01 December 2002

Story: To the Park

Part of the Terrence/Bri series.  Bri disobeys her older brother and meets her boyfriend at the park.  He's not too happy when he catches the two lovebirds.

To The Park
by Breanna Carter

I was going out with Joey, a hot senior who was captain of the basketball team. I spent nearly every moment of my life with him, thinking that doing otherwise would be wasting my time. Terrence didn't take a big liking to this, but he let me be. And when I got my car back from the shop (it had gotten totaled, thanks to some idiot who ran a red light), Joey was the first person I wanted to take for a ride in it.

"Joey! Joey!" I exclaimed happily after finally getting my car back. "Guess what! I got my car fixed!"

I could hear Joey's grin. "That's great, Brianna!" he said happily. "Want to take me for a ride in it?"

He could read my mind. "Of course I do!" I ran to the living room where Terrence sat, lazily watching TV and told him that I was going to go out with Joey for a little while, have some dinner, get some coffee, and the like. He said okay but not to stay out too late, because after all, it was a school night. I thanked him and ran out the door, keys in hand.

"Joeyyy!!!" I said in a mushy, lubby dubby voice and ran into him with a hug.

"Briannaaaa!!!" he said, same voice as me.

We hugged for a minute or two and then he hopped in my car and I hopped in the driver's seat, driving us to Applebee's, my fav, where Joey paid for a meal and we ate together, all the time talking in sappy love voices. sigh ah, the joys of love.

We left Applebees about 8:30, and headed towards the coffee shop where he bought me my favorite, without me even ordering! We stayed there, each hoping the night would never end.

"Wanna go to the park?" he asked, pecking me on the cheek when we got back in the parking lot.

"Sounds good," I agreed then dialed my house number on the cell phone. "Hey, Terrence!" I said as he picked up the phone and muttered hello. "We're at the coffee shop, and we're going to the park..."

"No, I think it's best if you came home," he said, dropping my good mood.


"Because I said so, Brianna. It's too late to go to the park, it's 9:30..."

I whined, "but Terrenceeee..."

"No, okay? Don't ask me anymore," he said, slightly irritated.

"Okay, well... is it okay if I stay over at his house for a little while?"

"15 minutes, tops, okay?"

"Okay!" I said, excitement ringing through the car. "I'll call you when I leave his house!" I hung up the phone. "Okay, let's go to the park!" I told Joey.

"But..." he said, voice trailing off. I was too ecstatic about being with him to let Terrence bother me about not going to the park. Besides, what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

I parked my car under a huge oak tree and then grabbed Joey's hand and led him to the swings. We sat there for a while, speaking calmly to one another about everything in general, school, basketball, friends, college... everything.

"I'd love to get a scholarship for basketball, but my dad's pressuring me to do better in academics..." Joey said.

"You played awesome at the last game," I assured him.

"You really think so?"

I nodded.

"I really like playing a lot, but I don't think I have what it takes to be a professional. But, what about you, Brianna?" he asked, his blue eyes gazing into mine, almost causing me to fall off of the swing.

"I... I don't know... I want to do something amazing, like become an author or a musician... but, I know I don't have what it takes. So, I'll probably be something boring like an accountant," I said, laughing a bit.

"I'm sure whatever you do, you'll be great at it," he said, his hand touching my face. "You're so beautiful..." he said in the most sweet, sincere voice, making me want to collapse in his arms and remain there forever.

I just grinned and moved in closer until our lips touched and "fireworks" could be heard in the distance. We stayed there like that for a long time, until we were interrupted by someone...

"Ahem," the voice said. I didn't want to stop, but Joey did.

"Oh, oh!" he said, seeing the tall figure standing above us. "Hey, uh, Terrence..." he said, stuttering like I've never heard before. I was too engrossed in him to realize that...

Oh, God... it was Terrence. I jerked my head towards him and looked up. I said nothing.

"Brianna, car, NOW!" he said.

"Uhmm, mine or yours?"

"MINE! Joey, you too."

Joey nodded and we walked together to Terrence's beat up old car, hopping in the backseat. When Terrence got in Joey instantly tried to blame himself.

"Look, er... Brianna told me she couldn't come to the park but I talked her into it anyway. I begged and begged... it was my fault..."

"Did you hold a gun to her head?"

He was taken aback. "...no."

"Was Brianna driving?"


"Then it was her decision. Stop trying to take up for her, Joey. She is completely capable of making her own decisions."

Joey nodded then looked at me apologetically. Me, of course, I was embarrassed as hell. Terrence had the nerve to drag me out of the fucking park! Grrrr.

He dropped off Joey and I had to settle for a goodbye hug instead of a kiss, because I felt uncomfortable doing it in front of Terrence. When I got back inside I slammed the door. "What the hell is wrong with you!?" I yelled to Terrence.

Mistake. "What the hell is wrong with me?" he yelled back. "You went to the park after I told you not to. You deliberately disobeyed me. Do you know what fucking time it is?"

I looked at the clock that read 11:23. Time flies when you're having fun. "That's not the point! You don't have to go embarrassing me in front of my boyfriend!"

"Brianna, believe me, I could have embarrassed you much more than I did. And you better watch your tone of voice with me, young lady, because I will not tolerate you hollering at me like that."

"You ruined my entire night!"

"I specifically told you that you COULDN'T go to the park. You're lucky that I even let you out of the house with the know-it-all attitude you've been giving me lately. And you went to the park even after I said no. And you're going to try and put the blame on me? It's not going to work this time," he said as we pulled into the driveway. "We'll go get your car tomorrow and it will sit right here in this driveway for two weeks, understand me? I will take you to school and work and that's it. You won't be going anywhere else."

"This isn't fair!" I yelled, slamming his car door shut.

"Excuse me?" he said, anger rising up through him. He grabbed hold of my arm and smacked my bottom 4 good times.


"Get in that house right now!" he yelled, and I stomped off inside, growling under my breath.

I stepped inside and plopped myself down on the couch. Soon enough, Terrence came in, shut the door, lifted me from the couch, all too easily, which made me a little bit more scared, unbuttoned my pants, tugged them down, tugged down my panties, and lay me over his lap. All the while I'm begging and pleading, kicking and screaming trying to get him to stop. But his grip was too strong on me.

"Next time you want to go somewhere without my permission, I want you to think about this," he said sternly, holding my hands tight behind my back.




"Owwwwww," I screamed, kicking, wanting to cover it up so he would stop, or at least be distracted for a moment, but unable to because his grip was too strong. "Stoppppp," I pleaded, tears streaming down my face. "I'm sorryyyyyyyy."

"I don't think you are."



"Remember this whenever you decide you want to talk back to me..."


"Or get an attitude with me..."


I kicked furiously, feeling my bottom turn to a deep red. I knew I deserved every bit of what he was giving me...


"Are you learning yet?"


"I'm learning, I'm learninggggg," I pleaded, bottom on fire.

"'Cause if you don't learn, you will take this trip over my knee much more than you would like to, young lady."


"I don't want to do this to you, but I WON'T hesitate to."


I cried and cried, finally broken, lying across his lap. "I'm sorry," I muttered through teary eyes, crying like a baby. He knew the second I had been broken because he instantly gathered me in his arms.

"Brianna, you are not to do stuff without my permission, understand me? I don't mind you being out with Joey, but when I tell you no, I mean no, and I don't want to hear any backtalk about it, okay?"

I nodded. "I'm sorry, Ter-rence. I'm sorryyy," I said, burying my head into his chest and crying until I was all cried out.

"You're a good kid, Bri," he said, calling me that name that always made me feel better. "I don't want anything to happen to you. I set rules so you'll be safe, not to be mean, or a jerk. Okay? I love you."

I nodded. "I love you, too."

He hugged me until I was finally okay again and then he lifted me up and carried me to my bedroom, then put me down on the bed. "See ya in the morning, kiddo."

"Night, Terrence," I said.


01 November 2002

Story: Stolen Car

Part of the Terrence/Brianna series.  Bri knows the cure for her best friend's broken heart.  Too bad she has to take Terrence's car in order to provide her with that cure.

Stolen Car
by Breanna Carter


"Hmmm?" I said sleepily as I lay in my bed disturbed by the loud ringing of the phone.

"I need you to come over," my friend said, sobbing.

"Steph," I said weakly, glancing at the clock. "It's 3 in the morning and I had to work tonight... I'm really tired."

"I really need to talk to you, Brianna... please," she said, letting out another sob.

"What's wrong?" I asked in a worried voice, finally realizing that she was crying. "Stephanie? Are you okay?? I'll be over there in a couple of minutes."


I slammed the phone down and changed into the nearest pair of pants and slipped on a shirt then jumped out of my window, hoping that Terrence would remain asleep until I at least got home. When I got outside, though, I realized that my car wasn't there. Yeah, I had gotten in a stupid wreck and it was still in the shop. I sighed loudly and looked at the sky as if asking God "why me?" I thought for a moment and looked at Terrence's car, figuring he wouldn't miss it much. I slipped back inside my window and grabbed his keys from the kitchen table and jumped back out of the window then headed towards Stephanie's house.

I was at her house in a matter of seconds. That's how fast I drove through my neighborhood, that's how many stop signs I ran. I'm usually a really safe driver, but I was worried to death.

When I got there, the first thing I did was tap softly on her window. She opened it up and let me inside. Her eyes were red and puffy and a box of kleenex sat next to her and Dashboard Confessionals was blaring loudly. I knew what happened.

"Oh, God," I muttered when I landed on her floor. I allowed her to fall into my arms and I tried to rock her back and forth and console her, trying to listen to her muttering about her now ex-boyfriend and how she loved him so much and how she didn't want him to break up with her and how much she fucked up then repeating everything afterwards. "It's okay, Steph," I said, softly. Being 16 and all, having a boyfriend was a big deal... and it was her first real love...

We sat there for a long time, her crying on my shoulder and me rocking her back and forth. I searched through my mind trying to think of something that could help her feel better. Sitting there on the bed listening to whiny Emo music wasn't helping at all. That's when the light bulb came on.

"Steph!" I said cheerfully.

"What?" she muttered.

"Get up! Get up! I have the perfect idea!"

She raised herself up and looked at me, her eyes puffier and redder than ever. "Perfect idea? I miss Paulllll," she whined, lying her head down back on my chest.

"No, no, get up," I said and turned off the music.

"I was listening to..." she began but I cut her off by grabbing a happy CD from her CD collection and dragging her out of the window with me. I dragged her to my... er... Terrence's car and shoved her into the passenger's seat then sat myself next to her.

"We're going to go out and drive around like we used to, and listen to happy music and be happy, dammit!" I said grinning. "It's been forever since we've done it, and besides, we don't need guys!"

I slammed in Alanis Morisette, okay, that's not happy music, but it was a start. It was angry-at-guys music and that's what we needed, not sappy I-love-you-and-miss-you music. I pulled out of the driveway with a sniffling Stephanie next to me, then turned the music up as loud as it would go when we got out of the neighborhood. We sang along, dancing, and just having fun seeing as it was 3:30 in the morning and nobody was out driving or anything.

"How about a candy bar and Mountain Dew, on me?" I asked, pulling into Wal-Mart.

She nodded, grinning a bit now, her eyes not as red and puffy.

"All right then, you stay in here. I'll be back in a minute." I hopped out of the car, stuffed the keys in my pocket then made my way inside Wal-Mart. I went back to the candy aisle, got three bags of gummy worms and a couple of Milky Way bars. I was on my way to getting two Mountain Dews when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I nearly jumped three feet in the air, knowing that it was Terrence next to me. I gave a heavy sigh of relief when I saw it was just a police officer.

Just a police officer?

"Ma'am, how old are you?" he asked in a calm voice.

"Er, 17," I said nervously, my voice so unsteady he had to have known I was lying.

"17? Today you're 17? Not tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year...?"

"Well, er... I'm almost 17..." I stuttered.

"Almost, eh?"

"Erm, yeah... almost."

"Do your parents know that you're wandering around Wal-Mart this time of night?"

Now was my chance. "My..." I stuttered, trying to think of the saddest thought, letting a tear slip down my cheek, "parents... are dead," I said, beginning to cry full out now.

"Oh," he said, taken aback. "Well then," he said, obviously not the least bit moved by my outburst... "does your guardian know where you are?"

I tried to keep crying, wiping my eyes a bit. "Yes," I lied. "I came to get some stuff 'cause my friend was spending the night and I wanted some stuff and he said I could get some..."

"Ah well, I see then. So he wouldn't mind if I brought you home and told him about how you're out past state curfew?"

I gulped. This wasn't what I was expecting... "Please, officer," I begged. "I just wanna get my stuff and go home..."

"Well you can, I'll just take you there..."

What an ass. "Please, sir... I have his car and I'd rather drive it home."

He considered this for a moment. "No, you're a minor out past state curfew, it's my duty to release you back into the care of your guardian. Now, if you will go ahead and purchase your items so we can get a move on."

I opened my mouth to beg more, but was cut off by a stern look. I threw the stuff back onto the rack and said, "fine."

He didn't ask whether or not I was going to buy the stuff, but instead just led me outside where a cop car sat. It reminded me of something and I suddenly said, "I smell bacon."

He looked at me. "Excuse me?"

"Bacon... you know, that stuff that comes from pigs? I smell it."

I think he understood what I meant because he didn't say a word after that, just opened the door for me. I sat down and folded my arms then remembered that Stephanie was still sitting in Terrence's car, probably wondering what had happened to me. Great...

I took out my cell phone as we were driving and called Steph's cell number.

"Hello?" she answered, the tears in her voice apparent once again.

"Steph?" I whispered. "Look, I smell bacon and I have to go home. Sorry."

"Bacon?" she said then said, "oh! You got caught by a cop?"


"That's not good... what's happening."

"Can't now, later. You gotta walk... I'm sorry." I wondered what the look on the pig's face was.

"Yeah, it's okay. Terrence is going to be pissed... I'll call you when I get the chance," Steph said.

"Mmmk. Later, girly. Sorry, again."

"It's okay," she said and we both hung up.

So, I rode in the car with this piggy and wondered if he had any donuts close by. I mean, don't all cops eat those? And a donut sounded really good...

"...your address?" he asked, slightly irritated.

"Huh?" I said.

"I've asked you four times what your address was then realized you were on that phone. So, what is it?"

"Oh... oh!" I said, then recited my address to him, silently praying that he wouldn't knock on the door and wake Terrence. How I would get his car back without him knowing was my next problem.

Of course, I really didn't have to worry about it because when we pulled into my driveway the cop got out of the car as well and banged loudly on the door. I winced at each bang, thinking about how mad Terrence was going to be...

We heard shuffling through the house and I knew that Terrence was peeking through the window then making his way slowly towards the door. Well, slowly wasn't exactly the way to put it... he ended up at the doorway faster than I thought he would, obviously having hurriedly slipped on a pair of jeans. He glared at me. I let out a weak smile and looked at him. He was wearing those jeans and a white undershirt that showed off his muscles that he would probably be using on me once he found out what I did. How could I get out of this? I shivered a little bit, remembering the last time I had gotten spanked... I didn't like the way this was going...

"Terrence Carter," he said, shaking the officer's hand as I realized that they just introduced themselves to each other.

I listened as he explained the situation to my older brother, well, halfway listened, the other half of me was wondering if he noticed that his car was gone...

"Thank you, sir," he finally said.

"No problem," the piggy said then let out a grin that made me hate the guy even more. He turned to leave and Terrence put a hand on my shoulder and led me into the house. My body was shaking more with fright by this time...

"Brianna you are 16 years old! You know better than to sneak out of the house, steal my car, and wander around Wal-Mart at 4 in the morning!" he shouted after he slammed the door behind us.

"Er, um," I stammered. "But... Stephanie needed some company.."

"That doesn't tell me why the hell you were at Wal-Mart in the first place!"

"Well... see... she called, and needed a shoulder to cry on, and I was sick of her crying so I decided to go out riding around and..."

"In MY car, might I add. Haven't we already had a discussion about you stealing stuff?"

"Erm... but..."

"I don't want to listen to your excuses. You are getting too old to be spanked..." Oooo, a light of hope... "I don't know why you keep giving me reason to do it more often!" Damn, that hope was gone.

"Terrence... I'm sorry..."

"You're always sorry! You said you were sorry last time you stole something, you said you were sorry last time you were out past curfew, you said you were sorry when..."

"Okay, okay... but I really am sorry... and I really learned my lesson. You don't have to spank me..."

"Oh, I don't?"

"No, you don't... I'll be good. Go on and go to sleep and when we wake up in the morning we can put this past us..."

"I don't think so, young lady," he said. "Where's Stephanie?"

"Er, she was at Wal-Mart, but I called and told her what happened, so she was on her way home."

"How the hell do you expect me to pick up my car?"

I shrugged. That was a good question...

"How am I supposed to get to work tomorrow? Brianna, do you realize the seriousness in what you've done?"

I guess I honestly didn't, but I nodded anyway.

He sighed loudly. "Go to your room," he ordered.

I tottered off to my room, shaking with fear. Please don't let him spank me, please don't let him spank me, I begged to myself. It was futile, I knew even then.

He finally entered after me sitting there for about 10 minutes, anticipating what would happen. I gazed at him with my fearful blue eyes, noticing that he hadn't brought anything into the room with him. That could be a good sign.

Of course, that was also about the time that I noticed that he was still wearing those jeans, and in those jeans was a belt... a leather belt that had been used on me before, a couple of times. I winced a little bit.

"I'm sorry, Terrence..." I said desperately, trying to think of a good reason of why he shouldn't spank me. "Look, er... I'm having girl complications... yeah, that time of month..." I lied. "You er, can't spank me... please... I'd like bleed all over you." It was gross to think about that, but it seemed like the only way out of it.

He gave me a disbelieving look then said, "fine. Lean over your bed, I'll do it pants up, for now. But believe me, Brianna, whenever you're ready it's going to be hell on your ass, worse than you'd get it right now. And you can't go anywhere until you get it, can't talk on the phone, can't get on the computer. And you won't be needing your car back anytime soon..."

"Er," I stuttered, wondering if it would be better to just say I lied and take my bare bottom punishment, or wait for so many weeks doing absolutely nothing... "Okay," I finally said, figuring the latter would be best. Surely, he wouldn't hold that against me...

"Over the bed," he ordered.

I stood up and leaned over my bed, placing my hands firmly into it and sticking my bottom out, very thankful for the protection of my jeans. I listened as I heard a belt being slipped through the loops, and I heard the jingle as I saw the image in my head of him folding it over once. I felt his hand on my back to hold me down. I shuddered again, very uneasy at the moment. I didn't exactly want to go to bed with my bottom on fire like I knew it would be... but, maybe he'd be too tired to give me too much...


Nope, I was wrong. "Owwwwwww," I hollered out in pain, jumping up with my hands flying to my bottom.

"Put your hands back down on that bed young lady and don't make me tell you again." I followed his orders and went through the rest of my punishment, very thankful that I had my jeans as protection.

Finally, I heard the belt fall down and Terrence said, "go to bed. I'll wake you up in the morning and we'll walk to get my car."

I nodded, not having begun crying yet, and rubbed my bottom. Was lying to him the best thing to do? If he could give me that much over my pants at 4 in the morning, what would he do when I announced to him that I was ready for the bare bottom spanking...


The next morning, Terrence woke me up early, as promised. After three hours of sleep, the last thing I wanted to do was walk in the cold winter air to Wal-Mart with my older brother to get his car that I stole. My ass still stung a lot, even though it had been over my jeans. I regretted my actions more and more with each step towards Wal-Mart.

"Does it bother you that you got in trouble and Stephanie didn't?" he asked about halfway to our destination.

"No, I don't guess," I said. "I mean, it was my idea and stuff..."

He just nodded and I walked kind of bow-legged and stuff... We finally approached Wal-Mart and his beat-up old car. He drove us back home and ordered me to stay in my room, taking away my radio and CDs and my phone. What the hell would I do?

I sat in my room for hours and hours, doing nothing but staring at the ceiling, and reading a little. There was nothing else to do, except finish my homework and why would I do that when I had first period Monday morning?

I went to bed that night after eating dinner, and then woke up Sunday morning to loud banging on my door with Terrence's list of chores being shoved in my face. That was my least favorite part about being grounded, Terrence could always find something that needed to be cleaned...

But I finished my chores that morning by 11 and sat in my room after eating lunch and actually did some homework then went to sleep early again. By the time Monday rolled around, I was so glad that school was back. I went through my day and nearly cried when my crush, Joey, asked me out for that night, but I had to decline politely. I didn't tell him why, but I guess he assumed that it was cause it was a school night, and he said, "well, maybe Friday," and stalked off to his group of friends.

I got home and did more chores, then went to bed again, and repeated the same procedure Tuesday, only I went to work afterwards. Wednesday was similar, and by Thursday I was sick of the silent treatment coming from Terrence and the guilt in my stomach and the boredom that dwelled within me. It was my night off, so I walked up to Terrence before dinner and said, "I'm ready." He didn't question me at all, but instead, allowed me to continue. "I feel really bad about what I did, and I'm ready to accept full punishment for it, and for the record, I lied to you Friday... and I'm sorry for lying." He just nodded and said that he would take care of it after dinner.

At dinner there was an uneasy silence resting among us, and I was nervous as hell about what was going to happen. Especially since he had said Friday night that when I would be spanked it'd be worse...

I gulped down the last of my tea and finished my dinner, and was dismissed to my room. I sat on my bed, my stomach twisted in knots, and I remembered being at a friend's house one night... eating dinner with her and her family. We were about 8 years old, and my friend had 5 brothers and sisters, and I wondered how she could stand it, 'cause I only had one and I didn't even like him that much. But we were eating dinner and her dad had told her specifically not to eat all the spaghetti, well, told all of them not to, and they did it while their parents were gone. When they got back, the spaghetti was gone and the culprits were found, my friend and her younger sister. And their father announced that after dinner each of them would be spanked on their bare bottom. I remembered the nervous feeling I got inside my body, the way that my heart was pounding in fear for my friends... I thought 8 was way too old to be spanked since I hadn't gotten spanked since I was 5. I remembered the way that I gulped down my milk, feeling as if I was the one to be spanked. After dinner, both girls were sent to the living room where their bare bottoms were smacked two times each, just hard enough to make a slight impression. I remembered how I gulped and played with my friend afterwards who exclaimed that it didn't hurt, but we both knew it did. She was just being a big girl... I remembered how 8 seemed too old to be spanked, and here I was 16 and about to be spanked... twice her age...

tap tap tap

I nearly jumped off my bed forgetting that I was 16 and not 8 and I was at my house, not my friends. "Come in," I said weakly. Terrence opened my door and sat down on my bed next to me.

"I'm glad you finally fessed up, Brianna," he said, looking me deep into the eyes. "I want you to understand how disappointed I am in you, and how much more I'm let down that you lied to me." I nodded. "I guess you realize that you deserve this spanking?" Another nod. "Okay then, pants down and over my lap." I hesitated a bit then did as I was told, dropping my baggy jeans to the floor and putting myself over his lap. He pulled my shirt away from my bottom, exposing a small part of my back, then smacked my ass with his hand once, on my panties. Then he did it again, causing me to jump and wince a bit, but since I knew it was only the beginning it wasn't hurting as much as I knew it would be soon. After he felt that he had warmed me up properly, I felt him tug down my panties and felt the slight breeze. I quivered a little and shuddered, breathing in deeply.

"You okay?" he asked me, obviously noticing that I was really, really nervous, even as much as I knew I deserved this.

I nodded.


He continued in that rhythm until I was kicking and pleading for him to stop. My bottom felt like it was on fire when he finally stopped and I reached back to rub out the fire...

"No," he said, moving my hands away. "I'm not finished, Brianna. You can do that after I get finished." I cried harder, wishing desperately that he would hurry up and finish.


"Owwwwwwwwww," I whined, feeling the leather belt hit my naked flesh.


"Ahhhh, owwww, owwwwwwwww." I kicked my legs and cried.


"Owwww, pleaseeee, I'm sorryyyy!!!"


"Owwwieeee owwwwwww... I'm--"




I was crying and pleading and kicking but he wasn't stopping, not anytime soon, not until he knew I was broken and sobbing like a small child over his lap. He kept his rhythm up, giving me a little time to breathe in between, but not much time to think.

"Brianna, you know you deserve this... WHAAAPPP!!!!!!! I don't want you ever to steal my car again, WHAAAPPP!!!!!!! or sneak out of the house, WHAAAPPP!!!!!!! or be out after curfew. WHAAAPPP!!!!!!! Do you understand?? WHAAAPPP!!!!!!!"

"I dooo, I dooooooo... I'm sorryyyyyyy." I cried and cried, my eyes nearly being cried out when he finally set the belt down and I knew what he meant when he said "hell on my ass" cause my bottom felt like it was on fire.

He scooped me into his arms like he usually did after a spanking and allowed me to begin to rub the sting out and he rocked me back and forth. "Brianna, no more stealing at all, okay?"

"Okay," I said through teary eyes. "Can I go with this boy, Joey, to the movies tomorrow night?" I asked, a hopeful look in my eyes.

"We'll see," he said, hugging me tightly and allowing me to cry on his shoulder until I fell asleep in his arms.

01 October 2002

Story: Party!

Part of the Terrence/Brianna series.  Terrence goes out of town for the weekend and Bri has a small get together.

by Breanna Carter

"I'm going to just be gone for the weekend. Are you going to be okay here by yourself?" Terrence asked me for the 500th time.

"Yes, Terrence, I'll be fine," I said, urging him again to leave.

"Okay, well, the emergency numbers are on the fridge, and..."

"I know, I know, if I need anything call Jacob."

Terrence smiled. "I don't know about leaving you here... I mean..."

I sighed loudly. "Terrence... go. Have fun, mmk? I'll be fine." He was going to spend the weekend with his girlfriend in Florida and I was all for the idea. I didn't get to spend much time by myself, and the poor guy was under a lot of stress, with keeping me and all. I wanted him to get out and have a nice time.

Terrence mock-sighed back at me. "Well, okay..." He hugged me. "I'll be back Sunday afternoon and... well, just have a good time. And don't do anything I wouldn't let you do, okay?"

I smiled. "I'm an angel, I wouldn't dare!"

"Yeah, right..." He walked out the door with his suitcases in hand and loaded them into the trunk and waved goodbye. I grinned and waved back watching him drive out of our driveway, down the street, and turn right onto the highway where he would be going to his girlfriend's house, then on a trip miles away from me, leaving me by myself. Oh yes, this would be an awesome weekend.

It was a Friday night, and I had nothing wild planned. Actually, I had to work, and I knew when I got home that I'd be too worn out to do anything more than sit in front of the TV and watch hours of the discovery channel. So, I decided that Saturday would be the perfect night for a party.

I called up my friends and asked if they wanted to come over, and to invite anyone they wanted for some loud music and lots of alcohol. I had a friend from work who told me he'd provide if I paid. After calling everyone I knew, or rather, liked, I got ready for work and set out into the hot summer air to the local pizza place that I worked at to waste a Friday night making pizzas for loud, annoying customers who were never satisfied. I talked to my friend, Nate, and gave him $40, compliments of Terrence for food, gas, whatever I decided to buy, and gave him a list of stuff to get us, which mostly consisted of wine coolers and beer, and a little hard liquor, but not too much. He came back up there, car glowing in the midst of the black night, and I shoved them into the trunk of my car and gave him a huge hug, thanking him a million times.

I got back to my house, put the stuff in the fridge, and wasted the rest of the night watching F.B.I. Files and stuff like that. Around 2, I yawned and dozed off to sleep on the couch, the TV still talking softly in front of me.

The next afternoon I woke up at 1, talked to Terrence, who was super worried, on the phone for about 10 minutes until he was assured that I was fine, the house wasn't burnt down, and I hadn't been in trouble with the police. I felt kind of guilty after I hung up the phone, thinking how much Terrence would be let down if he knew what I was doing, but I pushed the thought away. I had already invited the people, I couldn't back down now.

I called it the beginning of summer bash. Yes, it was a bash, even for an unpopular person like me. Somehow the word got around to people I went to school with and there ended up being tons of people on my doorstep at 8 that night. I charged the people that I didn't like a fee of $5, not because I didn't like them, but because they were high or drunk enough to give it to me. Around 9:30, I called Nate at work and asked him if he could drop by with more beer. The guys were drinking that stuff like it was the only thing on the planet. He agreed, and I promised I would pay him back and if I didn't he could kick my ass.

Nate knocked on my door at 11pm, and I gratefully answered so the idiots who actually paid me could get some more to drink. "You can stay if ya want..." I yelled over the loud heavy music behind me. He just grinned slightly.

"Nahhh, I think I'ma go on home, but thanks."

I smiled and shrugged then yelled again over the loud music, "Okay, suit yourself!"

I was not drunk. I was drinking, but I could walk straight. My friends around me were smoking pot, which I didn't like the idea of, and anytime I caught someone, I took the joint away from them, much to their disliking. I wasn't about to get caught with pot in my house... Terrence would kill me! What if it had been hiding behind a doorway or something? He'd think I was smoking it. Nope, not going to take that chance.

By 12:30 the crowd started thinning out. I guess they thought my parties were boring. It didn't matter to me, my friends and I were having a good time acting like idiots and dancing around my small living room to KoRn.

"This party is smashing!" some wasted girl told me.

I grinned. "Sure is!" I yelled back.

"I'm Sue!" she said loudly.



Uh oh, I thought. The music stopped and I turned around to see Terrence standing in the doorway with a very, very angry look on his face.


The people started filtering out of my house, racing to the door, seeing that the party had been busted. Terrence just stood there, eyeing me, not a very happy look on his face. He stared me down, but I couldn't look at him. I just muttered apologies to everyone who walked past me until finally, everyone was outside. I looked around the house. Everything looked trashed... the floor was cluttered with plastic cups, there were cigarette butts everywhere, beer cans...

"What the fuck are you doing, Brianna!" Terrence yelled at me, slamming the front door shut with a BAM!

"Uhmmm... just hanging out with some friends," I said in a small voice, feeling like a kid with his large frame towering over me like it was.

"Hanging out with some friends!" he yelled, so loudly it caused me to jump. He picked up a few empty beer cans and held them out. "You call THIS hanging out with some friends?!?" He chunked the can to the side. "I thought I could trust you, Brianna! But you go and have a party while I'm gone, I know you were drinking, were you smoking, too?"

"But you... you never said... I couldn't have a party..." I stammered.

"BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT SUPOSSED TO HAVE ONE!" he yelled. "Do I have to spell it out for you? Do I have to write every single little rule three feet high and shove it under your face for you to see it! You know better than this."

"I... I'm... sorry..." I stammered again. I was shaking like crazy, and his anger wasn't helping me be any calmer. He finally just exasperatedly turned around and began picking up the littered floor. I helped a bit, throwing some empty cans and cups into the garbage can, sitting turned over stuff back up. "I'm in a lot of trouble, aren't I?" I said in an almost inaudible voice.

"Oh yeah, Brianna. You're in a LOT of trouble," he said, throwing the last bit of stuff away. The living room no longer looked like a junk yard. "Stay here," he said. I complied as he went to his room for a minute while I stood there like a bump on a log. Why had I been so completely stupid? Friday night would've been a much better night to have the damn party... (Obviously I wasn't feeling any remorse yet.)

He came back into the room carrying a board. It was a good sized board... looked like it'd be a good tool for a small child incase they ever got out of line.... My thoughts broke off there. "No," I said, as much of a shock to him as myself...

He didn't reply to that. "Go bring me every ounce of alcohol you have in this house."

My feet were glued to the floor and my eyes to the paddle he was holding in his hands.

"RIGHT NOW, YOUNG LADY!" he bellowed.

I jumped a bit from his voice and ambled to the kitchen, grabbing the wine coolers from the fridge, and the beer cans and hard liquor from the counter. I brought it back to where Terrence was, and then I handed him a wad of cash, a good $100. He didn't even question the money, just said "Anything else you need to give me?" I dug in my pocket, finding three joints and a package of cigarettes.

"These aren't mine," I said, pointing to the joints. "Someone had them, and I didn't want 'em smoking around me.." I was glad he actually let me speak.

"And these cigarettes?"

"Those... well, I smoked some of them..."

He nodded. "You know the procedure," he said, quietly, amazingly calm.

"Terrence... I feel really bad..."

"You'll feel even worse when I get finished with you," he interrupted.

"Can't... can't you just do it over my pants?" I asked, knowing that a bare bottom one was in store, but it was worth a try.

"Yeah, right, Brianna. You're going to have a huge party, loud music, people smoking and drinking... yeah, I'll do it over your pants," he said sarcastically.

I groaned but pulled my pants and panties down letting them fall to the ground. I gave a puppy face, but Terrence ignored it and instead took me by the arm and pulled me over the end of the couch.


"I cannot believe you, Brianna," he scolded.


"Having a party..."


"Drinking alcohol..."


"And smoking..."


"I'm VERY disappointed in you."


By this time I was kicking and screaming and pleading and whining... anything you could imagine to come from a well spanked 16 year old.

"I'm sorryyyyyy," I pleaded. I lay across the couch, in so much pain, my bottom throbbing, me crying like a baby.


"I don't want you to EVER WHACK! do this again WHACK!, do you understand me? WHACK!"

"Yesssssss," I cried, jumping up and down on my feet. I heard the paddle drop to the floor through my sobs and then felt Terrence lift me from my position. He took me into his lap. "Shhhh, it's okay, Brianna. It's okay hon..." He wrapped his arms around me and we sat there on the couch, me crying and him comforting me in his soothing voice, allowing me to bury my head into his chest.

"I'm sorry..." I muttered, as if he didn't already know already.

"Shhhh," he said in a hushed voice. "It's all over, Bri... it's okay... I'm finished."

I nodded softly and lay there until I regained my composure and vowed to myself never to drink or smoke or party again.

01 September 2002

Story: Skipping Again

Part of the Terrence/Brianna series.  Bri is caught skipping again... surprise surprise, I'm sure you couldn't have figured that out if I hadn't told you.

Skipping Again
by Breanna Carter

"What exactly do you think you're doing, Miss Carter?" The voice behind me sent a shudder through my body. It definitely didn't sound very pleased to see me out of my sixth period class behind the T-buildings near the parking lot.

"Er," I muttered. "I have a hall pass?" I said, turning around to see the security guard behind me. I didn't want to know how she knew my name...

"Mmmhmmm. I see. Where is this mysterious hall pass that you possess?"

I dug in my pocket to find a small sheet of paper that my teacher had given me weeks ago with no date or time or place on it, just her signature.

The security guard held the tiny piece of paper in her hands. "Where are you supposed to be?" she asked.

"I was heading towards Miss Smith's room to talk to her about a test."

"And that would explain why you are sitting out here? Come with me," she said sternly.

I mentally gulped as I followed her to the office, praying that I could get off easily, maybe just an after school detention or something. I knew if Terrence found out, he wouldn't be happy. After all, it wasn't the first time I had skipped school and I knew that there was a silent promise that if I skipped again, I wouldn't be happy, either.

We arrived at the assistant principal's office in a matter of minutes and the security guard explained the situation to him. My heart was pounding inside my chest. I didn't like the direction this was heading.

Mr. Vaughn thanked the woman and asked me to have a seat and I did so.

I shifted uncomfortably. "Does your teacher know that you're at school?" he asked.

I figured telling the truth would help me out in the long run. "Er, no," I stammered.

He nodded. "When did she write you this pass?"

"Last week."

He nodded again. He did not speak for a few minutes, only stared at me with a look of disappointment. We were on fairly close terms. After the cheating incident, we spoke to each other in the hallways, and even at lunch we carried on a conversation. That's why I hoped he'd let me off fairly easy... "Can you make after school detention tomorrow?" he asked.

I nodded, suppressing a smile.

He nodded back at me and turned to the computer that sat beside him. He began punching at the keys until the paper was all finished. He did a spell check, to my surprise of course, I figured that teachers and principals didn't need spell checks and stuff, and then he printed out the paper and handed it to me. "Get Terrence to sign this tonight, bring it back tomorrow afternoon for your detention. This is a serious offense, Brianna. I don't want this to happen again."

I nodded.

"And don't think about forging that because if it looks like you did, I'll call him..."

He must have been reading my mind. I smiled a bit and said, "yes, sir."

I was dismissed from his office when the bell rang and I met up with my ride home and asked them if they minded staying a little late for my detention the next day. My friend punched me playfully and said she didn't mind but wanted to know details.

I figured Terrence would want details, too. That's why I waited until after dinner and after it had settled and while we were watching TV to casually ask him to sign it. "Oh," I said, as if I was giving him something trivial, a note about a new policy or something, "can you sign this?"

I handed him the paper and he looked at it for a moment, then changed the look on his face. He read the entire thing then looked at me. "Explain this note to me, Brianna, 'cause to me, it sounds like you have detention for skipping class and I know that can't be right cause we've already had a discussion about you doing stuff like that..."

"Err, well, see... I um, yeah. I skipped sixth period. But it's only gym class and we weren't doing anything anyway so I didn't miss much!" I added quickly, hoping that it'd change his mind about things. Hah, yeah right.

He gave me that look. I tried to smile big and pretend like it was no big deal, but that worked for a whole two seconds. "What am I going to do with you," he bellowed. "This isn't the first time. You've skipped before. In fact, I'm sure that you've skipped more times than I know about..."

"I'm sure you skipped class plenty of times," I said, trying to avert the subject.

"Yeah, and when I was caught, I got my ass torn up."

That stopped me. "Well, then you know you would have done fine with just a good talking to and..."

"I think a good spanking is what's in line for you, young lady," he said. There it was. I was defeated.

"But Terrence... please... I learned my lesson and I won't do it again."

"I'm going to make sure that you hear the lesson loud and clear," he said. He sounded so corny, and I was sure he knew it, too. He was just trying to scare me more and more and make the situation more real...

"Can't I be grounded? That's what happens to all the other people my age..."

"Great for them. You ask me every time if you can be grounded and I give you the same answer every time. Now go to your room and stand in the corner with your pants and panties already down."

"Terrence... please can't I just..."

"NOW!" he bellowed, causing me to shudder.

"Yessir," I said quickly, standing up and practically running out of the room, getting a hard swat on the bottom on my way there. I entered my small room with fear still running through my body. Sure, I'd been spanked many times, but for some reason, my knees were shaking and my palms sweating. I really didn't want to be spanked. I was nearly 16 years old for Christ's sakes...

But, I couldn't stop the fact that he was going to spank me whether I complied or not. And it'd be easier on me if I complied. So, I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them, then let them fall to the floor. I stepped out, my legs still shaking. I looked at the wall, almost in tears already. Then, I tugged my panties down and stepped out of them as well. It was never like that before. Every other time he'd tell me to pull my pants down and he'd wait 'til I was over his knee to pull my panties down...

I put my nose in the corner, blushing. I felt so young... so stupid. I felt like I was five years old again. I stood still for a few minutes, then got antsy from all the waiting. I whined a little to myself and moved around a little bit, twiddling my thumbs and admiring the cool breeze that my bottom would have for now. I nearly jumped three feet into the air when I heard the door open. I turned around to see Terrence standing there.

"Nose back in that corner, Young Lady!" he said sternly and I immediately assumed the position. Not only did I feel like I was five, I also felt like I was in the military! This was so humiliating. "Next time you decide to skip class I want you to remember this, do you understand me?"

I nodded.

"I expect a yes sir out of you, Young Lady."

I didn't like the way he was calling me young lady. I blushed and said, "yes, sir."

"That's better. Come here."

I blushed more and turned around and walked towards my brother, praying that my shirt was long enough to where he couldn't see anything. Of course, I knew he wasn't looking, but it was embarrassing to think that he could see anything. I blushed deeper.

The look on his face was that of satisfaction. "Bend over and touch your toes," he said sternly. I wanted to cry. This person seemed nothing like my brother who usually just spanked me and scolded me. I was sure being over his knee, or lying over my bed, would be a much better place to be than in the middle of the floor bent over and touching my toes. Things were so much different that way. If he popped me too hard, I'd probably let go of my toes, and then what? "Now, Young Lady!" he said, popping me on the bottom with his hand and gathering my attention back to him.

"Owww," I whined.

"Oh, trust me, this is going to hurt a lot more than that just did."

I gulped unconsciously and bent over, trying to touch my toes, but unable to reach that far down. When I looked back up at him, he just kind of gave me a look as if saying that I had to do whatever it took to reach my toes. I let out a soft whine, knowing where this was leading to... more embarrassment. I spread my feet apart a little bit and grabbed my toes, still managing to be in a lot of pain from not stretching too much.

"This is why you need to be in gym," he said, and I could tell that he was either grinning or trying not to.

I spread my feet a little farther apart until finally, I wasn't comfortable, but I wasn't straining.

I stared at the floor still embarrassed, my face more flushed than ever.

"If you ever and I mean EVER skip class again, Young Lady, I will blister your behind so badly that you won't be able to sit down for a week, do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir."


The first whack hit me with full impact and I knew that it was Terrence's paddle. I let out a loud cry, but he didn't let up with the intensity of it. He kept spanking me and it seemed as if he spanked harder and harder as the time progressed.

By the time he finished, I was crying full-out. The tears were streaming down my face and I was grabbing onto my ankles for dear life so I wouldn't move my hands. My bottom was almost numb and it ached so badly and I was embarrassed and I knew that I had let him down so much. I cried harder and harder and he set the paddle down then told me abruptly, "go stand in the corner, your hands on your head, and I don't want you to so much as move your nose from where it's supposed to be."

I nodded weakly and hobbled over to the corner, my hands on my head and my bottom throbbing with every step. I stood in the corner, wanting to rub the sting out but knowing better than to do so. I still cried for the most part, and finally the crying died down and I was just sniffling. The sting was gradually going away, but I knew when Terrence said next time I wouldn't be sitting for a while, I probably wouldn't enjoy sitting for the rest of the day, and probably the next day in detention. I could only imagine what would happen if I skipped again, and it was something I didn't care to imagine. So I didn't. I just waited for this to be over, hoping that he would comfort me and hold me soon.

I could only hope though. "Brianna, come here," he called sternly, and I turned around to see him sitting on the bed. I wanted to cry again because that was when I realized that my spanking wasn't over. I kind of whined a little more, and had to sniffle more because I was still crying a little. But I did as I was ordered and hobbled over to Terrence, wincing with each step as my bottom still hurt a lot.

I stood next to him for a moment and looked down at him while his eyes still expressed disappointment. "Why would you do something like that and expect not to get caught, Brianna?"

"I... I don't know..." I muttered, wiping tears from my eyes and sniffling.

"I thought you knew better than that. No, I know you knew better than that."

"I did," I said, my lip quivering and more tears falling down my face.

"You're such a good kid. I can't believe that you would do something so stupid." I just stood there, trying not to let the words hit my stomach like they were. "I hope you learn your lesson this time," he said and guided me over his lap. "I'm so disappointed in you." He positioned me over his lap to where my hands touched the floor and my feet didn't. I stayed like that for a minute, letting everything sink in, and I'm sure that was the purpose of him keeping me there for that time. My bottom was tingling as it knew what was coming up, and definitely wasn't looking forward to it...

The first spanks caught me by surprise. They were hard and fast, and followed by plenty of other smacks. He didn't let up at all, didn't pause in between smacks, just kept going at the rapid pace until I was once again, bawling like a baby and kicking and pleading. I finally was too worn out to go on any further and I just lay limply over his lap, tears streaming down my face one after another and falling to the floor. My bottom was on fire all over, even the "sit spots" which probably hurt most of all because they were so tender. I cried and cried and cried until my older brother scooped me into his arms and rocked me back and forth, stroking my hair and telling me that everything would be all right and that I was still the greatest sister in the world and that he loved and cared about me so much. We sat like that for a few minutes, maybe even an hour, until I was all cried out and my sniffling even died down. He lifted me up and hugged me tightly then told me to go onto bed and he'd see me in the morning.

Needless to say, that night I slept on my stomach. The next afternoon in detention, I vowed to myself never to skip class again. =)

01 August 2002

Story: Cheater, Cheater

Part of the Terrence/Brianna series.  Another self-explanatory title... that's because I'm not that creative with titles lol.

Cheater, Cheater
by Breanna Carter

The fall air hit me fresh in the face as I walked to school on a Tuesday morning. It was the second month of my sophomore year, and I was sleepy as hell, staying up all night studying for my Biology test. I knew I would do great on it. In fact, I had studied so much that I neglected to do some math homework and read some stuff for an english quiz that we were going to have. But, I wasn't worried about it. An A in biology meant I could take Chemistry Honors and Biology II, the two classes I wanted to take.

I finally arrived at school where I greeted my friends, screaming hey and hugging them all. I walked with my friend Stephanie to the end of the hallway so she could go to her locker. We stood there for a moment, chatting about insignificant things. Then, she looked around and turned back to me.

"I got a copy of the test."

"Which test?" I asked.

"The huge history midterm that we have to take today."

"Holy shit... that thing's today???" I squeaked. Of course it'd be today, the same day as a huge biology test.

"Yeah... but hey, I have all of the answers, and we can make copies and sell it to everyone and makes some money while we pass it too!" she exclaimed with excitement.

I shrugged. "Sounds good, but where the hell are we going to copy it? And besides, I need to memorize the answers anyway..."

"We can hand-copy it... and look, we don't have history 'til 7th hour anyway. You don't have to memorize it, just hide it in your sleeve like everyone else does."

I grinned and nodded.

"Count me in," I said. We walked around the school to a big group of people. "Okay, look... we have a copy of the history exam that's today... but tell ya what, you give me five dollars each, I'll make you all your own copy, questions and answers, or just answers if you like."

They looked at me anxiously. "Where'd you get the test from?" one asked.

"That doesn't matter. But this is it," I said, holding up a copy of Mrs. Meachum's Midterm Exam. The kids looked at me in awe.

"Whoaaa," one said. "Okay, I'll take one," he said, getting a five dollar bill out of his wallet. The other kids did the same. I wrote down all of their names on a sheet of paper then Stephanie and I sat off to Biology where I gave her half a list of orders and I took the other half. We finished our tests then made the answer sheets. We both already made $25 each; and we were still going.

"I'll definitely take one!"

"Me, too!"

We almost had lines of people during 3rd period trying to get copies.

"Maybe we should write down different answers," I suggested. "That way it won't look so suspicious."

"Good idea. If they say anything, we'll just have to set them straight. If we get caught, so do they!"

I began writing down some off the wall answers for a very dumb kid named Stephen. He wouldn't even notice that they were wrong answers.

Finally, lunch rolled around and we finished off our last orders, coming out with $75 each. This was easy... I'd have to do it more often. I finished copying the last of the answers, giving the kids their papers. Then, I walked on to my next class, and finally I ended up in history where I sat in the back of the classroom with the answer sheet in the sleeve of my long hoodie. Every so often, I yawned and looked at the sheet, grinning to Stephanie who sat next to me. Everything was going smooth... that is, until I heard this voice...

"Brianna Carter!" Mrs. Meachum yelled.

I looked up. She was holding a white sheet of paper in her hand... a white sheet of paper with HISTORY MIDTERM EXAM written in big letters across the top.

"I was wondering why so many people were getting the right answers today!" She grabbed my left arm and my answer sheet went flying to the floor. Some people gasped, while others tried to hide their own answer sheet, and some just looked at me with sympathy. "How many of you have an answer sheet!" she yelled. No one confessed. "If you do not answer me, I will search your things until I find it!"

"I have one," a small girl named Lily said in her quiet voice.

"Who else?"

"Me," someone else confessed. There was a stirring in the room and nearly 10 people pulled out their answer sheets and handed them to her... everyone except for Stephanie. I eyed Stephanie, wondering if she would confess, too.

"Where did you all get these?" she asked the students. Some of them pointed to me, a couple pointed to Stephanie.

"Stephanie? Do you have a copy of the test?"

"No ma'am. I gave it to Brianna..."

"Did you make copies for these students?"

Stephanie looked at me then nodded slowly.

"I cannot believe this!" she hauled me up by the arm with one hand, and then Stephanie with the other and dragged us all the way to the office, yelling at both of us the entire way there. "You girls, cheating, copying my exams. I bet you sold them, too. You know better than this," she scolded. "I need to see Mr. Vaughn," she told the secretary as we entered the small room. "You two sit right there and do not move!" she ordered. We did as we were told, not daring to move, or even speak to one another.

We waited for what seemed like an eternity until the plump teacher stormed out of the office and shoved open the doors of the office and then the tall lean man appeared in front of us.

"Come in, ladies," he said softly.

I gulped and looked at Stephanie. I had never been in the principal's office before...

"Have a seat," he told us when we entered and shut the door, taking his own seat behind the large desk. "Okay, which of you is Brianna?" he asked.

"I- I am..." I stuttered.

"Okay, Brianna, without any interruptions from Stephanie, I want you to tell me exactly what happened, and I want the truth."

I nodded. "Well... uh... see last night, I studied all night for Biology and forgot about this huge history exam that was way too hard, anyway... and I got the copy of the test and decided to give some friends some answers, too," I said, not bothering to go into detail.

"Where did you get the copy of the test?"

"I found it."

"Found it where?"

I shrugged.

"Did you sell the copies of the tests?"

This stumped me. Should I tell the truth or lie? I figured I should go with the truth, since a lie could get me into a bigger mess. So, I nodded.

"Where's the money?"

"In my pocket..." I said, in a small voice, staring at the floor.

"Look at me, Brianna." I did so. "Give me the money." I pulled 15 five-dollar bills out of my pocket and gave it to him.

He looked at Stephanie. "Stephanie, tell me what happened," he said, leaving the money sitting on the desk.

"Well, uh... see... I..." she paused for a moment. "I got this copy of the test from an old friend of mine who had Mrs. Meachum a couple of years ago... and well... I showed it to Brianna and had the idea to copy it for the other kids... and to sell it... so that way, we could both ace the test and get some money."

"How many people did you sell it to?"

"A lot," she said, pulling out the 15 five-dollar bills that she had in her pocket, too. She placed them on the desk next to my money.

"Girls, this is a serious offense. Cheating on a midterm exam, possessing your own copy to sell to other students... That's grounds for expulsion, do you two realize that?"

My mouth dropped. I was hoping for a couple of days in school suspension, something where Terrence wouldn't find out. If he did... I wouldn't be able to sit for a week... not expulsion though... I couldn't get kicked out of school...

"But I won't go to those extremes since this is your first offense and the two of you have complied very well. But, I shall do no less than to suspend each of you for three days and you will each receive a failure grade on your midterm exams." He picked up a pen, and called out my number to me. "Is that your number, Brianna?" he asked.

"Yes... sir..." I said, trying to contain my tears. Suspension?? Terrence would be upset for sure...

He picked up the phone and dialed my number. After a minute or two, he hung up. "Is there another number that I can reach him at?"

Uh oh... Terrence wasn't home... There was only one other place he could be. "Work," I muttered, my hands shaking as I covered my face with them and the man called out the number then dialed it, proceeding to ask for a Terrence Carter, then telling him about the serious offense and how much I complied, but he would have to pick me up from school and I was suspended for three days. He then called Stephanie's parents, repeating the same procedure as he had with me.

"You two may wait outside until they get here. Then, I would like to have a conference with them." We both nodded and I went out of his office, my bottom tingling and happy that it would be able to sit for now.

I waited no longer than five minutes when I saw Terrence burst through the door. His face was clouded with anger and I tried my hardest not to break down right there, pleading for mercy. He talked to the secretary for a moment and then the secretary got Mr. Vaughn, and called us both into the office.

"Hello, I'm Greg Vaughn," he said, shaking Terrence's hand.

"Terrence Carter," my brother said, nodding.

"Seems as if we've had a little trouble with Brianna today," Mr. Vaughn said, obviously pretending that I wasn't there. Terrence knew I was there, though. He shot me a look that told me I was in for it when we got home. I just gulped and listened. "Apparently, she was caught cheating on her history midterm exam." He held up the test, my stomach cringing at the sight of it. "She and her friend got this paper from somewhere and copied it down then sold it to other students. Made a lot of money, too," he said, holding up the bills. "I guess they thought they could get away with it." He sat up in his chair. "Mr. Carter... cheating is a very serious offense at this school, a detention being issued if one student just looks at one answer of someone's test. For something like this, expulsion is usually necessary, seeing as the student not only cheated, but assisted others in it as well. Bribery, I guess you could call it? At any rate, I have no other choice than to suspend Brianna for 3 days. I am truly sorry about this, but no other measures could be taken."

Terrence nodded. "Thank you, sir," he said. "I can assure you that nothing like this will happen again." He and Mr. Vaughn stood, shaking hands once again. He put a hand on my back and led me out the door where I saw Stephanie and her father seated next to the door. I gave a weak smile and she returned it. Terrence and Mr. Vaughn said goodbye to one another and we walked out the door, me dreading what was going to happen more than ever at this point.

The first thing that happened when we got outside was unexpected. Terrence brought his hand down, hard, on my bottom. SMACK!!!

"Owwww," I whined, rubbing slightly where he had smacked, and looking around to make sure no one saw while blushing furiously.

"Oh, that's nothing compared to what you're going to get," he said. I didn't like the sound of this.

We made it to his car where he opened my door then said, "get in," very sternly, as if he thought I might run away or something, then he went around to the driver's side, seated himself, and started the engine. We drove off from school, me yearning for the protection that it offered me...

"I cannot believe you, Brianna," Terrence began. Starting his lecture early... that couldn't be good. "Stealing an exam --"

"I didn't steal it," I said defensively. "Steph got it from someone."

"Copying the answers down and selling them to other students..." I bet the sorry bastard kept the money for himself, too. "Cheating yourself on it! What were you doing all night last night when you said you were studying?"

"I WAS studying, Terrence. I was studying for Biology. I just forgot--"

"You forgot??? That's not a good enough fucking reason to cheat, young lady, and you know that."

"I know, I know." I might have needed to shut up, but I was feeling defensive. "It wasn't a good reason, there IS no good reason." Good move. "It was stupid. Completely and utterly stupid. And I was dumb to think I could get away with it. I just didn't figure it would be that big of a deal..."

"Not a big deal??? How many times have you cheated before, Brianna?" he asked, as if I had just admitted to a huge crime.

"Er, uh... well none..." I lied.

"Now, come on. Tell me the truth," he said. Okay, so good old Terrence probably did it a couple of times himself.

"Well... I've done it once or twice, maybe three times... but it wasn't anything big, just looking on someone's paper in a quiz," I admitted.

"Still, though, Brianna. Cheating is wrong. It's dishonest. By you cheating on this exam, you could have easily passed the class with an A, but it wouldn't be a true A. I'm just disappointed because I didn't think you would stoop so low as to cheat. True, we don't always remember to study. But if you don't study, face the consequences rather than make more for yourself, okay?"

I nodded.

"I admit, I've cheated a couple of times myself, and I'm not proud of it at all. I came home with an A on a test and Mom and Dad seemed so proud of me. But, I felt so ashamed because it wasn't me they were really proud of, it was the kid who sat next to me who actually studied for the test rather than hanging out with his buddies all night like me. But, Brianna... I know you're worth more than that. You've got a good head on your shoulders and where I can understand you getting a couple of answers from the kid next to you, I can't even imagine you copying the entire exam and selling the copies."

"Well, she should use different tests..."

"It is NOT her fault, Brianna Nicole." Uh oh, he was adding middle name in there. "I am trying to talk to you about this and all you're going to do is pop off to me?"

"Sorry," I muttered.

"Brianna, you were just suspended from school, okay? I'm not thrilled to death about having to leave work to come up here and get you. You need to respect me, understand?"

I nodded, slowly.

"I don't care if the teacher should have used different tests or if Stephanie shouldn't have gotten the copy, the point is, you did something wrong, and you need to accept that."

I nodded again. "Sorry," I muttered again. "I know what I did was wrong... I shouldn't have done it. I do feel really bad," I said, feeling a pit in my stomach.

We pulled into the driveway. "I want you to go to your room and wait for me. I'll be in there in a moment," he said, then I trotted off to my bedroom, hand shaking, heart beating quickly.

I sat on my bed and stared at the wall. It really wasn't that great of a wall, kind of off-white, cracking a bit. Oh, look, a stain. Where'd that come from?

tap tap tap!

Holy shit... I jumped about 4 feet in the air then realized it was just Terrence tapping on my door. My nerves were on edge, definitely.

"C- ahem. Come in," I said, weakly.

The door opened and Terrence came inside. "Brianna," he began. "I've already talked to you about what you've done wrong. Is there anything you'd like to say?"

I fumbled around inside my head, thinking of something that sounded good and sincere. I didn't want to say it if it wasn't sincere. "Well, ah, the only thing I can think to say is what you probably are thinking that I'ma say, and that's that I'm sorry, and I won't do it again. I really learned my lesson, with being sent to the office, suspended, and then you talked to me about it... I know how disappointed you are in me, and I didn't want to disappoint you like that, I didn't want to break your trust. But I did, and now I have to accept the consequences."

He nodded slowly. "I guess you already know what your punishment is then?" he asked. I did, I knew in fact what it would be, although I wished like hell that it wouldn't be the case.

"Terrence," I said, my voice in a whine, "can't we try something else... can't you ground me..." I pleaded.

He ignored me. "I have a punishment planned out for you. Since you are suspended for three days, I will get you up every morning at 6am, as if you were going to school, you will help clean the house, help me out in the yard, take a shower, and get a spanking to remind you of why you are at home instead of school. You will write me a one page essay each night on your thoughts about cheating on tests at school, and you will go to bed at 7pm, sharp. No telephone, no computer, no TV. As for right now, I'm going to spank your bare bottom with this hairbrush, and then you can stay in your room until dinner. That should give you enough time to think about what you've done. Any questions?" he asked.

Okay, when I asked for being grounded, I hadn't exactly asked for this.

But I nodded my head, knowing I had no other choice but to accept my punishment.

He sat down on my bed and I stood up, then he pulled me over his lap, lifted my skirt and tugged my panties down to my knees. I winced as my bare bottom was exposed. I tried to convince myself that I deserved this, but it wouldn't help the pain at all.


He began, his strong arm pounding the hairbrush onto my bare skin. "Owwww," I exclaimed, although the spanking had barely begun.


"Owwwwwww, owwwieeeee," I whined, my legs beginning to kick furiously trying to stop the pain.


"Arghhhh," I whined, my eyes beginning to tear up, although I did not want to cry...


He was showing no mercy on my bottom, and at this time I had broken down and began bawling like a baby. "I'm sorrrrryyyyyy," I pleaded through tears. "I--"


"Owwwwww," I whined, sobbing and sobbing over his lap, tears streaming down my face. I couldn't move, I felt so bad. There was a pain in my stomach from disappointing my brother so much, and there was the pain in my bottom, the result of disappointing him. "I'm sorrryyyy," I muttered.

"Shhh, shhh, Brianna. It's okay," he said, patting my bottom lightly, then lifting me up. "It's okay, hon. Calm down." He hugged me tightly until my crying had died down a bit then kissed me on the forehead and left me in the room to think about what I had done until supper.

15 July 2002

Story: New Roommate

Part of the Oak Grove Academy mini series.  Stephanie and her new roomie don't get along too well, and she lets her anger get out of control.  That's okay, Trey knows how to handle it.

New Roommate
by Breanna Carter

My 8th grade year, Oak Grove turned into a private school designed for the arts and music, and of course, academics. The middle school and high school converged and the school moved out into the “boonies” (as we called it). A lot of the staff was dropped and only a few of the better teachers stayed, and most of the students left. Of course, Jade, Abby, and I stayed. We were in it for the music. We actually were quite excited about going to school, for once. It’d be like a big sleep over, except we couldn’t all share a room. But we’d at least be next door to one another. And the best part, the three of us all had a scholarship for the school, since we excelled so much in music.

The first day of school came along and everything was a mess. Students were lined up at the office with their parents enrolling or getting their transcripts to transfer to another school. The three of us, though, just got our schedules and found our first classes.

It was a hectic day of school. A lot of my friends had left, and I had a shiny new handbook that I had to read from cover to cover by the next morning. And of course, this “new” school that had been formed would be a top private school in the state, and also known as a boarding school. Which meant they would be strict. I didn’t like the sound of that.

After hanging out with my friends at dinner, I decided to call it a night. I went to my dorm and laid lazily on my bed, getting the handbook and flipping to the front page. I hadn’t met my roommate yet, but her name was Britney and like me, she was an eigth grader. In fact, the hallway that I was on was just for middle schoolers. Our school seemed highly separated from the high school kids, although it was all one. Their dorms were way on the other side of the campus, far away from ours.

I finally yawned and turned to page 3 of the student handbook, then glanced at the clock to see that it was 8:30. I should probably go take a shower...

“HEY!” a girl said as she barged into my room, throwing her stuff ontop of my desk and slamming the door shut. “I’m Britney!” she said, her voice high pitched and squeaky. She flipped her hair then grabbed some clothes and got into the bathroom before I got a chance to say a work, then I heard the water flip on. I sighed, it’d be okay, I had some patience.

I looked back down at the handbook only to be interrupted by music, loud music. Loud music that I didn’t like... N Sync, gross. I sighed, letting my patience control my anger. I began reading again, trying my best to ignore that annoying guy’s voice. That is, until she started singing along. I was too lazy to get up though.

I finally finished reading page 3 and I got up. “Hey, Britney?” I said, giving a slight knock on the door. “Can you keep it down in there? I’m trying to finish my homework..”

“Every little thing I dooooo, Never seems enough for youuuuuu...”


“You don’t wanna lose it againnnnn I’m not like themmmmmm.”


“Baby when you finally, get to love some-bodyyyy guess what...”




I heard a loud sigh and she turned the music down a notch, not enough to actually make any difference. I sighed back and totted back to my boring handbook. After I read page 6, I glanced back at the clock again. 9:30.

tap, tap.

Someone was knocking on the door. I got up and opened it. “Hi!” the voice said. “I’m Kimberly, a prefect for the high school. I wanted to let you girls know that it’s lights out!” Too many happy people, I thought to myself. “Is there somebody in the shower?”

“Yeah, I’ll tell her,” I said, wanting to slam the door in her face.

“I have to make sure you guys are in bed before I leave.”

I sighed. “Maybe you should try getting her out of there, she’s been in for an hour..”

The music was slammed off and I turned around to see Britney, dripping wet behind me. “Hey Kim!!!!” she said with enthusiam.

“Hey, Britney. It’s lights out. You guys have to go to bed, okay?”

“Aww, but Kimmy, I haven’t dried my hair yet!”

Argg, I couldn’t take this. I just turned around and threw the handbook back on my desk after throwing annoying girl’s backpack onto the floor.

“Hey! Don’t throw that!”

“It was on my stuff. You have your own desk!”

“Girls, girls. Come on, lights out. Now!”

Britney pouted and I went into my bed, rolling over to face the wall.

“Okay,” Britney said. “Goodnight, Kimmy!” She finished drying her hair with a towel and then jumped into her own bed. I heard the door shut and I finally drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I awoke to VERY loud music. I pulled the pillow over my head to block out the poor guy’s broken heart, but it wouldn’t go away. “GODDAMMIT!” I screamed. “DON’T YOU KNOW HOW TO KEEP THAT SHIT DOWN!” I growled and rolled over. I had another hour to get ready for school. Maybe annoying girl would be out of the shower soon.

I lay in bed, waiting for her to get out. The water shut off, and I heaved a sigh of relief. Perhaps I would get to take a shower afterall. I waited, waited, and waited.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! “Britney! What the hell are you doing in there??”

The only reply was the loud music that would forever be embedded in my ears. I went back to my bed and finished reading the stupid handbook, for lack of better things to do.

At 7:20, 10 minutes before class to begin, annoying girl came out of the bathroom. I had already missed breakfast, which began around 6:45 for anyone who wanted any, and ended at 7:15. I ran to the bathroom, stripping my clothing then sighing whenever my body was showered with warm water, for about 2 seconds!!! “That bitch used all the hot water!” I nearly shrieked. I had to bathe though, I felt very very grimy, especially since she didn’t let me take a shower the night before. I skipped drying my hair, it was 7:30. I dressed in my uniform, grabbed my backpack, then ran to homeroom for attendence and such. The clock in the front of the classroom read 7:37, although I could tell by the stares at me that I was indeed late.

I muttered my apologies and then took a seat in the back next to Jade and Abby.

“Are you okay?” Abby asked.

“I didn’t get a shower last night, I had to listen to shitty music blaring in my ears, I missed breakfast, I took a cold shower, and I was late to class. NO! I’m not okay!”

“Ahem, Miss Carter,” the teacher said.

I looked up.

“I think a trip to the headmaster’s office is in order for you. Showing up late to class and showing disrespect by talking instead of listening.”

“But Mr. Joshua..” I said.

“This instant, young lady.”

I growled again and stood up in a pouting manner, shoving my desk in the process and stormed out of the room.

Our headmaster was a young guy, probably about 26 years old, tall and thin, semi long hair, and glasses. He was definitely something to look at, but stern as hell. I had never personally met him before, but I had seen him, and I knew he wouldn’t take any crap.

I knocked on his office door and waited nervously. I stood there, reading the sign over and over again:

Mr. Jonathan Ross

I cringed, hoping that maybe it would be a week of detention or something, maybe lunchroom duty..

“Hello,” he said, voice friendly. I finally noticed that he had opened the door. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, uh, Mr. Joshua sent me here..” I muttered.

“Ah yes, Miss Stephanie Carter is it?” I nodded. “Come in and have a seat.”

I did as I was told, hopeful that I could get off with an easier punishment.

He shut the door behind us and took a seat behind the desk. “Late for class, eh?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Care to explain?”

“Well, uh... my roommate was in the shower, and I had to take one, and I didn’t know she was going to stay in there til 7:20. And she used all the hot water, to make matters worse..”

“And why didn’t you take one last night?”

“Because she was in there for an hour last night too!” I said in a whiney voice.

He nodded and I sat back in my chair, fighting back tears. This stupid new girl was going to get me in trouble!

“And as for this disrespect towards Mr. Joshua?”

“I’m having a bad morning, Mr. Ross. Please give me another chance.”

He thought for a moment. “Okay, I’ll let it slide this time, but for that tardy, you’ll have to go to detention this afternoon.” He wrote me a pass and handed me a detention slip. “Go back to class, and stay out of trouble, okay?” he said smiling.

I grinned. “Thanks.” I stood up and walked out of the room, then made it back to class.


On my way to detention I stood and talked with Jade and Abby.

“I can’t stand this girl,” I said. “All I hear is stupid boybands, she uses all of the hot water, stays in the bathroom for an hour... I can’t deal with this, guys..”

“It’ll be okay,” Jade said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

“It isn’t fair... I had to miss breakfast and I got tardy just for this girl.”

“Aww, come on, Steph, it won’t be so bad. You’ll get used to her,” Abby said.

“Why don’t you ask Mr. Ross if you can change rooms? I’ll be willing to share a room with her and you can be with Abby. He seems like a nice enough guy..”

I took this into consideration. “Maybe.” I glanced at my watch. “I gotta go, but I’ll see you guys later.”

“Later!” they said in unison and walked off themselves.

I dug in my backpack and took the detention slip out of my backpack. Great, Trey was doing detention... Could this day get any worse?

I walked into his classroom, he taught English as well as orchestra. “Hey,” I muttered and handed him the slip.

“Well, hello, Stephanie. Have a seat, begin your homework. No talking.”

I nodded and sat at a desk in the middle of the classroom. I was okay, digging through my backpack for my stuff..

“Hey!” I heard the familiar cheery voice say.

Okay, the day could get worse.

Britney plopped down right next to me. “Awww, poor baby, got a detention!”

“Yeah, and it’s all your goddamn fault,” I muttered.

“What? Mad at me? I can’t help it if I have good personal hygeine and you don’t.”

“Taking a shower every fucking ten minutes isn’t good hygeine! It’s stupid!” I shouted.

“Hey!” I heard Trey say in the distance, but I ignored him, my anger was rising inside of me and I now stood up.

“Wake me up at 6:30 in the fucking morning, blaring that shitty music of yours, stay in the bathroom for a fucking hour, use all of the hot water, make ME skip breakfast, make ME late for class.. NO I’m not mad at you, I’m pissed off!”

“Stephanie!” Trey yelled, now getting out of his own seat.

“Geeze, calm down.. it isn’t that big..” I wouldn’t let her finish her sentence, instead I decked her in the jaw, causing her to lose balance and fly right into the desk.

I was breathing heavily and as she tried to get up I knew she was nearly as mad as I was. I shoved her back down and started hitting, punching, biting and clawing. The class began stirring, I could hear talk all around me. Before we barely even got started, Trey was already there, breaking us up. “GET OFF!” he yelled at me, pulling me away, as I wouldn’t stop hitting her. “STEPHANIE CARTER! STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!” he bellowed. I think that’s whenever I finally realized what was happening. I let go, and went back to where Trey was dragging me to, letting Britney regain herself as some students helped her up.

I ended up out in the hallway. Trey gave me a very pissed off look. “Stay out here,” he instructed and I stood against the lockers as he went back inside and settled the class down.

I was nervous as hell standing out there, waiting for Trey to “talk” to me. After a good 20 minutes of waiting, it was over. The bell rang and the students filed out of the classroom, the last person being Trey. “Come inside,” he said. I met Britney, who was sitting in a desk on the front row, pouting. “Sit.” He paused as I did so. “Now, explain to me what happened, one at a time.” He looked at me.

“She took a shower last night, about the time I was going to. I let it slide, figuring whenever you have roommates you have to share the shower. She blared stupid music, and by the time she got out, it was lights out. This morning she woke me up blaring the same crappy music, taking yet ANOTHER shower, and whenever she got out, I hopped in, I had a quick 2 minute cold water shower, I missed breakfast AND I was late for class. And then she’s going to have the nerve to sneer at me!”

She didn’t interrupt me. “You should have gotten up earlier,” she said.

“You shouldn’t take two hours!” I shouted back.

“Stephanie..” Trey said in a warning voice.

“It isn’t fair! She takes two hours in the shower and I get in trouble!”

“Because you fight her!” he yelled back. “Now, stop yelling! I asked for a simple explaination, young lady, not another argument. Did you ever think of resolving this roommate problem by talking to her, or talking to Mr. Ross? We can get you two different roommates. Okay, Stephanie? Fighting is definitely not the way to handle this.” He turned to Britney. “Do you have anything to say?”

“I... I was just hitting back out of self defense!”

“I know, Britney. I will talk to Mr. Ross about arranging different roommates, okay? You are free to go, Britney.”

Britney nodded and scampered out of the room, leaving me to deal with him. I sighed and looked at Trey. “Look, I’m sorry..” I began.

“I don’t want to hear it, Stephanie,” he murmured.

“But I really am... she just made me so mad...”

“That’s not a good excuse..”

“I’m having a horrible day... how would you like to be waken up to N sync or Britney Spears or any of that junk.. And I missed breakfast!”

“You picked a fight on her.”

“She was mocking me!” I said defensively.

“She might have been mocking you, you might have been having a horrible day, that doesn’t change the fact that you jumped on her. AND I had to drag you off.”

“I was just upset,” I finally concluded, my voice now calm.

“I understand that you were. Next time talk to her about it, or talk to Mr. Ross, or even me. Don’t go punching her lights out, okay?”

I nodded.

Trey walked over to the door and shut it. “Fighting is unacceptable, Stephanie,” he said. “You will appear in detention again tomorrow afternoon, since you didn’t have a detention today.” I was going to protest, but decided against it. He sat down in his chair. “Come over my lap now,” he said. “You know fighting is against the rules, and you know what happens whenever you do it.”

His eyes stared into mine, which were by this time tearing up. “Please, Trey... just detention... just detention pleaseeee...”

“No,” he said flatly. “You will be spanked. You’re going to have to learn that there are consequences for your actions. Now, over my lap, Stephanie.”

I hesitated but the look he gave me forced my jelly-like legs to walk towards him. My stomach tied into knots. “I- I’m sorry..” I muttered, and he pulled me across his lap, then proceeded to lift my skirt up and pull my panties down to my knees. I squirmed a bit from feeling the draft of cool air on my now naked bottom. The last time I had gotten spanked was the time that he caught me with cigarettes... and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to this happening again.

“You know that fighting is against the rules, and you did it anyway. I have no other decision but to do this,” he said.


I squirmed a bit over his lap, kicking a little bit.


“Owwwww,” I said, feeling the sting more and more as his smacks got harder and harder.


“I’m sorrrrryyyyyyyy,” I whined, kicking harder and harder.

“I know you are, Steph, but I have to do this. You will never fight again.”


“Owwwwwwwww,” I groaned, by this time tears were streaming down my face.


I could do nothing but cry at this time. It hurt so badly and I was embarassed and ashamed that I had done something so stupid. And Trey was so disappointed in me. I felt so horrible.

“Are you SMACK! ever going to SMACK! fight SMACK! again, Stephanie SMACK SMACK!”

“Nooooo,” I whined.

He laid his hand down on my back. I just lay there, weakly crying, muttering apologies. “It’s okay, Steph. I’m all finished. It’s over,” he said, picking me up from my position and hugging me. “I don’t want you to do this ever again, okay?” I nodded. “Now, let’s go talk to Mr. Ross about changing roommates, okay?”

“Sounds good,” I agreed.

01 July 2002

Story: Skipping Class

Part of the Terrence/Brianna series.  Title pretty much explains it.

Skipping Class
by Breanna Carter

It was the first day of the new Star Wars movie, and my friend and I HAD to be the first to see it, of course. Too bad the first showing was at 11am and we would be in stupid school, suffering with all of the other mortals whose parents wouldn't let them go.

I sighed loudly. "Steph, I just have to go see the movie... I've been waiting forever... I can't believe Terrence won't let me..."

Steph shrugged. "Sorry, Bri... wish there was something we could do..." She paused for a moment, obviously thinking about something. "Hey, how about we ditch class? I can meet you at the bus stop and then we can hang out at Wal-Mart or something for a few hours, doing absolutely nothing. Then we can go to see the movie at 11 or whatever? And we can buy the tickets in advance. It wouldn't be too bad, ya know? Not too far to walk."

I grinned. The idea was perfect! "You are genius, Stephanie! That's a great idea."

So there it was, our plan to ditch class. And us, being 15 and all, KNEW we wouldn't get caught, cause we knew everything. So we mapped out our plan and the day of the movie she and I met up at my bus stop and then walked to Wal-Mart. We goofed around in there for a little while, not enough to make anybody notice us or anything though. Finally an hour passed, and then another hour... and FINALLY it was 10am, and we walked to the movie theater, which was right next door. We gave them our tickets and sat in the already crowded theater. We had perfect seats, ones right on the side by the wall where we could put our feet up. The spot I ALWAYS sat at, unless someone else had already taken it.

We sat there through the movie, giggling at the funny parts, and basically enjoying the entire thing... That is, until a security guard came in with Terrence right next to him.

"Holy shit," I muttered. "Steph, hide," I said, as if we had anywhere to hide. But the theater was kind of big. Of course, Terrence knew EXACTLY where we were seated, cause, as I said, we ALWAYS sat there.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he said, trying to keep it down to a whisper. He grabbed my arm and lifted me up out of the chair, as if he was using no strength at all. I gulped, knowing that his real strength would be used on me later on. I glanced at Stephanie who was nervous as well...

Terrence dragged me down a couple of stairs and shot a look to Stephanie. "Come on," he told her and she obeyed his orders as she was as scared of him as me.

We finally all three stood out in the bright sunlight which nearly blinded me cause I was so used to the darkness of the movie theater. I had just KNOWN we wouldn't get caught... what could have gone wrong?

Terrence followed us to his car. "We're in deep shit, aren't we?" Stephanie whispered to me and I nodded.

"Get in," he said, and boy, he didn't have to tell us twice. He was royally pissed...

We sat in the backseat of his car and he drove us both to my house... Once we got there, we were ordered to go straight to my room. We did as we were told and sat nervously in my bed. Before too long, Terrence appeared inside with us.

"Explain yourselves," he said. I could feel the anger rising inside of him and knew the truth would be better than a lie.

"Well, uh, see... we really wanted to see it..."

"So you skipped school!" he bellowed. "After I TOLD you that I didn't want you leaving school to go see it." He took something out of his pocket. "I guess we won't be needing these then, huh?" he said, revealing two tickets to the movie. I looked down at the floor. Great, now the guilt trip. "I bought these tickets because I figured maybe after school today you'd want to go. But instead you deliberately disobeyed me and went during school." A knot formed in my stomach. "What do you girls have to say for yourselves?"

I had almost forgotten that Steph was with me. "I'm sorry, Terrence... Please don't call Steph's parents, it was my idea..."

"Oh, I'm not going to, she is..." he said, picking up the cordless phone from it's spot next to my bed and giving it to her. "Dial," he commanded.

"Please, Terrence... Isn't there something else..."

I didn't say anything, just sat there.

"Stephanie, I want you to call your parents. They should deal with you instead of me," he said, sounding more calm.

"Please... I'll do anything..."

Terrence sighed. I could tell that he was debating inside his head. "Okay, I'm going to spank Brianna for what she did... are you willing to be spanked as well?"

She nodded her head. Oh gah, I thought, she has no idea what she's gotten herself into.

"Okay then. You two girls knew that skipping school isn't allowed.. What were you thinking Brianna, Stephanie?"

"I don't know," I muttered. "I'm sorry, Terrence..." I looked into his deep brown eyes, pleading with him. "Please, don't spank us... please..."

"I have to, Brianna. Do you realize you could have gotten kidnapped or hurt... or something could have happened to me and they would have tried to contact you and they couldn't? Anything could have happened... I can't believe you two skipped school in the first place, but after I specifically told you that you couldn't go this morning. I'm so disappointed in you."

"I've learned my lesson though, honest. I won't do it again."

"Brianna, you are getting a spanking and if you try to talk your way out of it anymore, I will take off this belt, understand me?"

That got me quiet.

"Okay, Brianna, you're first. Pants and panties down," he said.

I nodded, wanting to plead, but not being able to for fear of his dreadful belt. I let my pants fall to my feet, as well as my panties, and then placed myself over his lap, my bare bottom in the air. I was so embarrassed, being spanked in front of my friend...


He began, spanking me in rhythm, as always. I was already squirming, even though he was only using his hand, but it hurt!


"Owwwwwww," I said, now feeling the full effect as he smacked my sit spots. "I'm sorryyyyyyy.. I'm Sorrryyyy, Terrence..."


I was pleading and kicking and crying... I couldn't speak, I was crying so much.


"I (gulp) I'm soww-- y..."


I kicked more and more, feeling his fierce hand against my bottom. I desperately hoped that it was almost over...


"I do not EVER want you to skip school again, young lady. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!! Do you understand me, Brianna?" SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!!

"Yesssssss," I said, still crying.


I finally was so drained of my energy I couldn't kick anymore, just cry... cry loudly over Terrence's knee. He patted my bottom. "It's okay, Bri. Shhhhh, it's okay." He picked me up and cradled me in his arms. "I'm all finished now, okay? I don't want you skipping school again. You worried me."

I nodded. "I'm sorry..." I said.

"I know you are, hon. Just don't do it again, k?"


He lifted me up and then looked towards Stephanie. "Come on, Stephie, your turn." I could see her shaking with fear and anxiety. After all, it was the first time she had ever been spanked. I, on the other hand, got spanked rather than grounded, like normal people my age.

She nodded her head. He told her to drop the pants and panties, but alas, she didn't. I raised my eyebrows, still crying. I knew saying no to Terrence was a big no no...

"Stephanie, drop them now." he said sternly.

She shook her head.

Instead of just waiting it out, he knew she wasn't going to do it, so he did it for her. He unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to the ground and then pulled her over his knee and took her panties down exposing her pale bottom. Stephanie was already crying.

He didn't lecture just began the spanking.




By this time Stephanie was throwing a fit! She was kicking and screaming and crying and her bottom was bright red and I knew it was hurting her dearly. I shifted as I watched, my own bottom hurting more. "I'm sorryyyyyyyyy," she screamed. Those must be the automatic words when one is being spanked.



"Stephanie, I don't ever want you to skip class again, understand me?" SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!!!!

She nodded and nodded, lying limply over his lap. He lifted her up and hugged her. "It's okay, it's all over now." He scooped me up and cuddled with us both. "I'm sorry," he said. "I just wouldn't want something to happen to you girls, k?"

We both nodded.

"We're sorry, too, Terrence. We won't do it again."

He smiled and held us there until we were both okay again.

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