01 June 2002

Story: Stealing Is Bad

The unofficial first story in the Terrence/Brianna series.   Bri recounts her first spanking as she awaits her second... for the same offense.

Stealing Is Bad
by Breanna Carter

My mind drifted back to when I was twelve years old. I was only a child, it was my first year living with my older brother, Terrence. I was in Wal-Mart with some "friends" and I wanted to fit in, to be cool. And according to them, fitting in and being cool meant stealing some stuff. Sure, I knew it was wrong, and I really didn't even want the stuff. But I did it anyway. And I got caught. I remembered how disappointed Terrence looked, and how he lectured me about how I knew that it was wrong and I did it anyway, and how I could have gone to jail for that. And I got spanked... the first time he had spanked me... I thought I was too old, but as the belt hit my naked flesh, I still broke down and cried like a baby.

Yes, I was remembering this now, when it was too late. Why couldn't I have remembered it BEFORE I decided to steal again. I sighed to myself, sitting down in the chair in the manager's office. I was a 14 year old in deep shit. That's about what it boiled down to.

I had walked down the aisles of the store. I had no money, but it didn't bother me much... that is, until I found a CD I had been wanting for the last couple of months. I looked around me to see if anybody was watching, and nobody was there. I looked above me to see a couple of cameras. I got smart, though. I picked up two CDs and put them into the pocket of my hoodie. I held them close together so it looked like one. I then proceeded to take the wrap off of the one I wanted as I walked around, browsing through the CDs more. I went back to where I had found the CDs, took the one out of my pocket, looked at it and placed it back on the shelf. I walked a little bit through Target more, then desperately wished that I had the money to buy anything, just so I wouldn't feel like I looked so suspicious. Finally I calmed myself down and walked out of the store... only to be interrupted by a loud beeping noise. I looked around and saw an officer approach me.

"Care to show me what's in your pockets?" he asked.

"Um... I..." I stuttered. Shit, I said to myself. I took the CD out of my pocket and then swore that it was my CD and I had had it in there before I came to the store. I just forgot to take it out. My friend and I were going to listen to it in his car.

"Follow me," the man answered.

I did as I was told and we ended up in a small room where there were small TVs everywhere. The officer talked to another man who found the tape by the CD section and rewound it to minutes earlier. It showed me. And I had picked up two CDs, you could tell. And I only put one back. Dammit.

The officer looked at me. "Okay," I admitted.

"Okay what?"

"I was going to take the CD. I'm sorry... I'll pay you back when I get the money.."

"I need a name and a phone number where I can reach your parents."

"Brianna Carter," I muttered, plopping myself down on the chair and holding my head in my hands, shaking so badly I wanted to cry. I spat out the number to my house and told them Terrence's name.

Within about five minutes we heard a knock on the door and then I saw Terrence in the doorway. I couldn't look him in the eyes, but I could tell he was angry. He spoke with the officer for a few minutes as the officer explained what happened and showed the tape. Terrence paid the man $20 for the CD and apologized at least five times, nudging me to get me to apologize, too. The man said he wouldn't press charges this time, but he didn't want to see me around anytime in the near future. He didn't have to worry, I wasn't going to be around there anytime soon.

We said nothing our entire ride in the car. It was so much deja vu I couldn't stand it. Especially the part when I got home. I prayed and prayed that this drive would take longer, but it didn't and we were in front of our house in no time.

He followed me inside and directed me to sit on the couch. I did as I was told and waited for the lecture to begin.

He stood there for a moment, towering over me... more than usual. His face was filled with disappointment and anger... I feared for my life.

"I guess you didn't learn your lesson last time," he began. I had hoped he wouldn't remember that... "What do I have to do, Brianna... follow you everywhere you go and watch your every move to make sure you're not doing something that you're not supposed to? You know that stealing is wrong. I'm sure you've known that since you were a small child and our parents smacked you on the hand for trying to take something that wasn't yours. You are lucky that the store didn't press charges or we would have had a huge fine to pay and you'd be on your way to juvi. How about that, Brianna?"

I didn't say anything, just looked at my toes.

"I'm so upset that you would do something like this," he said, almost concluding his lecture. "You're 14 years old, you know better than that." He paused for a moment. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"I... I'm sorry..."

"Of course you are. Go to your room."

I stood from my position on the couch and wiped my eyes that were beginning to tear up, then found myself in my room where I sat on my bed and waited.

The waiting was the worst part. It probably wasn't more than a minute or two, but it seemed like hours. I could hear the clock ticking and it was making my heart beat faster and faster. Then I heard the door open behind me and Terrence came inside.

He sat down on my bed next to me. "I love you, Brianna, that is the only reason I'm doing this, okay?"

I nodded, glad that he didn't say that famous "this is hurting me more than you" phrase.

"Stand up," he said, "and pull down your pants."

This alone was enough to make me want to cry and plead. But surprisingly, I didn't. I just obeyed. He pulled me across his lap and positioned me where my feet weren't quite touching the ground, but my hands were. They stayed glued to the ground because they were shaking so much.

He didn't hesitate to begin the spanking, which was a good thing because it didn't give me much time to worry about it.


His first spank made me jump. It was a lot worse than I remembered and it was stinging and it hurt really badly.


"Owww," I whined, but I knew this was only the beginning.


I began kicking and whining.

"Stop it, Brianna," Terrence said sternly.

I stopped a bit, but it hurt so much I couldn't help but wiggle.

He then pulled down my panties...

"Nooooo," I whined and moved my hand back to keep them up. "Pleaseeee don't I'm sorryyyyy." I begged and begged, but his only response was to smack my bottom again and tell me to move my hand. I finally placed my hand back on the ground and prepared for more.


His hand hitting my bare skin made me kick, squirm, and cry. I couldn't squirm too much, though because he had a firm grip on me. "I don't ever SMACK SMACK!!! want you to SMACK!!! steal again SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! Understand? SMACK SMACK!!!"

"Yesssss," I cried. I was in tears and I wanted him to stop so badly.


He stopped for a few minutes and let me regain myself. He lifted me up and directed me over to the corner where I stood without rubbing the sting out for about five minutes.

"Okay, Brianna, come here." I was hoping he was going to cuddle with me and soothe me telling me that everything was all right and it was over, but that wasn't happening anytime soon. Instead, he stood there with his belt. I walked towards him on shaky knees. "Bend over the bed."

"Terrence..." I begged. "Please... I'm sorry... I've had enough."

"Brianna, bend over the bed."

I hesitated. "Please no more... Pleaseee," I whined.

He didn't say anything, just gave me the look. When I made no move towards the bed he gave me three sharp smacks on my already sore bottom.


"Owww," I complained. Finally, I reluctantly bent over the edge of the bed and prepared for the final (hopefully) part of my punishment.

I laid across the bed, waiting nervously for him to begin. I wanted to mutter apologies and promise never to do it again, but I knew he wouldn't give me any mercy.


"Owwwwwwwwww," I whined, stomping my feet with fresh tears running down my face.


I buried my head into the blankets, still crying.



I began crying harder and struggling to free myself from this pain.

"Brianna, if you don't stop, I will only give you more." WHAAPP!!!

"But it... hurtsssss," I cried.

WHAAPP!!! "I know it does, it's supossed to. WHAAPP!!! Think about this WHAAPP!!! next time you want to steal something. WHAAPP!!!"

I heard him sit the belt down on the floor and I just laid on the bed, crying into the sheets and gasping for air. "I-I'm sor- sorry..." I muttered. He lifted me up.

"Brianna, I know you are, but I will not tolerate any type of theft. You will hurt yourself in more ways than I am hurting you right now. I'm so disappointed in you, Brianna..." He then pulled me over his lap.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" I whined, struggling to free from his grip, but he was too strong and I was over his lap before I knew it.


He spanked my already red bottom with his hand and I laid there, taking it, unable to move any longer.

We stayed like that for a few minutes. He rubbed my back and calmed me in his soothing voice. "It's all over, Brianna. I'm not going to spank you anymore, okay?"

"Okay, Terrence," I said, still crying. "I'm sorry... I won't do it again."

"You better not."

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