30 December 2020

One of my first spanking stories...

 When I was in 5th and 6th grade, I wrote a (really awful) story about a boy who was sent to live with his strict uncle after getting into too much trouble at home.  Originally I'd written a paddling scene, but at some point I got embarrassed and threw it away 💔

Well... at least there were still some good lines in it :)  And also, some things really never change 😂

20 December 2020

Starting Over: Violet's Weekend with Toby (spanking scene only, M/F)

Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 17.


 “You seem much better tonight than I’ve seen you in a while.”

“Yeah... I feel almost... happy.  Whatever that means.”  I was squirmy as I sat on the sofa, calm considering how much I wouldn’t like the ‘talk’ we were about to have.  

“You know what comes next.”

Biting my lower lip, I maintained eye contact as I nodded, ignoring the flashback of the awful punishments I’d received from Toby in the past.  “Time to clean the slate,” I mumbled.  

27 November 2020

Starting Over: Chloe's First Family Meeting (snippet of spanking scene, M/F, voy)

Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 16.


Violet was first.  She pushed her skirt and panties down with the fishnets, kicking them to the side, then stood up straight and fearless.  Her body was a perfect hourglass, curvy hips marked with fading cane lines, starting at the top of her round bottom, ending mid thigh.  The smug look on her face didn’t change.

“Hands on the chair,” Gabe ordered.

26 November 2020

Starting Over: Violet's First Day at Work (spanking scene only, M/F)

Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 15.


Before I had the chance to obey, he snatched my upper arm and dragged me to my feet.  “Take those down,” he ordered, tugging at my slacks.

06 November 2020

Starting Over: Molly's Turn (Spanking scene only, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 14b.


“Obviously I wasn’t thinking about it like that when I did it...”

Toby’s eyes narrowed at me as he stood.  Now he was legit annoyed.  “That’s why we’re having this conversation, so you won’t forget about it next time.  I don’t care how much negative energy you’re getting from Violeta, create your own positive vibes or whatever.”

My eyes rolled playfully.  “I can see why you don’t specialize in working with teens...”

“Oh?  I’ll show you what I do specialize in.  Stand up.”  

17 October 2020

Story: Molly in Lockdown (M/F)


Just an outtake from the series. The depression during lockdown has been real for Molly. Fuck this shit.


Numb.  No feeling.  Just blank.  Nothingness.  Dark.  Silent.  

My phone stayed on Do Not Disturb though several banners of ignored text messages and emails waited for my attention.  I tried to clear the notifications daily — usually it was just my patients checking in to ask when I'd be back at virtual therapy.  Never! I wanted to respond, but instead copied the same message to them all:  Still taking care of family matters.  Will update you asap.

I would have expected the tall figure to barge into my space had I checked my notifications that day.  So far I'd kept my circle of friends out of the loop with the funk I'd been in — Toby was too busy, Gabe too cold, Izaak too busy and too cold.  Violet and Chloe were too annoying and had been entertained with each other, making it easier for me to hide in the shadows.  

But there was one person I'd forgotten about:  Vic.  Being stuck in California with an opposite schedule made it more difficult for him to stay in touch, but we knew each other better than anyone else.  If I'd seen the three text messages and two missed called, I would've known he'd do something stupid like send someone to check on me.

"Did you get bitten by a vampire?  Why is it so dark in here?" Gabe asked, flipping on the light.

I moved my head slightly to bury my face more into the pillow, disturbed by the brightened atmosphere, but apathetic.  The door clicked shut and Gabe's footsteps became louder.  

"Hey, wake up... it's almost 4:20.  You wouldn't want to miss that," he said with sarcastic humor.

"I'm awake.  I never miss 4:20."  My tone was flat, almost bored-sounding.  It must have taken Gabe at least slightly by surprise — I was usually able to keep my depressive episodes hidden from him.

"What's up with you?  Why haven't you been working?"

27 April 2020

Starting Over: Violet's Job Offer (Spanking scene only, F/F, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 12.


A heavy pit crept into my stomach, Toby and Gabe's disappointment ringing through my head with Molly's words.  But a warmth washed over me, too — they haven't given up on me after all the havoc I've brought over the years… they genuinely care… like a real family.

Without warning, my roommate lifted the paddle and crashed it against my bottom, not letting me breathe before popping it down again, and then again and again.  

"Owwwww, what the fuck, Mollyyyy!" I whined, kicking my feet up.  "Holy shit…. Owww!  I didn't… ay!... expect you to hit so hard!"  

"Quit your bitchin' and take your paddlin'!" she responded, whacking my sit spot.

"Fuck!  That hurts!" I yelped, reaching back.

"Toby, grab her hands please," Molly ordered.

He obeyed, seizing my wrists before I could snatch them away.  "Why are you being so bossy!?" I whined, struggling to free myself from Toby's grip.

20 April 2020

Starting Over: Violet Reunites with Gabe (M/F)



I’d passed out on the recliner and was in a dead sleep when a bright light nearly blinded me, and I heard the familiar cocky voice: “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” It was Gabe. 

At first, I thought it was a dream. 

“This place is a disaster. Why did you wait so long to call?”

“Thought she’d snap out of it… or that we could get her out of it.” That was Molly. 

Then Toby spoke: “Usually one of us can, but not this time.” 

Knowing Gabe, he shook his head as he responded, “That won’t work. Neither of you is tough enough on her. She’ll walk all over you.”

I wanted to scream, “I’m right here!” so they’d stop talking shit, but I was too weak, still kind of sleeping. Ignoring the sound of heavy footsteps moving toward me, I tried to drift back asleep only to be rudely interrupted by a sudden jolt against my shoulder. 

“Get your ass up, now!”

“Fuck off, Gabe,” I muttered, slapping his hands away. 

He grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards him. “Open your eyes and look at me.”  His severe tone made my tummy drop, memories of his merciless spankings drifting into my conscious.

12 April 2020

Starting Over: Chloe's Consequences (Spanking scene only, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 10.


Izaak sat on the sofa with his laptop, not looking up from the screen.  An icy chill settled in the background as I confirmed his fury was still present.  

Acting natural, I tossed my keys into my bag and slipped off my shoes.  “How was your day?” I asked in a peppy voice, pathetic attempt to make conversation.

An awkward silence enveloped us, Izaak typing away, and I wondered if he’d even heard me.  But then when I locked the door, he spoke: “Come sit, we need to talk.”

“Can we not?  I have an awful headache.”

The laptop clicked shut and Izaak set it on the coffee table, eyeing me seriously.  “It’s important.”

I groaned and pounded towards him, considering a tantrum.  “I shouldn’t have partied or left so suddenly, but I needed some fun and...”  I arrived at the couch and poked out my lower lip, trying to be cute.  

He wasn’t buying it, face straight, not entertaining my childishness.  “Sit.”  

With a huff, I plopped to his side and folded my arms, staring at the ceiling in annoyance.  

“Enough whining,” he snapped, tone cutting into me so I sat up and looked at him.  “You’ll have plenty to cry about when we’re finished here.” He let that sink in before continuing.  “What happened last night?”

31 March 2020

Guest Story: New Friend, New Trouble


Part 4 of the Damien/Kiera series (previous parts can be found here).  Kiera is lonely without any friends around.  How far will she go to get a new companion?

New Friend, New Trouble
by Dee


17 March 2020

Motivating Molly: Chapter 14

photo by Jeska Wood.  Check out her story & photography site at JeskaWood.com

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Molly's favorite holiday :)

SPOILER ALERT!  This is the final chapter of my ebook, Motivating Molly.  I've edited out some specific spoilers, but can't stop them all.


22 February 2020

Starting Over: Chloe's First Day at Work (Spanking scene only, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 6.


"How many cigarettes did you smoke today?"

"Two," I admitted.

His eyebrows raised in surprise, not doubting the sincerity of my answer for a second. "Is there anything else you need a spanking for tonight?"

Of course not!”

"Are you sure about that?" I nodded. "What was the penalty we agreed on for smoking?"

With a grumble, I said, "Ten swats with the hairbrush for each cigarette."

"Get ready for bed, then we'll address it."

I nervously changed into a pair of thin cartoon pajama shorts with a black tank top, then scurried to the bathroom to brush my teeth, taking my time. When I emerged almost ten minutes later, Izaak sat on the sofa, waiting patiently.

17 February 2020

Guest Story: Restless Nights

By Dee. Part 3 of the Damien/Kiera series.  Nightmares give Kiera a few restless nights, which isn't good for her mood.  Damien remains patient as long as he can...

06 February 2020

True Story: Spanked in Seattle

A lightly edited LiveJournal entry from 2009 about a time I was spanked for being late to work.  Names and locations have been changed.

02 February 2020

Starting Over, Chapter 5 - Violet Spiraling


Short spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 5.

I didn't bother pretending like the scene was interesting, choosing instead to daydream about Gabe.

"What are you doing fucking around with this kid again?"  He saunters towards me in a fancy, freshly ironed pinstripe suit, one-hundred percent sober and in control of himself. With furrowed brows he bellows, "Didn't I tell you to steer clear? Do I need to remind you what happens to disobedient little brats?"

"Fuck off, you piece of shit!" I respond, flipping him off.  

When Gabe charges towards me, I fight, spitting excuses and cruel words until he's tired of my mouth. He tugs on a fistful of my hair so I must look him in the face.  "You're going to end up in jail again, and this time we may not get you off the hook."  His hazel eyes are serious, threatening.  "Stop fucking around."

I'm not scared of him.  "I don't care!"  

My shouting provokes a growl, and I expect the mild slap across my face.  "You DO care, or I wouldn't be here right now."  

I reach up to return a punch, but he catches my wrist and spins me around, pushing me onto the bed and holding my hands behind my back.  He ties me up with ease, so tight that I'm unable to wriggle free.  

"This punk is bad news and you know it. Don't go down the path of self-destruction again."  Gabe rips off my clothes and drags me kicking and screaming over his lap, tuning out my arguments.  "If I have to, I'll beat you till the urge to do stupid shit passes."  I stare at the hardwood floor as the thick tawse crashes on my bare butt with a loud THUD! that hurts more than all of Jason's spankings combined.  My shrill cry only indulges him to continue, realizing how easy it will be to break me.  "Are you really going to throw away everything you've worked for?  GED, college, the hours you dedicated to the legal clinic... all down the drain because of a stupid man?"  

Squirming to dodge swats, I yelp, "Fuck Jason! He means nothing!"  I want to bust out of the shackles, but Gabe's clutch on me is too strong. The more I resist, the heavier the lashes fall. My ass is throbbing, only slightly relieved when he focuses on my thighs for a moment, thrashing the leather against my tender skin. 

"Obviously he means something, or you wouldn't let this dim-witted hoodlum fuck you." 

"I'll do whatever I want!"  I'm offended, kicking and trying to shimmy off his lap, but he won't release me.  My ass is maroon but I keep struggling, refusing to let him win.

"Why would you want to fuck such a foul-smelling creature?  You're better than this."

A tear trickles down my cheek.  What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Did I, uh, make you cry?"  The daydream disappeared as Andy came into my view, panting in delight now that he had finished using me.

30 January 2020

True Story: Journal Entries As a Kid

Over the years, I've chatted with plenty of spankos about the origins of our interest.  Like many, I can remember feeling 'funny' about spankings and punishments from a young age.  Nowadays I'm too old (and stoner-y) to remember much of childhood, but I still have some old diaries lying around. Here are some entries I found and thought I'd share.  #soembarrassing 

Names in true stories are always changed, but everything else is exactly how I wrote in the diary (though spelling errors have been corrected).

20 January 2020

New Stories! - M/F consensual

Hi all!  I know it's been a minute since I've posted anything, but that's because I've been hard at work :D

First, I'd like to share the link to my latest story (which I plan to eventually make into an ebook).  You'll probably recognize the first couple of chapters, though they've been heavily edited since I originally posted them. 

Starting Over

I also want to highly recommend a story with stronger BDSM themes.  It's inspired by me (haha, at least some of it is) and written by my BFF.  I love it!!!  A summary can be found in the link below.

Locke by Jeska Wood

Happy reading!

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True Story: A Friend's Visit

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