24 November 2013

Story: Christmas in Amsterdam

Misc Story.  Tessa is in the middle of all the insecurities that come with being a pre-teen.  While on winter break in Amsterdam, she worries that her cousin and friends think she's a loser, so she does what she can to prove them wrong.

11 July 2013

Brother/Sister story!

Guest story by Dee.  I bugged her enough to write a brother/sister story and she did!  I hope she keeps writing!  Lucas is left in charge of his 7 younger siblings while the parents are away for the weekend.  Kimi is the first to test his patience with her pre-teen attitude.

03 June 2013

Story: Senior Skip Day

Misc Story.  Alex, with her cute puppy face and ease with telling stories, is lucky enough to get away with almost everything.  On senior skip day, however, she finds out that she won't always be so lucky.  

This story involves drug usage, so if you're not cool with that, you probably shouldn't read it.

18 January 2013

Random Thought

This video reminds me of my Practice Makes Perfect series.  But I'd be super pissed if Headmaster Tom broke my bow!

01 January 2013


The Spanking Library has published a collection of stories and decided to include one of mine in it.  Here's the link:  The Great Spanking Anthology

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True Story: A Friend's Visit

Happy 4/20!   As any reader of my fiction stories knows, getting spanked for the use of mind-altering substances is probably my favorite sce...