04 August 2012

Story: Blackmailed

A Stabler Girls story.  Lenore bribes Breanna to do something they shouldn't, and they both end up over their father's knee!

by Lenore and Breanna

Things had started getting hot and heavy with Breanna and Chris.  They had rounded third base and were heading for a home run when Lenore pushed her sister's door open and let out a shriek.  Bre also screamed, covering herself and yelling, "Get out! Get out! Get OUT!!!"
Lenore covered her eyes, and backed out of the room quickly. That was NOT something she had wanted to see.
Breanna re-dressed herself with nervousness, catching a glimpse of her blushing boyfriend who stammered, "I should probably go."  She nodded and rushed him out of the house before knocking on Lenore's door to find her still shocked beyond belief.
"That was gross," Lenore insisted, rubbing her eyes. "Ick. I'm trying to get it out of my head."
"Sorry," Breanna said, sitting down next to her.  "You know, when you get my age, you just get curious about stuff... that's all."  She paused, glancing at the cage where their mouse Jerry sat looking up at her.  "You won't tell Dad, right?"
"Depends," Lenore replied.
Breanna made a face.  "On what?"
"On what you do for me in return," Lenore told her.
"What? Come on!  Don't be a brat."
"Be nice...." Lenore warned. "I could still tell Daddy."
"Yeah, well, I'll just tell him you're lying... and besides, you aren't supposed to come in my room without knocking anyway!"
"I thought you were hurt," Lenore argued. "You were making all these weird noises."
Breanna blushed but tried to remain stoic.  "You could've just shouted 'Are you okay?!?'... you didn't have to barge in like that!"
"Well, EXCUSE me for caring," Lenore snapped.
Breanna sighed, annoyed, then said, "Fine, what do you want so you don't tell Dad?"
Lenore perked up some. "I need a favor," she informed her. "Ty Pennington's in town, and he's gonna be meeting fans and stuff. Daddy won't let me go, 'cause it happens durin’ school. But I REALLY wanna go."
"When is it?"  Breanna had become almost an expert at getting herself out of school lately, and was sure she could figure out how to get her little sister out as well.  She'd rather it be for someone more interesting than Ty Pennington, but in exchange for her sister's silence, she could do it.
"Wednesday, at one o'clock," Lenore told her. "It's at the one hardware store."
Breanna mapped out a plan in her head and agreed to it.  They shook hands to seal the deal and three days later, there she was, in front of Lenore's school as the little girl ran towards her.  "Thanks again!" she told the secretary and escorted Lenore to the car.  "How was your day?"
  "Good," Lenore smiled. "I aced the spelling test. Got the highest score and everything."
"That's great!" Bre sped off, turning the music up a little, making her way towards the hardware store.  She did feel a little pit of guilt in her stomach, doing something that could surely get herself and her sister in a lot of trouble.  But all she could do now was cross her fingers and wish for the best.
She pulled up to the store and turned the car off.  "Let's go!" she chirped.
Lenore hopped out of the car pretty quick. "I brought my camera too."
"Just be careful," Breanna warned.  "Don't let Dad see the pictures!  Our butts will be toast if he finds out about this."
"He won't find them," Lenore assured her. "I'm good at hiding photos."
Bre nodded and went inside the store with her sister, standing in the massive line as she texted dirty things to Chris. 
Lenore hopped from one foot to the other excitedly. "I see him, Bre!" She exclaimed. "I can see him!" She took some photos with her camera.
Unfortunately, Breanna wasn't quite as excited and just nodded, trying not to be a party pooper.  "Yeah, that's great!" she said with fake enthusiasm. 
Lenore waited impatiently for her turn and when she was finally up, she froze in her spot, with her jaw hanging open.
Bre decided to interject.  "Hi, um, this is my sister, Lenore, she's a huge fan." 
Ty smiled and extended his hand out to Lenore's, shaking it firmly.  "Very nice to meet you, Lenore," he said, grabbing one of the professional photos lying in front of him.  "How about an autograph?"
Lenore nodded eagerly. "Yes, please!"
Ty signed the picture:  "To Lenore, thanks for being a great fan, Ty Pennington" and then handed it to her, ruffling her hair.  "Shouldn't you be in school, Young Lady?" he asked teasingly.
Lenore gave him a sheepish look in return. "Maybe....."
He winked at her and then shook Breanna's hand.  "Will you take a picture with her?" she asked, seeing that Lenore was still too shy to say anything.
"Of course!" he answered.
Lenore beamed, handing her sister her camera.
Breanna snapped the photo and made small talk with Ty, getting her own autographed photo in the process, and then leaving with a final shake to both of them.  She had to practically drag Lenore out of the store.  "Well?"
Lenore let out a loud squeal and hugged her sister. "Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!"
"Was he everything you expected him to be?"
Lenore nodded. "Uh-huh. He was Awesome! And sooo hot!" She paused a moment. "Now what do we do? Do we hafta head home, so Daddy won't catch us?"
"Don't worry, he won't catch us," Bre answered, opening her car door.  "Want some McD's?  Lunch at school was disgusting today -- mystery meatloaf!  I'm starving."
"Yeah, I'm hungry too," Lenore nodded. "I gave Jenny my lunch 'cause she forgot hers."
Breanna raised her eyebrows.  "You have to eat too, ya know.  Don't do that again or I'll have to spank you."
Lenore snorted. "You won't spank me."
"I've done it before, and I'll do it again," she said, making reference to a time when Lenore got lost in the mall. 
Lenore scowled. "I'll just run faster next time."
Breanna shook her head.  "Seriously, you have to eat lunch.  You can't just give yours away.  Dad packed it for you, not for your friends.  They have their own parents.  Come on, Lenore... you know better."
"Jenny and I usually share a lunch," Lenore shrugged. "It's no big deal."
Bre gave her little sister a playful smack upside the head.  "Don't do that!"
"Her mom makes crappy lunches," Lenore answered, sliding away a little. "Least I didn't throw my lunch out this time."
"Well you have to eat, I'm not going to let my little sister turn into an anorexic or some shit."
"I eat breakfast and dinner," Lenore snapped. "Jeez."
Breanna was satisfied with that answer and then pulled into the parking place.  "Come on, let's eat inside."
"Okay," Lenore agreed, getting out of the car. "I want a nugget happy meal!"
Breanna ordered her sister's food and then herself a large fries and chocolate shake.  They ate together in the play area, then decided to play inside, throwing balls at each other in the ball pit, and chasing each other through the tubes. 
Lenore was having a blast, as the ball pit was her favorite part of McDonald's.
But soon their time had come to an end and they seriously had to make it home before Elliot.  So they chased each other back to the car and Breanna drove them home.
It was a few weeks later, and Lenore had hidden her photos pretty good, as promised. As for the one Ty had signed, she kept that safely tucked under her pillow. She figured it'd never be detected, since it was framed and hidden by her pillow.
But sometimes she forgot to make her bed in the morning, on her way to school. And sometimes, things went unnoticed by her, in her rush. Even things that should've been tucked safely under her pillow on laundry day.
And that's exactly how she was caught.  Elliot was picking up Lenore's dirty clothes and saw the gleam of something half-under her pillow.  He picked it up and noticed it to be something he hadn't bought for his youngest daughter.  He racked his brain as to where she could have gotten it from and remembered that Ty Pennington had been in town previously. 
He shook his head and sat it on the middle of the bed, then placed her wooden hairbrush next to it.  When she got home, he would have a long talk with her, expecting the worst and hoping for the best.
 Lenore came home a couple hours later, her class having been let out early. She was excited, as she knew her Daddy had the day off, and was hoping they could hang out. She burst in the front door excitedly. "Daddy, I'm home!"
"Hey Princess," he said. "How was your day?"
"Awesome!" Lenore gushed. "The cutest boy in class hung out with me at recess!"
"That's great, Sweetheart."  He paused, then said, "why don't you get changed into your play clothes, and I left something on your bed for you to bring back downstairs afterwards... two things actually."
"Okay," Lenore shrugged. "Can we do something fun, when I come back down? I hurried home, so we could do something."
"We will see.  I have some business to take care of first..."
"But it's your day off," Lenore protested. "You're not s'pose to work today."
He ruffled her hair and gave her a kiss on the forehead.  "I said, we will see."
"Kay," Lenore replied, as she headed on upstairs to change. She reached her room, changing quickly. She then noticed what was on her bed and blanched. "Uh-oh...." Her eyes darted around her room, trying to figure out the quickest way to escape, as panic seared through her.
She wondered if she could get away with only bringing one item down....then wondered which one was the safest to bring.
"I'm so stupid," she muttered, as she finally picked both items up. "I should've made my bed this morning. Leave it to stupid me to get caught."
She finally sucked up all her courage, and headed downstairs, discreetly leaving the hairbrush on the steps.
Elliot reached out for her, and the hairbrush, then sat her on his lap.  "Where did this photograph come from, Lenore?"
Lenore stared down at the photo. "Ty...."
"Explain everything to me, in detail," he said in a serious, firm voice.
Lenore sighed heavily. She wondered if she could switch the truth up a bit and get away with it.
He lifted her chin so that she was looking in his eyes as she confessed.
 Lenore glanced away, feeling a little uneasy. "I went to see him," she finally admitted after a few long moments of silence.
He let her sit in the uncomfortable silence longer, knowing that he expected more of an answer than that.
"I got all my schoowork for the afternoon, so I could do it at home," she continued. "And I went to the store and met him."
"And how did you get out of school?"
"I had someone sign me out," she shrugged slightly. "I got all my work done though, Daddy."
"Who signed you out?"
"Why's it matter?" She demanded. "I'm safe. My schoolwork didn't suffer, and I got the photo I wanted."
"I asked who signed you out," Elliot said a bit firmer.
"I had someone call to say you were taking me to an appointment," she replied, trying to be vague and not rat out her sister. She knew he knew her sister would never willingly go see Ty Pennington.
Her response wasn't enough to satisfy Elliot, but he knew a quicker way to get better answers from her.  For some reason, he had the feeling that his eldest daughter had something to do with this stunt, and the only way to get Lenore to break and tell him was to begin the spanking.  He swiftly put her over his lap and held on, knowing that she would fight against him.  "You mean to tell me, Lenore Edna, that you had someone lie to your school so that you could get Ty Pennington's autograph when I'd already forbidden it?"
Lenore struggled to get away. "Daddy! You're not bein' fair! I stayed safe and did my school work. I don't need a spanking!"
He pulled down her pants and panties and gave her a few swats with his hand.  "You know better than to skip class, you could get hurt and no one would know where you are!  You could even get in trouble by the cops, you know the juvenile court around here has many cases involving truancy -- skipping class."  He gave her a few more hard swats, turning her bottom pink.
Lenore yelped, as she tried hard not to cry. "It was only one day...."
"And it will only be one day, because you will never do something so dangerous and stupid ever again," he said, spanking her sit spots before asking, "who drove you there?"
"I never said I got a ride," Lenore protested.
He responded with another flurry of hard spanks to her now-red bottom.  "I know how far the hardware store is from your school.  I know you didn't walk there, and you wouldn't know the buses well enough to get there."
"OWW!!!!" Lenore wailed, as she started to cry. "DADDY!"
"Who drove you there?" he asked again, punctuating the words with sharp spanks.
Lenore finally cracked, her bottom throbbing. "BRE! BRE DROVE!" She shrieked. "DADDY! STOP! PLEASE!"
"So did Bre check you out of school, too?"
"Yessss...." Lenore sobbed.
"And why would she do something like that?  She doesn't even like Ty Pennington that much."  As he continued to spank, he pondered, "could it be that you blackmailed her?"
"'Cause I'm her sister," Lenore whimpered.
He spanked her sit spots then, hoping for the truth out of her.
"Okay! Okay!" Lenore screeched, throwing her hands back. "I blackmailed her!"
Elliot grabbed her wrists, but stopped the spanking for a minute, probing more into this new information.  "I suppose that you can't tell me what your sister has done to have become obligated to help you skip school and disobey me, but I'm going to assume it's something I should probably know, am I correct?"
Lenore nodded, as she sniffled.
"And it's very disappointing to know that you'd keep this information and use it to your own advantage to do something I specifically told you that you couldn't."  He quietly picked up the brush and crashed it onto her bottom.
Lenore screamed, as she hadn't realized he'd grabbed her brush.
"You know that's not right, Young Lady, don't you?" he scolded, landing another TWACK! in the same spot as the previous.
"YES!" Lenore shouted, kicking her legs wildly.
He landed three more mild swats with the hairbrush then reminded her, "I'm only doing this because I care about you, Princess.  You are my little girl and I want you to be safe... I don't want you keeping any information from me when you or your sister are in danger... and I especially don't want you lying about where you are.  Do you understand?" he asked and gave her another two swats before waiting for her answer.
"I won't Daddy, I won't," Lenore promised through her tears.
He gave her the final three and then scooped her into his arms, sitting her gently on his lap.  "I'm glad that you are safe, but anything could have happened -- things that are out of your control.  It's not a good idea for you and Breanna to go off on your own like that and for nobody to know where you are."  He kissed her forehead and just let her cry into his chest for a bit, rocking her back and forth.
Lenore clung to him as she sobbed. She hoped he didn't make her tell him what her sister had done.
"After I take care of Breanna, we can do something fun, Princess, okay?  Your sister should be here any minute."
"She's gonna be mad at me....I promised I'd keep my photos hidden."
"She will get over it.  I'll make sure I let her know that it's not your fault."
"I don't gotta tell you what I blackmailed her for, do I?" Lenore fretted. "She'd kill me."
"No, I'll get that answer from her myself."
 "No you won't," Lenore replied.
He raised his eyebrows.  "And why is that?”
"'Cause she'll NEVER tell you, not in a million years," Lenore stated.
"I guess that puts the responsibility on you to tell me then, if you think it's something really serious that I should know."
Lenore bit her lip. "She's gonna get angry with me. Super angry."
"Well, I will do my best to not tell her that you told me."
"Chris was over....." Lenore said after a long moment, then made a face. "I kinda walked in on them...." She shuddered at the memory.
Elliot knew where this was going, and even blushed himself at the thought of his littlest seeing that... and even more at the thought of Breanna doing that!  "Oh wow," he said.  "I wasn't expecting that," he admitted.
"Me neither," Lenore stated. "I thought she was hurt, 'cause of the noises. But all she did was get mad at me for barging in."
"Well, maybe you shouldn't barge in..." he said, "but don't worry, I'll talk to her about it.  She shouldn't be doing that... especially while you are here!"
"Tell her to be quieter next time," Lenore muttered.
He heard Breanna's car door slam shut.  "She's coming; go to your room, and take this with you," he said, handing her the picture.  He kept the hairbrush, though, knowing that it'd give Bre a nervous pit in her stomach when she saw it.
"Kay," Lenore said softly. She gave him another quick hug, then hurried upstairs. She'd made sure to grab her pants and panties too though.
Breanna, meanwhile, climbed the porch steps and swung the door open, a big grin on her face.  "I'm hoooooooome!"  She closed the door behind her, throwing her backpack on the couch and then noticing that it landed next to Lenore's wooden hairbrush.  Coincidence?
"How was your day?" Elliot questioned.
"It was good.  I got back my math test... it was a B!!! I'm so proud," she announced, grinning again and trying to ignore the hairbrush.
"That is quite an improvement," Elliot praised. "I knew you could do it."
"Yep, super exciting."  She walked towards the stairs.  "I was going to go study with Amber tonight... we have a chemistry test coming up and you know how much I suck at chemistry..."
"Hold on just a moment," Elliot answered, "I think there's something we need to talk about."
Bre's heart stopped.  "What?" she said, racking her brain to think of what she'd done wrong this time.  She had a bad feeling about this...
"It seems your sister has a signed photo of Ty Pennington," he began. "Care to tell me how she got it?"
"Fuck," she muttered to herself, trying to think of the best way to answer this.  Since it was Lenore's hairbrush, she figured she'd already told him everything, and she wasn't sure if she should just tell him the truth, or take her chances and hope Lenore hadn't spilled the beans.  "Why do you think I know how she got it?"
"Because I am sure she tells you everything," he replied.
"Well she didn't tell me anything about this."
Elliot crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow. "Really now? Not a single thing? Not even who drove her there?"
Breanna felt butterflies in her tummy.  Yeah, he had to know... she should just tell him.  "Nope," she answered instead, digging herself into a bigger hole.
"Breanna Nicole, do I need to spank the truth out of you too?"
She squirmed.  "Daaaad!" she shrieked.  "I'm too old to get spanked anyway," she whined.
"Not so long as you live under my roof," Elliot stated firmly. "Now, start talking."
She spilled most of the truth to him, leaving out the part about fooling around with Chris and just making up a harmless story about stealing some of Lenore's chocolate.  She tried to look as honest as possible, though she was sure her father was reading right through the lie.
Elliot took her by the arm and pulled her to him and began scolding, ignoring the fact that she'd lied about what her sister blackmailed her over.
"You know better than to skip school, Breanna!" Elliot scolded. "And you know better than to help your sister sneak around."
"Sorry, Daddy," she said in her most innocent voice.  "She just really, really, really wanted to see Ty Pennington and I felt bad for her.  I won't do it again."
"You're right you won't," Elliot stated. "Especially not after this spanking."
Breanna's eyes widdened.  "Nooooo pleaseeee... it wasn't my fault, she's the one who blackmailed me!!"
"You're still the one who took her," Elliot replied.
"If I hadn't, someone else would have... I'd rather at least know she's doing it safely."
"You're getting spanked, end of discussion," Elliot answered firmly. "Now, either you can bare your bottom or I can."
"Daddy noooo," she begged, covering her bottom with her hands.  Anytime he mentioned the word "spanking" she felt like a little girl and she hated it!  She was practically a grown up now... why'd she still have to get spanked from her dad!  So not fair...
Elliot gently grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. "You have three seconds to decide who is baring your bottom, Breanna."
Breanna pouted and pulled down her pants and panties, blushing profusely and looking at the floor.
Elliot guided her over his lap, and immediately began to spank her. "You know better than to help your sister sneak out"
Breanna kicked and squirmed, trying to take her spanking like a big girl but failing miserably.  He spanked so hard.  "Owwwww, yessss I knowwww, I won't do it again!"
"And you will not let her skip school," Elliot continued, spanking hard and fast.
She kicked more, crying out, "yes sirrrr!"
Elliot paused long enough to pick up the hairbrush, and cracked it down upon her sit spots.
Breanna squealed and reached back, "Ooowwwww Daddy please I'm sorry!!"
Elliot deftly pinned her hands to her back. "You will set an example for your sister, young lady."
"I will! I will! I willllll!"
He smacked each cheek twice with the brush. "Now, why did she really blackmail you?"
A tear streamed down Breanna's face as she debated on whether or not she wanted to answer this question.  "Because of the chocolate," she repeated, crying more.
"She wouldn't be scared to tell me about chocolate, Breanna Nicole," Elliot stated, peppering her bottom with fast, hard hairbrush spanks.
"Ooooowwwwww," Bre yelped, kicking and crying more.  "I don't wanna tell youuuuu," she finally admitted.
He paused the spanking. "What could you have done so bad, that you're scared to tell me?"
"It's not bad, it's embarrassing," she said through tears and buried her face into the couch.
"You know you can talk to me about anything, Breanna."
She nodded, face still buried.
"Does it have to do with Chris?"
She nodded again, cheeks burning.
"Was he over here?"
"Breanna Nicole! You know how I feel about him being here when I'm not around!" He brought the hairbrush down upon her upper thighs and lower cheeks.
Breanna kicked and cried more.  "Daddy pleaseeeee," she begged.  She didn't want to be spanked anymore and she was so embarrassed and punished... she just wanted to hide in her room!
Elliot finished the spanking and rubbed her back some.
"I'm sorry," she sobbed.
"I know you are," Elliot soothed. He gently eased her panties up, and helped her sit up on his lap.
She tried to wipe her tears away and then buried her face into his chest, still too embarrassed to really say anything.
Elliot rubbed her back some more, as he held her.
"Honey....look....I don't know how to say this," he began, feeling awkward. "But you're too young. You may think you're ready to do....things. But you're not."
Breanna squirmed at her own awkward feelings and blushed even more than she already had been.  "Ok," she muttered.
"I mean it, Breanna," Elliot insisted firmly. "You're young still. You don't need to end up with any....babies. And should you ever decide....that the time....is right.....use protection."
She nodded again, still hiding her face.
"And promise me that.....that should you decide too....well....should it be....time. Please make sure you are one hundred percent certain. That if you've any doubts at all that you won't."
She thought about it for a second and decided she could promise that.  Maybe he was right that now wasn't the right time... but at least he was giving her the decision... so she should at least promise him that she would only do it if she was really ready.  "Okay, Dad," she said.  "I promise."
"Thank-you," Elliot replied, sighing with relief. "And should you end up....in a....prediciment....you can come to me, okay? I may be angry with you, but I'm always going to love you and look out for you."
She nodded, "Okay can we stop this awkward conversation already?"
"Yes," Elliot answered, kissing the side of her head. "You may continue on with your previous plans."
Breanna gave her dad a final hug and went up to her room to change clothes, taking a peek at her red bottom and trying to rub some of the sting out.  She called her friend and then headed to her house, leaving Elliot alone with his youngest daughter.  "How about the aquarium and imax?" he proposed, smiling down at her.
"Yeah!" Lenore enthused. "I love the sea turtles!"
"Let's go then!"
Lenore hugged him tightly, once she was ready to go. "I love you, Daddy."
"Love you too, Princess," he said and kissed her on the top of the head.

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