20 April 2020

Starting Over: Violet Reunites with Gabe (M/F)



I’d passed out on the recliner and was in a dead sleep when a bright light nearly blinded me, and I heard the familiar cocky voice: “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” It was Gabe. 

At first, I thought it was a dream. 

“This place is a disaster. Why did you wait so long to call?”

“Thought she’d snap out of it… or that we could get her out of it.” That was Molly. 

Then Toby spoke: “Usually one of us can, but not this time.” 

Knowing Gabe, he shook his head as he responded, “That won’t work. Neither of you is tough enough on her. She’ll walk all over you.”

I wanted to scream, “I’m right here!” so they’d stop talking shit, but I was too weak, still kind of sleeping. Ignoring the sound of heavy footsteps moving toward me, I tried to drift back asleep only to be rudely interrupted by a sudden jolt against my shoulder. 

“Get your ass up, now!”

“Fuck off, Gabe,” I muttered, slapping his hands away. 

He grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards him. “Open your eyes and look at me.”  His severe tone made my tummy drop, memories of his merciless spankings drifting into my conscious.

Eyelids peeling open in a glare, I noticed my trio of friends staring intently at me. Molly had dark circles under her eyes, raised eyebrows and her lower lip poked out, thumbs twiddling as she shifted from one foot to another. Was she expecting to get spanked, too, or what had her so nervous? Toby’s hands were on his hips, lips pressed together in disappointment, brown hair sticking out in a disheveled mess. He may as well have been shaking his head at me. And then I looked back up at the 6’1” frame towering over me. Gabe was dressed in a smoke-colored suit with a matching tie, hair slicked back like a rich douchebag.  His arms were folded and brows furrowed, hazel eyes dancing in flames.

Teeth clenched, he scolded in a low voice, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Well I was sleeping, but SOMEONE woke me up.”  I yawned and stretched, trying to make sense of everything.  Why is Gabe here?  And why am I still dressed in paintball clothes?  What happened last night? 

A light growl escaped Gabe’s lips, and he reached for my upper arm, yanking me out of my seat much easier than I would have liked.  “Shower, now.” 

My arms folded, and I looked him up and down.  “I know you’re not talkin’ to me like that.”

Without hesitation, Gabe seized a handful of my ratty hair in hand and dragged me forward, ignoring my protests.  “I don’t have time for your defiance this evening,” he barked as he hauled me to the bathroom. When we arrived in front of the tub, he directed Molly to help me shower, even giving her a bathbrush in case she needed to swat me. 

“What the fuck, bro!!!  Molly and I aren’t friends like that!!!  She isn’t allowed to spank me… she’s not even a dom!!!”

He took the brush from our friend and I almost smiled in victory until he pounded it against my ass five times in quick succession.  The pops echoed through the bathroom, followed by my shrieks. My hands flew to block any further swats, but Gabe had passed the brush back to Molly and was now grasping onto my shoulders and giving me a light shake.  “Did that hurt?”

I scowled, refusing to answer until he reached for the brush again, then I shouted, “yes! Yes, it hurt!”

Too late, though.  He was already turning me to the side and delivering another five swats even harder than before, somehow managing to dodge my hands.  “I suggest you control that attitude, because you’re making it worse on yourself.” Five more hard, fast blows descended on my aching backside. “You have ten minutes.  If I have to come back in here, that bathbrush will meet your naked wet ass and I’m certain you won’t enjoy it.” He tossed the brush back to Molly, turning to leave.

“Fuck off!” I half-shouted as the bathroom door closed behind him.  Fortunately, he didn’t return.

I glanced at Molly who wasn’t nearly as tough as Gabe and looked as if she felt almost sorry for me.  Instead of speaking, she reached for the bathtub faucet and pushed it on, adjusting the temperature until it was steamy, just as I liked it.  Then she went to the toilet and sat atop the closed lid, pulling out her phone to scroll through social media.  

I sighed, peeling off my dirty clothes, and stepped into the shower, moaning when the hot water bit my skin.  For a second I stood there under the warm mist, enjoying every droplet sliding down my body, even my curvy bottom that still stung from the bathbrush swats.  I could’ve stayed there for hours, but Molly’s cough reminded me I only had a few minutes left. So I reached for the shampoo and lathered it into my hair, breathing in the apple scent as I also rubbed it over the rest of me.  Then I dunked under the nozzle, sobering up more with each sud I washed.

When I seemed clean enough, I found the courage to ask Molly, “what happened yesterday?”

“No time to explain now.”

I poked my head out of the shower curtain and she glanced up at me, glasses beginning to fog.  “Was it bad?”

She nodded.  “We’re all worried.”

With an annoyed groan, I closed the curtains and rubbed my butt where Gabe had smacked down the bathbrush.  This is nothing compared to what’s coming, I reminded myself with a gulp.  Trepidation mixed with a flake of excitement as I wondered how degrading my punishment would be.

Refreshed, I turned off the shower and grabbed my purple towel, first running it through my hair, then wrapping up my body.  Molly opened the door, and the steam escaped first, followed by my friend dragging me back to Vic’s room.  

“Damn, why’s everyone bein’ so rough today?” 

She shot me a glare and thrust me inside the bedroom, nearly causing me to stumble into Toby.  “You’re not even sorry. It’s starting to piss me off.”

“She’ll be sorry soon enough,” Gabe promised, hanging his suit jacket on the closet door and walking towards me.

I rolled my eyes and fingered my damp hair, avoiding eye contact with my three peers who stood before me.

Gabe stepped forward and my heart skipped a beat.  “You may as well take that off. You won’t need it any time soon,” he said, nodding towards my towel.

“What?? In front of all of you??”

“Are you telling me that there’s anything one of us hasn’t already seen?”

With a grumble, I tossed the towel aside and stood up shamelessly, awkwardness radiating inside.  Every bodily imperfection came to mind, but I kept a neutral expression, unwilling to show weakness.

“Explain this mess you’ve made.”  He twirled his finger above his head as if speaking literally about the clutter in the room, but we both knew he was referring to the mess I’d made of myself.

“Cleaning is boring,” I replied with a yawn.

Gabe stepped closer and smirked, though I could tell he wasn’t amused about my situation.  “Did you get fired?” His warm breath tickled the hairs on my neck, sending a chill down my spine.  Toby and Molly stayed back looking on curiously. What must they all think of me?

I shifted outside myself to see the scene as an objective observer:  A 36-year-old wealthy professional standing amidst my trash and dirty clothes, the stench of rotten food mixed with weed and liquor hovering as he stares down at a naked 24-year-old Mexican girl from the hood.  What a fuckup.

“Yes, I was fired, but..”

“Don’t give me bullshit excuses,” he snapped and my mouth shut instantly.  “Why did you get fired?”

I glanced back at Molly and Toby, half to glare at them for bringing him here, half to get assistance explaining myself.  But neither of them jumped in to help me climb out of the hole I’d dug. “I missed an important meeting, and it isn’t the first time it’s happened.”  

Gabe paced in front of me, shaking his head.  “And what have you been doing since losing your job?  Fucking around with drugs again?”

His words made me shiver, taking me back to our last spanking encounter.  Images flashed in my mind, bits and pieces from when I’d lived with him, like a movie trailer: me in handcuffs at Dominic’s, Gabe talking to the cops, our screaming match in his apartment, the day-long punishment that ensued.  

“I asked you a question,” Gabe said firmly and planted a hard smack on my bottom.

My hands flew back to rub out the sting.  “Ow, fuck! Yeah, fine, okay, maybe a little.”

“And we all know that when Violet snorts coke she also starts pissing away her money gambling, isn’t that right?”

“Stop treating me like a criminal. This isn’t a trial.”

“So am I wrong?”

I rolled my eyes.  “Fine, yeah, I’ve been gambling.”

“How much debt are you in right now?”

“Fuck you, I’m not answering that.”  I shook my head. “It’s none of your business, but yeah I’m in debt, okay?  I’m not proud.”

He continued pacing, beginning to roll up his sleeves.  Knowing that I get uncomfortable in silence, he tortured me a bit, hoping I’d break.  But when both sleeves were up to his elbows, the pacing stopped and he looked me dead in the eyes, steely expression.  “Answer my question.” 

Intimidation wasn’t enough to extract information, and Gabe knew it.  And while he normally indulged me in arguments, tonight he decided to get straight to the point and bent me over the arm of the recliner.  

A cool breeze tickled my bare butt as the thick leather belt slid out of his pants.  The buckle’s jingle made me quiver. I’d not been properly whipped in a long time, as Jason had reminded me a few days (or was it weeks?) ago.  Part of me hated submitting to Gabe, but I wasn’t brave enough to fight yet. Maybe because I was outnumbered.

“Still don’t want to answer?” Gabe asked, folding the belt over and holding it out like a tennis racket.

Face pressed against the recliner seat, I muttered, “No.  You’ll have to beat it out of me.”

I kept my eyes on him as he lifted the leather high in the air, seemingly slow motion as it crashed against my vulnerable bottom.  Biting my lower lip did nothing to keep me quiet, and a high-pitched squeak erupted.  

The leather bit into my skin again, right on my sit spots.  “Owwww! What the fuck, bro!”

Um, yeah, he didn’t like that.  “Excuse me?” Then landed three ruthless lashes to my thighs.  “You will address me as ‘Sir,’ am I clear?”

“Fuuuuck….”  Shrieking, I covered my backside with my left arm as I pushed myself up with my right.  “I’m not gonna let you do this!” I shouted, now on my feet and rubbing my aching bottom furiously.

“Are you ready to come clean?”

He was too close for comfort, blocking any escape route.  “I don’t have to deal with this bullshit, get the fuck away.”  I reached up to shove him, but he caught my wrists with cat-like reflexes.  

“Don’t even think about it.”

My heart hammered against my ribcage, only drowned out by the loud huffs of my breathing as I struggled to break from Gabe’s calm clutch.  He could win this fight, but how far was he willing to go? After all, we had two observers (who were fixated on the scene). “Would you stop!?”

“Answer my goddamn question.”

Eyes narrowed, I sneered, “Why do I have to give you a fucking number?”

“Would you put your ego aside and just trust me for a minute?”

Still glaring, my nostrils flared and I took a deep breath to gather my thoughts.  What the fuck is he talking about?  Is he trying to humble me? Why won’t he fold under my pressure?  That had me a little intimidated… no matter how much I fought, Gabe wouldn’t stop asking, and I was running out of evasion techniques.  

My struggles ceased as I exhaled, closing my eyes.  Admitting to my debt made it real. I hadn’t even calculated my expenditures… did I need to include what I’d stolen from Jason?  Or from my old job? Or the coke I’d yet to pay off?  

“Honestly, I can’t answer, cuz I have no clue.”

It seemed to have satisfied him because he released my wrists.  But then he said, “Get back over,” pointing to the recliner.  


“You think I’m going to let you get away with getting up in the middle of a punishment, then being defiant, and then giving a cop-out answer?  Over the chair, NOW!”

I gave a look of disbelief to my friends, who still didn’t say a word.

“Don’t look at them, they won’t get you out of this.  They’re on my side.”

I glared at him, rooted in place, not sure if panic or anger.  Time to use my last card. “It’s not like you would even know what’s going on.  How long has it been now? Six, seven years? You didn’t care for so long, why the sudden change?  So you know what, save your lecture and stop pretending like I matter to you.” 

“You know who cares?”  The harshness of his tone told me I’d struck a nerve.  The win was about to go to me… “Your friends who’ve been worried sick about you for the last two weeks while you’ve abandoned them to go out doing God knows what, fucked up on drugs, running up a debt.”  He stared at me hard. I didn’t dare break eye contact, ignoring the burning in my stomach, pestering me to react. “Your friends who’ve been trying to help you, but you keep choosing drugs over them.”

Now he struck one of my nerves.  My shoulders tensed and fists clenched, ready to strike.

“See, two can play at that game,” he said in a low voice, almost mocking me, then leaned in.  “Get over the goddamn chair.”

Through teary eyes, I saw Molly shifting nervously in the background.  Maybe she was ready to jump in to save me like I used to do for her, but probably not.  She’d been worrying over me since I moved in and wouldn’t have called Gabe unless it was a last resort.

Toby spoke up.  “Accept your punishment, Vi.  It’s the only way.”

He was right.

But it wasn’t cute to submit so humbly.  So I groaned and said, “fine.” I positioned myself back over the arm of the recliner, now burying my face into my hands.  Probably I’d be bawling within the next few seconds, might as well prepare myself. Fuck my life.

Before I was fully settled, the first lash struck me across the butt cheeks, right in the center.  I howled, bucking up, reminding myself to submit and hid my face again.  

“If you can’t control yourself from getting out of hand,” he scolded, landing another blow, “I’ll have to do it myself.”  And another. “Because you have too much potential to fuck your life up with this bullshit.” An extra hard swat, right across the sit spots.

That last one made me yelp and hiss obscenities at him under my breath.  Luckily he ignored it.

“And because I owe your brother a favor, which I’m sure if he knew what you were up to, he would’ve asked me to do this a long time ago.” Then another two swats of normal intensity.  “And if I’m being completely honest, I love a good challenge.” I would have found it flattering that he saw me as a challenge, but he didn’t give me much time cuz he delivered a few lashes to my thighs.

“Damnnnn okay!!  Fucking stop already!”

“How much debt are you in?”

“I told you I don’t…”

Before letting me finish he hit me again.  “Give me an estimate.”

“Arghhhh…!”  I didn’t wanna say it out loud... that would make it too real… But my stalling earned me a few more swats until I reached back and said “okay okay!  10k! I owe like 10k…”

Time stopped.  An icy lump formed in my throat as I thought about my transgressions over these last few days.  Fuck me.

“Ten thousand?”

Did he really expect me to repeat myself?  I couldn’t.

“You spent ten thousand dollars in less than two weeks?  What the hell did you blow a grand a night on?”

I buried my face more into my hands.  Another question I didn’t want to answer.

Not that I had much of a choice — the belt crashed down a few more times until the words spilled out.  “Coke. Whiskey. Poker. Clubs. Everything.”

I dared peek through my fingers to see how Gabe handled that information.  He stepped closer to me, eyebrows raised. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I wish.”

He shook his head and glanced at Molly.  “Bring me a paddle. And my briefcase.” And like an obedient little puppy, my red-headed friend scampered away towards her room. 


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