18 March 2004

Story: Seven O'clock Ride

Part of the Have Faith Series.  Looks like now that Faith understood that Francis will spank her if she acts up... she's doing everything she can to act up! Here's part two, written by Breanna and Haley.

HAVE FAITH - Seven o'clock Ride
by Breanna Carter and Haley Brimley

It was a lovely Saturday summer afternoon and black clouds covered the blue sky. Faith was loving it more than ever, especially after being at Hamel’s for an hour and a half and managing to *not* get in trouble yet. It had been nearly a week since her episode with Francis, and she hadn’t pissed him off since then. Which was weird, especially for her. Nonetheless, she still ran through the park, teasing the little kids and doing dumb things, and when it rained, she did even more dumb things! That’s why she was glad that it was sprinkling a little. There weren’t many people at the park and she could get more attention from her worker friends. After all, that IS what she wanted. So she and Deanna strolled towards the train station where Francis sat aboard, almost ready to take off.

"Heya, sexy," Faith teased, giggling with Deanna as they waited in line for the next ride.

Busy with sorting out a bunch of new passes for the day, Francis looked up and saw the two pre-teens strolling towards him, and smiled as they came. "Hey cuties... what are you up to?" he said. The memory of the "affair" with Faith from last week was still very vivid in his mind, and although he had managed not to give it too much thinking, he still found himself wondering what -- and if -- she would come up with next. She had been an angel for all those days, so perhaps, but just perhaps, that little spanking had straightened her out.

Straightened her out? Yeah right! Faith had tons of plans for the day, even had a few practical jokes in mind for Francis, but didn’t want to waste all of her good stunts in one day. "Same stuffers," Faith said, sitting on the rail and disregarding the sign that said in big letters "PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THE RAIL!" Who actually read those signs? "Are ya gonna stand there all day or take the damn passengers out for their ride so we can get OUR ride?" Faith asked, taking a sip of Dr. Pepper.

Francis grimaced at her attitude, while inside he went like "uh oh... someone’s up for being bratty today". Shaking his head but still smiling he walked up to her and patted her back to get her off the rail. "I’m going to start the ride at three o’clock, and it’s two minutes short of that yet, toddlers," he teased, nudging her and Deanna.

"Fine," Faith said. "Well then we’ll just go ride a, um, better ride!" she said, sticking her tongue out at him playfully and grinning. "See ya next ride." She hopped off of the rail and grabbed hands with Deanna and they scurried off to the roller coaster, had a few rides, then went back to the train, noticing that their two reserved back seats weren’t taken. It was a small train, very narrow and Deanna and Faith hated sitting in the same seat; not enough butt room. So they helped themselves to opening the gate and running to their seats, collapsing into a fit of giggles.

When he saw them disappear, Francis thought they were off to some mischief somewhere else, and was relieved... and a bit disappointed at the same time, because Faith could be a brat, and she WAS, but she was sweet, and he loved her a lot after all. As soon as they got back, though, he was sure that wasn’t the end of it. He watched them sitting in the back seat giggling away like they always did and shook his head. "Hey you two... behave," he threatened, glaring at them, then shouted. "Five o’clock ride starting! Everyone on board!"

The girls swallowed their laughter as the ride started. It was perfect, not too many people on the train but enough to where they could get away with their evil plot without being seen... hopefully. They waved at all the passer-byes as they went around the park, finally heading to the very back where it was just a huge green field, and finally, a tunnel! The tunnel was the greatest part, it was where the kids always screamed and for a split second you actually thought someone was going to grab a hold of you. For Faith and Deanna, though, it was when they would try the ultimate: switching seats. The train neared the tunnel and the girls braced themselves, standing up slightly. And finally, the first hint of darkness hit, and although it was broad daylight outside, aside from the few clouds and the rain, it was still kind of bright in the tunnel. For only a minute they doubted if they’d do it, but then they both stood up, hopped over the seats, and that was that... they were out of the tunnel in different spots, and both giggling hysterically, and mostly Faith because she managed to slip on the seat and land flat on her rear end.

When they got out of the tunnel, Francis looked in the mirror on his left like he was used to by now, to ensure all passengers were doing all right and that there was no other danger in sight. Nothing was out of the ordinary after all... except for the fact that Faith and Deanna weren’t quite at their respective seats anymore. He was sure Deanna had rode the train in the very back seat and Faith was in front of her, but now it was the other way around. He was puzzled for a second, then turned back and caught Faith’s eye, casting her a glare and mouthing: "what the hell are you doing??"

When Faith noticed that Francis was looking at them, she kind of turned away, gazing at the landscape around Hamel’s Amusement Park. It would be in her best interest to hurry out of the train area when the ride was over. Deanna turned around to face her. "I think Francis saw us," she said.

Faith nodded. "I think so, too." The train began to pull into its depot and the girls prepared to run off, right after the train made a complete stop of course, because that’s what Francis was blaring over the intercom thing.

And as soon as he finished talking and had stopped the train and turned off its electrical engine, he hopped down from the seat and walked to the very back, where the girls were trying to get away as quick as they could. "Faith, Deanna!" he boomed, not caring at all about who else might hear. As he approached them, though, he lowered his voice and said: "What was that you were doing? You know you’re not supposed to stand while the train is moving, let alone to switch seats, let alone in the dark tunnel!"

He was not exactly angry, more like genuinely worried, even though his face was probably flushed with anger by now.

Faith rubbed her bum where she had slipped from the wet seats. "Sorry, Francis, no idea what you’re talking about," she said, playing her innocent act, yet in very much pain.

"Oh you do know what I’m talking about... why are you rubbing your rear, then?" he said, hands on his hips. "Isn’t it because you accidentally bumped it somewhere, hmm?"

She was going to say that she still felt what had happened the week before, which was a lie, but stopped as she opened her mouth, realising that there were people around watching her, and she blushed instead. "Yeah, uh, must’ve hit something," she said, shrugging.

"Yeah well must’ve hit something while you were doing what you were not supposed to be doing," Francis remarked, again. He took Faith away from the crowd, and spoke in an undertone, his heart pounding a bit faster now... there was something incredibly appealing to that all, whatever that was. "Listen, I’ve had enough of you breaking rules. Faith, be good now, or I’ll give you a reason to rub your backside," he hinted, and none too subtly at all.

Faith nodded, her own heart thumping like crazy. "Okay," she whispered hoarsely, hoping that Deanna wasn’t listening like usual. "Sorry, Francis!" she said as she grabbed her friend’s hand and ran off. "Phew, that was close!" she said.

Deanna nodded. "Yeah, it was... Let’s stay away from there for a while, he’s probably not too pleased with us." Faith nodded and they headed for some other rides, playing in the rain and splashing each other with the water, until finally, the lack of people caused so much boredom that she HAD to entertain herself. "Hey, Deanna, let’s go ride the train again... and instead of switching seats, let’s just jump off in the tunnel and go exploring." That part of the train ride was located in a semi-wooded area, and no telling what kinds of spiffy things they could find. Thus, the two girls went back to the train station, trying to keep their giggles under control... even if Deanna didn’t feel like it was such a great idea.

Again, Francis couldn’t quite understand what went through his mind as he threatened Faith with another spanking. Just like the other week, he hoped she would listen and be good, and he also hoped she would disobey and just give him a reason. He wanted her to behave and not do anything dangerous, because he loved her and cared for her, but also wanted her to get in trouble so he could pull her panties down and spank her like the child that she was. The more he played with that image in his mind, the more he would be obsessed by it, though, so he just focused on his job and stuck to that for awhile... until the dynamic duo came back, for the 7pm ride, and he saw them riding again. He threw them a meaningful look as he started the engine once again.

As the train went through the park, Deanna took particular notice to the fact that Francis was staring at them through the mirror an awful lot. Faith noticed it, too, but she didn’t pay any attention. She was going to jump off of the train if it was the last thing she did! By the time they neared the tunnel, Deanna was having second thoughts. "I dunno, Faith," she groaned. "What if they kick us out of the park? They’ve done that before, you know?"

"They won’t kick us out," Faith promised, seeing the tunnel come closer. She put her hand out in the open to catch a few drops. "Besides, Francis wouldn’t do that."

Deanna digested what her friend had said, but decided, no, she wouldn’t do it. It was too risky. "I don’t want you to think I’m bailing.." she began but Faith cut her off.

"No, don’t worry about it," she said. "I’ll jump by myself and it’ll be fine." Secretly she was actually *happy* that Deanna was too chicken to go with her. That meant if she got in trouble she’d get in trouble alone and she DID want all of Francis’s attention. Even if it was in getting a spanking. The tunnel came closer and closer, and finally they were there and the kids started screaming and Faith jumped off, standing closely to the wall... and then light appeared again and Deanna was alone, smiling sheepishly.

Of course, this time the difference in the mirror was even more noticeable: Francis had been waiting quite eagerly for the train to exit the tunnel, just to see what would happen this time. And as he looked and no longer saw Faith, but only Deanna, looking straight back at him through the mirror and acting as guilty as one could be, he figured Faith had been up to something, and that that something wasn’t being good. He immediately stopped the train, much to the other kids’ whining, and ran to the back seats, stopping aside Deanna and towering over her. "Where is she?" he asked in a no-nonsense tone, a meaningful, menacing glare in his eyes. His heart was thumping wildly by now and his stomach was tied in the tightest knot ever.

Deanna gulped. "I-I dunno..." she muttered.

Faith’s breathing had stopped as soon as the train halted. What the hell was Francis doing? Stopping the train? She’d better get the hell out of there and quick! She moved a little to see him talking to Deanna and tiptoed out the back way of the tunnel, then ran into the woods.

"You don’t know?" Francis said, shaking his head in disbelief. Then he turned towards the tunnel, only to catch a glimpse of Faith’s bright green shorts and shirt as the girl ran away into the woods, which was not off limits, but definitely was if you went in there after getting down the train, which was a major no-no. Luck had it that Craig, one of the other workers, was around; having seen the train stop for no reason, he had wondered why and had run to it. "Can you take it back to the station? A kid’s run away," Francis just said. After Craig nodded, he turned to Deanna: "You wait for me at the train station," he barked, and then ran off towards the woods. "Faith Annalise McClane, come here THIS INSTANT!" he screamed.

Faith gulped. Come here this instant also meant run away, now! She ran as fast as her little 12 year old legs would carry her, dodging trees and sticks and other things.

Well, Francis hadn’t really expected that simple command to work, so he set off on a chase, and being the athletic type he was, he soon was in sight of Faith. "Faith, I told you to stop and come here, I want to talk!" he yelled. He sure hoped she would comply, because if he had to grab her, it would be worse for her.

She looked back and saw him gaining up on her. Talk? Yeah right! Talk to her bottom is more like it! She wasn’t falling for that. She still ran, trying to catch site of some people, some rides, or the parking lot! Anywhere to get out of being caught.

Shaking his head seeing that she didn’t want to comply, Francis ran faster, sprinting with all the speed he could muster. Unfortunately for Faith, that was some speed, and soon he was able to reach for her and grab the hem of her T-shirt. He tackled her to the ground, holding her so she wouldn’t hurt herself falling, but still restraining her movements.

"I thought... I said... STOP!" he panted, breathing heavily.

"Leave me alone!" she yelled, though not loud enough for anyone to hear her except him. She didn’t know why she was struggling so much, kicking at him and trying to get away. After all, this was what she wanted: his full attention and another trip to his car. She didn’t know *why* she wanted it, but she did, and for some reason, she still kicked at him, finally whacking him in the shin and trying to get away again.

"You settle down right down, young lady!" he boomed as loud as he could, practically screaming again. Even though she was petite and he was rather well-built for his age, he still had one heck of a trouble restraining her; he tried to grab her little flailing arms and legs, but nothing quite seemed to work, so in the end, desperately, he reached for her shorts-clad behind and planted two quick, hard smacks on it. "ENOUGH!"

"OUCH!" she screamed, debating on whether or not to bite him because he was holding onto her and she wanted him to let go. Finally, she stopped trying to get loose and just lay there, trying to catch her breath. "Lemme goooo!" she whined.

Francis could finally catch his breath after such a long run, and loosened his grip on her a bit. Sweating profusely, he leaned back against a fallen trunk, still holding her lithe body against his. "What the HELL do you think you were doing, Faith?..." he panted out. "That was the most dangerous, stupid thing I’ve ever seen you do..."

"You haven’t seen me do many things then, have you?" she said, glaring at him and poking her lower lip out in a pout.

He shook his head at that, as by now it was quite clear she had been planning the whole thing all along. "What’s wrong with you, Faith? Did you think it was funny?... you scared the shit outta me."

"Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny."

Again Francis shook his head, not believing his ears. "But WHY?" he asked, shocked.

"Give me a break. Geeze, Francis, stop being such a hardass. I was just having fun."

"Hardass... I’m worrying about you... trying to keep you in check... and you ‘hardass’ me?" he said, taking her chin in his hand and forcing her to look at him. Though his heart was still beating, and not from the run, there was a look of hurt and disappointment on his face.

Faith toned down a bit. There was this really guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach... she had let him down, and he was really disappointed in her. She regretted ever calling him any type of name, ever jumping off the train in the first place... "I’m sorry," she muttered, looking deep into his eyes. "I’m so sorry.." She nearly began crying and just hugged him tightly, hoping that he’d find it in his heart to forgive her.

At first, Francis was very tempted to break the hug and send her on her way, because he was feeling hurt in the first place. He could not understand why she would do something like that in the first place, why she seemed to be always provoking him. Unless... well... she knew she would be spanked, so... no, it wasn’t possible. Not Faith. And it couldn’t have been that simple. Shaking his head, Francis hugged her back. "Little girl, you’re going to be VERY sorry indeed," was all he could say, exhausted.

Faith rested her head on his chest while he had his arms around her and she never felt so safe and content... never in her life. She knew that Francis was a really good friend and she could count on him... he was always looking out for her. Why’d she have to go and upset him like that? Why’d she have to go and make everyone that she cared so much about hate her? She listened to his heart pound inside his chest and knew what was coming next and she wasn’t sure if the feeling inside her dreaded it or looked forward to it. "Does that mean we’re taking a trip out to your car in a little while?" she asked in a weak voice.

Despite all the anger, the worry, the disappointment and hurt, he still found it in his heart to kiss the top of her head and to rub her back. He loved this girl-child, she had always been important to him and she was getting even more so now, and only partly due to the change in their habits. He shook his head, though, and announced: "No way... parking lot’s too far... we’re going to take care of that right here," he said, after a quick glance around told him there was no-one in sight or within earshot.

Faith stopped breathing and pulled away. "R-right here?" she stammered, biting her lower lip. "But Francis... what if somebody comes back here? They’ll hear? Besides, it’s gonna rain again.." she said, looking up at the dark clouds in the sky.

"Then it’ll just extinguish the fire in your bottom, because it’s going to burn in a minute..." he said, trying not to sound too threatening, and yet being quite firm. "You’ve really done it this time, little one."

Faith felt this pang inside her, something she couldn’t describe. With his words she had some weird feeling inside of her... and her heart began beating louder and she had to try her hardest not to grin. She nodded instead. "Okay... if you say so," she said, lying her head back down, hoping to prolong this as long as possible.

Francis didn’t quite know what to think about that all, but one thing he was certain of: Faith’s misbehaviour needed to be dealt with right away. There would be time for talking, explanations and considerations afterwards. So he stood up and sat on the low fallen tree trunk, his feet well on the grass, his thighs parallel to ground, and he beckoned her over:

"You know the drill, Faith. In front of me."

"But..." she began, then caught his warning glare and stuck her lower lip out again, then stood up in front of him, giving him this adorable puppy face with her big blue eyes.

"No, Faith, you know what I told you last time, don’t you?..." he scolded. "And I thought that one reminder was enough, but apparently it wasn’t."

Francis understood that if he didn’t quit the talking, she never would. That was her plan in the first place, to try and make it as long as possible. So he just leaned forward and started unzipping and unbuttoning her tight shorts.

"Noooooo," she whined. "Not on the bare pleaseeeeee."

"All spankings are on your bare little bottom," he announced, and worked her jean-shorts down to her knees. "I’m giving you the chance to get over my lap BEFORE I pull your panties down. No whining, Faith, or I’ll do that now."

She bit her lower lip to keep from whining. How could he expect her to just take her spanking like that? Obviously he did, and she didn’t want him to see anything he shouldn’t, so she hurriedly pulled herself over his knee, trying to steady herself, but not quite sure how. So she left that up to him.

Not quite the experienced spanker, but still knowing how to handle it, Francis positioned her body across his lap so that neither hands nor feet touched the ground, and her panty-clad behind was upturned and facing the sky. He quickly peeled her underwear down to her knees, where they joined her shorts and everything fell to her ankles, leaving her bare from the belly-button down. Then he circled her waist with his arm and got ready to start.

Faith winced and closed her eyes, preparing herself. She decided that she might as well say something for herself before he began. "Francis?" she said, lying there motionless. "I’m sorry for disappointing you. I just wanted to jump off and go exploring. I’m sorry.. I didn’t know it was that bad of a thing to do."

He would not believe that, not in a million years: she had been warned about that countless times, and everyone who was a regular at Hamels knew that. Still, he decided he’d better not remark that now and say she was a liar, so he just nodded. "Very well. I’m sure you won’t want to do it again, though," and with that he started with a loud SMACK!

Faith winced and that feeling inside of her that she couldn’t describe spread through her body. She groaned with the spank, trying to find a place to put her hands so she wouldn’t reach back. She knew that Francis hadn’t liked it last time she did it.

Unbeknownst to her, Francis was having that feeling just as well, and prayed she wouldn’t somehow notice. He concentrated just on the spanking, and whacked her small, slightly chubby bottom again, seeing the flesh bounce with the smacks. He soon got into a rhythm and spanked quite hard, and at a fast pace.

Faith squealed with pain. This was totally harder than the last spanking and she wasn’t expecting it to hurt as much. Before she knew it, she was kicking her legs and flailing her arms and crying and wailing and begging him to stop. "Owwwwww, Francisssssss, thattttt h-hurtssssssss!!!!" she whined.

Ignoring her pleas, Francis continued to spank a bright pink blush into her bare cheeks. "You will NOT SPANK! do such a thing SPANK! ever again SPANK! There are rules SPANK! Faith Annalise SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! and you must respect them SPANK! that you like it or not." SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! He scolded sternly and clearly as he spanked, knowing that would reinforce the message.

"Owwwwwwieeeessssssss!!!!" she whined, still kicking and squirming. "Owwww, I know there’s rulessss I’llll be goooooood."

Francis took a firmer grip of her body and spanked away, noticing her cheeks starting to become dark pink, and thus moving to her sit-spot. "You’d better be SPANK! because you won’t SPANK! forget this one spanking SPANK! anytime soon." SPANK!

With the firmer grip and the spanking of the sit spots, Faith could barely contain herself. This spanking was hurting A LOT more than the last one and she couldn’t stay still or keep it down at all. She didn’t care anymore if anyone saw, she just wanted him to stop and she couldn’t even tell him that because she was yelping and crying too much.

Seeing how it was indeed having an effect, Francis kept it up, peppering her cheeks and sit-spots and start of thighs with his hand. But it didn’t last long, because he meant to teach her a good lesson this time and decided to limit the "warm-up" to that, so he stopped and released his grip. "Up you get, Faith, I’m not through with you yet."

He took a deep breath as he said this, not quite sure himself whether what he was going to do was a good idea or not... but he figured it would... and then he just couldn’t help it.

Faith stood, forgetting her modesty and letting her hands instantly fling to her bottom as opposed to other places that she might want to cover up. She was crying like crazy and couldn’t stop because it hurt so much. "I’m s-s-soorrrryyyyyy," she whined then gulped. "Pleaseeee noooo m-moreeeee."

"I’m sorry too, babygirl," he said, in a softer tone now and using her favourite nickname, "but this lesson you must learn the hard way, and this is going to be hard." He stood from the trunk then, hoping his own embarrassment would be contained, and started to unbuckle his belt right in front of her very eyes.

"Noooooooooooooo," Faith whined, still rubbing her throbbing rear end but letting more tears escape from her eyes. She moved back a little. "Noooooo, Francisssss I’mmm sorry!!!"

He knew he couldn’t really expect her to fully co-operate this time, so Francis just outstretched his hand and reached for her wrist, gently drawing her to him. "Yes Faith, a few lashes of my belt on your bare bottom will show you what’s in store for you if you act up again," he explained in a calm, soothing voice. "I want you to bend over the trunk."

How could he be acting like that! Like it was nothing, getting spanked with a belt. She couldn’t do it... couldn’t bend over the trunk and take her own fate, something she knew she had coming towards her. "Noooooo," she whined again. "Pleaseeeeeee don’t," she begged, still crying.

Francis sighed and pulled her towards the trunk, still gently but in a firmer way now. "I said bend over the trunk, Faith, come on. Don’t let me do it for you. You know you get spanked harder if you don’t co-operate," he reminded her, and he meant it: as much as he loved her, he just couldn’t stand it when she whined and refused to do as told.

She whined louder, cried more, then did as he told her, bending over the trunk with her bare red bottom high in the air. She closed her eyes tightly and clenched her fists.

Taking yet another deep breath, Francis approached her and pushed down on the small of her back with his free hand, then raised the belt with the other and aimed at her upended derriere, already quite flushed from the handspanking and about to be much redder.

CRACK He laid down the first lash, not hard, but not a love pat either.

Faith yelped in pain and couldn’t help but letting her hands fly back to grab her bottom where he’d just hit. She quivered and shook furiously, still crying, and finally, without being told, got back into position.

... right the second before Francis was going to tell her off for grabbing her backside. He wouldn’t add extra smacks or anything, this being the first whipping in her young life, but he would have still scolded her for it. Again he raised the belt and laid the second lash, CRACK!

Faith shrieked again, crying so loudly and uncontrollably. "OWWWWWW!!!! I’m s-sorrrryyyyyyyy, F-Francissssss... Pleaseeee no moreee!!!"

"I don’t want you CRACK! ever even thinking CRACK! about doing such a thing CRACK! ever again, Faith." With four more loud belt lashes to her cherry red bottom, he finished the spanking, but he made those count so she wouldn’t forget and hopefully would be afraid of the belt in the future. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

Faith yelped and shrieked and cried with each spank that was applied to her bum and when it was over she was crying so loudly she couldn’t even hear her heart thumping inside her chest, and believe me, it was thumping loudly. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even move or speak. She couldn’t do anything but lie there limply, body shaking all over.

Francis was very sorry to see her like that, sobs wrecking her little body and making her shake, but he knew he had done the right thing. And his heart was thumping wildly as well: it had been something to think about thoroughly, and carefully. To keep his mind off her crying and yelling, he focused on putting the belt back into its loops, then eventually approached her and helped her up and into his hug. "There, there... it’s over, honey."

She buried her head into his chest, sobbing fiercely. She tried to mutter apologies but it just wouldn’t work. She was crying too hard to speak.

"Shh shh, it’s okay, cry it all out," he kept telling her, trying to be reassured. His eyes fell on her bare behind, and noticed how red it was. On one hand, he thought that perhaps he had been too strict on her; on the other, it was the cutest sight he’d ever seen.

She made an attempt to calm down, and finally after a few minutes of standing like that, she was able to apologize to him one final time and pull away from the hug. "I’m sorry, Francis," she said, wiping her eyes.

"Aww... I know you are, you just made a mistake and needed to be punished. I still love you very much, kiddo," he reassured her with a smile, wiping some hair off her sweaty forehead and drying the tears on her cheeks.

She smiled slightly and nodded. "I know," she muttered, then reached down to pull her pants and panties back up. She took a deep breath in, wincing as the material touched her flesh. Finally, she figured that she was ready to get out of the woods, go into the bathroom and wash her face or something. But instead of saying anything, she just waited.

Francis reached for her and circled her shoulders with his arm, then started to walk towards the parking lot and the public stalls. "Are you okay, baby?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, I am," she said, rubbing her bottom. "It just hurts, that’s all."

He smiled and kissed her head. "Okay then. I could say it’s supposed to hurt but I’m sure you know all about it already," he added with a wink.

She walked with him for a few minutes, thinking about what to say next. She wanted to admit that she kind of liked being spanked, but couldn’t muster the guts to say it. Finally, she spat out, "Deanna’s not in trouble, is she? She didn’t do anything. She was too scared to jump off the train."

Smiling again, he patted her shoulders. "No, she’s not in trouble, because she had the sense not to do that," he said, teasing her. "But tell her that if she ever does something like that, I’ll attend to her bottom too."

Faith suppressed her anger. No, she’d never let Francis spank her friend, too. He was only allowed to spank her.. Geeze! What’s wrong with me? she thought. I’m acting like I own him! She shook her head to get the thoughts out of her mind. "Yeah, I’ll tell her," she said, seeing that they’d finally reached the train station that was close to the bathrooms. She looked up at Francis.

"All right..." the boy said, arching his eyebrows. Though she hadn’t voiced her thoughts, they still quite showed on her face and act, in the form of some embarrassment and uncertainty. It was like having mentioned spanking Deanna was a cold shower to Faith, and he wondered why. Walking up to the station, Francis spotted the bathrooms and told Faith she could go wash her face and refresh if she wanted to.

She nodded and hobbled towards the bathrooms, catching Deanna’s eye and mouthing for her to wait a sec, that she had to pee. She went to the bathroom and washed her face, then felt her warm bottom again. She smiled into the mirror. Francis cared about her and that was so cool. But when he spanked her it felt great, and she wasn’t sure why... didn’t really care if she did know why. Finally, she pushed the door open and met Deanna back at the train station to prepare for their lecture about train safety.

Francis was waiting with Deanna right there, and had already started lecturing her, in quite an angry tone. He softened his voice though when he saw Faith, because she had been punished already and didn’t need to be spoken to harshly. "... I want you two girls to know exactly what you can and you can’t do, because to switch places like that was dangerous, and so was jumping off the train, and Faith learned that the hard way," he added, looking in her eyes for a second, not sure whether he should say she was spanked in front of Deanna or not.

Faith blushed, trying to tell Francis not to let Deanna know about the spanking because she didn’t want to be hassled with it nor did she want Deanna to express the same interest and take her "big brother" away! She didn’t know if the message was getting through to him or not... but hopefully by learning it the hard way, Deanna thought he meant something like, uh, she hurt herself?

"I mean, she fell in the woods and fell down on her bottom and back, she was lucky she didn’t get anything broken," he said, catching the glimpse in her eyes and hoping he was doing the right thing. He invented that about falling on her bottom so Deanna wouldn’t question as to why Faith kept rubbing it from time to time. "In any event, I want you two to behave from now on, and that’s an order, is that clear, girls?" he resumed in a no-nonsense tone.

Deanna nodded, tired out from having to stand there all that time and wait for him. She looked at Faith who said, "yes sir!" in a very bratty tone then saluted him. Faith didn’t know why she did it, but she smiled anyway figuring that Francis would get a kick out of it.

And a kick he did get, and almost felt like turning her around and spank her again just for that... but of course he didn’t. He would never admit it, to himself or to her, that he loved it when she acted that bratty. Instead he just shook his head, smiling and said: "Yeah right... okay, well, that was the day’s last ride. How about I take you two home now, hmm?"

The girls nodded and Faith was still rubbing her bottom, but it had been one long day and one memorable experience, and she’d definitely write about it in her diary... though she’d have to find a super hiding place so nobody else would read it. Finally she hugged Francis once again, whispered "thanks" in his ear, then headed out of the park.

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