22 February 2020

Starting Over: Chloe's First Day at Work (Spanking scene only, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 6.


"How many cigarettes did you smoke today?"

"Two," I admitted.

His eyebrows raised in surprise, not doubting the sincerity of my answer for a second. "Is there anything else you need a spanking for tonight?"

Of course not!”

"Are you sure about that?" I nodded. "What was the penalty we agreed on for smoking?"

With a grumble, I said, "Ten swats with the hairbrush for each cigarette."

"Get ready for bed, then we'll address it."

I nervously changed into a pair of thin cartoon pajama shorts with a black tank top, then scurried to the bathroom to brush my teeth, taking my time. When I emerged almost ten minutes later, Izaak sat on the sofa, waiting patiently.

17 February 2020

Guest Story: Restless Nights

By Dee. Part 3 of the Damien/Kiera series.  Nightmares give Kiera a few restless nights, which isn't good for her mood.  Damien remains patient as long as he can...

06 February 2020

True Story: Spanked in Seattle

A lightly edited LiveJournal entry from 2009 about a time I was spanked for being late to work.  Names and locations have been changed.

02 February 2020

Starting Over, Chapter 5 - Violet Spiraling


Short spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 5.

I didn't bother pretending like the scene was interesting, choosing instead to daydream about Gabe.

"What are you doing fucking around with this kid again?"  He saunters towards me in a fancy, freshly ironed pinstripe suit, one-hundred percent sober and in control of himself. With furrowed brows he bellows, "Didn't I tell you to steer clear? Do I need to remind you what happens to disobedient little brats?"

"Fuck off, you piece of shit!" I respond, flipping him off.  

When Gabe charges towards me, I fight, spitting excuses and cruel words until he's tired of my mouth. He tugs on a fistful of my hair so I must look him in the face.  "You're going to end up in jail again, and this time we may not get you off the hook."  His hazel eyes are serious, threatening.  "Stop fucking around."

I'm not scared of him.  "I don't care!"  

My shouting provokes a growl, and I expect the mild slap across my face.  "You DO care, or I wouldn't be here right now."  

I reach up to return a punch, but he catches my wrist and spins me around, pushing me onto the bed and holding my hands behind my back.  He ties me up with ease, so tight that I'm unable to wriggle free.  

"This punk is bad news and you know it. Don't go down the path of self-destruction again."  Gabe rips off my clothes and drags me kicking and screaming over his lap, tuning out my arguments.  "If I have to, I'll beat you till the urge to do stupid shit passes."  I stare at the hardwood floor as the thick tawse crashes on my bare butt with a loud THUD! that hurts more than all of Jason's spankings combined.  My shrill cry only indulges him to continue, realizing how easy it will be to break me.  "Are you really going to throw away everything you've worked for?  GED, college, the hours you dedicated to the legal clinic... all down the drain because of a stupid man?"  

Squirming to dodge swats, I yelp, "Fuck Jason! He means nothing!"  I want to bust out of the shackles, but Gabe's clutch on me is too strong. The more I resist, the heavier the lashes fall. My ass is throbbing, only slightly relieved when he focuses on my thighs for a moment, thrashing the leather against my tender skin. 

"Obviously he means something, or you wouldn't let this dim-witted hoodlum fuck you." 

"I'll do whatever I want!"  I'm offended, kicking and trying to shimmy off his lap, but he won't release me.  My ass is maroon but I keep struggling, refusing to let him win.

"Why would you want to fuck such a foul-smelling creature?  You're better than this."

A tear trickles down my cheek.  What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Did I, uh, make you cry?"  The daydream disappeared as Andy came into my view, panting in delight now that he had finished using me.

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