08 August 2016

Guest Story: Through Hardships to the Stars (Part 2)

Guest Story.  Find Part 1 here.  17 year old Marta is suffering the consequences of a four-year prison sentence, but is still a scared little girl on the inside.  Will the prison principal be able to help her shape up and accomplish her dreams?  

(original title ‘Przez ciernie do gwiazd’ written in Polish)
written by Aleksandra Jakubowska

04 August 2016

Guest Story: Bubble Bath

Hang in there everyone!  It's almost the weekend :)  In the meantime, enjoy Dee's awesome new story!

By Dee. Part 2 of the Damien/Kiera installment.  Kiera finds herself in trouble again as she attempts to get out of having to take a bath.  But it's Damien's fault for taking away her bubbles!

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True Story: A Friend's Visit

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