19 April 2015

Guest Story -- Painful Reunion

by Robyn.  Alys has decided that it's better to smoke cigarettes than talk to her friends about the stress in her life.  Her best friend, Alex, who is like a big brother to her, finds out about the cigarettes and does whatever he can to make sure she never smokes again.

Painful Reunion
by Robyn

Alys stopped and glanced around before sighing and leaning up against the tree. She checked around her again then fished her cartoon of cigarettes out of her pocket, she pulled one out and glanced around again, feeling a little paranoid but she was sure someone was watching her. Shaking her head she pulled her lighter out and lit the cigarette and took a deep drag, she swore she could feel the smoke going through her veins and calming her, allowing her body to relax.

“So this is your new therapy huh? This is what you do instead of coming to speak to me?” Alex asked.

Alys jumped in shock and whirled around to stare at Alex in disbelief. “Jeez Alex! You spying on me or something?” Alys tried to deflect.

Alex shook his head. “Nice try lil sis, but smoking? Seriously? Are you actively trying to kill yourself?” Alex asked demandingly. He plucked the fag out of Alys’ hand and dropped it on the floor stamping it out.

“What the hell Alex? I was smoking that! They are bloody expensive and it’s not easy to get your hands on them if you’re not 18,” Alys returned. “Oh and quit with the little sister crap, we are not related and frankly this obsession you have with me is fucking creepy, you’re 18 I’m 15, go find someone your own age,” Alys snapped.

Alex stepped closer to Alys, getting in her person space and pinning her against the tree. “You’ve seriously crossed the line little sister, I don’t know what the hell happened to you at that god forsaken school, but this smoking and ignoring me ‘crap’ ends today,” Alex declared. “Get in the car, we’re going home,” Alex ordered.

Alys felt trapped between the boy she saw as an older brother and the tree. “You don’t get to tell me what to do Alex. Fuck off,” Alys growled.

Alex shook his head and grabbed the younger girls arm, frowning for a second at how skinny her arm felt under the jumper she was wearing. “We’re going home,” Alex repeated. He dragged her over to where he’d parked his car and pushed her in, once she was in he slammed the door shut and walked around to the drivers side, got in, and drove them home.

The drive was held in silence and when Alex parked in his spot Alys threw her door open and started storming towards her house.

Alex got out and quickly caught up with the younger girl, taking hold of her shoulder, ignoring the jolt of surprise at just how skinny it was. “Hold it Alyssia, where do you think you’re going?” Alex asked.

“Well I was going home Alexander, like you said,” Alys snapped back.

Alex turned Alys around and walked her into his house. “You knew what I meant Alys, don’t play dumb, it doesn’t suit you,” Alex replied. He pushed Alys into the living room, but now he had Alys here he wasn’t sure what to do, all he knew was she needed to quit smoking and she needed to speak to someone about what was going on. She was holding too much inside and Alex could tell she needed to offload but he didn’t know how to get through the walls that had never been there before.

Alys stomped over to the smaller sofa and threw herself down on it and glared up at Alex. Before boarding school she’d spent more time in Alex’s house than her own, being in the familiar surroundings where she’d leaned on him for emotional support was making her want to open up again. “Well?” Alys demanded harshly. She crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow.

Alex didn’t want to do what his sister suggested, it was she that had caught Alys smoking after school yesterday and she had told Alex she needed her butt warmed. Alex hadn’t ever been spanked himself, but Nat had told him if she hadn’t been stuck in her wheelchair she’d have spanked him when he started smoking, his parents lectures fell on completely deaf ears, and he was damned if Alys was going to kill herself slowly with them. While his experience with spanking was limited to his brief research yesterday, Nat had urged him to look into it; the application didn’t seem all that hard. “Well, you’re going to get your butt over here and I’m going to make sure you never even think about touching another cigarette,” Alex said decisively.

Alex decided not to give Alys the option to continue fighting him. He walked over to her, pulled her up to standing then picked her up, he almost dropped her feeling how little she weighed; she definitely had a lot of explaining to do, but first he needed to deal with the smoking.

Alys immediately began struggling. “Alex!” Alys squealed. “Put me down Alex!” She demanded. “What the hell are you doing?” Alys shrieked. She kicked out wildly and struggled against him.

Alex carried Alys easily over to the bigger sofa. “This fight you’re trying to put up would be a hell of a lot more effective if you weighed more than a toothpick little sister, still wouldn’t get you out of the ass kicking you’ve earned yourself, but it wouldn’t be quite so pathetic,” Alex said easily. He spoke as if he was merely commenting on the weather.

Alys screamed wordlessly in defiance. “Put me down!” Alys demanded.

Alex sat down. “Alright,” Alex agreed. He let Alys go, but before she could do anything he tugged her down over his lap and pinned her down with his left arm. Her struggles had caused her school shirt and jumper to rise up a little revealing the safety pin holding her school trousers up. Alex undid the safety pin and tugged her trousers down with ridiculous ease. “Jesus Alyssia, you’re a god damn skeleton, we will be talking about that once we’re done here,” Alex declared.

Alys kicked, and struggled, but she couldn’t get up. “Fuck you Alex! We’re not talking about anything!” Alys spat.

Alex ignored his little sister and pulled her panties down as well and rested his hand on her bottom. “I’m going to spank you Alys, I’m going to spank you for smoking because you know how bad for you it is and I care about you too much to let you slowly kill yourself with those cancer sticks,” Alex said.

Alys let out a harsh laugh. “Ha yeah! Pot, kettle, black much!” Alys snapped.

Alex nodded. “I know, that’s why we’ll be quitting together,” Alex said firmly. With that he raised his hand and brought it down firmly on Alys’ bottom. It took a couple swats before he found the right force to use, and a few more after that to find a rhythm that worked.

Alys managed to take the first swat in silence, but she shrieked at the second, the third wasn’t as hard as that and merely caused her to suck her breath in, but Alex seemed to keep at that force and well it hurt! The speed of the swats also took her by surprise and once it settled she found the next one came just as the previous was reaching its peek, which was not fun. Guys who play football every weekend and train twice a week shouldn’t be allowed to spank anyone. Alys kicked and squirmed before throwing her hand back to try and stop Alex. “Stop! God damn it! That hurts!” Alys yelled.

Alex paused and snatched up Alys’ hand and pinned it to her back. “It’s supposed to Alyssia Rose, and I’ll stop when I believe my point has gotten across,” Alex said. “And not a moment before,” Alex added.

Alys let out a wordless scream and drummed her legs furiously.

Alex just kept bringing his hand down relentlessly on the bottom over his lap. “Smoking is dangerous to your health, it’s a horrible habit and not one you are going to keep up. You know how many health issues you risk each time you light up a cigarette, why you’d be so stupid I don’t know, but I’m not going to put up with it,” Alex lectured. Alex didn’t pause the spanking as he spoke instead he punctuated each word with a smack.

The spanking was starting to get to Alys and tears welled up in her eyes, though she tried her best to fight them back. “Whatever! Ok I won’t smoke! Just stop pleeeeease!” Alys begged. She was too close to tears and if she cried then all her walls would come down and she wasn’t ready for that.

Alex shook his head. “See for some reason I don’t believe that you mean that, I think you’re just saying it to get me to stop, but this isn’t going to stop until I am one hundred percent sure you’re never going to even think about smoking again,” Alex replied. Once again he punctuated each word with a swat.

Alys managed to hold on for two more swats after that before, like a dam breaking, she burst into tears. She’d been holding herself together for too long and trying as hard as she could to deny that she needed help to deal, but now laying over Alex’s lap getting her butt roasted she couldn’t keep her defenses up, it was like each swat was a blow to her walls.

Alex felt awful hearing Alys cry, but he kept going, he focused on the tender under curves of her bottom, that spot where thigh meets butt. He would have spanked her thighs as well, but they didn’t look like they’d hold up well at all under his hand as thin as they were.

Alys kicked and squirmed, sobbing, though her kicking and squirming was no longer out of defiance and purely out of reaction to the pain.

Alex continued bringing his hand down, despite the fact it was starting to sting, he was sure Alys’ butt felt a lot worse but he could see the end was in sight. Her posture was defeated and her kicking and squirming was slowing down, she’d bypassed crying and was now almost bawling. Alex tipped Alys forward a little and brought his hand down hard ten times on those little spots were butt meets thigh. He shook out his hand and rubbed Alys’ back gently. “You’re ok Alys, let it all out,” Alex urged. He picked Alys up and quickly pulled her panties back up and set her on his lap with her butt hanging off so her weight was on her untouched thighs.

As soon as Alys was righted she flung her arms around her brother and hugged him for all she was worth, burying her face in his shoulder and sobbing hard, clinging to him like he was her last lifeline.

Alex didn’t hesitate to wrap his own arms around Alys and hold her close to his chest, pressing kisses to the top of her head. “I love you so much Alys, you couldn’t mean more to me, I hate seeing you hurting yourself like this and I’m not going to stand by and let it happen,” Alex said roughly. “You don’t even have to talk to me, but you do need to talk to someone, whatever is going on is eating you up inside and I can’t stand watching it happen,” Alex added.

Alys just sobbed and nodded. She didn’t even know herself really why she hadn’t wanted to talk to Alex, but she did now and she was going to, once she stopped crying that was.

Alex rocked slowly and played with Alys’ hair, running his fingers through it and massaging her scalp gently. He started humming gently under his breath, bending his head down so he could hum right in her ear.

Alys was able to slowly calm down with Alex’s rocking, ministrations and humming. Once she was just hiccupping and sniffling she looked up at Alex. “I’m so sorry Big Bro, you’re everything to me too, I love you so much and I’m ready to talk now,” Alys said.

Alex smiled. “Alright, you wanna go upstairs? Nat will be home soon as will Mom and Dad, we can have some privacy up there,” Alex said.

Alys nodded smiling a little.

Alex grinned and pulled Alys’ school trousers the rest of the way off and stood up still holding Alys. “You better cling on, don’t think you’ll appreciate it if you fall on your butt,” Alex teased gently.

Alys laughed as Alex picked her up and didn’t need telling twice to cling on. She wrapped her legs around him and tightened her grip around his neck.

Alex carried Alys up to his room easily and opened his wardrobe to get out her favorite t-shirt of his and a pair of shorts for her. “Get comfy,” Alex said setting her down.

Alys smiled and pulled her school jumper and shirt off, replacing it with Alex’s t-shirt, she brought the collar to her nose and inhaled deeply, letting his scent fill her. She then pulled on the shorts and tied the drawstrings tight.

Alex sucked in a sharp breath seeing Alys’ ribs. Alys had always been on the lighter side; he called her skin and bones on a regular basis, but looking at her now she really was a skeleton. “Yeah we’re ordering Chinese tonight, you need some meat on your bones,” Alex said.

Alys sighed and nodded. She made her way over to the bed and lay down on her side.

Alex shook his head and shed his jeans, pulling on a pair of sweats and lying down facing Alys. He pulled her into his chest and moved so her head was on his arm.

Alys smiled up at Alex as they took their usual position, Alex’s back to the door, shielding her, his arm around her acting as another protective shield. She closed her eyes and gripped two handfuls of his t-shirt and took a deep breath. “Please don’t interrupt just let me talk ok?” Alys asked.

Alex nodded. “Whatever you need LS,” Alex agreed.

With that Alys started talking; she told him about feeling so isolated in boarding school, her house parent bullying her, how she was bullied by the other kids, slowly losing her appetite to the point where the thought of eating made her feel physically sick. She told him of how her weight loss was discovered and being sent home, classed ‘unsuitable for boarding’ another damn label. She started crying again as she spoke of how things were at home, her parents not giving a damn about anything and constantly leaving her to baby sit her brothers.

The whole time Alex kept quiet and just held his little sister, letting her offload and get everything off her chest.

“Now I’ve been thrown back into school and everyone is the same but different, there is a thousand rumors about where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I wanted to talk to you but I just couldn’t, it was like every time I thought about it her voice was in my head laughing at how pathetic I was, I wanted to prove I was strong; the more time that passed I was scared you wouldn’t want to talk to me and you’d be mad at what I’ve done. I found a pack of cigarettes in the girl’s bathroom and I took them, I don’t know why but they did help some. Before I knew it the whole pack was gone and I was itching for another, the pack in my jeans is my second, I’ve had about half of them,” Alys said. Alys then dissolved back into tears and buried her face in Alex’s chest.

Alex held Alys tightly as she spoke, when she finally stopped and just cried again, Alex tightened his hold. “It’s ok, those people spreading rumors, they don’t know shit, as soon as something knew happens they’ll be all over that. You are strong, needing someone doesn’t make you weak or pathetic, and no matter what I’ll always want to talk to you, about anything and everything… you ever avoid me like you have been again and I’ll spank you again. As for the cigarettes, it’s a non-issue, we’re quitting; we’ve both now had our last cigarette and that’s how it will stay,” Alex said.

Alys nodded into Alex’s chest, already feeling better knowing he was going to help deal with everything.

“Now, with your parents, when you’re babysitting I’ll come over and keep you company, as soon as they are back, we’ll come here and you’ll sleep here like we used to. We will talk about everything you went through and if anyone at school gives you trouble you let me know and I’ll deal with it. As for the thought of food making you feel sick, we’ll go slow, we’ll start with your favorites and make eating a pleasant experience again,” Alex said.

Alys relaxed and nodded. “Thank you… but what about when you see Stacey? She is your girlfriend I don’t think she’ll be all that happy about you spending all that time with me,” Alys remarked.

Alex shook his head. “You’re my lil sis, you come first, she has to understand that, if not she can find someone else,” Alex declared.

Alys shook her head in disagreement. “I can’t ask you to do that big bro.”

“You’re not. I’m telling you, that is what is going to happen. Besides would you put some boyfriend before me?” Alex asked.

“Never,” Alys stated.

Alex smiled a little and nodded. “So why on earth would you ever think I would put some girlfriend before you silly girl,” Alex asked rhetorically shaking his head. He kissed the top of Alys’ head and shifted about so she was laying on her front, half laying on him half on the bed, with him on his back on the bed. “So, tell me about this bitch of a house mistress you had,” Alex suggested.

Alys snuggled in to Alex’s chest and smiled a little, it probably wasn’t going to be all that fun quitting smoking, but she’d have Alex there to help. Things no longer seemed so terrible and she knew she wasn’t alone and never really had been.

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