me. “Stephanie, I love you, and so does your brother. I don’t want to see you hurt yourself like this.”

I nodded, realizing his repetitiveness, but also realzing that he really did care about me, or he wouldn’t have done this.

“Now,” he said, finally revealing the small paddle that he had used to spank me with. I shuddered upon seeing it. “Tell me why I even brought this on the trip.”

I shrugged, not sure of how he wanted me to answer.

“I brought this on the trip because there are some kids on this trip that I knew I would have problems with, and I knew if I showed it to them, it would shut them up. I did not bring it to actually use, although I knew I would if I had to.” He paused, picking my chin up again. “Do I really have to go through these motions everytime we go on a trip, Stephanie? I know you know how to behave... you do everyday in class, and everytime we perform somewhere, you do just fine. Your a wonderful student...” I did not speak. He pushed the hair out of my eyes and we sat there as I regained my composure. I finally got up and washed my face and we walked out to the bus together, the paddle in his back pocket.

“So you’re not going to tell my brother?” I asked, hopefully.

He looked down and smiled at me. “You wish that I wasn’t going to tell your brother.”

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