20 April 2021

True Story: A Friend's Visit

Happy 4/20!   As any reader of my fiction stories knows, getting spanked for the use of mind-altering substances is probably my favorite scene.  We'll potentially explore why in future blog entries.  For now, enjoy this snippet from a journal entry in 2010 (age 24) when a friend from South America came to visit me.

We ended up having most of the talk when we got back to the hotel. I don't think it was much of a conversation though, we just picked a safe word (which I don't even remember since I knew I wouldn't use it). The implements were already out because he had looked through them earlier (and of course he had been randomly smacking my ass every time I lay on the bed hahaha). Anyway, that's besides the point. The first spanking.

I was sitting on the bed and he came over to sit down in front of me. He asked me about why I was in trouble, and I shrugged, and he asked me if I understood the dangers of smoking weed. And I shrugged again, because I wasn't much for talking. So he asked me again, and I told him that it's illegal. "And what else?" he asked. Which of course I didn't know what else.  

"I guess it could be harmful," I said weakly, looking down and chewing on my fingernail.

He then told me that he wanted me to look up the effects of marijuana, which I just happened to have my laptop like two feet away from me, so even though I kinda whined, he gave me this look that made my stomach dropped, so I looked up the effects and started reading them to myself. But he scolded me and told me that he wanted me to read it aloud. So I did. And he said "now do you see why you shouldn't smoke?"

And I said "I guess."

He then sat on the edge of the bed and called me over. "Get over my knee," he told me.  

I whined and kinda backed up, muttering "but I'm sorry..." but he wasn't having any of that. He grabbed my upper arm gently, and pulled me over his lap, positioning me before delivering the first swats over my pjs with his hand. I think he was scolding me about some stuff, but you know how it is when you get spanked, you don't really hear what they say. Especially when your heart is pounding as loudly as mine was.

After a few warm up swats that didn't really hurt that much, he pulled down my pj pants to give me a few on my panties (and they were cute panties if I do say so myself... purple Hello Kitty ones hehehe) before pulling them down and spanking me with his hand on my bare bum. It hurt, but not a lot..... yet.

Then he picked up my hairbrush and started giving me a few swats with that... and yeah, it doesn't usually bother me, but he actually made it sting enough to have me kicking slightly and reaching back. Then he pulled my panties and pjs back up and ordered me to stand, then took off his belt (omg my favorite <3 )... he scolded me some more for smoking so much and had me bend over the bed and he started hitting me with the belt over my pjs, but quickly tugged them down and spanked me on the bare. And then he told me he wanted me to read out that webpage with all the effects of marijuana on it while he was spanking me and wooooow that was super hott. He spanked me some more with the belt, then with my strap, and eventually gave me some swats with the paddle til I was begging him to stop and promising that I wouldn't do it anymore. He then sent me to the corner where he made me kneel and think about what I'd done. And after the corner time he came to get me and gave me a big hug... and it was sweet :)

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True Story: A Friend's Visit

Happy 4/20!   As any reader of my fiction stories knows, getting spanked for the use of mind-altering substances is probably my favorite sce...