15 January 2000

stabler girls

Stabler Girls

Breanna and her little sister Lenore always seem to find themselves in trouble. Their single father does his best to keep them on the right track, and that means most of the time they end up with reddened backsides. Written by Breanna Carter (that's me) and my friend, Lenore.

Running Lies -- M/ff nc voy
The Eminem Concert -- M/f nc, M/ff nc voy
Framed -- M/f nc, M/f nc
Playing With Fire -- M/f nc 
Brownies -- M/f nc 
Guitar Sisters -- M/f nc, M/f nc
Garage Mishaps -- M/f nc
Jerry -- M/ff nc voy
Coming Out of the Closet -- M/ff nc voy
Punching Douchebags 
-- M/f nc voy, M/ff nc
Patience Is A Virtue 
-- f/f nc
Nightmare in the Stabler House 
-- M/ff nc voy
-- M/f nc, M/f nc



Danielle's family seems mixed up at times, but she likes it okay. She gets along really well with her older step brother, Carlos, who sometimes takes the discipline into his own hands. She can't help her misbehavior, though. It's part of being a 15 year old!


Shannon's parents are sent to Europe for the school year. As much as they'd love to have their fifteen year old daughter join them, it's just impossible. Therefore, she must stay with her older brother Matt -- a loveable college student who is determined to correct his sister's attitude by the end of her stay with him. Shannon can't help it... sometimes she says things before she thinks!

End of Summer -- M/f nc mouthsoaping
Kyle's House -- M/f nc
The Bell Rings at Three -- M/f nc 
Procrastinating Into Trouble -- M/f nc mouthsoaping
Rave, Anybody? -- M/f nc mouthsoaping
The Winter Ball -- M/f nc
The Winter Ball, Part 2 -- m/f, m/f nc


Misc Stories

These are all of the stories I've written that don't belong to a series, in case you couldn't figure out that on your own. If there's some you'd like to see a series from, just let me know by commenting below.  Hope you enjoy!

Alex and Anali -- M/f nc
Alex y Anali (español)  -- M/f nc
The Advisor -- M/F nc
Back on Track -- M/f nc
Back on Track 2 -- M/f nc
Back on Track 3 -- M/f nc
Beach Party -- M/F nc
Boarding School -- M/f nc
Bratty Little Sisters Are a Pain -- M/f nc
Camp Counselors in Trouble -- M/FF nc, voy, sexual themes
Camp Counselors in Trouble (Edited) -- M/FF nc, voy
Chemicals -- M/f nc
Cherry Kiss -- MM/F nc, voy
Chilean Spanking -- M/F cons
Christina's Bad Day -- X/mmmf nc, voy; M/f nc
Christmas in Amsterdam -- M/f nc
The Circus -- m/f nc
Curious Jenny -- M/f nc
Cynthia's Mexican Adventure -- M+/f nc, voy; M/f nc
Daycare Drama -- M/f nc
DDR Junkies -- m/M, m/f, M/f, Mm/f semi-cons
Drag Race -- M/f nc, M/f nc
Drunken Rampage -- M/f semi-cons
Ecstatic For Ecstasy -- M/f nc, voy
The Emo Story -- M/F cons
Fake ID -- M/f nc
Fed Up -- M/f nc
I Like Cheese -- M/f nc
I Like eBay -- M/f nc
I Wanna Go Home -- M/f nc voy
Jared -- M/f nc
Learning the Hard Way -- M/F nc
Learning a Lesson -- M/f nc
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire -- M/f nc
Like a Father -- m/f nc
My New Little Sister -- M/f nc, M/F nc
Nikki's Amusement Park Adventure -- M/f nc
Not Normal -- M/f nc
Old Fashioned Family -- M/f nc, voy
One Week Later -- M/f nc
Patrick -- F/f nc, M/f nc
Peer Pressure -- M/f nc
Picture Yourself Here -- F/f nc, voy; F/f nc semi-voy, M/f nc
Potty Mouth -- M/f nc
Random Short Story -- M/f nc
Raven's Black Tears -- f/f sc (self-injury theme)
Running Away -- M/f nc
A Second Older Brother -- M/f nc
Shopping for Aunt Becky (Full House FanFic) -- M/f nc, f/f sc, M/ff nc voy
Sleeping Kicks Ass -- M/f nc
Sneaking Out -- M/ff nc voy
Spanked Down Under -- M/ff nc voy
Stupid Paddles -- M/F cons
Tears of Frustration -- M/F sc
Tio Ricardo -- M/f nc
Tio Ricardo (español) -- M/f nc
Too Drunk -- M/F semi-cons
Too Much -- M/f nc
Total Anarchy!... Sorta -- M/f nc

11 January 2000



Molly is the sweetest little girl in the world.  She loves the skating rink, her Irish heritage, making new friends, and most of all, Brian, a good friend of hers from the skating rink who decides to look after her.  I've had tons of good feedback from these stories, so I hope you like them, too.  Not all of the stories have spankings in them, so if you only want spanking scenes, just read the ones with "M/f" written on them (as if you couldn't figure that out on your own).  Enough rambling.. just enjoy :)

Chapter 1! -- M/f nc
Chapter 2!
Chapter 3!
Chapter 4!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 5!
Chapter 6!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 7!
Chapter 8!
Chapter 9!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 10!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 11!
Chapter 12!  -- f/M sorta
Chapter 13!  -- M/f nc


Terrence, Brianna, Ashton and Anastasia

Brianna is one of my oldest characters and the one who finds herself in the most trouble!  After her parents died when she was young, her older brother, Terrence, decided to take care of her.  He's also a firm believer in spankings, and Brianna finds herself over his knee more times than she'd like.  Anastasia becomes Bri's best friends after they meet during Brianna's junior year in high school.  Ana has a hottie for an older brother, and oddly enough, he spanks, too!  Together, they're more trouble than one can imagine!  Since Bri is one of the first characters I wrote about, she also has the most stories!  So I've divided them up according to her year in high school.  Some of them aren't very good, and they might not be in the right order (and you might notice weird difference).  Sorry about that :)

Freshman -
Stealing Is Bad -- M/f nc
Skipping Class -- M/ff nc

Sophomore -
Cheater, Cheater -- M/f nc
Skipping Again -- M/f nc
Party! -- M/f nc
Stolen Car -- M/f nc
To the Park -- M/f nc
Concert -- M/f nc
Heavenly Weed -- M/f nc
Summer of Concerts -- M/ff nc
Ashton's Car -- m/f nc

Junior -
Brianna's First Day of School -- M/f nc
Anastasia's First Day of School -- m/f nc
Bad Grades -- M/f nc
District Championships -- M/f nc
State Championships -- M/f nc
Ditching School (Anastasia) -- m/f nc
Rated R Movie -- M/ff nc
Chicago Fun Part I - Souvenir Hairbrush -- m/ff nc
Chicago Fun Part II - Chad's Party -- m/ff, M/ff nc
Anastasia's Birthday - Part I -- f/f nc
Anastasia's Birthday - Part II -- M/f nc
Spiffy Big Brother (Anastasia) -- M/f nc mouthsoaping
U Drink, U Drive, U Walk -- M/f nc

Senior -
Food Fight -- M/f nc
Lesson Finally Learned -- M/f nc
The Homecoming Dance -- M/f cons, M/f nc, M/f cons
The Soccer Party -- M/f, M/f implied
A Bit of Jealousy -- M/f nc
The Good Old Days -- M/f nc
Dinner At Romano's -- M/f nc
Viva Mexico - Part I
Viva Mexico - Part II -- M/Ff nc
No Pain, No Game -- M/F nc
Temper Tantrum -- M/F nc

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