25 March 2004

Story: End of Summer

The first story in the Just Shannon series.  Shannon finds out that she's going to stay with her older brother while her parents go to Europe.  Even though Matt is an easy-going guy, he turns out to be stricter than she'd imagined.  When he finds out she's been smoking, (are you read for this?) he gives her a smoking backside!

End of Summer
by Breanna Carter

My parents stood over me as I sat on the sofa in the living room. “Honey, I know this is hard for you,” Mom said, pacing back and forth while my dad just stood there, hands in his pockets. “But we HAVE to go, I don’t think you understand.”

“Why can’t you take me with you?” I whined, my lower lip still poked out and my arms folded.

“Because we can’t, Shannon,” Dad said, sighing in exasperation.

“I hate you both!” I screamed, standing up and trying to run out of the room, right before my dad caught me by the arm.

“Shannon Kate, you will NOT act this way, okay? Your mother and I have tried to explain to you that we have no choice but to go to Europe and it would not be in your interest to go with us. We’ll be traveling a lot and you’ll be much better off staying with Matt.” Matt is my older brother. What a pest.

“But I don’t WANT to stay with Matt!” I snapped

“I don’t CARE,” Dad snapped back. “We have no choice.”

“Whatever,” I muttered, freeing myself from his grip and stomping off to my room. How come my parents got to spend an entire year in Europe, getting to tour all the cool cities like Rome and Paris and London and Madrid, and I had to stay in boring Connecticut, with my older brother, nonetheless.

I heard a light tap on the door. “Honey?” I heard my mom’s voice. “Please don’t do this. We’d take you with us if we could, but the boss won’t let us... you know that.”

I buried my head in my pillow, hearing her, but not responding.

I heard the door creek open. She sat down on the bed next to where I was lying. “You need to go ahead and pack your bags. Otherwise, your father and I will, and you probably won’t have everything you want..”

“Fine, I’ll pack them. Go away now. Leave me alone.”

I heard her sigh then she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. What a lousy school year it’d be.

Later that night I was shoving clothes into a huge bag when I decided that I was a bit hungry, because after all, I had been pouting in my room all day, so I headed out of my room, stopping dead in my tracks when I head the voices of my parents.

“Do you think Matt can handle her?” my mom was saying.

“I don’t know, Charlotte, I don’t know..” Dad murmured. “I don’t even know myself how we handle her... I guess cause she’s our baby girl we just haven’t disciplined her like we did the other kids,” the other kids being my older brother, Matt, and my two older sisters who had moved far away years ago. “I guess we should’ve treated her like the rest.”

“I know, but we were so scared,” Mom replied.

Before they had the chance to say anything else I coughed loudly so they’d know I was coming and stomped down the stairs. I was still avoiding them at all costs, so I casually walked past them and headed towards the refrigerator, opening it wide and sticking my head in. There was hardly anything in there. I decided that a sandwich would do and got everything out that I’d need.

“Are you still not talking to us?” Dad asked.


I plopped down at the table, taking sip of my Dr. Pepper and cramming the sandwich into my mouth.

Dad didn’t try to persuade me to feel otherwise. He must have known it wouldn’t work. I ate the sandwich then helped myself to an apple, having that same bland look on my face until I decided to go upstairs and finish packing. And after I did that, I went straight to sleep not even bothering to say goodnight. It wasn’t a good night anyway.


Matt lived in Waterbury, about an hour away from Ridgefield, where I my house was. He was 19 years old, about to begin his second year in college and he already had a good job and a decent apartment. He turned out to be a fine young man, or at least that’s what the old ladies at church said when he came to visit every couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love Matt... I was upset when he left me to go to college, I guess because he and I were the closest of any of my siblings. My sisters were close in age, only two years apart, but they were 10 and 12 years older than me, unlike Matt who was only 4 years older. The point is, I love Matt, but I must be envious or something. Everyone always talked about what a great kid he was and there I was, shoved over to the side, the baby in the family who wouldn’t get accepted to Harvard like my oldest sister, wouldn’t get settled into a family like my other sister, wouldn’t go to college and pay for it and my apartment with my own paycheck like Matt. I was just me... Just Shannon.

When we got to Matt’s place, I was still pouting in the back-seat. My parents had tried to talk to me the whole way, but I kept the talking minimal, saying only “yes” or “no” or shrugging my shoulders while I tried to find all the letters in the alphabet on the street signs. Matt was already outside waiting for us with a really hott guy, and when we pulled up, he grinned widely and ran to the car.

“Heyyyyy!” he said excitedly.

“Hey, my boy. How’s it going?” Dad asked.

“It’s going great.” He hugged my dad as he got out of the car, then hugged mom as she got out, then looked at me in the back seat. “Hey, kid sister. Whatcha looking so sour for?”

I rolled my eyes.

“She’s upset that she had to come here instead of going with us to Europe,” Mom said on my behalf.

“Well, of course. I’m upset that you’re not taking ME to Europe! What horrible parents you are!” he said jokingly. I just sat there, unmoved. He opened the back door. “If I may, Miss,” he said in a British accent, holding out his hand to help me out of the car, kind of like you see on movies when the girl is going on a date and the guy is totally romantic.

I suppressed a grin but grabbed onto his hand anyway then helped myself up. “Thanks,” I murmured.

“Need some help with your luggage?” He didn’t wait for my reply, just assumed that I’d want his help and grabbed a couple of bags. “Geeze, what’d you pack in here? You know I have a refrigerator and a washing machine... you didn’t have to bring em along.”

I let out a small laugh and rolled my eyes. “Gahhh, shut up!” I said, punching him in the arm. I told you that I loved Matt... he’d always look out for me and stuff.

We lugged all seven of my bags to Matt’s apartment. I carried two, he carried three, and Dad carried two. His friend offered to help carry, but I just blushed and kept them myself. It was a small, one bedroom apartment and if I told you that it was tidy, well, I’d be lying. He had a futon in the living room, which you could tell had been lived in, and the sheets were all messed up. There was a tv in front of the futon, and a coffee table with tons of magazines on it, and a lamp in the corner. And next to that was the kitchen, which had dishes piled up in the sink and an overflowing trashcan... it was gross to look at. He led me to his bedroom, which was, uh, actually clean. The bed was made and aside from the few clothes strolled around the room, it looked awesome.

“You can sleep in here. I never use this room anyway.”

“Why didn’t you just buy a living room then? I’m sure it’d have been cheaper,” Dad joked.

It wasn’t funny.

“So when you guys decided to go around the world my little sister would have a place to sleep... that’s why I got a bedroom,” he said and winked. We threw the bags down and Matt fixed us something to drink, me still giving my parents the silent treatment.

In time, they finally decided to leave. They were headed to New York City to stay for a night then their plane was heading out early in the morning. Matt walked them to the door, hugging each of them and explaining that he’d miss them, then he looked back at me. “At least tell them bye,” he said.

I shook my head, arms still folded.

“Shannon...” he said in a warning voice, giving me this look that made my stomach churn.

“Fine,” I spat. “Bye.”

Matt sighed and wished them a great trip then shut the door and locked it.

“Kid sis,” he began, “we have a lot to talk about.”

He smacked my leg to motion for me to scoot over a little, and I did, giving him the room to sit on the futon with me. “What do we have to talk about? We’re just staying together for like nine months, then things’ll be back to normal.”

He flopped down next to me. “I doubt things will ever go back to normal. Shannon, you’ve gotta change this attitude you’ve got.”

“What attitude?” I said, glaring at him.

“THAT attitude. I know Mom and Dad let it go, but I’m not going to put up with it, okay? Keep it up, kiddo, and you’ll be sorry. Catch my drift?”

I didn’t really catch it but I nodded anyway. “Okay, fine, whatever...” I then stood up. “I’m going to go out walking for a bit, say hey to a few friends. Be back later.”

I walked to the door, placed my hand on the door handle, then Matt spoke. “Geeze, you COULD ask me, ya know.”

“Fine, fine. Matthew, my sweetest dearest big brother, is it okay with you, your majesty, if I go out walking around?” I asked sarcastically.

He sighed. “Yes, dearest little sister. Go on. Don’t stay out too long.”

I rolled my eyes at him again and hopped outside. It was such a nice day, except it was a bit warmer than I’d have liked it to be. I sat out on the stairs, saying good-bye to summer and greeting the new school year that I was definitely not looking forward to. I didn’t know many people around, though I knew some kids in the apartment complex, simply because I’d spent some of the summer with Matt when my parents got too irritated to keep me at home for a week, well, that’s not what they said, but it was implied. I was just upset because I didn’t want to start a new school that I’d only be going to for a year, even if my friends were only an hours drive away and soon, I’d be able to drive and see them, so it wasn’t really as bad as I was making it out to be.

“Shannon!” I heard a female voice squeal. “Oh my gosh!! So the rumors are true? You’re staying the school year with that hunk big brother of yours and going to school with us?”

I grinned. It was my favorite person in Waterbury, Lisa. She hugged me tightly then sat down beside me, her two friends standing in front of us.

“Guys, this is Shannon from Ridgefield. She’s Matt’s little sister. She’s staying here, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Parents going to Europe. Lucky me.”

“Shannon, this is Jen and Erik.” I smiled at each of them, Jen looking a little younger than I with glistening auburn hair and deep blue eyes, kind of pudgy but cute as a button. Erik was just the opposite, tall and lanky, brown hair, brown eyes... but I admit, he was very handsome. He looked older than me.

“Hey,” I said in a weak voice.

“So what are you doing? Just sitting out here all alone, waiting for time to pass by?”

I nodded. “I guess so. I’m sulking, hah.”

Lisa giggled. “Well, come sulk with us! We’re going to go down to the pool and smoke a few. Want to join us?”

Something about Lisa struck me as wild and vivacious. She was only 13 but was always trying to do grownup things, use words that grownups use. Like “smoke a few.” Clearly, she meant cigarettes, but if I hadn’t have known her, I’d have sworn she was talking about smoking joints.

“Sure,” I said, happy that there was finally something to take my mind off of this whole moving situation.

“This is so great that you’re going to be here.”

“How’d you find out anyway?” I asked.

“Well, Jen’s older brother is friends with Matt who was talking about how his sister was going to come and stay with him and Jen overheard her brother, Jacob, talking to Matt who was talking about you and she told me and... well yeah, you get it?”

I groaned. Matt, talking about me? Geeze, what has the world come to when my brother has to talk about me. “Yeah, I guess.”

She swung open the gate to the swimming pool. “Anyways, this is so great. When you get your license will you drive me around? And will you be like my big sister?”

I grinned. “Sure thing.”

She giggled and looked at Jen. “Isn’t that awesome!” she asked.

“Sure is,” Jen agreed.

I figured that Jen was just like Lisa, except she was definitely more shy around strangers. Erik, on the other hand, didn’t seem to talk at all.

Lisa plopped down on the hot concrete and slipped her flip-flops off, sticking her feet into the water. Erik pulled out a package of cigarettes and Lisa explained, “Erik’s 15, too. He’s going to go to school with you. He has a fake ID where he can buy cigs, right Erik?”

He grinned. “Kid, do you ever shut up?” he asked jokingly, and instantly I loved him. He pulled one out for each of us, lighting them then warning us, “just be sure to put your ashes in the damn ashtray or they’ll run us out of here, and I sure don’t need to give the old lady something else to gripe at me about.”

I grinned and smoked away. It wasn’t my first time doing this, unfortunately. I can’t honestly say that I liked it, though. In fact, I didn’t like it at all... but I was bored and it was something to do. I could tell that Jen wasn’t the smoking expert, nor was Lisa, that they were both doing it to be cool. I didn’t mention it though, just sat there by the pool, keeping my feet out of the water because I was wearing jeans.

We really didn’t talk much, just sat there, admiring the sky, letting the end of summer rush over us. In fact, I don’t think we talked at all until the sun began to set and we were on our forth cigarette.

“Will you walk with me to the bus stop every morning?” Lisa asked.


“On what?”

“What time your bus leaves and what time MY bus leaves.”

“They leave at the same time,” Erik said. “When I get my license, I’ll drive you all to school. We’ll probably be late everyday, though.”

“Are you getting a car?” Jen asked.

“Shit,” he said, taking a puff of the cigarette, “I better get a car or I’m going to be pissed.”

I let out a smirk. “I won’t get a car until I go back home.”

“Sucks that your parents went to Europe.”

I nodded. “Sucks a lot...” I was about to go on and tell him how they wouldn’t let me go with them, not even if I went to school in Europe, not even if I took off a year from school, not even if I got my own private tutor, but I was interrupted.

“What in God’s name are you kids doing!” a man yelled.

Lisa almost had a heart attack and Erik jumped up so quickly I thought he was going to fall into the pool. Jen hid the cigarette behind her back and I nonchalantly put mine out in the ashtray behind me as he ambled towards us.

“You kids are too young to be starting such a nasty habit. Now get out of here, before I tell your folks about what you’re doing!”

“Jesus, don’t have a cow, Old Man,” I muttered, but the other three were already standing up. I guess in an apartment complex everyone knows everyone and they didn’t want to be grounded for the rest of their lives. I decided to stand as well and we hurried out of there.

“Shit, if he tells my mom, she’ll kill me,” Erik said.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Just give me the pack and your ID and I’ll give it back to you in a week or so. I won’t smoke any, I promise,” I answered.

He considered the thought for a minute. “I guess I could... but, well, be careful, okay?”

“Of course.” He put the package in my hands and I shoved it into my back pocket, putting the fake ID in my wallet so I wouldn’t accidentally leave it in my jeans to be washed.

“I better be getting home,” Lisa mumbled. “It’s getting kind of late and we’re going shopping tomorrow morning for school clothes. You can come, too, Shannon, if you want. I’m sure Mom won’t mind, since you’re staying with your brother and everything.”

“Thanks, Lisa, but I’ve got all my clothes. I got them before I came into town.”

She smiled. “Okay. See you guys later.”

Lisa hopped off with Jen at her side and Erik just kinda stared blankly at the grass. “Thanks for handling the stuff for me. I mean, you know, at least if the man does tell my mom about it, she won’t have any way to prove it.”

I smiled. “No problem. Anytime ya need me.”

“Guess I’ll see you later,” he said, letting out a small grin.

“Guess so.”

We stood there awkwardly for a minute. “Well, uh, have a nice night,” he said.

“You too.” I giggled a bit. “See ya!” I scampered off towards Matt’s apartment and swung the door open cheerfully. “I’m hoooooome,” I shouted, knowing that it was a tiny apartment and that I shouted loud enough for the people upstairs and next door to hear me.

“Geeze, Shannon, do ya hafta be so....” he sniffed the air. “Have you been smoking?”

I blinked. “No.”

He sniffed again, like a dog who was about to attack something, and got closer and closer to me and finally he said, “yes, you’ve DEFINITELY been smoking, Shannon. And if you haven’t, you’ve been to someone’s house who was smoking. Where were you anyway?”

“At the pool... and I haven’t been smoking.” I pushed past him on the way to the bedroom when he grabbed my wrist.

“Hey hey hey, wait just a minute. What’s this,” he said, and next thing I knew he was digging in my back pocket and pulling out the package of cigarettes. “Haven’t been smoking, eh?” he asked, showing me the package.

“I dunno where that came from.”

“Oh geeze, Shannon. Give me a break. I’m not stupid.”

“You’re not?” I teased. “It doesn’t matter anyway, I just had a couple and I’m fine and if you’d please give me that pack back and let me go...”

“No, I won’t let you go. You’re only 15, that’s too young to smoke...”

“Well, I won’t do it again. Can I go now?”

He sighed. “You’ve really got some attitude, kid. I’m trying to talk this out with you but...”

I let out an exasperated sigh and stomped my foot. “GODDAMMIT,” I yelled. “Would you just leave me the fuck alone and let me go!”

He didn’t let go, but instead brought his right hand up high and sent it crashing down on my bottom. I yelped. “You will NOT use that type of language, Young Lady, do you understand me?”

“HEY! OW that hurt!”

“Yeah, well, believe me, there’s plenty more where that came from...”

I gulped. “Look, Matt, I’m sorry for smoking, it didn’t even taste good or anything... it was gross, I won’t do it again.”

“Damn right you won’t do it again,” he said, dragging me towards the bathroom.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Teaching you a lesson.”

“Owwww, could you let go already?” I whined. He sat me down on the toilet seat and my heart pounded inside my chest. “What are you d-doing?” I asked nervously.

“I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap for using that type of language then I’m going to take you over my knee for a spanking.”

I gulped. “But... you can’t...” I said pathetically.

He was grabbing the bar of soap. “Watch me, little sister.” He washed it off in the sink then grabbed ahold of my chin. “Mouth open and I mean it or I’ll take my belt off.”

I whined. “Pleaseeeee, Matt... don’t, I’m sorry!”

“RIGHT NOW!” he bellowed. I opened my mouth and that’s when the tears began streaming down my face. I felt the bar of soap being shoved into my mouth. I sat there, soap in my mouth, tears streaming down. I tried to plead with him to stop, to take the soap out, but I couldn’t even talk. “How does it taste?” he asked sarcastically.

I whined and groaned and just sat there, gagging from the soap. He got a washcloth out of the drawer and wetted it, then took the soap from my mouth. I began spitting it out. “Stop, I’m not finished,” he ordered.

“I’m sssorrryyyy!” I whined, crying more.

“Good,” he answered, lathering the soap on the wash cloth. “Open up!” He pulled my chin down again then shoved the cloth into my mouth, scrubbing my cheeks and my tongue and the roof of my mouth and I was gagging and coughing and crying and squalling and I wished he’d stop. Finally, he took it out, lifted me from the chair, turned on the faucet. “Rinse out.” I hurriedly splashed some water in my mouth and spit it back out, trying my damnedest to get all the stupid soap out of my mouth. Matt didn’t give me too long, because the taste was still in my mouth when he said “okay, that’s enough, come on.” And then he practically dragged me back into the living room.

“I’m sorrryyyy,” I pleaded. I’d never been spanked before and wasn’t too eager to be spanked since that one slap still stung. “Please don’t spank me!”

“You’ve left me no other choice, Shannon. I’ve tried to let stuff slide, but you’ve got an attitude and you were smoking and this is the only way to handle it. It’s the way Dad raised all of us and I don’t know why, but he wouldn’t spank you and it’s about time you get what you’ve been deserving for a long time.” I wanted to say something, but he didn’t let me speak. “Pants down, Young Lady,” he ordered.

“But Matt!”

“I’m giving you to the count of three, and if they aren’t down, I’m going to take my belt off. One...”

There was a pause and I just continued crying.


I then realized that he meant business and I slowly unbuttoned my jeans then unzipped them, tugging them down to my ankles.

“Good girl,” he said, then helped me over his lap. “I love you, Shannon, but you can’t smoke, okay?” I felt him pull my panties down and I shivered.

“Noooooo, Mattttt I’m sorry... pleaseee leave those up!!” I blushed from embarrassment.

“Sorry, kid,” he said then rested his hand on my rear end. “No more smoking, and no more attitude, or you’ll be taking this trip over my knee WAY more often than you’d like, okay?”

“Pleaseeeee I’m sorry!” I was still begging, not even really paying attention to what he was saying.

“I know,” he said, and I felt his hand raise high into the air, I held onto the futon mattress for dear life, and then his hand came crashing down on my bare cheeks.

“OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!” I howled, already kicking and squirming.

He began a steady pace, smacking each cheek a couple of times, then spanking my sit spots, and it hurt so much I couldn’t help but squirm and kick.

“Owwww p-ple-easeeee OW stopppppp!!”

“Stop squirming so much,” he replied, holding me firmer so I wouldn’t be able to move as much.

I couldn’t help it, it hurt SO much! He just kept spanking and my bottom felt like it was on fire and before I knew it, I was crying so hard I couldn’t speak and I could barely breathe and I didn’t even realize that he’d stopped.

“I’m finished, Shannon,” he said softly. “I’m all done.. Shhhhh, it’s okay. It’s over now.”

I barely heard him over my loud sobs. I tried to mutter how sorry I was. He was rubbing my back and I buried my face into the sheets, letting go of the mattress and trying to relax. I stayed like that for what seemed like a horribly long time. “I’m sorry,” I finally said after my crying subsided and I felt comfortable actually talking again.

“I know. I love you, Shannon. I love you a lot, you’re the greatest sister ever. But you can’t smoke, okay? And you gotta stop being so bratty.”

I nodded. “I love you too, Matt,” I said, lifting myself up just enough to fall into his arms in a hug.

This was going to be a long school year.

19 March 2004

Story: Chicago Fun, Part II -- Chad's Party

Part of the Terrence/Bri and Ashton/Ana series.  Still in Chicago, the girls are invited to attend a party down the hall.  Neither can turn down the invitation and it's great fun.  Until it gets busted.  And then they're in deep trouble.

Chicago Fun – part II
Chad’s Party
by Breanna Carter

Anastasia and I looked at each other. Who in the world would be knocking on the door at this time of night?

“Chad,” Anastasia whispered, eyes opening up wide.

My heart thumped. Do we answer and decline the invitation, ignore the knock, or answer and accept? “What do we do?!” I muttered.

She shrugged and I could tell her heart was thumping, too, because she held her right hand over her chest to feel its beat (her other hand still rubbing her rear end). “We should go,” she finally said after another soft knock. “Nobody will find out, and besides, if Ashton’s there, he can’t really tell us that it was wrong for us to be there.”

I nodded. “Sounds good,” I said. I walked to the door and opened it to see Chad standing there.

“Heya,” he said, grinning. “I was beginning to think that this wasn’t your room after all.” Not knowing what to say, I just grinned. “Hope things went well with Ashton? He didn’t yell at you guys too much?”

Ana and I looked at each other and smirked. “Nah, he wasn’t too hard on us,” she said. “We can come down in our PJs?”


We grabbed our keys from the dresser and Chad escorted us down to his room, stopping by Patrice’s room on the way to grab her and Jayna. See, the boys were all downstairs, on the first floor, and the girls on the second. I don’t know why they did that, probably because they figured somehow it’d be easier for us to sneak in the guys' rooms if we were on the same floor?

We ran down the stairs and into Chad’s room where people were accumulating. Most of them, I noticed, were varsity girls, which isn’t unusual at all. Varsity boys tend to like varsity girls, wouldn’t you think?

We didn’t really do much of anything, except some people drank, but I decided against it since if we did get caught, I was in enough shit already. I think Anastasia felt the same way, because she only had one shot of vodka and then stopped. We, for god only knows what reason, watched Requiem For a Dream (great movie, you should buy it), which is the most depressing movie that one can watch, though we somehow managed to laugh through parts. Maybe it was because Chad and his guy friends were drunk as hell and some things just seemed funnier. It wasn’t funny to me, it was depressing. I almost began crying, AGAIN. No matter how many times I see that movie, the ending will always make me cry.

After the movie was over, we noticed that it was getting late, somewhere around 3 in the morning, and we weren’t ready to leave for the night yet. So we played spin the bottle with the remote control and it was completely and utterly dumb, and the only reason we played it was because most of us had never done it before. I ended up kissing Chad, whose breath smelt so badly of alcohol that it was gross, and another boy named Patrick, whom I didn’t want to kiss, and then it started getting weird because the guys wanted girls to kiss each other. Ana and I decided we’d had enough and said goodbye to the partiers, much to their disliking, then headed back upstairs.

As luck would have it, our coach just happened to be roaming the halls to see if anyone was out, and guess who she saw walking up the stairs in the wee hours of the morning? Yep, it was Anastasia and me. I thought she was about to fly through the roof from being so angry.

“What in God’s name are you doing?!” she scolded. “Out in the hallway at this time of the night! Someone could come in this hotel and kidnap you! If we weren’t going home in two hours, believe me, you’d both be out of here right now!”

I gulped.

“And I assume that it was the two of you who took all the tape off of the doors?”

At least I could answer honestly on this one. “No, ma’am, I promise, it wasn’t us. We heard someone take it off then opened the door to see who it was because we weren’t sure what time we were supposed to get up, and when we didn’t see anyone we decided to come outside and see if we could find them.” It sounded believable enough to me...

The coach grabbed each of our upper arms. “I see that your brother didn’t teach you a lesson earlier, did he?” she asked, looking at Anastasia. “Let’s see what he thinks about this. And YOU,” she said, looking at me, “are going to call your brother this instant and tell him what happened and both of you will be taken back to your rooms and put on suicide watch, which means I’ll be watching your room for the rest of the night. Am I making myself clear?!”

“Yes, ma’am,” we chanted.

“Good!” She dragged us back downstairs, then pounded on Ashton’s door.

Anastasia and I just stared at each other, hearing the commotion from the other room. We didn’t really want the others to get in trouble, but hey, if we had to suffer, maybe they should, too.

I saw the coach lift her head, hearing a slight noise come from a room down the hallway. That was about the time that Trey, one of Ashton’s roommates, answered the door. “Is it that time already?” he muttered.

“No,” the coach said, still trying to make out the sound she was hearing. “Will you get Ashton, please? Tell him that I need to see him.” Trey nodded. “You two girls stay right here.”

We didn’t dare move as she ambled down the hallway to the sounds that she was hearing. It was all kind of funny in a way. She finally arrived to the room and swung open the door, since it was open a little anyway. The look on her face almost made me die of laughter. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped and she looked like she was about to have a heart attack. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” she yelled, Ashton coming to the doorway and by this time, Trey was awake and so were the other two guys in their room. We were all looking down the hall at the angry coach and everything was silent. Well, at least Ana and I weren’t the only ones in trouble. “OUT! All of you!” she shouted. “What is THIS?!” She stomped into the room and I knew that she was getting the alcohol and people were bolting from the room. But, I knew she remembered each person who was in the room, and she was royally pissed when she came back outside. She walked over to us. “Have you told him yet, Anastasia?”

“No,” she said politely then turned towards Ashton and the other three guys and immediately blushed. “Uh, well...” I guess they noticed her discomfort because they went back inside and Ashton stepped out of the doorway and shut the door to where it was closed, but not locked. Then he folded his arms.

“Well, what?”

“Well, uh... see...” she gulped, her entire body shaking. “I’m sorry, Ashton,” she muttered, the tears beginning to stream down her face and she let her head fall into his chest. “They knocked on the door and took the tape off and we weren’t going to go but we decided that it wouldn’t hurt and we went to the party but we didn’t drink or anything and didn’t stay that long, just watched the movie and I’m sorry!” she said in one breath.

He rubbed her back. “Ana,” he said, pulling her away, “did you already forget what happened earlier?”

She shook her head, wiping some tears away.

“And you didn’t think about that when you decided to leave?”

“I really wanted to go,” she whined. “I didn’t think we’d get caught.”

“Regardless, you shouldn’t have gone out past curfew and you know that.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” she repeated.

He sighed and looked at the coach then back at Anastasia. “Get some sleep, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

She nodded, wiping the tears away once more.

I had almost forgotten that I was in trouble, too, and was brought back into reality when the coach shoved her cell phone in my hand. “Dial,” she ordered.

I dialed the familiar number. Terrence almost immediately answered... the phone was right by his bed and he’d rather pick up the phone than listen to it echo through the empty house. It did, however, take him a minute to say something.

“Hello...” he murmured in a barely audible voice and I could tell that I’d waken him.

“Hey, Terrence,” I said.

“Everything okay?” he muttered.

“Not really,” I admitted. “We got in trouble again for being out past curfew.” I decided not to beat around the bush... that’d just make it harder for me to tell him what happened. “Some guys took the tape off of our door and knocked and we decided it wouldn’t hurt to go out for a little while and we didn’t do anything, just watched a movie and then when we were coming back to our room, we got caught.”

There was silence.

“I really am sorry...”

“Brianna,” he said in an irritated voice, probably fumbling around with the right words to say. “When you get back home tomorrow, we’re going to have a long talk, the four of us, me, you, Ashton, and Ana, about all that’s happened this weekend, because I don’t think you understand how serious this stuff is.”

“No, I really do understand, Terrence.”

“No, I don’t think you really do.” He was extremely aggravated. “How could you do this? Do you want to get kicked off the soccer team, suspended from school, expelled again? I’m not going to let you screw up your life, Brianna.” I reached back and rubbed my bottom that still ached from the session with my hairbrush. “What’s the coach doing about this?”

“She’s going to put us on suicide watch for the rest of the night, watching the room to make sure that we don’t leave.”

“And what else?”

“I dunno...”

“Let me talk to her,” he commanded. “And you go to bed and I want you to think about what you’ve done on your way home tomorrow, because I expect to hear a good explanation for your behavior.”

“Yes, sir,” I muttered. “Goodnight.” I handed the phone to our coach. “Can we go on to bed, now?” I asked.

“I’ll walk them up,” Ashton said and the coach nodded.

I felt his hand pressing against my back as he led us back upstairs. “What do you think she’ll do,” I whispered.

“I hope nothing too drastic,” Ashton said, “but what Terrence and I are going to do... THAT is something you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.”

We got to our rooms and opened the door and practically fell onto the bed from being so tired. I cried myself to sleep thinking about how I had let so many people down by being so irresponsible... and I was definitely in for it when I got home.

Anastasia and I probably got an hour of sleep that night, and when we heard the loud knocking on our door, it took us about 10 minutes before it finally registered that we had to get up and leave soon. I found myself asking that question again: Who in their right minds drives to Chicago from Louisiana?

“Owwwww,” Anastasia complained as she attempted to put on some jeans that were a little tight in the butt. “Screw this, I’m wearing a skirt. My ass hurts too much.”

I let out a half smile. My rear still hurt a lot, too. “The thing is, Ana,” I began, pulling up my baggy jeans. I realized at that time why I actually bought pants a couple of sizes too big, “that after we get home, man, we’re not going to be able to sit for a week. Terrence and Ashton are so pissed. I wish we hadn’t gone to that party last night. It wasn’t even that fun.”

She nodded. “It wasn’t fun at all.” She put her skirt on then straightened it. “Ready?” she asked.

I shoved as many things into my bag that would fit, then put the rest of my clothes into a souvenir bag. That’s what happens when you pack enough clothes to last you for three weeks. It’s always harder to pack stuff back up than it is to pack it in the first place. “Yeah, I’m ready,” I said, throwing my backpack on and putting my bag on my shoulder and my soccer bag on my other shoulder. “Geeze, this is so heavy.” I grabbed the other bags with my hands. “I don’t think I’ll be able to open the door.”

Anastasia grinned. She had been a light enough packer to where she could fit all of her souvenirs into her clothes bag, so she had two extra hands. She opened the door for me after making sure that we’d gotten everything and the two of us trudged downstairs.

“Did you hear?” Jayna said.

“Hear what?” Ana and I said at the same time.

“Coach changed the seating arrangements. You guys are sitting in the front by Coach and Ashton. And she made it to where everyone at the party last night is going to be on the same bus. I have the feeling that we’re going to get yelled at.”

Anastasia and I looked at each other. I don’t know about her, but I’d MUCH rather get yelled at than spanked again. “That sucks, yo,” Ana said.

“She said she’s going to call all of our parents,” Jayna continued. “And the next soccer trip she’s going to have a chaperone sit in the hallway to make sure no one gets up. And she’s also considering checking all of the bags before the trips.”

“Oh, man,” I muttered, smacking myself on the head. “What have we done?”

“I guess everyone’s pissed at us now,” Anastasia said.

“Nah, not really. They’re pissed that they left the door open and were so loud that they got caught. Well, I mean, they’re kind of pissed at you guys, but you didn’t rat us out, right?”

“NO,” I nearly yelled, wondering why the hell she’d suspect that.

She must have sensed my anger. “Okay, okay, I didn’t think so, but some people do.”

“We would NEVER rat you guys out. I just said that someone knocked on our door and we went to check out who it was.”

Anastasia nodded in agreement.

“Oh,” Jayna began, “well, you should probably tell Chad that. He thinks that you left the party so you could rat him out.”

“What an ASS,” I murmured, about to call him more names before I felt Ashton’s hand on my shoulder.

“I guess Jayna told you about the new seating arrangement?” he asked.

We nodded.

“Ana, you’re sitting with me, and Bri, you’re with Coach. How are you guys feeling?”

I blushed, knowing exactly what he was talking about. “Not so well,” I admitted. “I really like baggy jeans, though.”

He smiled. “Well, you’ll like them even more after we get home.”

Jayna stared at us in confusion until a chaperone ushered us to the bus, telling us to hurry so we could leave already. I yawned again, then stuffed my things under the bus, and headed up the stairs, resisting the urge to rub my still aching bottom. Ashton had walked on the bus before me and sat behind the driver’s seat and I was so pissed that I had to sit in the front of the bus. But I guess it could be worse. I took the seat right across from him next to the window and stared out into the darkness. I couldn’t help but shift a little, it was so completely uncomfortable sitting on an aching bottom. I knew that was what Ashton had planned to do, though, make it to where we were uncomfortable sitting so we’d remember the consequences of our actions.

Coach stomped on the bus and immediately called out the names on a list and everyone answered “here!” I noticed that all of the kids who weren’t at the party were sitting in the back seat of the bus wondering why the hell the seating arrangement had changed. I also noticed that the bus consisted of the older students. Coach finished calling everyone’s name then threw her bag next to me and the bus driver drove off.

“I need everyone’s attention,” Coach yelled, not bothering to use the intercom, so therefore it was really loud in my ears. “What happened last night will NOT happen again.” The talking ceased and everyone looked at one another. “For those of you who do not know, a student took the tape off of everyone’s door and held a ‘party’ in his room.” There were a few murmurs. “And for the record, no student told me of the party. The loud racket in the room caught my attention while I was downstairs.” More people murmured. “There is a curfew established for a reason. It’s not to be mean or anything of the like...” she began. I saw Anastasia begin nodding off from boredom. Typical of her. She never listened to any lectures. She told me herself one day that she usually had no idea what the hell the teachers were yelling at her about. I asked if she did that with Ashton, but she said usually not because he knew when she began to think about other things. Then I realized that I wasn’t listening either, and that Coach had stopped talking and Chad was moving to the front of the bus.

“Just wanted to apologize for taking the tape off of everyone’s doors and for having the party and let you know that it’s a stupid thing to do,” he mumbled insincerely, glaring at me, then moving back towards his seat. I couldn’t help it, I just had to flip him off, but nobody saw me except Ashton, who gave me that look, and Anastasia who giggled.

The coach then went on to say some new rules that she was making, including the rule that someone would be watching the rooms on the next trip. I just sat and listened to everything, still shifting from uncomfortableness, and waiting for it to be over. And finally it was. She sat down next to me. “Girls, we need to have a talk,” she said. Anastasia was sitting on the aisle seat, so she was basically sitting next to the coach, too. “Brianna, I spoke with your brother last night, and Anastasia, I spoke with yours. Believe me, I like both of you girls a lot and you’re both a great asset to the team. I cannot kick you off of the team for what happened last night, seeing as it wouldn’t be fair to you because I am not kicking the others who went to the party off the team. And fortunately for the two of you, I’m not going to suspend you from the team, though all of the people who were at the party are being suspended.” I raised my eyebrows. “The only reason that you two are not being suspended is because I didn’t find you in their rooms and I was assured by both of your brothers that you’d be punished severely for what happened.” She looked at me. “Brianna, I’m sure you know this already, but you’re my number one choice right now for team captain next year.” She looked at Anastasia. “And you’re my number one pick for captain the next year. Girls, you’re both incredible players and great kids, I don’t want to see you throw it all away with one trip. That is why I’m giving each of you another chance to prove that you’re qualified to be team captain. The year is almost over and I’m choosing the captains in June shortly before the end of school.” She looked back at me. “If you show leadership in these last two and a half months of school then the position is yours. Otherwise, I’ll have to give it to somebody else.”

I nodded. “What kinds of things do you want me to do?”

“I want you to just set an example for the other girls, stay out of trouble, keep your grades up, and stuff like that. Since we’re not going on anymore trips this year, there’s no way for you to make it up that way.”

I nodded again. “I can do that,” I promised.

“Good.” She looked back at Anastasia. “Same for you, though you have next year to prove yourself.”

She nodded as well.

“I want the two of you to know how disappointed I am in each of you. I did not expect such behavior coming from two of my best players who are in 10th and 11th grade... perhaps a middle school kid, or even someone on the junior varsity.” She looked at each of us. “That’s all I have to say. Do either of you have any further comments?”

“I’m really sorry,” Anastasia said.

“Yeah, me too,” I agreed. “We honestly won’t do anything this stupid ever again.”

“Yeah, trust me. We won’t even THINK about doing it again.”

Coach smiled. “Good.”

After a little while of silence I decided to put my headphones on and listen to some music. I lay my head against the window, staring at the emptiness outside that matched the emptiness inside of me. I felt so horrible for letting everyone down... I wondered if Anastasia felt the same way.

Before I knew it, I was being shaken by Ashton. My CD player was off, and it was broad daylight outside. “Hey, Bri?” he said. I opened my eyes a bit and stretched out, then took my headphones off.

“Was I asleep?” I muttered.

“Yeah, you were. You and Ana both. We stopped at McDonald’s and I brought ya something to eat. We didn’t want to wake you up.”

I yawned and took the bag from him. “Thanks... if I had some money I’d pay you back but...”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, smiling.

I smiled back and opened it then he handed me a chocolate shake. I realized that somehow he’d known that my favorite thing from McDonald’s was an apple pie and chocolate shake. I grinned widely and looked up, noticing that he was now waking Ana up, who was also leaning against the window. I chowed down on my apple pie and drank my chocolate shake. “Where are we?” I finally asked.

“Far away from home,” he answered. “About seven hours out of Chicago.”

“Is this the first stop we’ve made?”

He shook his head. “Definitely not. We made the first one for breakfast but you guys were sleeping so peacefully we decided to leave you on the bus.”

I blushed. “Oh, okay...”

“Are you feeling any better?” he asked, probably referring to my rear end.

“Not really. I don’t know how I’ve managed to sit this long.”

“Well, when you’re asleep you’re pretty numb to pain.”

“That’s for sure.”

He looked at Anastasia. “How are you feeling, Kid Sis?”

“Hurts,” she groaned, eating whatever he’d brought her.

Within minutes, the rest of the kids came on the bus and I put on another CD and they put on a movie that I didn’t really watch. I just stared out of the window at the stuff passing by, then decided to do some word fill-in puzzles because I was getting bored and antsy.

After doing half of the book, we ate again then I took another nap. By the time I woke up from the nap we were back in Shreveport. My stomach turned.

“Congratulations everyone on some good games,” Coach said. “Get some rest and I’ll see you all on Tuesday. You’re all excused from school tomorrow.”

Nearly everyone cheered and clapped, but I was so nervous my hands were sweating and I didn’t even bother to grin. We let everyone get out in front of us then Coach stepped off the bus and I felt Ashton’s hand on my shoulder again, nudging me forward.

Terrence was the first person I saw when we got off the bus, a frown on his face, just standing there. I tried to smile and tell him hey, but I felt so miserable.

“How was the ride back?”

“Painful,” I said, a pitiful attempt to crack a joke.

“I’ll bet.” He looked at Ashton. “You guys going to meet us at the house?”

I guess Ashton nodded because Terrence nodded and said “see ya there” then began walking towards the car.

“Terrence, look, I...” I began.

“You’re always sorry, Brianna. Every time you do something wrong, you’re sorry. Next time think about what’s going to happen before you decide to be sorry. We’ll talk about this when we get home. And I hope you came up with a good explanation for your behavior because I want to hear it when we get home.”

I let a tear slip down my cheek and stared out the window. I was so sick of riding around and I was ready just to sleep in my own bed or actually get up and go somewhere.

We got home about three seconds before Ashton and Anastasia pulled into my driveway. I gave Anastasia a reassuring smile and she returned it, knowing that it didn’t help either of us: we were both scared shitless.

Terrence unlocked the door and held it open for the three of us to come inside.

“All right,” he said, shutting the door and locking it back up, “both of you have a seat... I’m ready to hear explanations.”

I sat and winced at the pain still in my bottom that had subsided a little, but not enough to where it didn’t still hurt a little when I sat. I then looked at Anastasia to see if she had anything to say, but she looked speechless so I decided to speak. “I know this is a lame excuse, but the reason we went to the airbrush place to get a tattoo was because I really wanted one and we thought we’d have the time..”

“Going to the airbrush place wasn’t what you did wrong... disrespecting an adult was.”

“Well, I mean... I didn’t really think we were disrespecting her 'cause I didn’t talk back to her or yell at her, just kind of walked away. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do instead of fight?”

“Brianna Nicole Carter, do not pull that shit with me. You knew that you were disrespecting and disobeying an adult by getting that tattoo...”

I hung my head. “You’re right. I guess I just wasn’t thinking clearly and I didn’t want to waste time arguing with her and trying to convince her to let us go, so I just pulled Anastasia away and hurried in here. And we don’t have airbrush tattoo places here.”

“And what would have been a better thing to do, Anastasia?” he said, glaring at my friend, probably noticing like Ashton always did that she wasn’t paying attention.

“Well, uh,” she stuttered, more nervous than I, “it would have been better if we’d have just listened to the chaperone and gone back to the bus right away and asked if you guys could drive us to Dallas or somewhere to get a tattoo...”

“Correct.” He looked back at me. “So Ashton punished the two of you last night?”

I nodded.

“And how did he punish you?”

I began blushing like crazy. Did he expect me to give him a play by play story of what happened?

Ana must have noticed my uncomfortness because she butted in. “He spanked us both with Bri’s new hairbrush and it hurt like crazy and then he made us write lines saying that we wouldn’t disrespect any adults.”

“I see. So what happened after he spanked you?”

“We washed our faces,” I began, deciding to leave out the part about us comparing backsides, “then heard someone take the tape off of our door and knock on it.”

“And did you know who it was?”

I thought for a minute. “No...” I said, half lying.

He raised his eyebrows. “Oh? You didn’t?”

He knew I was lying. “Well, we kind of did,” I said. “We assumed it was one of the guys... Jayna said that they usually had parties and apparently we were invited...”

“Okay, so then what happened?” he asked, looking at Anastasia.

“We thought about it for a little while, and I told Bri that it should be okay 'cause we wouldn’t get caught and even if Ashton was there we wouldn’t be in trouble.”

“And I agreed.”

“So, we opened the door and this boy, Chad, was standing there and asked us to come down to his room...”

“So clearly, the spanking you received didn’t make a big enough impression on you to not go down there with him, huh?” Terrence asked.

“Well...” I began, “it did, but we didn’t think that we’d get into any trouble for this...” I felt like I was on the witness stand and I had the prosecuting attorney firing questions at me.

“What happened when you got down there?”

“Some kids were drinking,” I said. “And then we watched Requiem for a Dream. It’s a good movie,” I said, trying to change the subject.

“I’m sure it is. Did either of you drink?”

I shook my head but Anastasia bit her lip. “Well, er, I drank a shot of vodka but that’s all... it didn’t taste good and, oh geeze... I’m sorry,” she pleaded, burying her head into her hands.

Ashton folded his arms. “Anastasia! Drinking? On a school trip?”

“Well, it isn’t so bad,” I said. “I mean, she only drank one shot, and that’s all...”

He glared at me.

“Cool it,” Terrence said. “At least you were honest, Anastasia. Since drinking wasn’t what you got in trouble for, I’m sure Ashton won’t punish you for it. But I want to let you know that drinking is totally unacceptable at your age, no matter if you’re at a school trip or somebody’s house, got it?”

She nodded, “yes, sir.”

“Good.” He looked back at me. “Then what?”

“Then we decided to go back to our rooms 'cause we were sick of partying and we wanted our sleep.” My hands were shaking like crazy. “And then we met Coach in the hallway and she was royally pissed. So she dragged us downstairs to Ashton’s room, then heard the noise from the party room and kicked them all out and...”

“Wait... did she question you?”

I gulped. “Yes.”

“And what’d you tell her.”

“That we heard someone knock on the door and wanted to see who it was...”

“So, you didn’t tell her the truth?”

“Well, not the whole truth...” I admitted.

He nodded. “So, what do you girls have to say about this?”

“It totally wasn’t worth it...” Anastasia said.

“We don’t have a good reason for doing it... we just wanted to have some fun and it wasn’t even fun,” I said.

Terrence looked at Ashton. “I expect more out of the two of you. Having just been spanked, with a hairbrush nonetheless, I’d think that you’d have more sense than to sneak out past curfew.”

“You’re both lucky that you’re still on the team,” Ashton said. “It was bad enough that you completely disobeyed a chaperone, but then you went and snuck out... That’s really not smart. And I know that both of you knew what you were doing was wrong when you did it.”

We nodded.

“What do you think your punishment should be?” Terrence asked.

Oh geeze, I hate it when someone asks that question... for your own sake, you don’t want to go too harsh on yourself, but you can’t go too light on yourself 'cause that’s basically giving them grounds to give you more. “I guess we could be spanked,” I murmured.

“Of course.”

There was a little bit of silence.

“And uh,” Anastasia said, “maybe grounded?”

Terrence nodded. “Well, since the hairbrushing didn’t work... how do you feel you should be spanked?”

“Only with the hand,” I said quickly. “Because we’ve already been spanked and it still hurts.”

Terrence chuckled. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Young Lady. You were out past curfew wandering the hallways where someone could have kidnapped you after you JUST got in trouble for something else...”

I whined a little and slumped down in my seat.

When Terrence realized that neither of us were going to say anything, he spoke up. “All right, well, you’re both being spanked the same way: first by Ashton with his hand, then by me with my belt. And the reason we’re doing this is so it’ll be completely fair, got it? You’re both being spanked equally hard. Who’s first?”

I think we were a little shocked from the first of Terrence’s speech that our mouths were dropped open and we had no idea what to say. First, for me, it was totally embarrassing to be spanked by Ashton since I had a crush on him and everything, and secondly, after being spanked by him, I still had to get spanked by my older brother, with his belt! And then he had the nerve to ask who’s first. I figured since Anastasia was first last time, it was my turn to be first. “I guess I will,” I whispered, knowing that if I talked too loudly that the knot in my throat would break and I’d begin crying.

“Anastasia, stand in the corner, and after Ashton gets finished spanking Brianna, he’ll call you over to be spanked while I’m spanking Brianna. Then Brianna you’ll go stand in the corner 'til I’m finished with Anastasia, got it?”

The two of us nodded and Anastasia walked towards the corner on shaky legs.

“Go ahead and take your pants off, Bri,” he commanded.

I did as I was told, unbuttoning and unzipping them then letting them fall to the floor. I took a deep breath in then stepped out and draped them over the chair. My heart was pounding so much I couldn’t even hear Terrence tell Anastasia to do the same with her skirt. So the punishment would be equal I guess.

“All right, come here,” Ashton said, bringing a chair from the dining room and sitting it in the middle of the floor. I slowly walked towards him, hands behind my back to semi cover my bottom, because I was so scared of getting spanked again. When I got to his side, he pulled me over his lap. I felt like I had lost my case and I was now that criminal going to the guillotine. I was just waiting for Ashton to ask me if I had any last words...

He didn’t, though, but instead tugged my panties down to my knees and didn’t bother resting his hand on my bottom like Terrence did sometimes, but instead began spanking me at full force. My bottom was already bruised as it was and no more than seconds after he began, I was howling and kicking and holding onto the legs of the chair for dear life.

“OWWWWWWW!!!!” I screamed, kicking wildly. “I’m sorryyyyyyyy!!!” I cried. “Oooowwwwwww, Ashtonnnnnn tttttthattt hurtssssss!!!”

He kept spanking, keeping an amazing rhythm: six slaps on my right cheek, six on the left, six on the right sit spot, six on the left sit spot, then three on each thigh, then all over again. “I know it hurts,” he said, not letting up, “it’s supposed to. Maybe this spanking will be one you can remember next time you think about getting into trouble, unlike the last one you had.”

“OWWWWIIIESSSSSS!!” I screamed, kicking. “Butttt I dooooooo re-OW-mem-OUCH!-ber the OWWIEEE last oneeeeeee!!! Pleaseeeee stoppppppp!!!” Tears were streaming down my face and I was wailing and I couldn’t help it because it hurt so much.

After tons of smacks, he lifted me up and marched me to the couch while I tried to rub, but instead of letting me, he spanked with each step then leaned me over the couch. I cried, trying my hardest to refrain from reaching back. I was crying so much and so loudly, I didn’t see or hear him go back to the chair and pull Anastasia across his lap, and I didn’t see Terrence move behind me. I barely felt him tapping his belt on my bottom.

“Brianna, we love you, and I don’t want to see you get hurt, and I don’t want you to get yourself suspended or expelled from school, got it? You’re too smart of a kid for that, and too good, okay?”

I nodded, still crying and sniffling, thinking it was a wonder that I even heard what Terrence was saying. About that time, I heard the beginning of Anastasia’s spanking.

“Ready?” he asked.

I cried louder. What a dumb question to ask...

I guess he assumed that I was ready because I felt him pick the belt up then I heard the crack and felt the pain and yelped and nearly jumped off the couch. Good thing he was holding me down because if he hadn’t, I’d probably have fallen right off of the arm of that couch.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!! I’M-M S-Sorryyyyyyyyyy,” I begged. “Pleaseeee no moreeeeeee.”

“Nine more, baby,” he said, barely above a whisper, then cracked it down on my bottom twice more, causing me to yelp and howl again and I was crying so hard I couldn’t speak at all, though I wanted to beg him to stop. I knew he wouldn’t stop anyway. He landed the final seven whacks on my bottom and they were so hard and I was shaking and crying and I couldn’t steady myself and I felt more and more horrible for doing what I’d done that all I could do was cry out of guilt and pain and finally Terrence lifted me up and walked me to the corner.

“Babe, do you want your panties up?” he asked softly.

I shook my head because I couldn’t speak. I didn’t even dare rub my bottom because I knew that’d make it hurt more.

I kept my eyes shut and my face in the corner, leaning against the wall for support. I listened to Anastasia behind me who was crying out as much as I had been, begging for them to stop, crying apologies. My heart sunk because I felt bad for her... bad for being such a horrible influence.

After not being too long in the corner, Terrence turned me around and hugged me tightly. He practically carried me to the couch where I lay against him, making sure not to let my rear end touch anything. He rubbed my back softly and let my tears soak into his shirt. And we stayed like that for a long, long time, until my crying had stopped and Anastasia’s crying had stopped and we wiped our faces with the sleeve of our shirt.

“I want to wash my face,” I heard Anastasia murmur.

“Mmmmk, kiddo,” Ashton replied.

She let out another small whimper. “Bri?” she asked in a weak voice. “Wanna come with me?”

I pushed up from Terrence and sniffled, then turned and looked at Anastasia whose bottom was dark red and still bruised from the hairbrushing and probably going to be more bruised from the belting she got from Terrence. I wondered what mine looked like. “Yeah,” I answered, then stood up and barely hobbled with her to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered to me when we got to the bathroom.

“Don’t be sorry, it was my fault, too.”

She nodded, getting two washcloths out of the drawer and wetting each of them. “Does it look bad?” she asked.

“Yeah, kinda... and mine?”

“Yeah. We won’t be sitting for a while,” she said, somehow managing a slight grin and a sniffle.

I nodded.

We each wiped our faces then hugged each other tightly.

When we got back to the living room, barely making it there, Anastasia asked if she could stay the night because she didn’t think she could ride in the car the entire way home. Ashton said, “I should make you go home with me for drinking,” and smiled, then said, “yeah, you can stay, kiddo.” Then he hugged her tightly, kissed her forehead, hugged me and kissed my forehead, and said, “I love you girls.”

We each smiled and returned the love, standing there in our T-shirts with red bottoms. Terrence walked Ashton out to his car and I grabbed some lotion and gave him the puppy eyes when he came back inside to rub it on our backsides for us to help us sleep better. He shook his head, smiling and said, “you girls are something else,” then walked us to the bedroom, told us to lie down, and rubbed the lotion 'til we both felt better and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

18 March 2004

Story: Seven O'clock Ride

Part of the Have Faith Series.  Looks like now that Faith understood that Francis will spank her if she acts up... she's doing everything she can to act up! Here's part two, written by Breanna and Haley.

HAVE FAITH - Seven o'clock Ride
by Breanna Carter and Haley Brimley

It was a lovely Saturday summer afternoon and black clouds covered the blue sky. Faith was loving it more than ever, especially after being at Hamel’s for an hour and a half and managing to *not* get in trouble yet. It had been nearly a week since her episode with Francis, and she hadn’t pissed him off since then. Which was weird, especially for her. Nonetheless, she still ran through the park, teasing the little kids and doing dumb things, and when it rained, she did even more dumb things! That’s why she was glad that it was sprinkling a little. There weren’t many people at the park and she could get more attention from her worker friends. After all, that IS what she wanted. So she and Deanna strolled towards the train station where Francis sat aboard, almost ready to take off.

"Heya, sexy," Faith teased, giggling with Deanna as they waited in line for the next ride.

Busy with sorting out a bunch of new passes for the day, Francis looked up and saw the two pre-teens strolling towards him, and smiled as they came. "Hey cuties... what are you up to?" he said. The memory of the "affair" with Faith from last week was still very vivid in his mind, and although he had managed not to give it too much thinking, he still found himself wondering what -- and if -- she would come up with next. She had been an angel for all those days, so perhaps, but just perhaps, that little spanking had straightened her out.

Straightened her out? Yeah right! Faith had tons of plans for the day, even had a few practical jokes in mind for Francis, but didn’t want to waste all of her good stunts in one day. "Same stuffers," Faith said, sitting on the rail and disregarding the sign that said in big letters "PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THE RAIL!" Who actually read those signs? "Are ya gonna stand there all day or take the damn passengers out for their ride so we can get OUR ride?" Faith asked, taking a sip of Dr. Pepper.

Francis grimaced at her attitude, while inside he went like "uh oh... someone’s up for being bratty today". Shaking his head but still smiling he walked up to her and patted her back to get her off the rail. "I’m going to start the ride at three o’clock, and it’s two minutes short of that yet, toddlers," he teased, nudging her and Deanna.

"Fine," Faith said. "Well then we’ll just go ride a, um, better ride!" she said, sticking her tongue out at him playfully and grinning. "See ya next ride." She hopped off of the rail and grabbed hands with Deanna and they scurried off to the roller coaster, had a few rides, then went back to the train, noticing that their two reserved back seats weren’t taken. It was a small train, very narrow and Deanna and Faith hated sitting in the same seat; not enough butt room. So they helped themselves to opening the gate and running to their seats, collapsing into a fit of giggles.

When he saw them disappear, Francis thought they were off to some mischief somewhere else, and was relieved... and a bit disappointed at the same time, because Faith could be a brat, and she WAS, but she was sweet, and he loved her a lot after all. As soon as they got back, though, he was sure that wasn’t the end of it. He watched them sitting in the back seat giggling away like they always did and shook his head. "Hey you two... behave," he threatened, glaring at them, then shouted. "Five o’clock ride starting! Everyone on board!"

The girls swallowed their laughter as the ride started. It was perfect, not too many people on the train but enough to where they could get away with their evil plot without being seen... hopefully. They waved at all the passer-byes as they went around the park, finally heading to the very back where it was just a huge green field, and finally, a tunnel! The tunnel was the greatest part, it was where the kids always screamed and for a split second you actually thought someone was going to grab a hold of you. For Faith and Deanna, though, it was when they would try the ultimate: switching seats. The train neared the tunnel and the girls braced themselves, standing up slightly. And finally, the first hint of darkness hit, and although it was broad daylight outside, aside from the few clouds and the rain, it was still kind of bright in the tunnel. For only a minute they doubted if they’d do it, but then they both stood up, hopped over the seats, and that was that... they were out of the tunnel in different spots, and both giggling hysterically, and mostly Faith because she managed to slip on the seat and land flat on her rear end.

When they got out of the tunnel, Francis looked in the mirror on his left like he was used to by now, to ensure all passengers were doing all right and that there was no other danger in sight. Nothing was out of the ordinary after all... except for the fact that Faith and Deanna weren’t quite at their respective seats anymore. He was sure Deanna had rode the train in the very back seat and Faith was in front of her, but now it was the other way around. He was puzzled for a second, then turned back and caught Faith’s eye, casting her a glare and mouthing: "what the hell are you doing??"

When Faith noticed that Francis was looking at them, she kind of turned away, gazing at the landscape around Hamel’s Amusement Park. It would be in her best interest to hurry out of the train area when the ride was over. Deanna turned around to face her. "I think Francis saw us," she said.

Faith nodded. "I think so, too." The train began to pull into its depot and the girls prepared to run off, right after the train made a complete stop of course, because that’s what Francis was blaring over the intercom thing.

And as soon as he finished talking and had stopped the train and turned off its electrical engine, he hopped down from the seat and walked to the very back, where the girls were trying to get away as quick as they could. "Faith, Deanna!" he boomed, not caring at all about who else might hear. As he approached them, though, he lowered his voice and said: "What was that you were doing? You know you’re not supposed to stand while the train is moving, let alone to switch seats, let alone in the dark tunnel!"

He was not exactly angry, more like genuinely worried, even though his face was probably flushed with anger by now.

Faith rubbed her bum where she had slipped from the wet seats. "Sorry, Francis, no idea what you’re talking about," she said, playing her innocent act, yet in very much pain.

"Oh you do know what I’m talking about... why are you rubbing your rear, then?" he said, hands on his hips. "Isn’t it because you accidentally bumped it somewhere, hmm?"

She was going to say that she still felt what had happened the week before, which was a lie, but stopped as she opened her mouth, realising that there were people around watching her, and she blushed instead. "Yeah, uh, must’ve hit something," she said, shrugging.

"Yeah well must’ve hit something while you were doing what you were not supposed to be doing," Francis remarked, again. He took Faith away from the crowd, and spoke in an undertone, his heart pounding a bit faster now... there was something incredibly appealing to that all, whatever that was. "Listen, I’ve had enough of you breaking rules. Faith, be good now, or I’ll give you a reason to rub your backside," he hinted, and none too subtly at all.

Faith nodded, her own heart thumping like crazy. "Okay," she whispered hoarsely, hoping that Deanna wasn’t listening like usual. "Sorry, Francis!" she said as she grabbed her friend’s hand and ran off. "Phew, that was close!" she said.

Deanna nodded. "Yeah, it was... Let’s stay away from there for a while, he’s probably not too pleased with us." Faith nodded and they headed for some other rides, playing in the rain and splashing each other with the water, until finally, the lack of people caused so much boredom that she HAD to entertain herself. "Hey, Deanna, let’s go ride the train again... and instead of switching seats, let’s just jump off in the tunnel and go exploring." That part of the train ride was located in a semi-wooded area, and no telling what kinds of spiffy things they could find. Thus, the two girls went back to the train station, trying to keep their giggles under control... even if Deanna didn’t feel like it was such a great idea.

Again, Francis couldn’t quite understand what went through his mind as he threatened Faith with another spanking. Just like the other week, he hoped she would listen and be good, and he also hoped she would disobey and just give him a reason. He wanted her to behave and not do anything dangerous, because he loved her and cared for her, but also wanted her to get in trouble so he could pull her panties down and spank her like the child that she was. The more he played with that image in his mind, the more he would be obsessed by it, though, so he just focused on his job and stuck to that for awhile... until the dynamic duo came back, for the 7pm ride, and he saw them riding again. He threw them a meaningful look as he started the engine once again.

As the train went through the park, Deanna took particular notice to the fact that Francis was staring at them through the mirror an awful lot. Faith noticed it, too, but she didn’t pay any attention. She was going to jump off of the train if it was the last thing she did! By the time they neared the tunnel, Deanna was having second thoughts. "I dunno, Faith," she groaned. "What if they kick us out of the park? They’ve done that before, you know?"

"They won’t kick us out," Faith promised, seeing the tunnel come closer. She put her hand out in the open to catch a few drops. "Besides, Francis wouldn’t do that."

Deanna digested what her friend had said, but decided, no, she wouldn’t do it. It was too risky. "I don’t want you to think I’m bailing.." she began but Faith cut her off.

"No, don’t worry about it," she said. "I’ll jump by myself and it’ll be fine." Secretly she was actually *happy* that Deanna was too chicken to go with her. That meant if she got in trouble she’d get in trouble alone and she DID want all of Francis’s attention. Even if it was in getting a spanking. The tunnel came closer and closer, and finally they were there and the kids started screaming and Faith jumped off, standing closely to the wall... and then light appeared again and Deanna was alone, smiling sheepishly.

Of course, this time the difference in the mirror was even more noticeable: Francis had been waiting quite eagerly for the train to exit the tunnel, just to see what would happen this time. And as he looked and no longer saw Faith, but only Deanna, looking straight back at him through the mirror and acting as guilty as one could be, he figured Faith had been up to something, and that that something wasn’t being good. He immediately stopped the train, much to the other kids’ whining, and ran to the back seats, stopping aside Deanna and towering over her. "Where is she?" he asked in a no-nonsense tone, a meaningful, menacing glare in his eyes. His heart was thumping wildly by now and his stomach was tied in the tightest knot ever.

Deanna gulped. "I-I dunno..." she muttered.

Faith’s breathing had stopped as soon as the train halted. What the hell was Francis doing? Stopping the train? She’d better get the hell out of there and quick! She moved a little to see him talking to Deanna and tiptoed out the back way of the tunnel, then ran into the woods.

"You don’t know?" Francis said, shaking his head in disbelief. Then he turned towards the tunnel, only to catch a glimpse of Faith’s bright green shorts and shirt as the girl ran away into the woods, which was not off limits, but definitely was if you went in there after getting down the train, which was a major no-no. Luck had it that Craig, one of the other workers, was around; having seen the train stop for no reason, he had wondered why and had run to it. "Can you take it back to the station? A kid’s run away," Francis just said. After Craig nodded, he turned to Deanna: "You wait for me at the train station," he barked, and then ran off towards the woods. "Faith Annalise McClane, come here THIS INSTANT!" he screamed.

Faith gulped. Come here this instant also meant run away, now! She ran as fast as her little 12 year old legs would carry her, dodging trees and sticks and other things.

Well, Francis hadn’t really expected that simple command to work, so he set off on a chase, and being the athletic type he was, he soon was in sight of Faith. "Faith, I told you to stop and come here, I want to talk!" he yelled. He sure hoped she would comply, because if he had to grab her, it would be worse for her.

She looked back and saw him gaining up on her. Talk? Yeah right! Talk to her bottom is more like it! She wasn’t falling for that. She still ran, trying to catch site of some people, some rides, or the parking lot! Anywhere to get out of being caught.

Shaking his head seeing that she didn’t want to comply, Francis ran faster, sprinting with all the speed he could muster. Unfortunately for Faith, that was some speed, and soon he was able to reach for her and grab the hem of her T-shirt. He tackled her to the ground, holding her so she wouldn’t hurt herself falling, but still restraining her movements.

"I thought... I said... STOP!" he panted, breathing heavily.

"Leave me alone!" she yelled, though not loud enough for anyone to hear her except him. She didn’t know why she was struggling so much, kicking at him and trying to get away. After all, this was what she wanted: his full attention and another trip to his car. She didn’t know *why* she wanted it, but she did, and for some reason, she still kicked at him, finally whacking him in the shin and trying to get away again.

"You settle down right down, young lady!" he boomed as loud as he could, practically screaming again. Even though she was petite and he was rather well-built for his age, he still had one heck of a trouble restraining her; he tried to grab her little flailing arms and legs, but nothing quite seemed to work, so in the end, desperately, he reached for her shorts-clad behind and planted two quick, hard smacks on it. "ENOUGH!"

"OUCH!" she screamed, debating on whether or not to bite him because he was holding onto her and she wanted him to let go. Finally, she stopped trying to get loose and just lay there, trying to catch her breath. "Lemme goooo!" she whined.

Francis could finally catch his breath after such a long run, and loosened his grip on her a bit. Sweating profusely, he leaned back against a fallen trunk, still holding her lithe body against his. "What the HELL do you think you were doing, Faith?..." he panted out. "That was the most dangerous, stupid thing I’ve ever seen you do..."

"You haven’t seen me do many things then, have you?" she said, glaring at him and poking her lower lip out in a pout.

He shook his head at that, as by now it was quite clear she had been planning the whole thing all along. "What’s wrong with you, Faith? Did you think it was funny?... you scared the shit outta me."

"Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny."

Again Francis shook his head, not believing his ears. "But WHY?" he asked, shocked.

"Give me a break. Geeze, Francis, stop being such a hardass. I was just having fun."

"Hardass... I’m worrying about you... trying to keep you in check... and you ‘hardass’ me?" he said, taking her chin in his hand and forcing her to look at him. Though his heart was still beating, and not from the run, there was a look of hurt and disappointment on his face.

Faith toned down a bit. There was this really guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach... she had let him down, and he was really disappointed in her. She regretted ever calling him any type of name, ever jumping off the train in the first place... "I’m sorry," she muttered, looking deep into his eyes. "I’m so sorry.." She nearly began crying and just hugged him tightly, hoping that he’d find it in his heart to forgive her.

At first, Francis was very tempted to break the hug and send her on her way, because he was feeling hurt in the first place. He could not understand why she would do something like that in the first place, why she seemed to be always provoking him. Unless... well... she knew she would be spanked, so... no, it wasn’t possible. Not Faith. And it couldn’t have been that simple. Shaking his head, Francis hugged her back. "Little girl, you’re going to be VERY sorry indeed," was all he could say, exhausted.

Faith rested her head on his chest while he had his arms around her and she never felt so safe and content... never in her life. She knew that Francis was a really good friend and she could count on him... he was always looking out for her. Why’d she have to go and upset him like that? Why’d she have to go and make everyone that she cared so much about hate her? She listened to his heart pound inside his chest and knew what was coming next and she wasn’t sure if the feeling inside her dreaded it or looked forward to it. "Does that mean we’re taking a trip out to your car in a little while?" she asked in a weak voice.

Despite all the anger, the worry, the disappointment and hurt, he still found it in his heart to kiss the top of her head and to rub her back. He loved this girl-child, she had always been important to him and she was getting even more so now, and only partly due to the change in their habits. He shook his head, though, and announced: "No way... parking lot’s too far... we’re going to take care of that right here," he said, after a quick glance around told him there was no-one in sight or within earshot.

Faith stopped breathing and pulled away. "R-right here?" she stammered, biting her lower lip. "But Francis... what if somebody comes back here? They’ll hear? Besides, it’s gonna rain again.." she said, looking up at the dark clouds in the sky.

"Then it’ll just extinguish the fire in your bottom, because it’s going to burn in a minute..." he said, trying not to sound too threatening, and yet being quite firm. "You’ve really done it this time, little one."

Faith felt this pang inside her, something she couldn’t describe. With his words she had some weird feeling inside of her... and her heart began beating louder and she had to try her hardest not to grin. She nodded instead. "Okay... if you say so," she said, lying her head back down, hoping to prolong this as long as possible.

Francis didn’t quite know what to think about that all, but one thing he was certain of: Faith’s misbehaviour needed to be dealt with right away. There would be time for talking, explanations and considerations afterwards. So he stood up and sat on the low fallen tree trunk, his feet well on the grass, his thighs parallel to ground, and he beckoned her over:

"You know the drill, Faith. In front of me."

"But..." she began, then caught his warning glare and stuck her lower lip out again, then stood up in front of him, giving him this adorable puppy face with her big blue eyes.

"No, Faith, you know what I told you last time, don’t you?..." he scolded. "And I thought that one reminder was enough, but apparently it wasn’t."

Francis understood that if he didn’t quit the talking, she never would. That was her plan in the first place, to try and make it as long as possible. So he just leaned forward and started unzipping and unbuttoning her tight shorts.

"Noooooo," she whined. "Not on the bare pleaseeeeee."

"All spankings are on your bare little bottom," he announced, and worked her jean-shorts down to her knees. "I’m giving you the chance to get over my lap BEFORE I pull your panties down. No whining, Faith, or I’ll do that now."

She bit her lower lip to keep from whining. How could he expect her to just take her spanking like that? Obviously he did, and she didn’t want him to see anything he shouldn’t, so she hurriedly pulled herself over his knee, trying to steady herself, but not quite sure how. So she left that up to him.

Not quite the experienced spanker, but still knowing how to handle it, Francis positioned her body across his lap so that neither hands nor feet touched the ground, and her panty-clad behind was upturned and facing the sky. He quickly peeled her underwear down to her knees, where they joined her shorts and everything fell to her ankles, leaving her bare from the belly-button down. Then he circled her waist with his arm and got ready to start.

Faith winced and closed her eyes, preparing herself. She decided that she might as well say something for herself before he began. "Francis?" she said, lying there motionless. "I’m sorry for disappointing you. I just wanted to jump off and go exploring. I’m sorry.. I didn’t know it was that bad of a thing to do."

He would not believe that, not in a million years: she had been warned about that countless times, and everyone who was a regular at Hamels knew that. Still, he decided he’d better not remark that now and say she was a liar, so he just nodded. "Very well. I’m sure you won’t want to do it again, though," and with that he started with a loud SMACK!

Faith winced and that feeling inside of her that she couldn’t describe spread through her body. She groaned with the spank, trying to find a place to put her hands so she wouldn’t reach back. She knew that Francis hadn’t liked it last time she did it.

Unbeknownst to her, Francis was having that feeling just as well, and prayed she wouldn’t somehow notice. He concentrated just on the spanking, and whacked her small, slightly chubby bottom again, seeing the flesh bounce with the smacks. He soon got into a rhythm and spanked quite hard, and at a fast pace.

Faith squealed with pain. This was totally harder than the last spanking and she wasn’t expecting it to hurt as much. Before she knew it, she was kicking her legs and flailing her arms and crying and wailing and begging him to stop. "Owwwwww, Francisssssss, thattttt h-hurtssssssss!!!!" she whined.

Ignoring her pleas, Francis continued to spank a bright pink blush into her bare cheeks. "You will NOT SPANK! do such a thing SPANK! ever again SPANK! There are rules SPANK! Faith Annalise SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! and you must respect them SPANK! that you like it or not." SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! He scolded sternly and clearly as he spanked, knowing that would reinforce the message.

"Owwwwwwieeeessssssss!!!!" she whined, still kicking and squirming. "Owwww, I know there’s rulessss I’llll be goooooood."

Francis took a firmer grip of her body and spanked away, noticing her cheeks starting to become dark pink, and thus moving to her sit-spot. "You’d better be SPANK! because you won’t SPANK! forget this one spanking SPANK! anytime soon." SPANK!

With the firmer grip and the spanking of the sit spots, Faith could barely contain herself. This spanking was hurting A LOT more than the last one and she couldn’t stay still or keep it down at all. She didn’t care anymore if anyone saw, she just wanted him to stop and she couldn’t even tell him that because she was yelping and crying too much.

Seeing how it was indeed having an effect, Francis kept it up, peppering her cheeks and sit-spots and start of thighs with his hand. But it didn’t last long, because he meant to teach her a good lesson this time and decided to limit the "warm-up" to that, so he stopped and released his grip. "Up you get, Faith, I’m not through with you yet."

He took a deep breath as he said this, not quite sure himself whether what he was going to do was a good idea or not... but he figured it would... and then he just couldn’t help it.

Faith stood, forgetting her modesty and letting her hands instantly fling to her bottom as opposed to other places that she might want to cover up. She was crying like crazy and couldn’t stop because it hurt so much. "I’m s-s-soorrrryyyyyy," she whined then gulped. "Pleaseeee noooo m-moreeeee."

"I’m sorry too, babygirl," he said, in a softer tone now and using her favourite nickname, "but this lesson you must learn the hard way, and this is going to be hard." He stood from the trunk then, hoping his own embarrassment would be contained, and started to unbuckle his belt right in front of her very eyes.

"Noooooooooooooo," Faith whined, still rubbing her throbbing rear end but letting more tears escape from her eyes. She moved back a little. "Noooooo, Francisssss I’mmm sorry!!!"

He knew he couldn’t really expect her to fully co-operate this time, so Francis just outstretched his hand and reached for her wrist, gently drawing her to him. "Yes Faith, a few lashes of my belt on your bare bottom will show you what’s in store for you if you act up again," he explained in a calm, soothing voice. "I want you to bend over the trunk."

How could he be acting like that! Like it was nothing, getting spanked with a belt. She couldn’t do it... couldn’t bend over the trunk and take her own fate, something she knew she had coming towards her. "Noooooo," she whined again. "Pleaseeeeeee don’t," she begged, still crying.

Francis sighed and pulled her towards the trunk, still gently but in a firmer way now. "I said bend over the trunk, Faith, come on. Don’t let me do it for you. You know you get spanked harder if you don’t co-operate," he reminded her, and he meant it: as much as he loved her, he just couldn’t stand it when she whined and refused to do as told.

She whined louder, cried more, then did as he told her, bending over the trunk with her bare red bottom high in the air. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her fists.

Taking yet another deep breath, Francis approached her and pushed down on the small of her back with his free hand, then raised the belt with the other and aimed at her upended derriere, already quite flushed from the handspanking and about to be much redder.

CRACK He laid down the first lash, not hard, but not a love pat either.

Faith yelped in pain and couldn’t help but letting her hands fly back to grab her bottom where he’d just hit. She quivered and shook furiously, still crying, and finally, without being told, got back into position.

... right the second before Francis was going to tell her off for grabbing her backside. He wouldn’t add extra smacks or anything, this being the first whipping in her young life, but he would have still scolded her for it. Again he raised the belt and laid the second lash, CRACK!

Faith shrieked again, crying so loudly and uncontrollably. "OWWWWWW!!!! I’m s-sorrrryyyyyyyy, F-Francissssss... Pleaseeee no moreee!!!"

"I don’t want you CRACK! ever even thinking CRACK! about doing such a thing CRACK! ever again, Faith." With four more loud belt lashes to her cherry red bottom, he finished the spanking, but he made those count so she wouldn’t forget and hopefully would be afraid of the belt in the future. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Faith yelped and shrieked and cried with each spank that was applied to her bum and when it was over she was crying so loudly she couldn’t even hear her heart thumping inside her chest, and believe me, it was thumping loudly. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even move or speak. She couldn’t do anything but lie there limply, body shaking all over.

Francis was very sorry to see her like that, sobs wrecking her little body and making her shake, but he knew he had done the right thing. And his heart was thumping wildly as well: it had been something to think about thoroughly, and carefully. To keep his mind off her crying and yelling, he focused on putting the belt back into its loops, then eventually approached her and helped her up and into his hug. "There, there... it’s over, honey."

She buried her head into his chest, sobbing fiercely. She tried to mutter apologies but it just wouldn’t work. She was crying too hard to speak.

"Shh shh, it’s okay, cry it all out," he kept telling her, trying to be reassured. His eyes fell on her bare behind, and noticed how red it was. On one hand, he thought that perhaps he had been too strict on her; on the other, it was the cutest sight he’d ever seen.

She made an attempt to calm down, and finally after a few minutes of standing like that, she was able to apologize to him one final time and pull away from the hug. "I’m sorry, Francis," she said, wiping her eyes.

"Aww... I know you are, you just made a mistake and needed to be punished. I still love you very much, kiddo," he reassured her with a smile, wiping some hair off her sweaty forehead and drying the tears on her cheeks.

She smiled slightly and nodded. "I know," she muttered, then reached down to pull her pants and panties back up. She took a deep breath in, wincing as the material touched her flesh. Finally, she figured that she was ready to get out of the woods, go into the bathroom and wash her face or something. But instead of saying anything, she just waited.

Francis reached for her and circled her shoulders with his arm, then started to walk towards the parking lot and the public stalls. "Are you okay, baby?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, I am," she said, rubbing her bottom. "It just hurts, that’s all."

He smiled and kissed her head. "Okay then. I could say it’s supposed to hurt but I’m sure you know all about it already," he added with a wink.

She walked with him for a few minutes, thinking about what to say next. She wanted to admit that she kind of liked being spanked, but couldn’t muster the guts to say it. Finally, she spat out, "Deanna’s not in trouble, is she? She didn’t do anything. She was too scared to jump off the train."

Smiling again, he patted her shoulders. "No, she’s not in trouble, because she had the sense not to do that," he said, teasing her. "But tell her that if she ever does something like that, I’ll attend to her bottom too."

Faith suppressed her anger. No, she’d never let Francis spank her friend, too. He was only allowed to spank her.. Geeze! What’s wrong with me? she thought. I’m acting like I own him! She shook her head to get the thoughts out of her mind. "Yeah, I’ll tell her," she said, seeing that they’d finally reached the train station that was close to the bathrooms. She looked up at Francis.

"All right..." the boy said, arching his eyebrows. Though she hadn’t voiced her thoughts, they still quite showed on her face and act, in the form of some embarrassment and uncertainty. It was like having mentioned spanking Deanna was a cold shower to Faith, and he wondered why. Walking up to the station, Francis spotted the bathrooms and told Faith she could go wash her face and refresh if she wanted to.

She nodded and hobbled towards the bathrooms, catching Deanna’s eye and mouthing for her to wait a sec, that she had to pee. She went to the bathroom and washed her face, then felt her warm bottom again. She smiled into the mirror. Francis cared about her and that was so cool. But when he spanked her it felt great, and she wasn’t sure why... didn’t really care if she did know why. Finally, she pushed the door open and met Deanna back at the train station to prepare for their lecture about train safety.

Francis was waiting with Deanna right there, and had already started lecturing her, in quite an angry tone. He softened his voice though when he saw Faith, because she had been punished already and didn’t need to be spoken to harshly. "... I want you two girls to know exactly what you can and you can’t do, because to switch places like that was dangerous, and so was jumping off the train, and Faith learned that the hard way," he added, looking in her eyes for a second, not sure whether he should say she was spanked in front of Deanna or not.

Faith blushed, trying to tell Francis not to let Deanna know about the spanking because she didn’t want to be hassled with it nor did she want Deanna to express the same interest and take her "big brother" away! She didn’t know if the message was getting through to him or not... but hopefully by learning it the hard way, Deanna thought he meant something like, uh, she hurt herself?

"I mean, she fell in the woods and fell down on her bottom and back, she was lucky she didn’t get anything broken," he said, catching the glimpse in her eyes and hoping he was doing the right thing. He invented that about falling on her bottom so Deanna wouldn’t question as to why Faith kept rubbing it from time to time. "In any event, I want you two to behave from now on, and that’s an order, is that clear, girls?" he resumed in a no-nonsense tone.

Deanna nodded, tired out from having to stand there all that time and wait for him. She looked at Faith who said, "yes sir!" in a very bratty tone then saluted him. Faith didn’t know why she did it, but she smiled anyway figuring that Francis would get a kick out of it.

And a kick he did get, and almost felt like turning her around and spank her again just for that... but of course he didn’t. He would never admit it, to himself or to her, that he loved it when she acted that bratty. Instead he just shook his head, smiling and said: "Yeah right... okay, well, that was the day’s last ride. How about I take you two home now, hmm?"

The girls nodded and Faith was still rubbing her bottom, but it had been one long day and one memorable experience, and she’d definitely write about it in her diary... though she’d have to find a super hiding place so nobody else would read it. Finally she hugged Francis once again, whispered "thanks" in his ear, then headed out of the park.

16 March 2004

Story: Chicago Fun, Part I -- Souvenir Hairbrush

Part of the Terrence/Bri and Ashton/Ana series.  The soccer teams go on a trip to Chicago where Brianna and Anastasia are as well-behaved and angelic as always... Riiiiiiiiiiight.  Instead of obeying the chaperone's orders and going straight to the bus, they decide instead to do whatever they want.

Chicago Fun – part I
Souvenir Hairbrush
by Breanna Carter

{Note: Brianna has already had her 17th birthday, for the record. She turned 17 in early March.}

Soccer is great fun because we get to miss so many days of school. We go on all sorts of trips and stuff. The “national” trip that we took my junior year was to Chicago, Illinois. Yeah, I didn’t think they played soccer in Chicago, but apparently they do! So the day before we left our teacher told us all about the itinerary and how we needed to be at school by 4am because were DRIVING to Chicago. Who in their right mind drives to Chicago from Shreveport?? It was the boys’ coach's fault. He was the one who was scared of planes. Anyway, so the trip would be with us and the JV and the middle school teams, and it’d also be the boys Varsity. Each year we went to some type of nation-wide competition, though it wasn’t all that competitive. We usually just played a few teams and found out how we ranked. The teams weren’t always that good, apparently. That’s what Jayna told me at least.

I was completely and totally ecstatic about going to Chicago. I’d never been that far out of Louisiana, you know, to Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas, but most Louisianans have been all of those places before. This was a real treat for me. And Anastasia would be there and Jayna would be there and all of the kids would look up to us and it would be SPIFFY.

That night, I packed the rest of my stuff while talking to Anastasia on the phone. Her father had come in town for the week and was heading back out the same night as we were, but he’d be on a plane to New York City. Anastasia was pissed at him, but I didn’t care to get details because it was obvious to me that she’d much rather talk about the trip. I, of course, had no idea what to pack for a 4 day long trip, so I asked her advice.

“Well, clothes,” she began.

“DUH!” I said. “I have clothes. I have enough clothes to last me three weeks. What else do I need?”

She giggled. “Three weeks? Not a heavy packer are ya?”

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up. What else do I need?”

“Uhmmmm, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairdryer...”

“Okay, got all of that. Anything else you can think of? I have the feeling I’m forgetting something.”

“Deodorant!” she yelled happily.

“Mmmmk.” I found my deodorant and threw it in my bag. “It doesn’t get hot in Chicago in March, does it?” I asked.

“Nahhhh, I don’t think so. Wow! This is going to be tons of fun!”

“Yeppers, it is.”

I grinned and kept chattering about the spiffy things we were going to do, like go to the Sears tower and stuff and take tons of pictures and maybe even a video. That was a random idea, though. Neither of us even had a video camera.

I barely made it to sleep that night, even if I did manage to go to bed at 9:30. That was the earliest I’d gone to bed in years. I kept tossing and turning, somehow managing every hour to count down how long it was until I had to wake up. I guess I was somewhere between the third and forth hour when I finally dozed off.

Terrence began banging on my door at 3 in the morning. The sun wasn’t out and I was confused as to why it was so early and I was awake. Then I realized that I was going to Chicago and got excited all over again. I hopped out of bed and dressed myself in some baggy jeans and a T-shirt, finished packing my backpack with food and drinks, grabbed my CDs, and I was ready to go. Terrence just laughed at me, saying how he wished every morning I was that excited. I just grinned and started singing that song... every morning there’s a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend’s four post bed. I’m a horrible singer.

We stopped by McDonald’s to get something for breakfast (THIS McDonald’s is open at 3am, okay?), because it was so cliché and I demanded him to stop by there. We listened to Sugar Ray (surprise, the song was Every Morning!) on my way to the school while I ate my bacon biscuit and counted down the minutes until I’d be leaving for Chicago. Terrence told me that if I began counting the minutes of how long it took to get to Chicago, by the time I actually got to there, I’d have counted so many minutes that I wouldn’t want to count again for the rest of my life. He also said that he doubted I could add up how many minutes it’d actually take to get to there. I just gave him an evil look and told him to shut up.

We finally arrived to the nearly deserted parking lot. It looked so weird being at school when it was dark outside and the parking lot wasn’t filled with cars and kids who were running to the building so they wouldn’t be late. Instead, it was filled with three huge charter buses and some parents and even Ashton and Anastasia’s dad was there! I’d only met him once or twice and it was really weird seeing him again.

I got out of my car and Anastasia attacked me. “BRIANNA!” she screamed. “We’re going to have so much fun!”

I smiled and hugged her wondering if she had talked her father into getting that video camera...

Ashton greeted me and I swooned over him, wishing that I could call him mine, and then their father told me hi and shook Terrence’s hand. I guess it was the first time they met. The coaches were calling out orders to all of the boys, getting them to load the stuff on the buses, our soccer bags and suitcases. A really cute kid got my stuff for me. He was part of the co-ed middle school team. So adorable. Not too long after that, Ashton and Ana’s dad announced that he needed to get going so he could pack his stuff, which Anastasia told me he never really unpacked, and get going. We all told him bye, he left, then our coaches ushered us towards the bus and I hugged Terrence, promising him that I’d call later in the night.

The bus that I rode consisted of only Varsity soccer girls and some of the boys. Most of the boys, however, were on the bus with the JV girls, and some of the JV girls were on the bus with the middle schoolers. It was a really messed up situation, but who cares? The point was that I rode in the backmost seat, where it was just 3 chairs and then next door was a bathroom. We didn’t really like the idea of sitting next to the toilet, but we left ourselves no choice... we had to live up to our expectations! I sat next to the window, and Ana next to me, and in front of us was Jayna and our senior friend Patrice. We goofed around for a little while as we sat in our seats, waiting for the ride to start. It was soooo boring just sitting there, but we had nothing else to do. Apparently, some kid wasn’t there and we were waiting for him. So we waited for about an hour or so and finally our coach got on the bus and announced that the kid had arrived, we clapped, then she sat down in the front seat and the ride began.

The first thirty minutes consisted of Anastasia and I talking a mile per minute about tons of different things, the trip itself, past trips we’d been on, food, and hot guys... mostly about the hot guys. After a while of that, we got kind of bored with it, running out of guys to name, trips to tell, food that we liked, and since we’d never been to Chicago, we didn’t know what other cool things were there. We played cards for a little while, eventually getting bored with that. We watched the sunrise, then watched Monsters, Inc. That’s a really good movie. Then we found some girls who wanted to play this game called Mafia with us. Then we listened to our portable CD players and went to sleep, then we stopped for breakfast. We’d only been driving for 3 hours and it didn’t seem like we’d gotten very far at all. We were only in Arkadelphia, which is about 3 hours away from Shreveport, hehe... which is why we’d only been driving 3 hours!

So, we stopped at McDonald’s, told you it was cliché, and since we were on the first bus, I managed to get my chocolate shake and apple pie before anyone else. It was super yummy, too. Instead of sitting inside with all of the annoying, screaming people, we sat on the curb outside, that is, Anastasia, Jayna, Patrice, and I, and ate our food and giggled about random things. Then we got back on the bus and resumed our seat and I found some speakers and listened to my portable CD player with Anastasia and Jayna and Patrice, and we sang along to Bohemian Rhapsody and some other songs that we all liked. All the while, we’re eating some Pringles and gummy worms, and just about any other food that people happened to have with them. We ate a lot of chocolate. Before we knew it, we were all hyper again and giggling and they turned on another movie that wasn’t funny, so we played another game of mafia and made up ridiculous stories about people dying. You know what I mean if you’ve ever played that game. If not then, uh, find out how to play it? Anyway, everyone got bored with Mafia after a while and we settled back down and listened to our CD players and I watched the TV screen although I wasn’t listening, and I looked out the window and time passed by so slowly. We finally went to eat again, after what seemed like hours on the road, or what was hours. Terrence was right, there was no way that I could count how many minutes it took to get to Chicago.

We ate lunch at approximately noon. I had Subway, because Subway is good. Well, no, mostly it was because nobody else thought about going there except the few of us that I actually liked. Then I got some ice cream and we trudged back to the bus, waiting for our change in bus drivers. I was, by this time, worn out and ready to take a nap, so I popped a couple of benadryl and had a niiiiice nap until we made it to some place in Illinois and I was awakened by our bus driver stopping at a rest area. The only thing I really comprehended was that there was a lot of green and that I desperately wanted to go back to sleep and get this ride over with. Did we honestly have to stop every three hours?

The next time we stopped was for dinner and it was close to sunset. It was somewhere in the middle of Illinois. Time was of no importance by this time, and we were just ready to get to Chicago. Unfortunately, we weren’t getting there any time soon. So, I just shut up and ate my Arby’s, sat at a table with some friends, then lay my head on Ana’s shoulder to take a quick nap before getting back on the bus. I guess the benadryl hadn’t worn off yet.

Hours later, we watched another movie, or THEY watched another movie while I listened to more music, and attempted to stay awake. Then it got dark outside and I moved up to another seat with some of the younger girls on the team and we played a game of Mafia because Jayna, Anastasia, and Patrice were asleep. We played a couple of games, then got bored with it and just talked about stuff. A senior named Kelly was with us and she told us about the senior prank that they were planning and it sounded ultraspiffy. I told her that I couldn’t wait 'til my senior year, and she told me I could, because after your senior year, everything’s over and going through change is a bitch. I nodded. I definitely knew all about that.

After a while, most of the other people went to sleep, or began listening to their CD players, so I went back to my seat with the intention of listening to some music, but instead found myself in the midst of another conversation with Anastasia. Then it started lightning and I was scared to death and everyone laughed at me. I can’t help it! We were in the plains of Illinois and I didn’t like the idea of a tornado coming and sucking me up. Hard to believe that I actually like rain.

I was half-asleep when we arrived in the city limits. In fact, I had seen the sign that said Chicago was near, and at the time I was listening to this song called “Welcome To Chicago Mother-Fucker.” Great song. It was the song that I wanted to hear when I got into the glowing city... except nothing was glowing really, because it was about 1 in the morning. It seemed like when we passed over the city line, everyone awoke and got all giddy. I didn’t get that giddy, because I guess it hadn’t kicked in yet. I just watched the lights pass us in awe, then took my headphones off.

“Wow!” Anastasia said. “This is totally amazing!”

I grinned and nodded. “Definitely,” I replied, putting my CD player back into my backpack and eating a couple of gummy worms. I kept looking at the hotels close by, praying that we’d stop at one, but my prayers weren’t answered for what seemed like a loooong time. But, when we pulled into the hotel, I was the first one to hop up. Then I was told to sit down because we weren’t ready to check in yet. I glared at my coach and sat back down.

Anastasia yawned. “I’m so sleepy,” she murmured.

“Yeah, me too.”

Jayna turned around and looked at us. “Last year, Chad and some of the other guys had a party after our game. Are you guys in?”

I looked at Anastasia to see what she thought. “Hmmm, well... I dunno if it’s such a great idea, because won’t Ashton be there?”

Jayna shrugged. “Maybe... but if he is, he can’t get pissed at you for going.”

She grinned at me. “Well then, we’re definitely in!!”

I smiled as well, and I knew that it was that time where the higher power had mercy on me because our coach walked on the bus and told us to begin unloading. I grinned even wider at that comment and hopped up and practically ran to the front of the bus. A nice comfy bed at last!!!

I lugged my bag that was full of three weeks worth of clothing to my room that I was sharing with only Jayna and Anastasia due to the fact that there wasn’t a number of girls that was divisible by 4... I think. Hey, who cares, I got my stuff in my room and plopped on the bed I first came across and was almost asleep in seconds.

The next morning we woke bright and early and felt so refreshed and excited about our game. We ran downstairs for a bite to eat and it was fruit, like always, then we came back to our rooms and took showers and dressed in our uniforms and carried our heavy soccer bags downstairs. We threw the bags on the bus, in the bottom part where the luggage goes, then giddily strolled up to the bus, talking about how we were going to win. Jayna just KNEW that we’d do awesomely.

It seemed as if we drove a long way to get to the luscious green fields. A lot of Chicago is just city stuff, but it’s really beautiful when you get to the grassy part. We practically jumped off the bus and ran to the field to warm up a little bit, and we did just that because in a matter of seconds we were all sweating like crazy. It was around 9am and we were prepared for a whole day of watching other teams and playing. It started out with 8 teams and somehow by the end of the day we’d have a winning team.

It really wasn’t so hard. The first 8 teams played each other and the 4 that won then played each other. Does that make sense? Let’s see... there was our team and the first match was against this school called Britten from Rhode Island and we won 4-0 because they were a horrible team. Well, each of the other 6 teams played against another team and then the ones that won were all in the next round. Then we played another school from Ohio and beat them 6-3, because they had a horrible defense. The other teams all played each other to determine all the other places, but we only played one more team, and we beat them, 3-1, and it was sometime in the evening because when you’re on a soccer team, it’s too difficult to have all of your games right after another. We had eaten a sack lunch, compliments of the place where we were playing, and we just sat and watched the other teams for a while, trying not to fall over asleep. And when we found out that we had won, we were jumping up like crazy and hugging each other and grinning widely. It was so awesome to win! And our coach told us that we were going to have a victory dinner, and we were also excited about that.

The thing is, apparently the boys teams were harder than the girls teams. And the middle school teams were even harder! I mean, come on now, we have an amazing soccer league at my school because we have the best coaches. But, the boys placed 2nd in their match and the middle schoolers 4th. We were kind of disappointed, but didn’t let it bother us because we did get first place. We didn’t really get the chance to watch any of the other teams, so we took their word that the other teams were from better schools and had more people on their team to choose from. Then we all moved in a group towards the bus with our big trophy that the team captain held high in her hands and we all gathered around it grinning widely and hugging one another, though we were sweaty and smelly. And finally we got on the bus and cheered for ourselves and watched ourselves playing, because someone had filmed the game, and we watched the final game and we played so amazingly and cheered every time we made a goal or blocked someone else’s goal. Finally we got to the hotel and all took a shower and dressed in decent clothes to have our dinner. We’re just that type of school, we eat when we win!

After dinner, we went on back to the hotel and sat around the pool for a little while, throwing people in and playing some Marco Polo... it was an indoor pool... it was way too cold outside to go swimming. Then we all sat in the hot tub and congratulated ourselves for a job well done. The hotel kicked us out of the pool area at 11 because they were closing, and we stood at the top of the stairs, waiting for Patrice who couldn’t find her room key, and there were some kids who were having some kind of dance in a ballroom which was right by the pool for some reason. I mean, there was a glass door and window and we could see them in their nice dresses and stuff. And we waved at them and they gave us funny looks, and then Anastasia said, “I wonder if they can see us.”

And I said “Probably not.”

And Chad said, “yeah, they probably can.” And then he started flexing like those models you see on TV and he looked so amazingly hot that I couldn’t wait 'til his party.

That’s when I remembered it. “Oh! When are you going to have your get together?” I asked.

“Tomorrow night. Everyone’s so tired tonight that it wouldn’t be any fun. You guys are coming?” he asked, looking at Anastasia and me.

Before I got the chance to say “Definitely!” Patrice came running up the stairs. “Found it!” she exclaimed. We all smiled, then went back to our rooms and changed into our PJs. I debated on whether or not to take another shower, and decided against it since Chad was right, we WERE all exhausted.

The next morning we woke bright and early again and I was totally sleepy and I couldn’t even move without yawning like crazy. We ate breakfast downstairs with everyone, being all happy and stuff because we were excited about the fun-filled day that we would have.

The first thing we did was go to the mall that was right next door to our hotel. We went there because some of the middle school kids wanted to go to this Ripley’s Believe it or Not place and some of us preferred to not, since we hadn’t paid for it yet or anything. I guess we’d rather spend our money on, uh, food. After the mall, we went to some exhibit building place, the museum of natural science or something to that effect, but we somehow managed to pester our coach into letting us walk to the Sears Tower instead, us being Jayna, Anastasia, Patrice, and I, along with a couple of the guys that we hung out with, since that wasn’t on our itinerary and we really wanted to go there. The walk there seemed so long, a few miles at least, and we stopped at Wendy’s on the way, where I ordered the famous Big Bacon Classic, because that’s my favorite. We sat at the table, eating and giggling, being excited about being able to go to the Sears Tower.

Believe me, if you’ve never been to that tower, it IS amazing. We rode up the elevator and went through the observation deck and I took tons of pictures of Chicago. We could apparently see like 4 states at a time or something and I felt like I was in an airplane. That’s how high above the ground we were. We couldn’t stay long, though, just long enough to take tons of pictures and buy some souvenirs. We went on back to the museum just in time to catch the rest of the school getting ready to leave. We went back to the hotel for a little while to have some of our own time, only to meet back at five for our trip to Navy Pier. I was most excited about that!

Navy Pier was this huge pier, obviously, on Lake Michigan with tons of shopping places and a lake! Ahem, well I was excited about the lake, and the lighthouses. Anastasia was excited, too, because the whole trip there we were singing the wheels on the bus and getting all giddy about going. The only problem was that somehow, she and I managed to get on the middle school bus, and they were being so annoying, and one of the kids even said that Lake Michigan was an OCEAN. We were just driving along and this kid yells “Hey! Look at that ocean!” and I turned around and gave him this look like “you moron, we’re not even close to an ocean.” And then another kid said “nah, man, that’s not an ocean, that’s Lake Poncatrain!” Or however you spell it. And then I looked back and actually said, “You morons!!! That’s Lake Michigan! We’re not on the coast OR in Louisiana... Jesus Christ, learn some geography!” And Anastasia giggled and I rolled my eyes, then we finished singing the wheels on the bus.

Lake Michigan is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, honestly. We stood outside on the pier for the longest time, gazing out at the ocean (hahaha) and watching the sun set behind the city. I took tons of pictures because it was so fantastic. We had somehow managed to calm down a bit, I guess the lake was that peaceful, but soon after the darkness came we were ecstatic all over again and ran to the Ferris Wheel and then went through the mall buying anything we found that we liked. Hey, we were on vacation, we were allowed to do that. We went to this one gift store and I decided to buy stuff for Terrence and Stephanie, because neither of them had been to Chicago before and they’d like souvenir stuff. I was looking around and Anastasia was, too, not because she had anyone to buy stuff for, when I found a spiffy T-shirt for both of them, and a snow globe, and a little stuffed cow that said Navy Pier that I HAD to get for Stephanie because she absolutely adored cows. Then I found myself a cute little stuffed duck that said Navy Pier and then I made my way to the check out line and found this spiffy wooden brush with Navy Pier engraved in it and it had ivory bristles and it was so beautiful that I couldn’t leave Chicago without it. As we were checking out, Ashton came behind us and playfully punched our arms.

“Heya, kiddos. Havin’ fun?” he asked.

Anastasia rolled her eyes. “Of COURSE we are... how about you?”

“Sure. We’re just about to go eat. You guys wanna come?”

I looked at Anastasia practically begging her to say yes, but uh, she must not have heard my pleas. “No, thanks,” she said. “We’re going to get some Starbucks soon and we’ve eaten so much junk food that I’m not even hungry. Are you, Bri?”

Unable to truthfully say that I was hungry, I shook my head. We really had eaten so much junk food...

“Okay, well, easy on the junk food.”

We waved goodbye to Ashton and I paid the cashier for my stuff then she put it in a bag and we were on our way. We girls are such compulsive buyers! She had about 4 bags full of things, and I had 2, and that was only because I knew I didn’t have that much money and I still had to eat the next day on our way home. We went by Starbucks and I got an espresso and we sat outside by the lake, huddling up together 'cause it was really windy, and just watching the Ferris wheel and the lake and the light houses and it was sooo beautiful. When we finished, Anastasia looked at her watch. “Well, we have about 30 minutes, let’s just go walking around for a while.”

I nodded. Walking around would be fun. We went back inside and it seemed like the first place I saw was an airbrush tattoo place. That was JUST what I wanted! I had been wanting one for the last three years or so and although I didn’t have that much money left, I knew I had to get one. “Anastasia!!!” I nearly screamed. “Look!”

She whirled around. “What is it?”

“It’s an airbrush tattoo place!!!!” I exclaimed. “We HAVE to get one!”

She looked at her watch. “Ooooo!! Okay! Let’s go!” she said.

We nearly ran inside, but before we were able to do so, a chaperone stopped us. “Girls, you need to start heading back to the bus.”

“We have 30 minutes,” I replied.

“We need to leave here in 30 minutes.”

“Well, we’re going to get a tattoo first,” I explained. “Then we’ll go to the bus.”

I saw her open her mouth to say something, so I grabbed Anastasia’s arm and pulled her away.

“It won’t take too long,” I assured her when she kind of struggled to get back.

“I’m not worried about that,” she said. “I was just going to tell her where she could go and... well, yeah.”

I smiled. That was Anastasia. I loved her so much sometimes!

We ran into the tattoo place. “Ooooo,” this one is pretty,” I exclaimed, pointing at one. I dug in my pocket and pulled out about twenty dollars. I looked up at the tattoo that was priced as $30. “Shit,” I murmured. “Next tattoo...”

“What’s wrong?” Ana asked. “That’s a spiffy tattoo. Why don’t you get it?”

I held my mere twenty dollars. “Too expensive,” I said.

“Ohhhh,” Ana said. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay the extra 10 to get it and I’ll buy your food tomorrow. Just don’t go all expensive on me with food!”

I grinned. “Thanks, Ana, but it’s okay...”

“No, really, I want to do this for ya. Besides, I’m going to spend all the money I have anyway, and you’re the coolest person to spend it on, besides myself of course,” she added, giving me this huge grin.

I rolled my eyes. “Only if you really wanna spend it on me...”

“Can I help you ladies?” a man said.

“Yes, we’d like a tattoo... I want this one,” Anastasia said, pointing to this nifty design, “And she wants this one.”

The man nodded. “Okay, come over here. Where do you want the tattoo?” he asked her.

She pointed to her ankle and when he looked at me, I nodded, 'cause that’s where I wanted mine, too. He patted the seat and Anastasia hopped on the chair. It looked like a dentist chair. It kind of freaked me out. He began airbrushing her tattoo and it was soooo cool how they did it. “One day I'ma get a real one,” Ana said.

The guy looked at her. “Really? Those things hurt like hell.”

“I can tolerate pain.”

He shrugged. “Whatever.”

I figured if he said that it hurt like hell, it probably did. After all, he had a tattoo and he had some piercings. Totally hot if you ask me. I was about to ask him if he’d ever met the guys from Kill Hannah, a band I like who’s from Chicago, but before I had the chance, Anastasia was hopping down from the chair and he patted the chair for me to hop up, too.

“Shit,” I heard Ana mutter when I sat town.

“What is it?”

“Nothing, we’re just a little late, that’s all. Can you kind of hurry it up?” she asked him.

He nodded. “Sure thing.”

I wondered how late was a little late, but I didn’t wonder too long because right after he finished outlining my tattoo and telling us not to wet our tattoos for 24 hours, we were greeted by a very angry coach who was yelling that we were told to meet back at the bus over 30 minutes ago and we weren’t there and they were worried sick and the chaperone had told her what happened. The two of us blushed furiously because we were standing there in front of a hot guy getting yelled at. I was just glad that Terrence wasn’t around because then I’d be four times as embarrassed. Anastasia hurriedly paid the money and we got out of there as quick as we could.

“I cannot believe you girls,” our coach scolded. “Disobeying a chaperone like that, not showing up even after we waited for you thirty minutes. You two are in serious trouble! You are old enough to know when an adult, especially a chaperone, tells you to do something, that you should do it and not be disrespectful. What on earth were you thinking? You’re on my varsity team and the younger kids look up to both of you and if they see this type of behavior, next thing you know, they’ll all be talking back to chaperones and staying out too late!” I tried my hardest not to blush anymore than I already was because she was embarrassing me like crazy... pushing Anastasia and me through the large mass of people and yelling at us. “I’m going to call your brother, Brianna, and Anastasia, I’m going to call your father.”

“But, my dad’s not home...” Anastasia said.

“Well then I’ll just talk to Ashton about this. I’m seriously considering sending the two of you home right now at your own expense.”

I gave Anastasia a worried look. Could she really send us home for this? Terrence would be pissed as hell...

We finally made it back to the bus and Ashton was standing there with his hands on his hips glaring at us both. I heard Anastasia gulp and wondered if I should be gulping myself. I didn’t want to imagine the look on Terrence’s face when he found out what happened...

But, Ashton didn’t say anything, just gave us that look and told us to get on the bus and he’d deal with us later. Poor Anastasia... and poor me! Both of our bottoms were toasted when we got home.

The coach made us sit in the front seat next to her on the JV bus, which happened to be the same bus that Ashton was riding on... and I wasn’t as embarrassed because at least Chad wasn’t on that bus 'cause then I’d be mortified. I really didn’t care what the other kids thought about us.

My coach called Terrence on the way to the hotel. I was so totally blushing...

“Yes, Mr. Carter? This is Brianna’s soccer coach... Yes, everything is fine except that Brianna got into some trouble... Yes, we were out at a mall and she was told to meet back at the bus by 10 and when a chaperone told her not to get an airbrush tattoo, she walked off and got it anyway, knowing full well that she didn’t have the time, so she was late and I myself had to go down to the tattoo place and get her at 10:35.” She paused. I could only imagine how pissed Terrence was and I buried my head in my hands. Oh, geeze... that’s not cool... not cool at all. “Yes, just a minute,” she told him then tapped me on the shoulder. “Your brother would like to have a word with you.”

I took the phone out of her hand, then put my head in one hand, shaking furiously. “H-hello?” I said.

“Brianna Nicole Carter, what is going on?” he said, on the verge of yelling.

I took a deep breath in. “Ana and I were sitting out on the pier and drinking coffee and she said we had 30 minutes 'til we had to go back so we walked around and I found an airbrush place and I really really, really, wanted a tattoo so we stopped to get one and we thought we’d have enough time.”

He waited, but when he noticed I wasn’t saying anything else he said, “and what’s this about disrespecting a chaperone?”

“Well, uh, we were on our way in there and the lady told us that we needed to go back to the bus, but I reallllly wanted this tattoo, so I told her that we’d go back to the bus after we got the tattoo and I didn’t want to argue and waste time so we went on in there. Then, we got our tattoo and next thing I knew, the coach was in there yelling at us about being late and I didn’t even know we were late...” I said, halfway lying.

“You didn’t know you were late? There wasn’t a clock in the room or anything?”

“Uh, I don’t think so?”

“Well you need to pay more attention, Brianna. Tell Ashton to call me.”


“Do you want a worse spanking when you get home, Brianna?”

I gulped. “No, sir,” I said.

“Then tell him and don’t question me about it, got it?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, then hung up the phone.

I was on the verge of tears. “Hey, you okay?” Anastasia asked.

“Yeah,” I whispered. “Terrence wanted me to tell Ashton to call him.” There was no way I could do anything other than whisper... I felt so horrible and there was a huge knot in my stomach.

I felt Anastasia nod beside me. “I’ll tell him, okay?”

I nodded.

She left my side and I tried to calm myself down. I knew I was in deep shit... Terrence getting a call from Chicago saying that I’d gotten into trouble... I dreaded to know what was going to happen. Well, at least it didn’t look like she was sending me home right away.

After a few minutes of sitting alone in the front seat of the bus, my head still buried in my hands, Ana came back to sit next to me and put her arm around my shoulder. “Bri, it’s okay,” she muttered, but I could tell that she was crying, too, and just as scared as I was, and felt just as lousy.

When we got to our hotel, they arranged it to where Jayna would stay in Patrice’s room since they had the extra space, and Ashton would have a talk with us in our room. I guess they figured that Ashton would be talking for a long time or something, and come to think of it, Ana and I figured that’s what it was, too. But as you probably guessed, that wasn’t the case.

He followed us to our room, none of us speaking a word. Both Anastasia and I were nervous and holding hands, and my hands were sweaty and hers probably were, too, but I couldn’t really tell. We got to our room and inserted the key, waited for the green light, then walked inside.

“Geeze,” Ashton said. “This room is messy as hell... how’d you manage to do that? We’ve only been here for a couple of days.”

I shrugged.

He cleared off a spot on the bed and we both set our bags of souvenirs down against the wall.

“Okay, now, I want to hear from both of you what happened, and I don’t want any lying or it’ll be worse,” he stated calmly. I was surprised that Ashton was so calm with the situation... Terrence would be flustered by this time. Of course, I can’t honestly say that because he was pretty calm when I had talked to him earlier.

We sat on the floor in front of him then Anastasia began explaining the situation, telling everything with detail, about how I wanted the airbrush tattoo and how she really wanted one, too, and how the lady came up and told us not to and how we went anyway and didn’t argue with her, and how she knew that we were late, but knew how much I wanted the tattoo so didn’t say anything, and that’s when I intercepted and said that she had said something about being late, but I didn’t bother to leave either. Ashton just listened and nodded.

“Girls, I think you know that what you did was wrong.”

“Yes, we know,” both of us said.

“When a chaperone tells you to do something, you’re supposed to do it, okay? You’re not supposed to just brush off what she says and tell her that you’re going to do what you want.” He paused. “Brianna, I talked to your brother on the phone...” he began. I had figured he’d lecture us more than that... “and he told me that he wanted me to spank you so on the trip home tomorrow you’d remember what happens when you don’t do as you’re told. So, I want you to get me that hairbrush you bought today, and then you and Anastasia are each going to get a bare bottom spanking, understand?”

My mouth dropped open. “What? You can’t spank me...” I said.

“I can’t? Would you rather call Terrence and have him pay for a plane ticket home? Because if I don’t punish you tonight, you can’t stay in Chicago. It’s an agreement I had with your coach. And I’m sure Terrence won’t be pleased to dish out hundreds of dollars...”

I gulped. “Ashton... please don’t do this... it’s too embarrassing... can’t you just tell them that you spanked us?”

“No,” he said. “Now get me that hairbrush.”

“But, Ashton,” I whined. “I just bought that hairbrush...”

“BRIANNA!” he yelled. “Get it, now!”

I growled but complied. I didn’t want to be sent home. That’s when I realized something. “Wait, you told coach that you were going to spank us?”

He nodded. “Yes, I did.”

I blushed like crazy and looked at Anastasia who was staring at the floor, ears a bright red color. I imagined that my face was a similar color.

I handed Ashton the brush. “Please, don’t hurt the hairbrush...”

“Oh, it’s not the hairbrush I’d be worried about being hurt...” he said. “Come on, Anastasia, you’re first.”

“Do you want me to stand in the corner or something?” I offered, not caring to watch my best friend be spanked. At least Terrence had the two of us bent over so we had our mind on something other than what was happening to the other.

“No, I want you to sit there and watch. You were both involved in this and part of your punishment is watching the other receive theirs.”

I gulped, just in time to hear Anastasia speaking so softly that I could barely hear her. “Please, Ash, don’t do this. We’re really, really sorry.”

“My mind is made up, Anastasia, and if you two don’t quit stalling, I’m going to take my belt off and use that tonight, too.”

Anastasia hurried towards him and he didn’t even have to ask her to pull her pants down, I guess she was just so used to it. She was blushing like crazy, and I was, too. He steadied her over his lap then tugged her white cotton panties down to her knees and raised my beautiful souvenir hairbrush up high. I knew I shouldn’t have bought that damn thing.

He cracked it against my best friend’s upturned bottom, alternating cheeks, slapping the right cheeks twice, then the left, then the sit spots, and he was spanking so hard and it was so loud that my bottom already hurt. Anastasia instantly began kicking and screaming and yelping and squirming and crying and it was so sad, I almost began crying, too. I remembered her telling the tattoo man that she could tolerate pain, and I almost grinned when I thought about that, but it seemed like before I got the chance to, Ashton was lifting her up and bidding me to come forth.

My eyes were glued to her bottom that was bright red as she tried to rub the sting away. I gulped. There was this big lump in my throat from being so nervous and my heart was pounding and I remembered how I’d much rather be spanked by Ashton than Terrence because, come on, Terrence is much stronger than Ashton, right? So, I took a deep breath in and stood, then moved towards Ashton.

“Pants down,” he commanded and I did as instructed, but not without blushing and almost falling across his lap because I was so embarrassed to be standing there like that. I took another deep breath in, trying to steady myself, as I felt him pulling my panties down to meet my jeans. Before I had the chance to even think, I felt the hairbrush crashing down on my rear end and I yelped so loudly that I figured everyone in the whole hotel could hear me. Terrence was stronger than Ashton, but Ashton didn’t bother to warm up or anything before he started! He just began whacking me as hard as he could and it was harder than some of the spankings I had gotten from Terrence. I, too, was kicking and screaming and yelping and squirming and crying just as Anastasia was. The pain was becoming unbearable and my bottom was getting numb and it hurt so badly I just wished he’d stop. And when he did, I probably wouldn’t have known it except he stood me up and commanded me to sit down next to Anastasia, who was sitting on a hard wooden hotel chair by a small table. I winced as I hobbled over there, my backside throbbing. When I sat down I howled in pain, but Ashton wouldn’t let me get back up.

“I want each of you to write me 100 lines that say ‘I will obey all adults, especially chaperones, at all times and do as I’m told and I will be on time.’ Do you understand?”

We both nodded, tears still rolling down our cheeks. I shifted as I wrote the lines. My bottom hurt soooo much.

Ashton paced around the room and the two of us finished, so he told us to change into our PJs, and then commanded that we get some rest. We were DEFINITELY going to get some rest because both of us were exhausted from the spanking.

When Ashton left, I looked at Anastasia. “I’m sorry for getting us into so much trouble,” I said, sniffling.

“It’s not your fault. It was both of ours. I know it was super embarrassing for you.”

“I’ll live,” I admitted.

We both washed our faces and compared bottoms, just like little kids do, arguing over whose was redder and finally decided that they were equally red, mine probably a little redder because I had been the most recently spanked, and just as we were about to turn the light off and head to our beds, we heard a noise at the door, the noise of someone pulling tape off, which is funny because we didn’t even know they had put it on there (that’s what they do on trips, put tape on the doors so they know if we’ve snuck out or not), and then there was a soft knock on the door...

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