07 July 2004

Story: Spanked Down Under

Misc Story.  Cavender is on a trip to Australia and sneaks out with her host sister to a club.

Spanked Down Under
by Breanna Carter

“Cavender!” I heard a tiny voice whisper and felt my body being shaken.

“Hmmm?” I groaned, opening my eyes a bit to see Hailey sitting over me.

“Did you want to go to that place? Everyone’s asleep and it’s safe to sneak out now.”

I blinked, trying to make sense of what was happening. It was a Friday night and I was in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. It was, indeed, a school trip, but who cares? I was sixteen and Hailey was fourteen and we were going to spend this Friday night together, out on the town.

I guess I should explain it to you a little. See, when I signed up to go to Australia, we were told that we’d stay with a host family for six days. And my host family just happened to be one that contained three older brothers and a little sister. Obviously, the little sister was Hailey, and the three older brothers, Ty, who was fifteen, Gavin, who was eighteen, and Coby, a twenty year old that didn’t live at home. And this particular night Hailey’s parents had gone to see a sick family member who lived close to Brisbane, which is a sixteen hour drive from Sydney. I felt sorry for them, having to drive such a long way. But the sympathy remained as I had convinced Hailey to take me out, even though Gavin, the one in charge, specifically told us we couldn’t go. Who cares what Gavin thought, right? It wasn’t like he could do anything to me anyway.

“Yeah, I still wanna go,” I murmured, sitting up in the bed and stretching out a little. “What time is it?”

“About half past midnight,” she answered, turning the lamp on.

I rolled out of the bed and dressed myself in some baggy jeans and a T-shirt.

“You might want to wear a jumper,” Hailey told me. “It’s quite cold outside, and can get awfully chilly on the train.”

I nodded. A jumper was the same thing as a pullover jacket, I’d learned that quickly. “Sure, I get ya,” I answered, pulling the jacket over my head and brushing my hair.

“I hope that Gav doesn’t find out about this. He’d be pissed.”

I nodded. “He’ll get over it, though. He seems like a pretty cool brother.”

She shrugged. I didn’t see what she was getting all bent out of shape about... brothers are pushovers, and I’m sure Gavin would be the same way, especially with me around.

Hailey finished dressing herself and we tiptoed out of the house. I still couldn’t get used to the fact that it was June, seeing as I could see my breath from the coldness of the air. It was nice weather, though. I love winter.

We found the train station and boarded one to downtown Sydney. I sat anxiously, watching the people enter and leave, talking to Hailey every so often. It was cool how people looked at me funny everytime they heard me speak. Kind of like American’s do when they hear someone with an accent. Some people would randomly make conversations, asking me where I was from and how long I was staying in Australia, and others just kind of rolled their eyes and probably muttered something like, “bloody Americans.” Ah well, it was a good experience.

We finally got to our exit and hopped off the train. “The club’s just this way,” Hailey pointed.

I nodded. “I’m following you.”

Studying the street signs and buildings near me, I walked slowly next to Hailey. Within minutes we appeared in front of a large club, a neon sign that read “Greengo’s” with tons of people standing in front and the smell of fried foods hitting my face.

“Here it is,” she told me, as if I didn’t know.

I stared at the tall building. Upstairs there were flashing lights and a disco ball and tons of people dancing around. I could hear the music from where I stood and it didn’t seem so bad. I looked back down at the massive group of people in front of me. The majority of them, I’d say, were between the ages of seventeen and twenty-two. Maybe fifteen percent were younger and less were older. There were two bouncers at the door who were checking IDs and putting bracelets on the people who were eighteen or older. This was one of the times I wished I was two years older. But I didn’t let it bug me and instead dragged Hailey towards the entrance.

It was actually fun, going to a club. Kind of sucked since neither of us were able to drink, but we got over it. We just danced the whole night with different cute Aussie boys, and when my watch hit three, I felt myself being drained of energy and decided to call it a night. As much as I wanted to stay and make out with another guy, I just couldn’t. And I knew that Hailey was exhausted, as well.

We took a taxi home, which was good, because I didn’t think neither of us could walk as far as we had to get there. Hailey offered to pay, but I wouldn’t let her. She didn’t have the money anyway, so I don’t know why she even offered.

When the cab pulled into the driveway, I realized that the porch light was on, and the living room didn’t look so deserted. I looked towards Hailey but she was asleep, so I nudged her awake.

“Hey, we’re here,” I said.

She rolled over a little then opened her eyes. “Shit!” she spat. “Gavin’s awake...”

I handed the cab driver the money and opened the door. “So?”

“He’s going to kill me...”

I blinked. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just let me handle it. I’ll put the blame on myself. I’ll say I left and you wanted to come out looking for me.”

“Do what you want, but he won’t believe you. I know it.”

I nodded. “Okies, well, let’s just see what I can muster up.” I took her hand and walked her to the house. I swung the door open and there Gavin sat, eyes staring at us.

“About damn time you girls came home,” he said, flipping the television off and standing up to tower above us. He wasn’t that much taller than I, but seeing him enraged like he was, he *felt* really tall.

“Well, uh,” I stammered, “I was going to.. somewhere... and she came out to find me.”

He folded his arms and glared at me. “Do I look stupid to you? I heard the two of you leave. Next time you should try and be a little more quiet.”

He was still upset, but that comment settled me a little. Maybe he wouldn’t be too hard on us.

“Do you know what bloody time it is? Nearly half past three and yous should be asleep right now, the both of ya.”

“We know,” I answered. “And we’re both really, *really*, tired...”

“And you’re both really, *really*, in for it,” he mocked. “I don’t understand why the two of you would go running off after I told you not to.” He looked at Hailey. “Did you think I wouldn’t find out, Hailey? Did you think I was too stupid to notice my little sister sneaking out of the house?” He paused to wait for her answer. “Well, answer me, girl. What the hell were you thinking?”

“I-I don’t know..” she stammered.

He looked at me. “I already told you that I’d take yous out sometime before you left. You didn’t have to go sneaking out of the house like that. It’s late and it’s a weekend and the two of you coulda gotten shot or raped or anything. In bloody Sydney, by yourselves. I ought to kick both of your asses.”

With that statement, I felt Hailey loosen up a little. Maybe she had thought that he was going to kick our asses, and maybe that’s why she was so nervous to begin with.

“I guess a good bare bottom spanking will have to do, don’t you think, Hailey?”

She tensed again, and I didn’t realize why until I figured out what he’d said. “Wait... what?” I asked, looking at him.

“You heard me, Cavender. A good bare bottom spanking is whats in store. You girls know that breaking curfew is totally against the rules, and any rule breaking results in a spanking.”

I bit my lower lip and glanced at Hailey.

“Please, Gavin, not in front of company.”

“Oh, no, of course not! Not in front of company,” he said sarcastically. “No worries, kid, I’m spanking you both, so she’ll be as embarrassed as you.”

I swallowed a lump in my throat. “Look, Gavin, is there anyway we can, you know, come to a compromise? A calm and rational compromise?”

He shook his head. “In all seriousness, I know yous girls wanted to have a good time and go out on a Friday night, have a girls night out, whatever. But it’s really dangerous and I had already told yous no. And Hailey knows not to break the rules or she will get spanked. And you know not to break the rules. I don’t know what they do in America, but in this house, this is how we deal with punishments, and you’re staying with us, so you’ll be punished like us.”

I gulped again.

“So which of yous is first?” He looked at Hailey, then glanced at me, then back at Hailey again. Neither of us was going to step up and actually offer... who would?

But I felt kind of bad for Hailey, and figured if I went first, she wouldn’t get it as bad as he normally would have given it to her, so I stepped forward a bit and said, “I’ll be first,” in a very hoarse voice. It was hard to step up like that, especially since I hadn’t been spanked in such a long time and I was scared to death of it. And Gavin was a pretty strong guy... played some rugby and soccer, and lifted weights a lot, even played the drums for a rockband. I knew that Gavin would probably spank harder than my mom ever did.

“Very well,” he said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me with him towards the couch. He sat down and looked up at me. “I’m disappointed in you, mate. I know you’re a good kid, and I hate to have to do this to you, but you know you deserve it.”

I nodded slightly.

He tapped on the buckle of my belt. “Pull the pants down, kiddo.”

I nodded again and unbuckled the belt, then unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them, allowing them to slide to the floor. I took a deep breath in, flushing with embarrassment.

I stood there in my T-shirt and purple undies, until Gavin said, “those have to go down, too, my love.”

I bit my lip and blushed more, fiddling with the waisteband of my panties.

“Ah, I know you’re embarrassed, but the quicker you get them down, the sooner it’ll be over.”

His words didn’t help, just made me blush even more. I gulped again and looked around the room. Hailey was staring at me, tears welling in her eyes, and the pictures on the wall were staring at me, and Gavin was staring at me with those deep gorgeous blue eyes. I whined a bit then pushed my panties down to my knees, covering my private area so they wouldn’t look.

Gavin chuckled. “Ah, yes, sweet modesty. That’ll be gone in a little while when you’re bucking and kicking over my lap.”

I squirmed.

He grabbed my left arm and led me over his lap. I placed my hands gently on the floor and bit my lip harder. My face was still flushing with embarrassment, more so than it had been. Now not only was my bottom on display, but I was in this vulnerable position that made me feel like I was six instead of sixteen.

Gavin rested his hand lightly on my rump. “Cavender, Cavender... what are we going to do with you?” he asked, then lifted his hand and cracked it down on my backside.

“Ooowwww,” I howled.

“Sneaking out at midnight,” he added along with about ten sharp smacks. “You are sixteen years old, Young Lady, and you know better than to do what you did.” He kept spanking, and lecturing, managing to make me feel even younger than six. “Rules are set for a reason, and I expect you to abide by them, do you understand me?” he asked, not making it easy to answer because he was spanking really hard by this time.

“Oww, yeahhh, owww!”

He landed three very hard smacks to my thighs. “I trust you meant ‘yes, sir’?”

“Oooowwwww, yessir,” I groaned.


I clung onto the carpet like a cat, still biting my lip and keeping my eyes shut because I thought that maybe it’d help some of the pain go away. It didn’t. He just kept spanking me, getting harder and faster by the second, his massive hand covering my entire small bottom, sit spots and all, in about four smacks. I felt my rear getting hotter and changing colors, and I imagined before too long that it was probably the same color as my face. I figured it couldn’t get my redder than my face was and that he’d probably stop spanking at any moment, but he just kept on, still spanking harder, even though I thought it wasn’t virtually possible. And I kept whining and kicking a little, sometimes bucking up and crying out in pain. And after a while, the spanking began to hurt so much that I was kicking more often, and even squirming some, and then I began begging.

“Okayyyy, owwww, I’m ssssorrry!!” I pleaded. “Pleaseee no more!”

“Ah, but I’ve only just begun,” he replied.

“Noooooo,” I cried. “Gavinnnn pleaseeeeee! I’ve had, ow, enough!”

He just spanked harder. “I’ll decide when you’ve had enough, and clearly, you haven’t.”

I whined more and felt the first tear slip down my cheek. It wasn’t long before more fell and I began bawling like a baby, mostly because I felt like one, and I felt bad for letting him down, and I knew that he wasn’t going to stop.

“I’m sorry!” I howled through tears. “Ooowwwww, ittt hurrrrrttttssss!”

“Good. It’s supposed to hurt.”

“Ooowww, b-but, ach, it, ow, hurrtts, a lot!” I hiccuped, kicking more and bucking up a little, still clinging onto the floor for fear that I might reach back at any second and earn myself some extra smacks.

“A lot, indeed,” he answered. “Are you learning your lesson yet?”

“Yyyessssss,” I bawled.

“And what have you learned?” He kept up the steady rhythm, showing no signs of letting up.

“I l-learned that-t OW rules are, ouch, set for a r-reason and owwwies, if I b-break, ahhhowwww, them, I’ll g-get sspanked!”

“I see. And are you ever going to sneak out again?”

“Nooooo,” I groaned.

“You obviously haven’t learned the proper way to address me,” he said, adding a few extra hard spanks.

“I’m-m sssorrry!! I meant, owww, no, sir!”

“You meant it?”


He landed a hard smack to my right thigh that caused a yelp in some key I didn’t know I could reach, and then smacked my left thigh just as hard, and I made another high yelp.

“I’m tempted to spank you so hard that you won’t be able to sit at all tomorrow.”

“Noooo, sir... pleaseee!”

He smacked each thigh again. “What you did today was really naughty, young lady. You could have gotten yourself badly hurt.”

“I knowwwww!” I squealed, wishing desperately that he would stop smacking my thighs.

He kept smacking the thighs, the smacks getting stronger and stronger as time passed, and I kept crying like a baby and kicking until finally, he smacked my butt cheeks again and rested his hand on them. “I’m nearly finished,” he told me. “But I want to make sure you get the clear message of what I’m saying. You are not to disobey any authority figures ever again, Cavender. And if I find out that you do, I will find you and take my belt off and use it until you’re bottom hurts so badly that you can’t sit for a week. Understood?”

“Yessir,” I sniffled.

“Hailey, go fetch me the hairbrush. And quickly or I’ll use it as your warm-up.”

She scurried away and returned seconds later. I didn’t see the hairbrush, but I felt the damn thing. It took no time before I heard the crack and felt a sting like you wouldn’t believe. And I howled like a coyote. He probably smacked my reddened bottom with it no more than about ten or twelve times, but I howled everytime and the tears began flowing steadily down my cheeks again. And finally he stopped, placed the brush next to him, and lifted me up.

He was right, I had forgotten all about modesty.

“Look at me, Cav,” he ordered.

I wiped a couple of tears out of my eyes and opened them. He held my face in his hands, staring up at me.

“It would have been much worse if something had happened out there tonight. You’d be in much more pain if some guy had raped you, or someone had kidnapped you, than you’re in right now. You might not believe me, but it’s true. I only did what I did because I care about you and your well-being. And your folks do, too. That’s why I didn’t want yous going out tonight. I didn’t want to see you hurt. And when you chose to disobey me, I had no other choice but to punish you for it. You get it?”

I nodded a little, wiping the tears out of my eyes again.

“Go stand over there where Hailey is and I want your hands on your head... no rubbing.”

I groaned but did as told, for fear of another spanking.

He directed Hailey to come over, but skipped the lecture. She undid her pants, as I had, then steadied herself over his lap. He didn’t waste time, just began smacking hard and rapidly, telling her that she already heard the lecture as he gave it to me, so he wouldn’t waste his breath. I just stood there and cried. Hailey looked so young over his lap like that, kicking and screaming and bawling. I felt for her, but I also felt for myself. I saw how red her bottom looked and wondered how red mine looked. I wished desperately for a bed... I was so exhausted and in pain.

He finally lifted the brush and let her have it, and I saw tiny bruises appearing, and he finally stopped. She lay limply over his lap until he scooped her up and hugged her tightly, then walked over towards me and engulfed me in a hug as well.

“I love yous girls,” he said in that adorable Australian accent.

I smiled softly, sniffling.

“I love you, too,” Hailey and I said, almost simultaneously.

We each pulled up our panties and allowed Gavin to walk us back to our room, where both of us lay on our stomachs, and then he tucked us in, kissing us on the forehead and smiling.

“I really am sorry for sneaking out,” I told him when he came to tuck me in, and I noticed that Hailey was already asleep.

He smiled. “Just don’t do it again.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” I grinned, and rubbed my bottom a little, wanting only to imagine what the belt would feel like, and not experience it.

05 July 2004

Story: Food Fight

Part of the Terrence/Brianna series.  Bri can't seem to keep out of trouble on the first day of school.  This year, she and Ana start a cafeteria-wide food fight.  It's great fun... until it's over, and they have to clean up the mess they made and face the consequences.

Food Fight
by Breanna Carter

“Brianna Nicole Carter! If you don’t get up right now, I’m going to take my belt off!” Terrence yelled. What a cheerful way to begin the morning of my senior year in high school. Still being threatened with spankings. Lucky me.

I rolled out of bed and onto the floor. “I’m up,” I groaned, not exactly up, seeing as I was lying on my nicely carpeted floor.

I imagined that by this time, Terrence was rolling his eyes and sighing at me. It was my fault for staying up so late the night before... and Terrence had warned me. Said that I wouldn’t want to get up in the morning after staying up past midnight. But, I didn’t listen. Come to think of it, did I ever listen?

After a few minutes of wishing it were the last day of school rather than the first, I finally sat up and stretched out. Then, I sat there for a little bit and looked at the clock. In about five minutes, Ashton would be pulling into my driveway and honking the horn. The first day of school and neither Anastasia nor I could drive. And that sucked.

I pushed myself up from the floor and grabbed my school uniform. This time the next year, I wouldn’t have to worry about a uniform. Hell, this time the next year, I would probably still be asleep. I’d decided that for college, I was signing up for afternoon classes. Screw getting up early in the morning!

I heard the sound of a car horn in my driveway and hurriedly dressed myself, tie and all, in a good thirty seconds. “Bri! They’re here!” Terrence yelled, as if I couldn’t figure that out for myself.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back. Next thing I knew, Anastasia came bolting through the door and tackled me in a hug.

“Bri! You’re a senior! You get to park...” she stopped mid-sentence. “Never mind.”

I blinked, giving her an awkward look.

She shrugged. “I was going to say you get to park in the senior lot, but then I remembered... and yeah.”

I nodded. “Yeah, sucks, yo. But, next semester, I’ll get to!”

She grinned. “I’m sick of having the same teachers.”

“Yeah, and I don’t want to take physics or advanced math. This sucks.”

“But it’ll be a spiffy year, ‘cause you’re the team captain!”

“I guess.”

“I wonder what cool trips we’ll be going on this year. Someone mentioned Italy...”

I giggled. “You wish. Anyway, if we could go to Italy, I doubt I could find the money to go, too.”

“I’m sure we could arrange something.”

“ANA! BRI! Come on!” I heard Ashton yell.

I skipped to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then my hair, then skipped towards the doorway. Ashton stood there, keys in hand, hair fallen over his eyes. Terrence stood next to him, arms folded. I grinned, feeling very immature and young in the stupid school uniform, but Ashton was just so darn cute, I couldn’t help but be excited that he was taking us to school for half of the year, or at least until Ana got her license.

The ride to school was uneventful, to say the least. Ana and Ashton kept fighting over which station to listen to until finally they landed on country music and Garth Brooks was on. Who can resist singing “Friends in Low Places”? We sure couldn’t.

When we got to school, I hugged Ana and headed towards homeroom. The same people filled the hallways, and everyone greeted me, asking me how my summer was, all that jazz. I felt the senior ring on my right hand. This was it... I was finally a senior. I’d soon be 18, and then I’d be in college and I’d have to move on with my life. I was terrified.

The day was bland and boring. That’s why when lunch came around, Ana and I decided to brighten up the day a little. We’d purchased a lunch, for some reason, and it was really gross looking. And that’s how it started...

“Do you think these mashed potatoes will stick to the ceiling?” Ana asked.

Jayna and I looked at her. Then, I giggled. “I bet they will...” I offered, grabbing a little in my hand. Like a 12 year old, I looked at her and said, “Dare me?”

She giggled, and like a 12 year old’s best friend, not missing a beat, she said, “I double dare you to!”

I laughed a little, looked around, then threw it at the ceiling, but it missed and came plopping down, right on Ana’s plate.

“Hey! That’s not cool!” she wailed.

I was choking on my laughter, though, so I couldn’t even apologize. She glared at me as best as she could, then took a big chunk of potatoes and threw them right at me. Unfortunately, they landed right in my hair. I was still giggling, though, and glad that the day was going a little more interestingly, so I chucked more potatoes at her, and she threw some peas, and I threw some back, and then we started chucking meat at each other, and before we knew it, other people had joined in the fight and nearly the whole cafeteria was chucking food at one another when I realized, wow, this is a food fight.

It’s weird when you see something on TV, or read about it so much, but never experience it. Like, I’ve always heard about food fights, but never seen one, or been in one. It never really occurred to me that it could really happen, I guess. And I guess even more so, it never occurred to me that one could get in trouble for such a thing until I found myself next to Ana, still giggling, in the very same chairs that we became friends in.

“Hey,” I sniggered. “This day last year, we were in these same chairs.”

Ana tried to contain her laughter, but mashed potatoes were dripping from her hair, and I had different sorts of veggies all over me, so it was a little hard to contain ourselves.

“Miss Carter! I do not find this funny!” I heard the familiar voice of the principal shriek.

That set me off more. “Miss Carter! I do not find this funny!” I imitated to Anastasia. She burst into another fit of giggles.

The principal stomped away. “I am calling both of your brothers this instant!” she said, then slammed her office door.

“She’s so dramatic,” I told Ana.

“Ashton’s going to be pissed. This is the third year in a row I’ve gotten in trouble on the first day of school.”

“Well, it’s my second, and I don’t expect that Terrence’ll be too happy with me either, but it was fun while it lasted, huh?”

She grinned. “Sure was. But, I don’t know how fun it’ll be when I’m staring at the carpet and Ashton’s beating the hell out of my ass.”

That made me shudder a little and I slouched uncomfortably. “Yeah, you’re right.” I winced, remembering how a spanking felt. I’d managed to stay out of trouble since my drinking and driving incident, and I knew I’d never get anything that bad again, but the memory still lingered and the thought of getting into remotely that much trouble again scared me a bit. I hoped Terrence saw the fun in this like I did. I mean, after all, he had been 17 once...

“Girls, in my office!” the witch lady called.

I stood up, gravy falling to the floor, then led Anastasia towards the office.

“I cannot believe you girls would start a food fight in my cafeteria!”

Ana rolled her eyes and I knew she was thinking some smartass comment and then averting her attention elsewhere. I wish it were that easy for me.

“That is very inconsiderate of school property and the cafeteria workers who have worked hard to prepare meals for the students. I have called each of your guardians to pick you up from school, but as for now, the two of you will march back to the cafeteria and clean up the mess, then you will go home. You both have cafeteria duty for the next two weeks, and after school detention next week. Anymore trouble out of either of you, and you’ll be in I.S.S. faster than you can say it!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Anastasia chanted, saluting her.

I bit my lip to keep from laughing.

The principal didn’t seem too happy. She stood and opened the door. “Lucy, take these girls to the cafeteria, and don’t let them out of your sight!”

A young girl, maybe in 8th or 9th grade, nodded slowly and followed us to the cafeteria.

“I don’t get her sometimes,” Ana began. “She treats us like we’re prison inmates. ‘And don’t let them out of your sight!’”

I laughed. “Yeah. What a loser. ‘You two will march to the cafeteria!’” I mimicked. “Give me a break,” I muttered and rolled my eyes.

Ana looked back at Lucy. “Are you an office worker for the year?” she asked.

The small girl nodded.

“Have fun. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of us. We like to piss that dumb lady off. She won’t do anything, though. She needs as many students as she can get.”

I’d never thought of that... but I didn’t want to piss the principal off too much, though it was fun. Every time I pissed her off, I ended up taking a nice trip over Terrence’s lap, and that wasn’t fun.

We arrived to the cafeteria and the workers were totally pissed at us. We both apologized for making such a mess, and immediately helped clean up. Ana explained that we had cafeteria duty for the next two weeks, so we’d get to know them pretty well. After talking to them for a while, they seemed not to hate us so much. I guess that’s a good thing, because if they held a grudge, it’d be hell to pay for two weeks.

They explained to us that with cafeteria duty, we wouldn’t be able to go to our own lunch shift, but instead, we’d have to help serve the food, and we’d have to clean up, and our lunch time would be in between the time that the middle schoolers and high schoolers ate. At least we got to miss a class, though, right? I guessed that I’d have a good time attempting to make up that work while I was in detention. I knew that Ashton would help me, though, with anything I didn’t understand, and I could help Ana with what she didn’t understand. Besides, we really did deserve the lunchroom duty. The food fight was hell to clean up.

When we finished cleaning up the cafe, Lucy led us back to the office where Terrence and Ashton were sitting in front of the witch’s desk.

“Here it goes,” Ana muttered, then we went through the doorway. Everyone’s attention was suddenly adverted to us.

“Hello, girls. I was just explaining today’s incident to your brothers. Please come in and shut the door.”

Something flickered in Anastasia’s eyes, a flame of anger. She hated it when the principal tried to be all nice and stuff, or acted like she was better than everyone else. I touched Ana’s arm gently and closed the door. She looked back at me and rolled her eyes at the principal. I saw Ashton give her a warning glare. They were definitely not pleased with the situation.

The principal smiled. “I’m sure the two of you had a great time cleaning up the cafeteria. Perhaps by the end of this two weeks, you will have learned your lesson?”

I kept my hand on Ana’s arm so she wouldn’t say something that she’d regret. “Yes, ma’am,” I murmured. “I think we pretty much learned our lessons from cleaning up the cafeteria today, but we do deserve the lunchroom duty.”

“Believe me, you deserve much more than lunchroom duty,” Ashton said. “Miss Jamison explained to us how the two of you were rude to her.”

“We were only rude to her because she was rude to us!” Ana yelped. “It’s not fair! I hate this fucking school!” She pulled away from me and punched the wall, which sounded like it hurt a lot, but I guess she was too angry to feel the pain.

“Anastasia, watch it,” Ashton warned. “Unless you want me to spank you right here in front of everyone.”

She glared at him, a tear sliding down her cheek.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave the four of you alone to discuss things further,” Miss Jamison said, standing from her chair. Ashton and Anastasia were still glaring at each other like they were about to start a fight. She slipped past them and out of the door.

Terrence stood from his chair, calm as could be. “Anastasia, sit down,” he ordered, pointing to his chair. He looked at me. “You, too.”

I kept my eyes on Ana and Ashton, though, because he looked like he was about to wallop her, and I was prepared to protect my friend.

“Brianna, now,” Terrence said.

I sighed and walked through the two siblings, breaking their eye contact and taking Ana’s hand. I walked her to the chairs and we sat down. Ashton still stood, facing the wall where Anastasia had been.

“Listen, Ana,” Terrence began, trying to be the peace keeper. “I know you don’t like Miss Jamison, and clearly, neither do I. But she’s your principal and she’s an authority figure, and I don’t care how much she bugs you, you just have to suck it up, got it? When you get out of school and get a real job, if you speak to your boss like you have spoken to your principal, you’d be fired in a heartbeat. They don’t spoon feed you in the real world, okay? This little stunt you pulled today, I don’t want to see it again, Young Lady. Otherwise, I’ll take care of you myself.”

My heart thumped wildly inside my chest. I couldn’t believe that Terrence was scolding Anastasia like that! “B-but I wasn’t exactly the nicest person, either,” I said, trying to get him to back off of Ana.

He looked at me. “I know that, Brianna. And the same goes for you as it did Anastasia.”

I finally heard Ashton turn around. He walked towards us. “For God’s sake, you know how much I hate that woman. But, at least I try to be polite to her. Is that too much to ask?”


The words fell out of her mouth. The three of us stared at her. Had she honestly just said that? To Ashton?

“Excuse me?” Ashton said, mouth dropped, staring at his younger sister.

She buried her head in her hands, finally realizing how much shit she was in.

Terrence broke the tension again. “Look, guys, let’s not make this a trend to get into trouble every year on September 2nd, okay?”

I let out a slight smile. “Okay.”

“I remember being in high school, and I know that it might seem like fun to have a food fight, but, come on, that’s a lot of shit to clean up and really, it is disrespectful to the people who labored to make that meal.”

I tried desperately not to roll my eyes at him.

“I trust that neither of you will try something this stupid again?”

Both of us nodded.

“You’re both still getting punished when you get home, though. And don’t try to talk yourself out of it, Brianna.”


Terrence looked at Ashton. “I just want to say that I’m disappointed that you girls would act so immaturely. Not only with the food fighting, but also with disrespecting authority. You girls know better than that.”

I nodded again.

“I expect an apology out of both of you,” Terrence said, then opened the door. Ana lifted her head for a moment, then stood, and I stood up behind her.

“It’ll be okay,” I whispered.

She just glared at me. “Ashton’s going to kill me.”

I gave her a sympathetic smile.

When we saw Miss Jamison again, both of us apologized and then were sent on our way. I watched Ana plop down in Ashton’s car, then I opened Terrence’s door and plopped myself down.

“I hate it when I get called from work for this shit,” he muttered, slamming the key into the ignition. “They couldn’t just put you in detention for the rest of the day or something?”

I shrugged.

He backed out of the parking lot. “Well, next time they call me out of work for something like this, believe me, I’m not even going to wait ‘til we get home to blister your rear. And I’m serious, Brianna. It’s ridiculous for me to be called out of work so often for these things. I thought you realized that last time you got in trouble at school, but apparently not.”

I stared out the window. “I guess I got it last time, but I didn’t think she was going to call you.”

“And you know she said she wouldn’t have called without the smartass comment that you made?”

I slouched in my seat. “No, I didn’t know that.”

“Next time, think about something before you say it. If you’d have just stopped and said, ‘hey, she might not call Terrence if I act really sorry,’ you might not be on your way home to get spanked right now.”

I winced at the word “spanked.”

“But, you didn’t think, so guess what?”

“I’m getting spanked,” I murmured.

“Exactly.” He paused for a moment, pulling into the driveway. “I’m not mad about the food fight, because frankly, I think that having you clean up the cafeteria for two weeks is plenty of punishment. I’m mad because you smarted off to her and she called me at work. Got it?”

I nodded.

“Go to your room,” he ordered. “I’ll be in there shortly.”

I nodded again and scurried to my room, leaving Terrence sitting in the car.

I’ve always been told to go to my room and “think about what I’ve done,” and I’m sure plenty of people have, but I think this time, I really did think about what had happened. I thought about Terrence having to grow up too quickly. I thought about him having to take care of me when he was only a kid, just graduating from high school. I thought about how he gave up so much for me, got a job so I could have a decent life, even managed to scrape up enough money to buy me a car. I thought about how he had been sitting at work and received the call, then shook his head wondering what kind of trouble I’d gotten myself into. I thought about my parents and how they would react to seeing me let my brother down like this. Would they shake their heads at me, or would they want to spank me themselves for treating him so horribly? Yet, no matter how much trouble I managed to weasel myself into, Terrence was always there for me, and I knew I could count on him. Just like Ana knew that she could always count on Ashton. And then I began to cry because I felt bad for ever letting my brother down, and I felt bad for Ana letting Ashton down, and I didn’t want to be spanked again, and I wanted my parents to be alive so Terrence could be my brother instead of my guardian. So he could listen to me ramble about how much I hated my parents for grounding me, and he could sneak me some alcohol or a cigarette and lie for me. And I cried so much, I thought I was going to suffocate myself in the pillow, because I didn’t want Terrence to know I was crying.

But the second he opened the door, he didn’t have to see my puffy red eyes or hear my wailing to know I was crying. He has the brotherly instinct.

I felt him sit down next to me and throw his arms around me, rubbing my back and stroking my hair. “Shhhh, Bri. What’s wrong, baby? What’s wrong, Bri? Shhhhhh... you’re going to make yourself sick. Talk to me.”

“I love you, Terrence,” was all I could spit out.

“I know, I know. Shhhhh, calm down.”

I think we stayed like that for a good thirty minutes, he trying to soften my sobs, and I trying to explain to him why exactly I was crying. It would be hard enough to explain to him in a normal mood, much less with me crying and carrying on like I was.

But my crying finally died down and he looked me in the eyes, wiping my tears away. “Bri, I still am your older brother, no matter what, okay? You’re a great sister, and you know that. And I love you more than anything. I know you feel bad, but it’s going to be okay, all right?”

“Do you regret taking care of me instead of letting them put me in a foster home?”

He rolled his eyes. “Give it a rest! You’re not getting out of being spanked,” he joked.

I smiled a little. “I know, I was just making sure.”

“Bri, I wouldn’t trade these last five years I’ve spent with you for anything, okies?”


There was a brief silence. “You going to be okay?”

I sniffled. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” I wiped my face a little and stood up, lifting my skirt and lying over Terrence’s lap. I knew I had to get it over with, and after all, I did deserve it.

He rested his hand on my bottom. “Brianna, I love you, Little Sister, but you gotta stop getting into trouble at school.”

“I know.”

“I know we’re not going to have this conversation anymore, are we?”

“No, sir.”

“Good.” He tugged my panties down to my knees, then rested his hand on my rear again. I shivered a little, my bottom tensing up. “I’m disappointed that you talked back to your principal, Brianna. And as I told Anastasia, there’s going to be plenty of bosses that you don’t like when you get into the real world, and you can’t go yelling at them or mimicking them while they’re right there, or you’ll get fired. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”


The first one caught me by surprise and I yelped, shutting my eyes and balling my fists up.

“I won’t be called at work again to pick you up, will I, Brianna?” he asked, delivering two more very hard smacks.

“Ow, ouch... no, sir.”

“Good, SMACK! because if I am, SMACK! do you know SMACK! what will happen?” SMACK!

“Yes, sir.”

He gave me a few more smacks, then asked, “What will happen?”

“You’ll spank me at school,” I answered in a whiney voice, exclaiming “ow!” or “ouch!” each time he spanked.

“That’s right,” he said. “And you won’t like that at all.”

“I know.”

He stopped talking for a little while and concentrated more on making my bottom nice and red, and wow, he did a good job of it. He just kept up a steady pace, spanking in all different places, then my sit spots, and a few smacks to the thighs, then he’d start all over. Within minutes, I was back to bawling, feeling so young and vulnerable. I felt so guilty for what I’d done and told myself, as the pain was being inflicted to my backside, that I’d never do anything to where he’d be called from work again, and I’d even try not to bug the poor principal lady. But, that didn’t help the pain subside any.

After a few minutes of intense spanking, he finally let up a little, giving me a few soft spanks. “I love you, Brianna,” he was saying as he spanked softly. “I love you more than you probably think. But I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior, understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m going easy on you. But believe me, if this ever, and I mean EVER, happens again, you won’t be sitting for a while.”

“Yes, sir.” He ended with two very hard smacks on my sit spots, then lifted me up. My hands flew to my bottom to rub the sting out. I guess that’s when I noticed that although there was a fire burning on my rear end, that guilty feeling I had had in my heart had subsided. Yes, I’d let my brother down, but he’d also forgiven me, so I was okay now.

I stayed in my room most of that evening. I slept a little, drew a little, watched some TV. I even talked to Anastasia and she was also sitting on a sore backside. Apparently, her’s was more sore than mine... she’d gotten a taste of Ashton’s belt and it wasn’t very delightful. She apologized to me for being such a nuisance, and I apologized to her for being the one who got our brothers called in the first place. But she said it was okay, if I hadn’t said anything, she probably would have. We really were like sisters... No matter what, we made it through and forgave each other, just like our brothers did for us.

04 July 2004

Story: Lizbeth Downtown

Part of the Lizbeth series.  Parts I & II joined.  Lizbeth goes downtown with Katrina after her father told her that she couldn't.  They stay out a little too late and the cops bust them for being out past state curfew.

Lizbeth Downtown
by Breanna Carter

"But Papa!" I whined. "Why can't I go with Katrina to that club tonight? It's an all ages club and she really wants to go!"

"I said no, Lizbeth. Don't ask me again. Downtown is no place for an eleven year old girl," he replied, buttoning his work shirt up and tucking it in.

I folded my arms and pouted, stomping out of the room. I desperately wished for my own bedroom, so I could slam the door and express my disappointment at his answer, but I didn't have one, so I just went to Javier's apartment instead, slamming the door to my own. Javier just glanced at me as I plopped down next to him, lower lip still poked out. He didn't speak, only watched the tv.

A few minutes later, I heard Papa open the door. "See you later, princess. Have a good night with Katrina, and don't stay out too late!"

I rolled my eyes at him, but I guess he didn't take the hint that I was pissed. "Okay, whatever. Later," I muttered, keeping a fixed glare on the tv. He said no more and next thing I heard was Alberto's car pulling out of the driveway.

I sighed. This wasn't fair! How come Katrina would have to get let down because Papa was too stupid to allow me to go to the damn club with her? Kat had been wanting to hear the band that was playing at the club for ages, and I had to be the reason she couldn't go. Unless....

"Hey, Lizbeth!" Katrina said in a chirpy happy voice as she entered the apartment. She punched me playfully on the arm. "Your dad said you could go out partying?"

I smiled. "Yeah, he did."

"Great! Let's go shopping, first. We can get some spiffy clothes, okay?"

I didn't know what spiffy meant, but I assumed it was a good thing. First, though, I had to find five dollars, so I could get into the place. "Sure, just let me change clothes." It was a lame excuse, even I admit it. But she didn't seem to realize it was an excuse. I guess I didn't look fit to go to the mall, or anywhere for that matter. I was wearing a pair of green soccer shorts and a white T-shirt that had a mustard stain on it, and a pair of purple flipflops. I would only match if I were going to a Mardi Gras parade, where the colors are purple, green, and gold. And that's not where we were going.

I rushed back over to our apartment and into Papa's room. I knew where he kept his money, and I felt bad about it, even as I reached under the mattress and grabbed the twenty dollar bill. I swallowed down the lump in my throat. It was going to be worth it. Katrina would love me and accept me and that meant more than a lousy twenty dollars, right? I was still nervous, though, and very paranoid, so I hurried out of his room, shaking at the very thought of what would happen if Papa found out I stole some money from him. In my family, stealing is one of the worst offenses. If he knew I took some money, the last spanking I got from him would feel like nothing.

In my room, I changed into a pair of bluejean shorts and a button up green and white striped shirt. I also put on some regular tennis shoes. *Now* I was fit for shopping with Katrina.

"That was quick," she commented, leaning against the doorway, chewing on some gum.

I didn't answer, just smiled.

"I'll buy you a new pair of pants, okay? There's this really cool store in the mall where they have baggy jeans. I bet they'll be perfect to wear to the club tonight. What do you think?"

I nodded, noticing that she, like always, was wearing blue jeans with tons of pockets and wide legs. They were really adorable jeans, I must say. I tried to imagine myself looking as cute as she, but I couldn't. Everytime I tried to picture myself wearing baggy jeans, I ended up looking like a homeless girl.

She lead me towards her tiny blue car. It was almost a second home to me by this time. She'd been my *babysitter* for a little over a week, and we probably spent half of our time riding around. I loved riding in her car because she liked to turn the air on full blast with the windows rolled down and the music loud. I thought that maybe I could just move in with Papa and when I turned eighteen, I could be just like Katrina, baggy pants and all.

"So how was your day?" she asked. It'd been one of the afternoons that Papa didn't have to work, so she didn't come pick me up until 4:30.

"It was okay. Didn't do anything, just sat around at Javier's house, watching tv."

"Sounds like fun. I didn't do anything either, just slept." She grinned, turning the music up louder. "You like this okay? I bought the cd a couple of days ago and I've only listened to it a couple of times. I dunno, I think it's a little too heavy for me."

My ears perked up like a dogs so I could hear it better. A little too heavy? I wondered what a *lot* too heavy was because I couldn't understand a word the singer was saying and the guitars were so loud and distorted I felt like I was standing next to a train. "Uhm, they're okay.." I said.

She looked at me. "No te gusta?" she asked.

I couldn't help but smile. It amused the hell out of me when she attempted to speak Spanish, mostly because she only knew a couple of phrases and she had such an American accent. I spoke back in Spanish... "No, I don't really care for it that much, a little too loud and heavy for my liking, but what do I know?"

I thought she was going to run off the road because she was staring at me so hard trying to figure out what I said.

I giggled. "It's okay," I translated. "I just don't really like heavy stuff, I guess."

"Oh. Why didn't ya just say so?" She popped the cd out and ordered me to choose another.

It was an interesting ride to the mall, but it was even more so when we got there. Katrina Ooooed and Awwed over me, shoving clothes in my arms and forcing me to try them on, then nearly crying because I looked "so cute!" in them. I kept telling her that she'd smoked too much marijuana, but she kept shoving clothes in my arms anyway. Finally, we agreed on two pairs of pants for me and a tiny T-shirt, and then she bought some makeup and stuff, and I was so giddy I could barely stand it. Here I was, shopping in America with a real American girl and I was going to go to an American club and look "spiffy." Wait until I tell my best friend Maria about this!

We went to the bathroom and I went into a stall and changed into the baggy jeans. They literally swallowed me whole. I felt like I was wearing no pants whatsoever. They completely covered my shoes and I looked like I was floating or something. Then I pulled the T-shirt over my head and pulled my hair out. There I was... completely American.

I shuffled out of the stall and I thought Katrina was going to pass out. She was giggling so hysterically and awwwing at me like I was a little puppy. Finally, she stopped laughing so much and tugged me towards a full length mirror and there I stood, a tiny Mexican girl in jeans that looked three sizes too big and a T-shirt that she didn't understand. I was beautiful.

She sat me on the counter of the bathroom and applied the makeup. It was so hard to keep still because I kept wanting to know what I looked like. Eventually she was fed up with my pestering and fixed my hair then shoved me towards the full-length mirror again. And this time, I was the one to turn hysterical. I wished so desperately that I had a camera so I'd have proof that I really don't look so boring all the time.

When we left the mall I could see that the sun was setting. It was nearing seven and we were due at the club at eight. She took me to Burger King for a bite to eat. How could someone be so nice to me?

I'd never been downtown before. Truthfully, I had no idea what to expect. And when we crossed over a bridge and I saw tons of lights and cars, I think I almost had a heart attack. It was so beautiful and in that one instance, I think I was more ecstatic than ever that I'd gone against Papa's wishes.

"Is this... where we're going?" I murmured in awe.

She grinned at me. "Yup, sure is."

"Wow! This is... amazing!" I felt like I'd landed on another planet.

"It's not *that* great, Lizbeth. It's just downtown." She turned right and drove a couple of blocks until we pulled into a parking spot. I sat there for a long time, until she finally poked me. "Ya gotta get out now," she reminded me. "We're here."

"Oh!" I said, smacking myself on the head and falling gracefully out of the vehicle.

The summer night seemed endless as I walked next to Katrina with my mouth dropped. A gentle breeze hit me on the face and the darkness engulfed my body. I had a rush like I'd never had before, just walking down the sidewalk, staring at the tall buildings. A smile spread across my face. This was truly going to be a great night.


"Katrina!" I yelled, shoving through the mass of people. We'd gotten separated hours earlier and I'd waited until 1:43 AM to attempt to find her. And that was dumb. I'd never be able to find her through that crowd of people! The final band had just finished playing. I wished desperately that we'd have thought of a place to meet if something happened. Why hadn't one of us thought of that?

Some people shoved me out of the way, stepping on my pants in the process. Why'd I have to be so damn little? All the other people in the room were at least a foot taller than me, and that didn't make it any easier to find Kat.

"Katrina!" I yelled again, searching frantically. I finally made it to the bar and stood on a stool, eyes scanning the room.

"There you are!" I heard someone yelp and then pratically tackle me, throwing me over her shoulder. "You had me worried sick, Lizbeth. But it was my fault, I know. I was too into the music and stuff." She placed me down on the floor and grabbed my hand. "Come on, let's go."

We were walking down the street, talking about the night and the dancing and the great time we had, even though there were mostly only teenagers there, since it was an all ages club and all. I think at this point in time I realized that I really had had an amazing evening, and the darkness was engulfing me further, causing me to have more of a sugar high. That's probably why I begged and pleaded for Katrina to take me out for some ice cream, promising that I'd pay for it. I didn't want the night to end yet.

After the forth or fifth time of asking, she finally gave in. "Fine, we can go get ice cream... but won't your dad be worried?"

"Nooooo," I giggled. "He'll be fine! Let's get ice cream!"

She rolled her eyes and unlocked the door for me, then sped off towards Wal-mart, the only place open that late at night.

We decided to buy a pint of ice cream and take it to the park with us where we could sit on the playground equipment with our feet dangling, talking about personal stuff until the ice cream was gone. I guess I kinda made up the personal stuff part, because I always wanted an older sister who could explain anything to me. I figured that Katrina was the closest thing I'd ever get to that.

So we went to the park which was near a small lake and she sat Indian style on a bench and I with one leg tucked under me and the other dangling. We talked softly to one another for a little while about different stuff. She told me about her family and her job, and I told her a little about Mexico and my Mama and little brother. I told her that I'd always wanted a big sister and she offered to be my adopted sister for the summer. I thought that was pretty nice of her.

"Yeah, you're a spiffy kid. I'd like to have a little sister like you," she'd said.


"Uh huh."

"Hey, Kat.. what does spiffy mean?" I asked, wanting to get the definite meaning before I started using the word myself.

She glanced at me and smiled. "It means like something that's really cool."

"Oh, okay. Spiffy," I said, seeing how the word sounded coming out of my own mouth. Not nearly as... well, spiffy, as it sounded coming out of Katrina's.

We were quiet for a little while, letting the night sounds take over our ears... sounds of a couple of cars passing on the highway, crickets chirping... I'd almost forgotten that it was after two in the morning and I should have been at home when the figure approached us.

"Excuse me, may I ask what two young ladies like yourselves are doing at the park at two-thirty in the morning?" the voice said, shining a flashlight in my eyes and nearly blinding me.

I felt Katrina freeze next to me. That's when I realized that it was a police officer... not nearly as scary as a child molester, but none the less, still scary.

"I... we... um... were just eating ice cream, er, officer," she stammered.

He pointed the flashlight in her direction. I watched the light descend onto her face, showing her worried expression. I gulped. "Come with me," he ordered, motioning for us to stand. We did as told, I walking as steadily as my shakey legs would carry me towards the parking lot of the park. "I trust you didn't know that there's a sign that reads the park closes at ten, eh?"

Katrina bit her lower lip. "No, er, sir.. didn't know that..."

"I see. I also highly doubt that this young lady with you is of age to be out this late at night."

Okay, that sentence confused me.

"Well, sir, see, we, uh, were going downtown to this, er, place and, well, we were on our way home and decided to stop and talk, cause, uh, she was feeling really down."

He tapped his foot impatiently. "The city of Shreveport has a curfew law that states all persons under the age of seventeen must not be out between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM unless accompained by a parent or guardian, and clearly, you are neither."

Uh oh.

"I, er, know, sir," she said. I'd never seen her so uneasy before.

"By law, I could take you both to jail right now," he continued. "But, since neither of you were doing anything to disturb the peace, I'll let you go on home, and she can come with me."

When did I get in to this!?

"But..." I began, but my voice trailed off.

"Sir, can I just take her straight home and you follow me?" She is a very good mind reader.

He shook his head, though. "I can either take her home, or take you both down to the station. Your pick."

She gave me a sympathetic look. "Okay," she murmured to the officer, then bent down to my level and whispered into my ear, "don't worry, I'll come over and explain to your dad, okay?"

I nodded, sniffling because I could feel the tears coming on. My stomach tied into knots.

"Come on, Little Lady," the officer told me, and practically shoved me towards the car.

I guess it was a good thing he decided to take me home rather than arrest me. That wouldn't have been fun... Kat would be in jail and I'd be in deeper shit than I already was. But as I rode in the passenger's seat of that police car, thinking that didn't really help me feel any better. All I could think about was what the look on my Papa's face would be like when I arrived on the porch, tall police officer behind me. I'd have to explain to him what had happened... and then he'd want to know details, and I'd have to tell him of the whole night...

I spent the drive telling the police officer directions to my house. Turn left here, turn right there, blah blah blah. I guess it kind of helped to take my mind off of stuff... but it didn't really help that much. The knots were still in my tummy, and my heart was racing to no end.

"This is it," I muttered, taking a deep breath in.

He stepped out of the car and I followed him, up the steps, and finally, to my front door. I took another deep breath in and realized how much my tiny body was shaking. I tried to steady my hands and kept wiping my sweaty palms on my new jeans. The officer knocked loudly on the door.

In an instant the door swung open and Papa stood there, angrier than I'd seen him in a long time, in a pair of khakies with his work shirt unbuttoned. He glanced at me, then the officer, then back at me, and I broke down crying.

The officer introduced himself. "I'm Officer Bailey," he said, not realizing that Papa knew only enough English to get by. "I trust this is your daughter?"

Papa looked at me for a translation. "What'd he say?" I heard him ask through my tears.

"He's asking if I'm your daughter," I wailed back.

Papa answered that I was, and I held my head in my hands. The officer didn't really say much more, just that I was out past curfew, which is a "serious offense" and that he let me off easy this time. The hard part was trying to tell Papa this through all of my sobbing. I couldn't look at him, I was so embarrassed and ashamed because I had disobeyed him. Then the officer thanked Papa, and Papa apologized to him, and the officer turned away, and Papa grabbed my upper arm and dragged me into the house.

"Where were you, Lizbeth Marie!" he shouted, smacking my bottom as I got in front of him.

"I'm sorry, Papa!" I pleaded. My hand flew to my bottom and I rubbed where he'd slapped me. "We went to the park! I didn't know there was a curfew!"

"I told you not to stay out too late!"

"I'm sorry! We lost track of time!"

"Where did you go?" he asked, looking deep into my eyes. I knew he'd be able to tell if I lied. But it didn't matter because I didn't get the chance to say anything. He already knew the answer to his question. "You went to that club, didn't you?" he asked.

"Papa, I'm sorry," I wailed, hand still rubbing my bottom. He sat down on the couch and pulled me over towards him. "Nooooo, Papa! Pleaseeee! I'm sorry!!" I struggled to stay back, but he had a firm grip on me and in no time, I was over his lap, face buried into the couch, choking on my sobs.

He landed the first smack on my jean-clad bottom, and I was thankful for the protection it provided. I knew on the bare bottom this would feel *much* worse than it already did, and believe me, it hurt like you wouldn't believe! He was totally pissed, more so than when I'd smoked that cigarette.

"I specifically told you not to go to that damn club, Lizbeth Marie," he said, landing more solid smacks on my rump. "And you deliberately disobeyed me. I cannot believe you."

"Butttt I'mmm sssorrrrryyyyy!" I wailed, kicking and screaming. I was putting on a show, I must say that. I knew that Javier was just next door with his two roommates, and Alberto was just in the other room. They could probably all hear me wailing.

He didn't let up, though, and I didn't let up on the sobbing.

Finally, like a gift from heaven, there was a loud knock on the door. "Who is it?" Papa, yelled over my sobbing, stopping from the spanking briefly.

There was no answer.

I was still crying from being so humiliated and in pain, but I knew it was Katrina and I wanted the spanking to stop, so I said, "who is it?" in English.

"It's me, Kat.." she said softly.

Papa looked at me and lifted me from his lap. "Sit," he ordered.

I did as I was told, though my bottom was really sore and it made it hard to do so, and Papa walked angrily towards the door. He opened to reveal Katrina, hands in her pockets, head hanging.

"Don't spank her," she mumbled, staring at the ground. "It was my fault."

He looked at me for a translation. I hated this stupid translating crap. I told him word for word what she'd said, and he looked at me, trying to see if I was lying or not.

He moved out of the way to let Katrina in. He pointed to the couch and Kat just followed his request and sat down next to me. He slammed the door. Alberto came in to find out what all of the commotion was about. They both sat down in chairs across from us. "I want the whole story, Lizbeth Marie. From the time she got here until the time you got home. Got it?"

I wiped the tears out of my eyes and looked at Kat. "Kat... I stole money from him... do I really have to tell him?"

She bit her lower lip and gave me that same scared pathetic look that she'd given the police officer. "Yeah, Lizbeth, you should tell him."

I took a deep breath in and looked at Papa. It was so hard, looking him in the eyes after what I'd done. If I couldn't even look at him, how could I tell him? What a great way to end such a perfect night, I thought bitterly.

"Well?" he said impatiently.

I wiped another tear away. "She came to pick me up and we went to the club and I took twenty dollars then we had ice cream and that's all," I said as quickly as I could, then looked back down at the floor.

He walked over to me and lifted my chin to meet his eyes. "Tell me, Young Lady, everything that happened, and the truth, and slow down."

Another tear slipped down my cheek. "Kat picked me up... and I didn't tell her that I couldn't go..."

"Wait.." she interrupted. "Did you just say you couldn't go?"

Papa and I looked at her. "Yeah, I couldn't go," I answered.

"You told me that! You told me that you couldn't go and I took you anyway. It's my fault!" she said.

"Katrina... are you crazy? I didn't tell you.."

"Yes, you did. You told me. You don't deserve to be punished."

Papa looked from her to me. "What'd she say?" he asked.

"She told me," Katrina said, doing hand motions, anything so that he would understand what she was saying. "She..." she pointed to me, "told," moved her hand in a talking manner, "me that she could not go to the club..." she said, emphasizing each word.

He looked back at me.

"I'm not telling him, Kat. It wasn't your fault... it was mine."

I think this probably worsened the situation. Now Papa was confused as anything. Katrina just shook her head. "Fine... but I don't mind taking the blame."

I smiled slightly and looked back at Papa. He studied my face. "I didn't tell Katrina that I couldn't go... and I felt bad because I really wanted her to see that band... and I didn't have any money.." I turned away. "And I took some of your money." I closed my eyes tightly, waiting for a slap on my face. But it never came. Papa just gently turned my chin back and made me look into his eyes.

"You did what?" he whispered.

"I... I... took some... money... of yours."

He let go of my chin and paced around the room. It was deathly silent. Even the clocks weren't ticking. I waited for anything... and cricket, a cough, someone's stomach to growl... but nothing... the silence just spread through the house like the black plague did in Europe. Everything was dead. It was so scary I couldn't even cry.

Papa no longer looked at me, but Alberto's and Kat's eyes were fixacted on me. It made me feel so small. Tension creeped through the room. I awaited the next words... my fate. I was scared most that Papa would send me back to Mexico and never speak to me again. Scared I'd never get to see Katrina again or Alberto or Javier or any of the other friend's I'd made, but morely scared that Papa would disown me and never call or answer my calls. Thinking of this was enough to bring the tears back to my eyes and they streamed down my face.

"I'm sorry Papa!" I howled, breaking the silence and the tension. I buried my head in my hands, unable to stand the world around me. "I'm so sorry."

"Lizbeth, finish the story," he told me. "Stop crying and finish the story."

"I can't..." I wailed.

"Lizbeth Marie, I'm giving you to the count of three..."

I cried harder, knowing that once he said three, I would be over his lap with my pants and panties down. But I couldn't bring myself to words... it was the hardest thing in the world, confessing to my father that I'd disobeyed him..

"We went shopping," I hiccuped, "and then... w-we went downtown... and then... we went to get ice cream.."

He plopped back down in the chair.

"Look, I'm sorry for interrupting," Katrina said, "But some of this is my fault, too."

I had no choice... I had to translate for her.

"I knew she needed to be home before eleven, and I kept her out late. Don't go too hard on her... I'm responsible for her and she wouldn't have fought if I'd have told her that it was time to leave."

"Oh, I know," Papa replied. "You're much to blame for her being out late, but she's also to blame because she disobeyed me."

I knew that Kat was biting her lip again. "Please don't be too mad," she pleaded.

"I'm beyond mad, I'm infuriated," he answered.

That shut her up.

It was quiet for a moment. "The only fair way to do this is to spank them both," Alberto finally said. We all looked at him. He'd been sitting there the whole time, quiet as could be, just watching the events.

Papa nodded. "He's right. Katrina will get a spanking from us both, then Lizbeth, you'll be spanked for disobeying me and stealing, and it'll be something you won't forget for a long time."

Kat looked at me, wondering what the final decision was.

"Alberto says that it'll be fair if we're both spanked," I told her. "And Papa says that you'll get spanked by both of them."

Her eyes widdened. Last time, I'd known she'd never gotten a spanking before... but this time, the look on her face told me that she had, and she knew exactly what was in store. I wondered if she regretted ever coming by.

"Okay," she whispered. I watched her stand and noticed that her legs were wobbly, just as mine had been as we had walked to the parking lot with the police officer. She took a deep breath in and took another step towards them.

"Come here," Papa ordered, one of the things he actually knew how to say in English.

She looked down at him, eyes filled with tears. She shuffled closer to him.

"My daughter is your responsibility," he said, studying her face. "I expect you to have her home on time and do nothing to endanger her, do you understand me?"

Three pairs of eyes stared at me. I just wished that everyone would learn one language!

"Yes, I understand," Katrina said after hearing what Papa had said.

He grabbed her by the front of the pants and unbuttoned the jeans, then unzipped them and let them slide to the ground. She didn't fight at all. I wondered how one could be so brave. I then watched as he positioned her over his lap, her hands placed firmly on the carpet, and toes barely scraping it. She held her eyes shut. I squirmed on the couch, knowing that I was next. I think that's what scared me most. And I felt bad that she had to get it...

"That was no good, Katrina," Papa scolded, tugging her panties down to her ankles. I squirmed a little more.

He lifted his hand high in the air, then brought it down heavily onto her round bottom, and then I heard the SMACK! and then she groaned. A pink handprint appeared on her pale bottom. I watched him lift his hand again and smack down again, inches away from the first smack. She groaned again and I noticed that her eyes were closed tighter and fists balled up. I imagined that she was biting her lip. He proceeded to smack again and again and again, and found a definite rhythm and stuck with it. I felt like I was listening to a techno song. You know how techno is all repetitive? That's what it was like... a smack, a groan, a smack, a groan... over and over. Her bottom got darker and darker... from bright pink, to a darker pink, to a reddish color. And I never knew how brave one girl could be. I did, however, know that Papa wouldn't stop spanking until he knew that he'd gotten through to her, which meant that she'd have to be totally broken, which meant she had to be bawling like a baby. And from the looks of it, it didn't look like she'd be crying anytime soon.

I don't know how long he spanked her, all I know is that when he stopped, her bottom was dark red and I noticed that near her sit spots and thighs there were tiny bruises. I winced thinking about how much pain she was in. Then I winced because I realized that next it'd be *me* who was going through so much pain.

Papa lifted her from his lap. She was still shaking like crazy and probably in too much pain to worry about modesty. It took me by surprise, seeing her half-naked body like that. I wondered if that's how I'd look when I turned 18.

He lead her to Alberto. I don't think that Alberto ever had any intentions of spanking the poor girl, but he didn't have much of a choice by this time. She was already over his lap, her red bottom practically inviting his hand to spank it as hard as possible. And that's exactly what he did. I winced everytime I heard the noise of hand meeting bottom. Katrina was almost to the point of yelping. I desperately wished that she'd just cry so it'd be over with because her bottom was getting darker and darker and I knew she hurt so much.

Alberto finished up the spanking by whacking away at her sitspots and thighs a good twenty or thirty times and she was practically howling when that happened. She kicked and squirmed and bucked a little. I just whined. If she got that badly of a spanking, I was definitely scared to know what was in store for me.

The noises of spanking stopped. Alberto rubbed her backside gently. "No more staying out late," he told her.

"I won't," she whined.

"Good," he answered, delivering one very hard smack to her bottom then letting her up.

She stood and sniffled a bit, blushing slightly and tugging her panties and pants back up. Papa found a hard wooden chair from the kitchen and placed it near the couch and pointed to it. Katrina sat, nearly crying out when her flesh touched the hard surface.

Papa looked at me. My heart stopped... it was my turn.

"Come here, Lizbeth," he said in a scolding voice. I gulped audibly. There was no way to get out of this... no amount of apologies would help. I tried to be brave like Katrina, but I couldn't even bring myself to stand up. Instead, I looked at Papa pathetically. "I mean it, Lizbeth. If you make me come over there and get you, you'll be sorrier than you ever thought you could be."

I gulped again and attempted to stand up. As I did, I felt dizzy, having risen too quickly. I stood there for a minute, hands clutching my bottom, then blinked and steadied myself towards Papa, who sat staring disappointedly at me. I looked around the room. Kat was sniffling, and Alberto had his arms folded, shaking his head at me. How could I have gotten myself into such a mess?

I finally made it to Papa's side. He looked up at me. "Young lady, I'm upset at you for disobeying me. You know better than to do what you did tonight. I love you, Little One, but you know as much as I do that you deserve this, right?"

I nodded. "Yes, sir."

"And if you EVER steal from me again, Lizbeth Marie, I will not hesitate to bare your bottom and find a good switch for it, understand?"

Hearing that made me shudder. "Yes, sir."

"First I'm going to spank you with my hand, then I'm going to give you a few lashes with my belt.." he told me.

I whined. "Nooo, Papa... please... not the belt..."

"Yes, Lizbeth, the belt." He pulled me closer and unbuttoned my new pair of jeans, then let them slide to the floor. The tears had begun streaming down my face again. It was no use... there was no way I could be as brave as Katrina.

Next thing I knew, I was face down over his lap, and I felt my panties being lowered to my ankles. His hand rested on my rear for a split second, and then it cracked down on my backside. The spanking had hurt enough when it was over my jeans, but now, it smarted like crazy and I was howling and yelping to no end. And after only one smack! Then he kept spanking, harder and harder, and I squirmed and pleaded for him to stop, promising that I'd be good and never disobey him again, but it phased him none. I howled, holding onto the legs of the chair, so tightly that my knuckles turned white. Tears fell steadily down my cheeks. I was in so much pain that I thought I could felt my rear going numb after a while, but I still heard the smacks, and I still felt the pain. And finally, he stopped, and I was yelling too loudly to hear, and my backside hurt too much to notice, so the only reason I knew is because he lifted me, then stood up, and made me place my palms down on the chair. I was bent over slightly, legs shaking so much I could barely stand like that. In fact, my whole body was racked with sobs and I couldn't even stand still.

He rubbed my back slightly. "Only five lashes with the belt, Lizbeth, okay? But they're going to be hard, and if you ever do anything like this again, it'll be a lot more, okay?"

"Y-yes-s, P-Papa," I muttered.

I watched him unbuckle his belt, then slide it through the loops. Then he doubled it over and I held onto the chair for dear life. I couldn't help but watch him lift it high in the air, then I saw him swing towards my bottom, then I heard the loud CRACK! and felt the pain and nearly fell over. If this hurt so badly, I could only imagine how much it'd hurt if he ever got that switch after me.

I couldn't watch the last four smacks. Instead, I had my eyes shut as tightly as they would go, and I bit my lip, reminding myself to be as brave as Katrina. I tried not to howl too much, but I don't know if it actually worked.

Finally, I felt Papa lift me from the chair and engulf me in a hug. It was over... finally. He rubbed my back softly and held me close.

"How can you love me after what I've done?" I mumbled, morely to myself, but he heard me.

"Because you're my babygirl, and I'll always love you, no matter what you do," he answered.

I pulled away from the hug. "Really?"

"Really," he said, smiling slightly and letting me go. I rubbed my bottom and wiped my eyes, because the tears were still falling. I looked to Kat who was, by this time, crying, and then I looked at Alberto, who I guess was a little in shock, because he wasn't expecting the punishment to be so harsh. Looking back at Kat, I decided to hug her. She looked like she needed a hug.

"Why are you crying?" I whispered.

"Because I didn't want to see you be hurt like that."

"It's okay, I'm just glad that Papa still loves me," I answered, and hugged her. He squeezed me tightly, trying to stop crying. "You're so brave, Kat. I wish I were as brave as you."

"I'm not as brave as you think," she answered.

I didn't understand what she meant, but eventually, I pulled away from her hug, and she told us that she needed to go home, then apologized again for having me out so late, and even hugged Papa and Alberto, then waved goodbye.

I wiped the final tears out of my eyes then went to the bathroom and washed my face. I put on a pair of panties and decided to skip wearing any pajama pants. I then went back to the living room where Papa sat alone, smoking a cigarette and staring into space.

"Papa? Are you okay?" I asked, sitting down on his lap and wiggling until I found a comfortable position where my tender and well-spanked flesh wasn't touching anything.

"I'm okay. You just worried me tonight."

"I'm sorry, Papa. I won't do it again."

"I know, baby." He held onto me and put out the cigarette, rocking me back and forth. "You don't hate me, do you?" he asked suddenly.

I looked up at him. "Why would I hate you?"

"I don't know," he answered and placed my head back down on his shoulder, rocking me once again.

I didn't let the thought plague me much longer as I drifted off into dreamland where my backside wasn't sore. It really hadn't been such a bad day after all... I mean, the spanking wasn't great, but I had a good time with Kat and I found out that Papa would love me no matter what. And that means a lot, even cancels out the pain of the spanking -- maybe.

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