28 May 2017

Story: Exposing the Liar

16 year old Madison doesn't mind living with her older brother, but they have totally different perspectives when it comes to whether or not rules should be followed.  It just so happens that Madi's favorite recreational activities involve quite a bit of law-breaking.  Hopefully she won't dig herself into too big of a hole!

Exposing the Liar
by Breanna Carter

25 May 2017

Throwback Thursday!

Happy Throwback Thursday!  The throwback today is one of my all time favorites from May 2011:  Back On Track.  Enjoy :)

23 May 2017

Story: Allie & Natalie Run Away

After police come for their mother, sisters Allie and Natalie feel they have no choice but to steal money from strangers and plot an adventure to find their father in California.  The problem is that Allie tries to steal from the wrong person, and both girls end up in an uncomfortable position...

Allie & Natalie Run Away
by Breanna Carter and Lenore

21 May 2017

Motivating Molly

Motivating Molly can now be found on LSF Publications!  Check out a snippet here:  Molly As a Teen  Reviews, comments, likes, etc. are greatly appreciated :)

A special thank you to My Fav for inspiring me to pay attention to details, VerdiWagner for helping me generate ideas, Christa for letting me read it to her, and B for the edits.  This is one of my best creations yet, and I couldn't have done it without you!

18 May 2017

True Story: The Time I Quit Smoking

A real LiveJournal entry I wrote in 2010 about a time that I tried to quit smoking.  Names have been changed.

The Time I Quit Smoking
by Breanna Carter

11 May 2017

Throwback Thursday!

Happy Throwback Thursday!  Here's an old one written with Haley Brimley in May 2004 called The Deal.  Enjoy the throwback!

04 May 2017

True Story: Driving Under the Influence

A real LiveJournal entry from 2010 about the time I was spanked for driving under the influence.  Names have been changed.

Driving Under the Influence
by Breanna Carter 

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True Story: A Friend's Visit

Happy 4/20!   As any reader of my fiction stories knows, getting spanked for the use of mind-altering substances is probably my favorite sce...