27 April 2020

Starting Over: Violet's Job Offer (Spanking scene only, F/F, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 12.


A heavy pit crept into my stomach, Toby and Gabe's disappointment ringing through my head with Molly's words.  But a warmth washed over me, too — they haven't given up on me after all the havoc I've brought over the years… they genuinely care… like a real family.

Without warning, my roommate lifted the paddle and crashed it against my bottom, not letting me breathe before popping it down again, and then again and again.  

"Owwwww, what the fuck, Mollyyyy!" I whined, kicking my feet up.  "Holy shit…. Owww!  I didn't… ay!... expect you to hit so hard!"  

"Quit your bitchin' and take your paddlin'!" she responded, whacking my sit spot.

"Fuck!  That hurts!" I yelped, reaching back.

"Toby, grab her hands please," Molly ordered.

He obeyed, seizing my wrists before I could snatch them away.  "Why are you being so bossy!?" I whined, struggling to free myself from Toby's grip.

20 April 2020

Starting Over: Violet Reunites with Gabe (M/F)



I’d passed out on the recliner and was in a dead sleep when a bright light nearly blinded me, and I heard the familiar cocky voice: “you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.” It was Gabe. 

At first, I thought it was a dream. 

“This place is a disaster. Why did you wait so long to call?”

“Thought she’d snap out of it… or that we could get her out of it.” That was Molly. 

Then Toby spoke: “Usually one of us can, but not this time.” 

Knowing Gabe, he shook his head as he responded, “That won’t work. Neither of you is tough enough on her. She’ll walk all over you.”

I wanted to scream, “I’m right here!” so they’d stop talking shit, but I was too weak, still kind of sleeping. Ignoring the sound of heavy footsteps moving toward me, I tried to drift back asleep only to be rudely interrupted by a sudden jolt against my shoulder. 

“Get your ass up, now!”

“Fuck off, Gabe,” I muttered, slapping his hands away. 

He grabbed my chin and pulled my face towards him. “Open your eyes and look at me.”  His severe tone made my tummy drop, memories of his merciless spankings drifting into my conscious.

12 April 2020

Starting Over: Chloe's Consequences (Spanking scene only, M/F)


Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 10.


Izaak sat on the sofa with his laptop, not looking up from the screen.  An icy chill settled in the background as I confirmed his fury was still present.  

Acting natural, I tossed my keys into my bag and slipped off my shoes.  “How was your day?” I asked in a peppy voice, pathetic attempt to make conversation.

An awkward silence enveloped us, Izaak typing away, and I wondered if he’d even heard me.  But then when I locked the door, he spoke: “Come sit, we need to talk.”

“Can we not?  I have an awful headache.”

The laptop clicked shut and Izaak set it on the coffee table, eyeing me seriously.  “It’s important.”

I groaned and pounded towards him, considering a tantrum.  “I shouldn’t have partied or left so suddenly, but I needed some fun and...”  I arrived at the couch and poked out my lower lip, trying to be cute.  

He wasn’t buying it, face straight, not entertaining my childishness.  “Sit.”  

With a huff, I plopped to his side and folded my arms, staring at the ceiling in annoyance.  

“Enough whining,” he snapped, tone cutting into me so I sat up and looked at him.  “You’ll have plenty to cry about when we’re finished here.” He let that sink in before continuing.  “What happened last night?”

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