19 January 2015

Guest Story -- Natalie

By Dee (author of Lucas).  Dee sent me this ages ago and for some reason I never posted it.  It's one of my favorite brother/sister stories.  Maybe if you leave a lot of nice comments she'll write more :)  Fourteen year old Natalie is concerned about one thing only:  making friends with the cool kids in her new high school.  This causes her to make some bad decisions which allows her to see a side of her older brother, Lucas, that she's never seen before.

15 January 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Two things...  First, I'm thinking about doing this Throwback Thursday thing every so often, hopefully to inspire myself to write more and also to share some of my older (and not so great) stories.

Second, there's a very special reason that I chose a story from this particular series as my first TBT post...  can you guess why??  ;)

From October 2005, one of my favorite Terrence/Brianna stories:  Dinner at Romano's

13 January 2015

by Mackenzie -- Procrastinator's Oblivion

Mackenzie's Story.  Kris is having a hard time staying focused and doing as she's supposed to in school.  By chance, she meets a fellow spanko, Heath, and turns to him as a mentor.  After working together for a bit, he's unimpressed when he finds out that she's still not following the rules they have set for her.  Find more of Mackenzie's stories on her blog:  Mackenzie's Incredible Story World

09 January 2015

by Mackenzie -- Pittsburgh Adventure

Mackenzie's Story.  It's winter break, and Leah and Nora are looking for something exciting to do before they have to go back to school. One of their favorite bands is coming to play in Pittsburgh, the closest they've ever come, and they don't know when they'll get to see them again. Guess it's time for an adventure. See more by Mackenzie at Mackenzie's Incredible Story World

05 January 2015

by Mackenzie -- First Party

Mackenzie's Story.  Here is another segment in Mackenzie's (almost) famous Shane and Leah series.  Leah gets a little too drunk at a party and Shane isn't too happy about it.  My favorite kind of story!  Hope you enjoy, and for more of Mackenzie's work please visit her blog:  Mackenzie's Incredible Story World.

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