04 August 2016

Guest Story: Bubble Bath

Hang in there everyone!  It's almost the weekend :)  In the meantime, enjoy Dee's awesome new story!

By Dee. Part 2 of the Damien/Kiera installment.  Kiera finds herself in trouble again as she attempts to get out of having to take a bath.  But it's Damien's fault for taking away her bubbles!

Bubble Bath
by Dee

If there’s one thing I do not like…it’s taking baths. Like most kids, I generally hate taking baths. Especially since I’m a bit of a tomboy and enjoy throwing myself in the mud, much to my brother’s dismay. 

So, Damien found a way to make baths quite enjoyable for me by purchasing some bubble soaps. It worked and I would take my daily baths. However, I enjoyed the bubbles a little too much to the point where I would use a little more than half a bottle and flood the bathroom with foams. Hey, it’s not my fault. The bubbles don’t last as long unless you put a lot!

I believe my brother regretted buying me those bubble products because he was always fuming mad every time he saw the mess I made in the bathroom. At first he was patient about it but then he lost his cool and I had to spend a good amount of time helping him clean up the place. And now, he no longer lets me use the bubbles. In fact, he hid the bottles in his office. I would constantly ask for them but my brother would always say no. No matter how much I pestered him, the answer never changes.

So now I’m back to having a bubble free bath and I hate it once again. It’s so boring and unnecessary. I have much better things to do than sit in a tub full of water. Every day I would always dread for it and try my best to avoid it but my brother would always get on my case and I’ll always end up being in the tub. However, my brother had currently been really busy with his lectures that he hadn’t really had time to dote on me. Because of that, I managed to go on without showering for 2 days. It didn’t bother me and I was actually pretty happy I didn’t had to take a bath. Luckily I was a kid so I don’t really have a terrible odour yet. If my brother was too busy to notice this then perhaps I can live life without ever needing to shower.

Unfortunately for me, my brother noticed. We were eating dinner and I was chewing on my sausage thinking about what I will do after dinner. Apparently my brother already had it planned for me.

“Kiera, once you’re done with your dinner you are to go upstairs and take a bath.” He instructed before biting down onto his garlic bread. I looked at him and whined

“Damieeen, can’t I just bathe tomorrow?”

“No. You already haven’t showered for two days, I will not allow you to skip a third day”

I gotta say I was pretty surprised that he knew I didn’t shower. Guess he was keeping an eye on me after all but was too busy or tired to deal with me during these past few days. I pouted as I toyed with the food on my plate. I so did not wanted to take a bath. Just thinking about it made me grumpy.

“Kiera, don’t play with your food. Either finish eating or go take your bath.” Damien instructed firmly.

“Can I at least have the bubble soap?” I asked, giving him a hopeful look. Damien’s eyebrow twitched, clearly getting a little irritated with the question I ask for every bath time.

“Kiera, how many times do I have to tell you, no! You’re still grounded from that thing”

“But for how loooong!?”

“Until I know you won’t use a huge amount that can mess up my bathroom.”

“I promise I won’t use a lot! I’m sorry about those times the bathroom flooded! Pleaase?” I tried.

“No. Knowing you, you would want to keep putting in more bubbles when you see that the recommended amount isn’t enough for you.” My brother said, sipping his coffee. I let out a whine.

“No I won’t! I promise! Damieen please!!” I persisted

“Nein! That’s enough Kiera!” My brother barked. I flinched at the sound of his voice. I knew I was crossing the line whenever my brother yells a German word. He was clearly annoyed. But so was I.

“You’re not being fair Damien! They’re just bubbles!!”

“No means NO! No matter how many times you’ve asked, the answer had always been no and it will always be a no until I can be sure that you won’t make a mess in my bathroom! Now I don’t want to hear you ask me about the bubble soaps again, understand?!”

Irritated, I threw my fork down on my plate and crossed my arms. Pouting. What’s his deal? They’re just bubbles! They’re harmless! Sure, a bit of a pain to clean up but harmless! I can’t believe that my brother is even strict about a bubble bath! 

My brother sighed at my response to his little reproach and gave me a disapproving look. I didn’t care, I was really upset and I wanted him to know it! He did know I was upset, he just didn’t really care himself. I continued to pout as my brother finished up his dinner, ignoring me. I began kicking the table trying to let him know that I was upset. He still didn’t care. 

“Alright Kiera, it’s time for your bath. Get going.” He instructed when he finished wiping the dinner table. I didn’t respond or react. I just shifted my position in my chair to turn my back on him as I continued to pout. If he won’t co-operate with the bubbles, I won’t co-operate with the bath. Simple as that. I suddenly heard my brother sigh aggressively and felt two large hands roughly grab my sides and before I knew it I was lifted to my feet.

I angrily looked at my brother only to see him giving me the cold glare, causing me to shrink back a little. He pointed towards the stairs with one hand while he placed the other hand on his hips.

“Upstairs bathroom, now! You are to go take a bath right now or I’ll forcefully give you one along with a sore bottom.” He threatened. 

“FINE!!” I spat as I began to make my way towards the stairs but before I even made my way out of the dining room, Damien pulled me back by grabbing my arm and gave me 5 hard spanks. I yelped and rubbed my bottom, looking at my brother with teared filled eyes.

“Watch your attitude, young lady. I wouldn’t want to punish you over something so trivial” 

I bit my lips as a way to refrain myself from telling him that if it’s so trivial, why can’t he just allow me to use the bubbles? I let out a frustrating sigh when I felt my brother drag me upstairs himself

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I watched the water fill up the tub while Damien brought me a towel. I was pouting the whole time and ignoring my brother out of spite. He didn’t seem to care though because he just kept on setting the bath for me without even saying a word to me himself. 

Once the tub was filled up, my brother went to me and ignoring my scowling face he grabbed my arm and made me stand against the wall. 

"Arms up." He instructed, snapping and waving his fingers at me as though to rush me. He really does sound like a military coach. His face was really stern so I didn’t felt brave to push anymore of his buttons. I obeyed and raised my arms but didn’t stop pouting. He still didn’t care, he just easily slipped the shirt over my head.

After he undressed me, he placed me into the warm tub. I sat there grumpily while my brother neatly folded my dirty clothes and placed my new clean clothes on the counter, that were also neatly folded.

“Stay there for a while. I’m going to go work in my office. I’ve already wasted a lot of my time and am already a little behind in my schedule. I’ll come back to check on you though. So make sure you wash your hair.” My brother said before he walked out of the bathroom. He left the door slightly open and I saw him enter his office room which was right down the hall, across from the bathroom. 

It hasn’t even been 5 minutes and I already wanted to get out but I knew Damien was nearby and he will totally know that I haven’t properly washed myself. I tried everything to substitute the bubbles I wanted so much. I let the bar of soap float in the water and splashed around it. It made bubbles but not a lot and they eventually disappeared. I then tried squeezing some shampoo into the tub and swished the water around it but no bubble was made. I even tried making my own bubbles by farting, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as how cartoons portrays it.

I sighed and grumbled as I allowed myself sink into the water, making small pathetic bubbles with my mouth. I was bored out of my mind. I started to let my mind wonder and eventually began to daydream until my brother’s cellphone rang and made me snap out of my daydreaming. I heard my brother answer it. I couldn’t really make out what he was saying, but I heard my brother get up and rummage some papers around his office. I assume it was a call from work. I suddenly became curious to what was up. Finding any excuse to get out of the bath, I quietly got out of the tub and took a peek outside of the door, hiding behind the door so I won’t be seen. I saw my brother walk out into the hallway and brush his hair with his hand.

“You know what? I think I left it in my briefcase….It’s in my car. I’ll go get it right now and fax it to you….Ok….Ok I’ll call you right back when I’m faxing it.” My brother ended the call on his cell and made his way down the stairs. I heard him grab his car keys and leave through the front door. Silence filled the room as I looked across his opened office room and felt a sense of opportunity arrive.

While my brother is gone. I can just run over and get the bubble soap! I knew my brother hid them in his office because I remember seeing him taking the bottles in there when he grounded me from them. I could just grab one bottle and use a little without my brother knowing. But I’d have to do it quick.

Still dripping wet, I quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me before dashing my way into the office room. Once I got in there I looked around and saw a lot of file cabinets and boxes around. Though I knew the bubble soaps were hidden in here, I didn’t know exactly where. So seeing all the possible places he could have hidden them became a bit daunting. However, the place was very organized so maybe if I quickly opened some cabinets I’d be able to find them a bit easier.  

I began searching and opened a few cabinets and boxes only to find papers, tools and files. Making sure I closed the cabinets and leave things the way they were, I noticed a box under the computer table. Sensing that it might be it, I went to open it and surely enough there were the soap bubble bottle! 

“YES!” I exclaimed as I grabbed one. Mission accomplished. Well not yet. I still have to make my way back to the bathroom. 

Unfortunately for me, before I was able to even leave my brother’s office, I heard those scary, heavy footsteps of his coming up the stairs. How did I miss hearing him enter through the front door?! If I had at least heard that, I’d still be able to dash my way to the bathroom! I guess I was too distracted being excited about the bubbles. 

Frightened, I looked around to find a place to hide. The room was decent sized but not a lot of hiding places. The only hiding place I could find was under his desktop but even then I’ll still be out in the open. I then saw a pot of a plant near by the door and hid behind it. The plant was sitting the opposite side of the computer so when my brother would sit, his back would kind of be facing it. I’m small, so I easily hid between the big pot of flower and the wall. I hid just in time because as soon as I did, I saw my brother walk in with a couple of papers in his hands. I heard him sigh as he walked over to his computer and sat down, dialing a number on his cellphone.

“Hey, I got the papers. I’m going to fax them now” my brother said. He said a few more words before hanging up and started up his fax machine. I watched him intently, studying his moves and trying to predict them so I can make my getaway.

As the fax machine sent the papers, my brother started typing on the computer. I’m pretty sure he was working on his next week’s lecture for his class. I couldn’t help but noticed that when he came back, he never really bothered to check up on me during my bath. I felt lucky that he didn’t because that means I still have a chance to not get in trouble, but I couldn’t help but to feel a little bothered that he hadn’t thought about me.

I shook my head as I told myself that I didn’t hadn’t time to overthink about it. I had to make my escape. I was still a little wet and getting cold. My brother kept typing away, really focused on his lesson. I don’t think he’s going to leave his office anytime soon. It’s now or never.

I quietly crawled out of my hiding spot, constantly glancing at him to make sure he didn’t hear me. Luckily the plant was right next to the door so if I take about 6 steps, I’m out. The only challenge would be to not be seen because as I’ll get closer to the door I’ll become viewable in my brother’s peripheral vision. I got up to my feet and began to tiptoe my way out, clutching onto the bottle tightly. 

As I quietly tiptoed towards the door, I heard my brother type away. I was so nervous and scared, I held my breath believing that my breathing will give me away.

I then heard the computer chair creek as my brother turned around. My heart dropped and I caught my breath as I froze in my spot and nervously looked over to my brother with very wide eyes. But to my luck, my brother turned the opposite way from me, stacking some papers on the other desk. His back is now completely facing me. I smiled to myself and made my way towards the door. Now all I have to do is dash as fast and quietly as I could to the bathroom and…

“Stop. Right. There!” I heard an angry voice boomed behind me. I flinched and reluctantly turned my head to face my brother. His back was still turned to me but I could tell his arms were crossed. How the heck did he know I was there if he isn’t even looking at me? That’s when I saw that on the desk he was on had a little mirror showing my reflection and I could see my brother’s reflection looking right at me! My body began to tremble a bit as fear began to arise. My heart beated faster as my brother turned around in his chair, now facing me.

“Come here!” he ordered, crooking his finger at me. I was so tempted to run away and lock myself in the bathroom, but fear won me over. I slowly turned around, making sure he didn’t see the bottle by hiding my hands behind my back. I didn’t move from my spot though.

“NOW!!” he boomed. I jumped and made my way towards him.

“What were you doing in here?” he asked, looking at me suspiciously. I couldn’t think of any excuse at the moment. I was too scared and nervous and really regretting for coming in here. 

“I..uh..I..I…” I stammered, looking at the ground. My brother didn’t take his eyes off of me and I could feel his ice blue eyes pierce through me.

“Well?” he insisted impatiently.

“I needed some lotion!” I suddenly blurted out, clearly lying and looking guilty.

“…In my office?” my brother questioned, obviously humouring me a little. I was cornered and didn’t know what else to say so I remained silent.

“Kiera, what’s that behind your back?” my brother suddenly asked, glancing at my arms that were obviously hiding something. I took a step back

“N-nothing!” I said defensively. Not having the patience, my brother stood up and jerked my arms causing me to drop the soap bubble bottle. 

“AH!” I exclaimed, as I looked up my brother. I saw his face darkened when he saw the confirmation he seem to have needed. He let out an exasperated sigh as he rolled up his sleeves before grabbing me.

“Wait! NO! DAMIEN! I’m sorry!” I cried, kicking my legs as I was easily being lifted. My brother tucked me under his arm and grumbled under his breath as he took me out of his office.

“Damieenn!! Damieeen!!! I’m sorryyy!!” I cried, trying everything to get out of what I knew was going to happen. My brother did not respond but simply tightened his grip around me to cease my struggles. He then opened the door to his bedroom and sat down on his bed, placing me over his lap at once and holding me in place with his hand. 

“I’m very disappointed in you young lady. When I say no to something, I mean NO. You are NOT to do the opposite of what I say! And to think you actually snuck into my office room to try to steal some of the bubble soap!? Not to mention lie right in my face?! I cannot tolerate this!” My brother scolded. I let out a big whimper.

“Damien! I…I didn’t mean to!...I just…wanted bubblesss!”  

My brother didn’t answer. I just felt him flip over my towel and because I still wasn’t 100% dry, I felt a very cool air pass through my wet bottom. 

That cool breeze didn’t last long though because I soon felt my brother’s big hands assault my butt. I immediately began screaming as I felt the intense sting run through my butt. This is the first time I’m getting spanked bare! It’s so much painful when your bum is bare not to mention wet!! Within 10 seconds I already began to cry hard

“AAAAHHH! DAMIEN!! WAAAHHH I’M SORRY STOP! PLEAAASSSEEE A WAHH!!” I wailed, kicking my legs and squirming around. My brother did not let up on the smacks. He just kept on raining them down. 

(smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)

“WAHH!! OWWW!!! PLEASE STOP!!” I begged. I reached over to try to stop the spanks, but my brother caught my hand quickly and gave it a sharp smack before pinning it behind my back. He didn’t miss a single beat of the spanks.

“Don’t you dare try to reach back” he growled, “You very well knew what you were doing was wrong and you very well know what the consequences are!”

(smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)
(smack) (smack) (smack) (smack)

He continued to pepper my bottom and I could feel my bum heat up and throb and every time I tried to escape my brother would smack the back of my thighs hard.

“Damieeeeennnn. I’m sorryyyyyyy” I howled before burying my face into his bed, crying with all my might. I stopped kicking and just laid there defeated, accepting my punishment. After 5 more smacks, Damien finally stopped.

“Get up” he instructed coldly, smacking my bottom once more. I squeaked and quickly got off his lap. Because of all the squirming and kicking I did, my towel became loose and slipped off when I got up. But I didn’t care at all, I was busy rubbing my burning bum with one hand and wiping my tears away with the other to even care. All I could think was that it was stupid of me to risk my behind for some stupid bubbles. Not worth it. 

“Now, are we going to have this little incident happen again?” My brother asked roughly. I shook my head vigorously as I sobbed.

“Are you ever going to go behind my back again?”

“Noooooooo!!!!!” I bawled, sniffing and hiccupping. Damien grabbed the soap bubble bottle that he brought along and shook it in front of me.

“I’m going to throw these soaps away and will not purchase any more for a long time now. Not until I can trust you to obey and follow my rules. From now on, if you make any fuss or do not co-operate with me for you bath time, I will make sure you will take one with a sore bottom. Do you understand?” he growled. I nodded.

Damien then bent down to pick up my towel and swung it over his shoulder before standing up. He then grabbed my arm and turned me towards the door to the hallway. 

“Go finish your bath. And no more interruptions, alright?” He said sternly and gently pushed me to get me going. I slowly nodded as I continued to cry. I started to walk but eventually stopped to continue to cry. My bum was stinging, I was tired, my brother was upset with me and I was suddenly feeling homesick. I’m still not used to this environment and I’m certainly not used to these overly strict rules. I was feeling kind of emotional.

Seeing as how I wasn’t really advancing on my own, Damien grabbed my arm and led me to the bathroom himself. Once there, he lifted me and placed me back in the tub. I let out a cry as I felt the warm water touch my tender bottom and whimpered even more when he sat me down.

“Now wash up and don’t forget to wash your hair!” he commanded before turning to leave.

I grabbed my brother’s arms, suddenly feeling really clingy.

“Damieeenn I’m so sorry!” I cried, hoping that he will sooth me or give me the comfort I wanted. I felt empty and afraid that my brother didn’t like me anymore.

However, not good at sensing these kind of moods, Damien simply patted my head, “As long as you understand what you did was wrong, and will try to not do it again, all is well. Now go finish your bath. I’ve got to finish my work.”

“But Damieeen!” I whined

“Hun, the sooner you finish your bath, the sooner you can get out. Now hurry up before the water turns cold.”

Giving up on trying to get affection from this man, I sadly released my grip on his arm and sniffled as I submerged myself into the water, allowing more tears to fall out. I suppose that was when my brother logically thought about the situation and human emotions because he stared at me for a minute or so before slowly kneeling down by the tub. He then placed his hand on my head and began to stroke it gently.

“I do hope you’ve learned your lesson tonight because I certainly wouldn’t want to do this again. But do know that you are forgiven. I know you’re a good girl, Kiera”

I continued to stare at my hands that were under the water, not saying anything. I knew that my brother was not good at this but I was still wanting and expecting more.

“Come, I’ll… wash your hair for you…” he awkwardly offered, breaking the silence. I looked up at him and saw him gently gesturing me to get closer to him. He was slightly blushing, obviously feeling a little embarrassed from getting out of his comfort zone.

“But…what about your work?” I asked.

“…Don’t worry about it.” my brother answered shyly.

Seeing him be embarrassed made me feel a little embarrassed, but I was dying for some affection and I believe that this is the best I can get so I smoothly shifted over to him enough for him to reach.

My brother grabbed the watermelon scented shampoo and squeezed some on his hand. He then proceeded to massage my head as he washed my hair. His hands were surprisingly gentle! I thought he was going to be rough. It felt really nice having him to wash my hair. Reminded me when my dad used to wash my hair. Fresh new set of tears began to fall as the feeling of sadness and homesick struck me. I sniffled and quickly tried to wipe them away, not wanting my brother to see them.

Damien did noticed them, but he thought he accidentally got soap in my eyes. So he wiped them for me as he rinsed my hair. He ended up giving me a full bath and even helped me dry off. As I was putting on my clean pajamas, Damien reminded me that although I was forgiven, I’m still grounded for the rest of the evening so I wasn’t allowed to play or watch TV. I could either read or do a little bit of the workbook my brother made for me to study since it’ll be a while since I’ll start school.

I pouted at the thought of not being able to play, but my sore bottom made me not want to cause any more trouble so I just nodded and slowly made my way to my room.

“Kiera” my brother called out. I turned to look at him and I see him squat down to my level and invited me to come closer. As I did and he gently pulled me into a tight hug, rubbing and patting my back telling me that everything is over and ok now. I guess he finally sensed that I need a little more reassurance. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in it, allowing little tears fall out.

I felt my brother kiss me on the cheeks a couple of times and softly shushing me as he continued to hold me for as long as I needed, no longer caring about his work as much as he did before. Now I was feeling a bit better. My butt still hurt and I still regret for going behind my brother’s back but at least I now fully knew that I really was forgiven.

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