22 May 2012

by Mackenzie: Asking For It

Mackenzie has written the next installment in the Katelyn and Jessica series!!!!  Here it is:  Asking For It

18 May 2012

Story: Nightmare in the Stabler House

Part of the Stabler Girls series.  Lenore knows that a scary movie will cause her to have nightmares, but she ignores that in an attempt to impress her big sister.

Story: Getting Burned

Carlos and Danielle.  This was a random story I wrote based on the following writing prompt:  "Are there adults around?  Tell a story (based on truth or fiction) where someone is playing with fire--literally or metaphorically--and probably shouldn't be."  Danielle is hanging out with the wrong crowd and ends up getting burned... well her bottom anyway.

17 May 2012

True Story: Chilean Spanking

This is just a re-count of something that really happened to me.  It's very personal, but I wanted to share it with a friend and thought it might be worthy of posting on the blog.  It's the first true story I've ever really told like this... so be easy on me!!

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True Story: A Friend's Visit

Happy 4/20!   As any reader of my fiction stories knows, getting spanked for the use of mind-altering substances is probably my favorite sce...