27 April 2020

Starting Over: Violet's Job Offer (Spanking scene only, F/F, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 12.


A heavy pit crept into my stomach, Toby and Gabe's disappointment ringing through my head with Molly's words.  But a warmth washed over me, too — they haven't given up on me after all the havoc I've brought over the years… they genuinely care… like a real family.

Without warning, my roommate lifted the paddle and crashed it against my bottom, not letting me breathe before popping it down again, and then again and again.  

"Owwwww, what the fuck, Mollyyyy!" I whined, kicking my feet up.  "Holy shit…. Owww!  I didn't… ay!... expect you to hit so hard!"  

"Quit your bitchin' and take your paddlin'!" she responded, whacking my sit spot.

"Fuck!  That hurts!" I yelped, reaching back.

"Toby, grab her hands please," Molly ordered.

He obeyed, seizing my wrists before I could snatch them away.  "Why are you being so bossy!?" I whined, struggling to free myself from Toby's grip.

Molly swatted me again.  "Because you've needed this for days!"  And another swat landed.  "Haven't you?" Then another.

The uneasy butterflies stirred in my tummy again, so I buried my face into the chair cushion and tried to stay still while she walloped me with the awful paddle.  Even though it wasn't as harsh as Gabe, my stocky, moderately athletic amiga gave an adequate beating.  By the time she finished, a smoldering fire had reignited and I'd squeezed out a few more tears.

"Thank you," Molly told Gabe as she passed him the paddle.  "That was very therapeutic."

"Glad you enjoyed it," I sneered.

"Oh, I did.  And will do it again if needed," she half-teased, ruffling my hair as Toby released his grip on me. 

I sniffled and dried my eyes.  Part of me carried false hope that the punishment was over, but in the depths of my mind, I knew I hadn't been fully tamed yet.

"Get up," Gabe ordered, using the wooden object to point to a spot in the middle of the room.  

"C'mon, haven't I had enough?" I whined with the last bit of fight left in me.

"Nope, you haven't.  Up.  Now."

With an annoyed sigh, I rolled off the chair and stomped to the center of everyone.  I faced them at first, caressing the sting out of my posterior.  

"Turn around, bend over, hands on the floor."  Gabe slapped the paddle against his palm and I flinched, dreading his forceful swing.  It was in my best interest to comply without protest.

"Damn, bro, so bossy," I murmured with an eye roll, turning to face the wall when I felt my hair being jerked back.

"I'm not your 'bro'," Gabe growled into my ear, still clutching my tangly locks.  "Call me that again and see what happens."

I had to bite my tongue to not respond with, sure, bro!  Gabe sensed my smartass comment and released me, offering a slight nudge to get me moving.  With a grumble, I leaned over, fingers stretching to my calves.

The paddle tapped on my ass.  "I said the floor."

"But I'm not that flexible, Sir."  I looked over my shoulder to see him smirking.

"Then you know what you have to do," and patted my thigh.

A blush spread across my cheeks.  Humiliation was key in our dynamic, but it'd been a while since I'd submitted to this kind of torture, so surrendering wasn't easy.  

Gabe was prepared, though, because he lifted the implement and swung it to crack against my ass with a loud POP!  I screeched and stood up straight, hands flying to my butt to rub out the sting.  Eyebrows raised and paddle over his shoulder like a bat, Gabe said, "Get into position."

Nose scrunched up in frustration, I bent back over, this time parting my legs and reaching for the ground, hyper-aware that my most intimate parts were exposed for everyone to see.  Tears stung my eyes, and my face was more flushed than ever, from my chin to the tips of my ears.  Toby's sigh reminded me again that they were present, watching everything.

The paddle rested against my bottom again as I sucked in a deep breath, fingers scraping the wooden floor, eyelids closed.  "I should give you ten thousand licks for racking up so much debt," Gabe scolded.  "After the last beating you received for this bullshit, I thought you'd learned your lesson."

"Well, it was a while ago..."  A swat came crashing down, almost knocking me over.  I shrieked, teeth clenched to prevent myself from saying more.

"I didn't ask for your comments, Young Lady."  He whacked me again and I rocked forward.  "The physical suffering wasn't very memorable, so perhaps the shame of getting spanked in front of a crowd will drive the lesson home."

Out of habit, I growled and went to roar, fuck off!  But luckily before I opened my mouth, Gabe slammed the wooden object against my butt three times.  It hurt so much that I couldn't keep still.

"Spread your legs wider.  I want your palms flat."

Biting my lip, I stifled a grumble and obeyed his orders.  My muscles burned along with my scorching ass and the nagging sensation of being watched.  I peeled an eye open to look at the upside-down image of my three friends.  Molly chewed on her fingernail, squirming a little and avoiding eye contact.  Toby's arms stayed folded and his brows furrowed in disappointment.  And Gabe was standing as if he were in the batter's box, ready to knock a home run.

He caught me staring and shot me a serious look.  "This shit won't happen again, am I clear?"  The paddle propped on my bum again. "Drugs, SWAT! gambling, SWAT! fucking around with those hoodlums, SWAT! self-destruction, SWAT!..."

Each blow made me wince and howl, but I stayed in position, attempting to keep myself together.  "Owwwwww!!  Fuck okay Gabe I get the point!!!"

"Acting like a spoiled brat, SWAT!  staying out all night, SWAT!  making excuses for your terrible behavior, SWAT!"

I bit my lip so hard that I thought it'd start bleeding.  The pain was becoming unbearable and being lectured by Gabe with the others watching was equally agonizing.  

"Am I missing anything?" Another swat landed and I let out a shriek, on the verge of uncontrollable tears.  

"Being a shitty friend," Toby added and Gabe followed up with a SWAT!  "And breaking promises."  With that next SWAT! I choked on the knot in my throat and my nose tingled. And the following SWAT! shook tears out of me, causing me to squat, covering my bottom from receiving more.

"I'm sorry!  Please, no more..." I cried, body shaking.  

"Back into position."  His firm and authoritative voice normally made me rebel, but I'd been humiliated into submission.  I wiped my face with the back of my hand and stood, straightening my jelly legs, flattening my trembling fingers to the floor, and sticking my raspberry-colored butt up to be paddled more.  "You will get your shit together, Young Lady.  First by making a list of debts and goals that we'll go over tomorrow."  

Before I thought about arguing, the next SWAT! landed, then followed up quickly with another.  "Yes!!  I'll do it!! Please stop..." I pleaded, only to be met with another SWAT! and bawling even harder.  Consumed by my sobs, I didn't notice that Gabe had discarded the paddle until he grabbed my hair to lift me into a standing position, much more gentle than earlier.

Hiccuping, I dared open my wet eyes to see his firm expression.  "Go apologize," he ordered in a low voice, releasing me and nodding at Molly and Toby.

Fingers massaging my tender cheeks, I tiptoed to my two friends and sputtered out a sincere offering of remorse, accepting a hug from each before Gabe asked for privacy, closing the door behind them.   


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