29 November 2004

Story: Cherry Kiss

Misc story.  Autumn is late to her boyfriend's house, having driven there after having a few drinks.  He's not pleased with her behavior.

Cherry Kiss
by Breanna Carter

“What time is it?”

I blinked, lower lip poked out in an adorable slight-pout. I had to try my puppy face to get myself out of this one. “It’s eleven-thirty,” I answered. “That’s not too late...” I began, but he cut me off.

“What time did you say you would be here?” he asked sternly, staring at me with his big brown eyes.

I felt my stomach doing flips inside of me. “Uhm, about ten... but Stephen..”

He shook his head and went back to scrambling eggs. Yes, it was the middle of the night and he was cooking eggs. He always did that when he was nervous or upset... not necessarily eggs, but always cooked. “It’s nearly midnight and you had me worried to death. Did you even think about calling?”

I ignored that question and instead embraced him from behind, kissing his neck gently. “I love you,” I said, grinning from ear to ear, hoping to avert his attention from the matter at hand.

“I love you, too, Autumn, but you’re not getting out of this one. It’s the fourth time this has happened. Not the first, not the second, or even the third, but the fourth!” He put the eggs on a plate and looked at me again. I felt about two feet tall.

“I’m sorry... I just..”

And then, like a dog, he sniffed the air. I closed my mouth. I knew exactly what he was smelling, even before he said, “have you been drinking?”

And like an idiot, I replied with, “no.”

He studied me for a long time and I tried not to fidget. The way he was staring at me with those deep brown eyes, hair fallen in front of his face, hands dropped to sides... oh man, he *knew* I was lying. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. “No?” he asked, putting the plate down on the kitchen counter and not even bothering to eat his eggs. “Where have you been?”

I was glad that he didn’t push the topic of drinking any further. Especially after I promised him I’d stop that kinda stuff.. I mean, you know, socially drinking was okay, for the most part, even though I was three years shy of the 21 year-old drinking age. But the type of drinking I could usually be found doing was to kill the pain. You know, rough day at work, have a couple of shots of whiskey. It usually ended up in me doing some really dumb things, and that’s why I’d promised to stop. I’d also promised that I’d stop smoking... and that hadn’t quite happened yet, either. I wasn’t even quite sure *why* I smoked... it’s not like I liked it or anything.

“I went to Jessica’s house,” I said.

He took my wrist in his hand and led me to the living room where we both sat down on the couch. I tried once again to snuggle up with him and help him forget about what I’d done, but it didn’t work. “And what did the two of you do?”

“Oh, nothing. She wasn’t feeling too well so I took her to get some food. Cause, you know, food makes everyone feel better.”

He nodded, totally not buying it. “What’d you eat?”

“Wendy’s,” I answered, not missing a beat.

“Oh? What’d you have?”

“A number four.”

“Which is..?”


I felt his smirk. I realized it after the words popped out of my mouth -- a number four isn’t chicken!

“I mean...”

“Autumn, tell me the truth. I’m sick of the bullshitting.”

I sighed and gave him another puppy face. When I could see it wasn’t working, I decided the truth was the next best option. “Okay, okay,” I began, leaning back on the couch. “I went to Jessica’s and we had a few smirnoffs. No big deal.”

“No big deal!” he yelled, so much that it caused me to jump a little. Wasn’t expecting *that* reaction.

“Yeah... no big..”

“Autumn! If a cop had pulled you over on your way home, you’d be sitting in jail right now! And since you hadn’t bothered to call and let me know where you were, I’d be sitting here worried all night because you never made it here. I’d be out roaming the streets at two in the morning because you wouldn’t answer you phone!”

I bit my lower lip and looked away. “But I drove slowly..”

“Bullshit,” he said. “I know how you drive, and it’s *not* slowly!”

“But... the point is, nothing happened and everything’s fine,” I said, looking back at him.

“No, everything’s not fine. Firstly, you didn’t call. I don’t mind the fact that you went to Jessica’s after work... nor do I mind that you had a couple of smirnoffs. In fact, I’d have been perfectly fine with you calling and telling me *what* you were doing, just so I could pick you up and you wouldn’t have to drink then drive...”

“But I’m not drunk.”

“You’re still over the legal limit! AND underage, might I add...”

I sighed. “Look, Stephen... I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” I concluded, looking away for a minute.

He took a moment to calm down and finally took my chin in his hands, moving my head so I had to look him in the eyes. “I just worry about you, Autumn, okay? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

I nodded, supressing the tears. “I know... I’m sorry.”

“Then you know why I’m about to do this?”

“Do... what?” I asked.

He stood then pulled me up with him. He retrieved a chair from the dining room and brought it where I was, then placed it in the middle of the floor.

“Um, Stephen...” I began, but he shushed me, then sat down on the chair.

He pulled me over to him by the waistband of my khakis, then gently led me across his lap.

“Wait... what...?”

“Hush, Autumn,” he scolded, steadying me.

I stared at the hardwood floor, confusion within me. What the hell was going on? I planted my hands on the floor, biting my lower lip. This wasn’t how the night was supposed to have gone...

He rested his hand gently on my bottom. “Autumn, I don’t want you to scare me like that ever again, do you understand?” he asked, then lifted his hand and gave me a solid smack on the middle of my rump.

“Yes,” I answered, trying to ignore the slight sting.

He slapped me again in the same spot, a little harder than the first time. My stomach tightened. “Next time you’ll call me then?”

“Yes.” He smacked harder, this time on my right cheek, then even harder on the left, causing me to squirm just a little.

“I won’t tolerate this, or you lying to me,” he stated, spanking me again, even harder than the first few times. I squirmed even more.

“I know.”

He then began spanking a little faster and sharper, causing a biting sting to form. I groaned loudly with each smack, wishing he’d stop.

“Owwww, Stephen,” I whined.

“Shhhh, Autumn. I’m not even close to being finished,” he said, smacking my sit spots.

He must have spanked me like that for a good five minutes, maybe longer. My bottom was very warm when he decided to let me up.

I stood dizzily, rubbing my bottom.

“No rubbing, Autumn. I’m not finished,” he said.

“Not... finished?” I repeated, the fear spreading through my body and my stomach dropping.

“Not at all.” He sat on the couch, pulling me towards him and unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

“No no no!” I yelped, holding my pants at the waist. I totally wasn’t expecting that!

“Yes yes yes,” he answered, slapping my hands away.

“Pleaseeeeee no!”

“Autumn, move your hands or I’m going to take my belt off.”

I quickly moved my hands, folding my arms. How could he do this!

He tugged my khakis down to my ankles, I standing there in only my T-shirt and a pair of Snoopy panties. My face turned about four different shades of red. As much as I felt like a two year old, now I looked like one, too!! And to top it off, Stephen’s roommate decided to walk in at the very same time!

“Oh my gosh,” I shrieked, trying to grab my khakis, but Stephen held my hands.

“Um, am I interrupting?” Adrian asked, keys in hand, eyes wide.

“Not what you think, Ade. Autumn worried me to death tonight and had a few smirnoffs before driving. What do you think about that?”

Seeing a petite eighteen year old standing in front of her boyfriend in a T-shirt and Snoopy panties with a pink backside (that was apparent through the white panties!)... what the hell was he supposed to think?

His look of confusion dissolved and he was now angry, ignoring the fact that I was, well, almost half-naked. He shook his head. “Give her all you have, Stephen. We’ve had tons of talks with her about this drinking shit... and if that didn’t work, maybe this will.”

“Ade! That’s not what you’re supposed to say!” I shrieked.

He shrugged and got a coke out of the fridge.

I was paying attention to Adrian, who was now fumbling around trying to find something to eat, and didn’t see it coming when Stephen decided to tug my panties down to my ankles to meet my khakis.

“Steve!” I yelped. “What are you doing!” In return, Adrian had to look and see what was going on, which made my blushing increase more. I thought I was going to die! And to top it off, Stephen still had a firm grip on my hands, so I couldn’t cover up places that certain people don’t need to see!

But Adrian was uninterested and went back to trying to find some food. I wish I could have only been worried about food.

Stephen dragged me over his lap again, but at least this time I had the couch to support myself. “Drinking and driving is very serious, Autumn. Didn’t you ever see those videos they showed us in high school?” he asked, then uberly embarrassed me by spanking me again. Right there with Adrian in the kitchen, not only in hearing distance, but also in seeing distance!

“Yes, I watched them, pleaseStephenstop!” I said, eyes clenched shut and fists balled up to withstand the pain and embarrassment.

“Not stopping,” he said, spanking harder and louder.

“Ow ow owwww!” I howled, kicking a little and trying to squirm off of his lap. “Stephennn!!”

“Hush, Autumn,” he ordered, stopping a second to readjust me, and then starting full impact again. “And stop all this squirming. Don’t forget that I am wearing a belt and I will not hesitate to use it for its other purpose.”

I stopped squirming for the most part, but it didn’t take long until I was whining and carrying on like a baby. Mainly because I didn’t want Adrian to be a witness, but also because it was hurting like crazy. I knew that Ade was still in the kitchen, food in the microwave (I’d heard him start it up) watching me get spanked like a little child. And Stephen didn’t mind, seeing as both of them had lectured me time and time again. But I never listened, so they figured that I could hear this message loud and clear. And oh was it loud and clear!

It was even louder and clearer when he started spanking my sit spots. I had thought I was carrying on when he was just spanking, but when he got to the sitspots I was really going crazy! I was kicking so much that my pants and panties flew onto the floor. “Owwwwwwwwwwiiiiiieeee!!! Pleaseeee stopppp,” I begged. “Ow ow ow owwww that hurrrttssss!!!”

He didn’t let up in the least, not even when the phone rang. I had thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing, but Adrian had to answer the phone, and in order to do so, he had to walk through the living room, getting a perfect view of my cherry red bum and surround sound of me wailing. And I tried to calm myself when he answered the phone, I figured that Stephen would stop, but he didn’t! I just kept wailing and he kept spanking and I finally began crying and letting the tears steadily stream down my face.

“Oh, yeah, that’s my roommate and his sister,” I heard Adrian saying over my crying and attempted-pleading. “Yeah, she got caught drinking and their parents are out of town... Yeah she’s getting it good.”

My face was red with embarrassment, but at least Adrian was lying for me. At least he didn’t let the person on the other line know that Stephen’s girlfriend was being punished like a kid, even if she was eighteen years old!

“St-Stephennn, pleaseeee stoppp!” I hiccuped.

“Okay, talk to you later,” Ade said, and hung up the phone. He came back into the room and Stephen stopped.

I breathed a sigh of relief, though I was still crying like a baby. “I think you need to drive the lesson home, Ade,” Stephen said, and then I realized that he was talking about letting Adrian spank me, too!

“Nooooooooo!” I cried. “Pleaseeee nooo!!!”

But Stephen ignored my pleas, and any objection Adrian might have had, lifting me up and standing himself, then motioning for Ade to sit on the couch. It all happened so quickly and before I knew it, my face was buried into the couch once again and my throbbing bottom was about to get more than it thought it’d ever have gotten.

I’ll say this much -- Adrian didn’t waste time! He started out smacking as hard as he could, delivering one after another and holding me down tightly. “You will NOT drink and drive, Young Lady, do you hear me?” he scolded.


“I do NOT want to have this conversation with you again! What if something’d happened? You’d have worried me and Steve to death!” His scolding made me feel even more like a two year old and I just bawled and bawled, saying nothing.

He spanked probably a solid two minutes, making sure that my bottom was super super sore, and then stopped. I was shivering in pain, my head hurting nearly as much as my rear from crying so much. He lifted me up, my body still trembling, and then Stephen took my upper arm and shoved my nose into the corner. He did it much nicer than that, though. Really, he petted my hair, kissing my cheek, and just led me there, implying that I should not move or rub. And I did not do either, just stood there and sobbed, hair matted to my cheeks.

After about fifteen minutes, I had somewhat regained myself and he pulled me away, embracing me tightly. “I’m s-sorry for worrying you,” I whispered.

“I know, baby. Let’s go to sleep.”

I nodded slightly and he put his arm around me, leading me to his room. On the way there, though, I apologized to Adrian while rubbing my hot, aching backside.

He smiled gently. “Just don’t let it happen again, okay?” he answered.

“Don’t worry, it won’t,” I said and gave him a slight hug, then landed face down on the bed next to Stephen who threw his shirt across the room and covered us both up with the blankets, snuggling close and finally drifting off into a sweet sleep.

25 November 2004

Story: Old Fashioned Family

Misc Story.  Loren hasn't been doing her chores and her father decides to have a "talk" with her.

Old Fashioned Family
by Breanna Carter

"Loren Maureen Wilson!" my father bellowed. I knew I was in trouble the moment he said it, and not only because he used my full name, but because I could hear him from clear across the house, and upstairs nonetheless.

"Yes, Daddy?" I said, peeking my head out of my bedroom to see only the staircase and wall. I don't know why I did that... I *knew* he'd want me downstairs to talk to him.

"Get down here right now, Young Lady!"

Ouch... Young Lady? That meant trouble.

I shut the door to my bedroom, practiced putting on my innocent face, then scampered downstairs to meet my father in the doorway. I could see my brothers and sisters running around outside in the front yard. They loved to do that in the fall, right about 5 in the evening. I used to run around out there, too, before I turned sixteen. You know, sixteen? That's the age when you get a life and try to forget that you live in the south in an old-fashioned family that still eats dinner together every night at six and lives in the boonies. That's the age when you have your first *real* boyfriend and you drive your car to the drive-in theater to meet some of your friends from school. Yes, we had a drive-in in the town I lived in. Isn't that pathetic?

"What did I tell you to do before I left?" he asked.

Uh oh... this wasn't a good sign. My eyes averted from my angry father to the front door. I racked my brain. What *had* he asked me to do? It wasn't to watch the kids, that was my older brother's job. It wasn't to wash any cars, too cold outside for playing in water. It wasn't to... oh shit. "Uhm, to put a load of clothes in the laundry and unload the dishwasher," I stammered.

"Exactly," he answered, hands on hips, gazing down at me with fierce blue eyes. "And which of those two things did you do, Young Lady?"

"Erm, neither."

"I canNOT believe you, Loren. I asked you to do two simple tasks. I've been gone for nearly an hour and a half and you have yet to begin either of them!"

"I'm s-sorry! I forgot!"

"You forgot last time I asked you to do something. You've been forgetting for the last two months!"

"I won't forget again!" I promised.

"That's what you said last time. I'm finished with this crap. Remember what I told you last time?"

"Y-yessir.." I said, shuttering. How could I forget what he told me last time? he had told me while I was face down over his lap, staring at the floor, getting my backside wallopped by his strong hand.

"And what did I say, Young Lady?"

"T-that you'd... make me.. cut a switch.."

He jerked my chin up to face him. "That's right, Loren. I'm going to blister your bottom 'til you can't sit down anymore, do you understand me?"

"Yessir," I said, choking down the tears.

He grabbed me by the upper arm and led me to the backdoor, handing me his pocket knife. "And you know what qualifies as a good switch and what does not," he said as the autumn air hit my flushed face and I walked down the backsteps. I could hear my siblings playing in the front yard. If they knew that I was about to get it, I'm sure they'd have changed their place of playing. They'd have moved to the den or something and played as quietly as possible, ensuring that they could get surround sound of the punishment taking place. As you can imagine, I was glad that they were outside. Of course, I can't honestly say that I'm not guilty myself of having listened to my sibs' spankings.

I gulped and looked back to see my father still standing at the doorway, hands impatiently on his hips. I knew the longer I took, the worse it'd be for me. But it's so hard to bring yourself to cutting a switch for your impending doom!

I reached up and grabbed a limb of the tree, inspecting the switches to find one that would suit my father and not bring holy murder upon my backside. It was going to be hard to find one of those. In fact, it would be impossible. I knew what my father was looking for, and I knew what I wanted... they weren't even remotely similar. So I found something that would please him and held it gently in my hands, studying it for a moment. Within minutes, this object would be thrashing the daylights out of my pale bottom. Yech... that did not sound delightful.

I hurried back to my house, knowing I'd wasted enough time ambling outside and studying the tree. My father held out his strong hands, asking me for the switch, only using no words. I sniffled as I placed it in his hands. He approved of it, then grabbed my upper arm again, swinging me around and popping my bottom with his hand one time to hurry me inside.

His place for punishment was the den. There was absolutely no privacy in my house at all.

I took down my jeans -- I knew the procedure all too well. I'd been getting spanked at least twelve years.

"Dad... do you really have to do this?" I asked, throwing my jeans over the couch.

He slapped my rear end again, causing me to yelp. "Yes, I do," he answered. "If you don't hurry up and get those panties down, I'm going to give you more!"

That got me moving -- I tugged my white cotton panties down to my ankles, placed them on top of my jeans, and then stood there, giving my father the puppy eyes.

"Oh, don't even give me that," he answered, turning me around so he faced my side. "You earned this switching, Loren Maureen," he said, lifting the switch and crashing it down on my thighs, sending me about a foot in the air and a loud yelp to escape from my mouth. He held my upper arm tightly, crashing it down again and again, mainly hitting my bottom, but sometimes concentrating on my sitspots and thighs, and sometimes even my legs.

"Owwwww, Daddy!!" I howled. "Pleaseee stop please stop!! That hurtsss!" I cried, big tears now falling from my puppydog eyes.

"Think about this next time I ask you to do something!" he ordered, thrashing my thighs again. I was by this point in time practically hopping up and down and trying to keep from squirming so much. I knew squirming only made it worse, but he was spanking so much that I couldn't help it sometimes.

"Hey Dad can we--" I heard, then saw my little sister standing in the doorway of the den. She stopped immediately, eyes widdening, mouth dropped. My dad didn't stop though, just kept spanking me.

I knew it must have been a sight for my sister to see... someone six years older than she, standing half naked as her father lifted that terrible switched and brought it down on my tender flesh again and again. I can see why she just stood there, waiting for it to be over, rather than walking away. Her legs were probably too shakey to permit movement anyway.

My father finally finished and I was crying so badly I couldn't even see. He handed me my jeans and panties, then swatted me, sending me to my bedroom. "Don't let this happen again," he ordered, then turned to my sister who asked something about going somewhere.

I just limped away, defeated, passing all five of my brothers and sisters on the way to my room. I knew they would be whispering about me soon enough, wondering what I'd done, comparing it to the spankings they got, but I didn't care at the time. In a couple of hours, I'd be sitting uncomfortably at dinner and hear my father yelling at another sibling, and then he or she would be promised their own spanking, and the talk would no longer be about me.

24 November 2004

Story: Molly - Chapter 5

Molly - Chapter 5
by Breanna Carter

The weeks passed and I actually noticed a pattern in Molly’s behavior. A good pattern. She would come home in the afternoons and watch tv until I got home then start on her homework. At least that’s what it seemed to me. And I honestly knew that she was doing all of her homework. I could tell that she told me the truth. Sometimes she even asked me for help. At first she was hesitant, probably having the mindset that either I couldn’t do it or I’d criticize her for not being able to finish it herself. But all in all, she was getting happier and happier. A true happiness. I noticed that sometimes she still went to the batting cages, or went running around the neighborhood at random times during the evenings, but I didn’t question it. Each and every one of us has his own way to kill the pain, I learned that from a Shawn Mullins song. And that was Molly’s way to kill the pain. I was just glad that she wasn’t smoking or drinking anymore.

Anyway, things seemed to be going well. I didn’t get any notes or phone calls from teachers, didn’t smell any cigarettes or alcohol on my babygirl, and she seemed generally happy. So you can see why I would find it strange when I came home one afternoon to find Molly sitting on the couch with the smell of cigarette smoke apparent.

“Molly?” I questioned.

She looked up at me, her eyes a little glossy.

“Have you been smoking?” I asked. All I wanted was an honest answer, and I knew she could tell by the tone in my voice.

She nodded softly. “I only had one, though... and I’m sorry... I just..” She broke off.

“I understand, Mollycakes,” I said, gathering her into my arms. “Listen, kiddo... lay off the cigarettes, okay? They’re not going to help anything... especially your lungs. And you’d like to keep those, I know.”

She nodded. “I haven’t smoked since before that night at the skating rink... I didn’t want to disappoint you. But things hurt so much today...”

I hugged her tighter. “I know, baby. I know it hurts sometimes.” I kissed her head. “What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she muttered, wetting my shirt with her tears. “I feel so terrible for smoking again... It’s been almost three weeks.” She looked up at me with the tears still in her eyes.

I wiped a tear away. “How about a run, Mollycakes? You want to go running?”

She nodded softly.

“Want me to join you?” I knew that sometimes she needed the alone time, and sometimes she wanted company. Whichever was fine with me.

“I’d rather go alone,” she said.

I smiled and kissed her forehead. I had no idea what it was that was bothering her so much and desperately wished she’d talk to me, so I could help her figure it out or something, but if she wasn’t comfortable with talking, it was fine with me.

I was a little worried after that. It was getting closer to the time where I was going to have to take legal action with Molly’s mother. Her mom hadn’t been home (as far as we knew), and if she had, hadn’t bothered to call or even move anything in the house. Each time we went to see if she’d come home, the house seemed more deserted. I knew things were starting to get suspicious with the school. I know that’s what was on my mind, but at the time, I had no idea if that’s what was bugging Molly or not.

A couple of days later she was talking on the phone with one of her friends from the skating rink, making plans for the weekend. You’d have thought by that time I’d have known all of Molly’s friends names, but there were so many...

“Yeah, I hope she isn’t there, too,” Molly was saying. “She’s so weird! I can’t believe she’s trying to hang out with us...”

That statement caught my attention. Molly had never been the type to talk badly about anyone. In fact, since we had known each other, the only people she ever talked badly about were her teachers, and that was because she didn’t like homework and tests.

“Yeah, I know what you mean... I can’t believe she tried to sit with us at lunch either.” And with that statement, Molly disappeared into her room.

I should have known then that something was wrong. But I didn’t. I just let it slide. Even when Molly came from her room minutes later with her workout clothes on, waving goodbye and announcing that she’d be back soon. And I knew that she only went running when something bothered her.

Nonetheless, I tried to talk to her anyway. “So school’s okay?” I asked, passing her the mashed potatoes. Yes, surprisingly enough, I actually cooked and we had dinner together.

She shrugged. “It’s school. And for you?”

I smiled, “same.” She didn’t make any effort to keep the conversation going, so I did. “Any new friends this week I should know about?” It was typical of Molly to tell me a new friend every week. One week at the table she’d be carrying on a conversation about some girl named Tanya, and the next week, it’d be Ramona. It was always a different person!

“Nah. We got this new girl, but she doesn’t really... like us,” she lied. I could tell she was lying. Molly can’t even remotely look you straight in the eyes when she’s lying.

“Ah,” I said, taking a bite of my dinner. “Well, you should at least try to talk to her. I mean, even if she’s snobby or something and doesn’t want you hanging out with her. Just at least tell her hi and be nice and stuff... be the bigger person.”

I could feel the discomfort in Molly as I said these words. “Yeah, the bigger person,” she muttered, then hurriedly finished her dinner and excused herself to take a shower.

I let the subject go from there, hoping that she’d get it and everything would be okay by the next week at school and I’d be hearing all about her new friend. Things don’t always go the way I plan, though.

The next night was Friday and Molly had made arrangements to stay the night with one of her friends to catch up on the girl talk. She seemed significantly better as she showered and dressed herself in baggy jeans, a tiny Flogging Molly T-shirt and green converse shoes, then painted her nails green. She had all sorts of glitter stuff that she put on, too. Geeze, twelve year olds and fashion... I don’t get it.

We left for the skating rink about five-fifty, seeing as it took us at least five minutes to agree on a cd and the volume in which it’d be played. Molly had the window down and stuck her head out of it like a dog, taking in the cool autumn air. She was smiling a genuine smile.

We walked in together and Molly instantly left my side, finding her circle of friends and hanging out with them. I, on the other hand, hopped over the counter and stood next to Brad for a little while, catching up on the evenings events. I learned that one of the middle school kids was planning on having a party that night, so she and a lot of her friends probably wouldn’t be present. That was a good sign for us, just not for money. Also, one of the other kids had gotten in a car accident so she wouldn’t be there either, nor would her twin sister. Don’t ask me how Brad knows these things. Sometimes I wonder if he himself is twelve years old.

Needless to say, it was a slow night. In fact, so slow, I realized that I knew everyone there. That is, until one girl came wandering through the entrance, paying her five dollar fee and then ambling towards the counter where I was to rent some skates.

“Hi,” I said, smiling. I always loved to see new faces in the skating rink.

But she wasn’t smiling. In fact, she seemed to be pretty unhappy. She was a cute girl, probably Molly’s age, like most of the kids at the skating rink. She was wearing adidas wind pants and a white T-shirt. Her brown hair was pulled into a pony tail and her dark brown eyes were filled with sadness. “Size five,” she told me, handing me two dollars so I’d shut up and give her the skates.

“You want roller blades or no?” I asked.

She nodded.

I turned around and found a pair of size fives and handed them to her. I felt like I was a clerk in a country store where everybody knew everybody and this was a new person. I wanted to introduce myself and tell her some of the social rules, like who hung out with who and where she’d probably fit in, but then I realized how stupid it sounded and just smiled and watched her walk away.

“That’s Alison,” Brad said from next to me, scaring me so badly I almost shrieked like a little kid.

I looked at him. “How do you know everything?”

“I have a sister,” he replied, then looked back out at the rink.

I stepped up towards the DJ booth and took a seat next to him. “So tell me the deal with Alison.”

“She just moved here from New Jersey and doesn’t really have any friends yet...” He broke off as if he wanted to say more. I kept waiting but he never continued.


He hesitated. “She’s been trying to fit in at school but Molly’s crowd won’t accept her, so a lot of the other kids won’t either. Her dad’s in the military and she moves around a lot. She seems sad all the time and there’s rumors going around that her mom left her when she was a baby because she didn’t want her. My sis said that she was likely to come to the rink tonight because she wasn’t invited to the party and heard from a lot of people that it was a great place to meet people.”

I listened as intently as an old woman in a Southern Baptist Church would when gossiping with another (no offense to old women that are Southern Baptist). I even felt like an old woman... or one of the twelve year olds. I could imagine them whispering about the new girl... the weird kid who tried as hard as she could to fit in, but it never happened. I didn’t understand how come she couldn’t fit in... but I guess when you’re twelve you don’t always give people a chance.

I watched Alison skate around the rink a few times, not really talking to anyone, just listening to the music. My heart went out to her... I knew what it was like not fitting in... as I’m sure Molly did. And that’s when everything clicked. Molly knew what it was like being left out, that’s why she always accepted everyone. Molly’s friends, however, weren’t exactly like her in that they didn’t always accept everyone... So maybe the reason Molly had been so sad lately is because she wanted to fit in. Her friends didn’t like the new girl, so she figured she shouldn’t like her either. But I wouldn’t believe myself in this conclusion. In fact, I knew that within a few minutes, Molly would talk to this girl and they would become friends, just like Molly was friends with everyone else.

It took longer than a few minutes, but Molly and her gang finally approached Alison. I felt myself smile. I knew it.

The difference, though, in the approach that I had imagined and the approach that was made... well, let’s say one was friendly and the other was not. I wondered if Molly could feel my eyes watching her as she and the three other girls with her began teasing Alison. It was mainly Molly... even if I didn’t want to admit it. Molly just spoke with a huge grin on her face, cocking some kind of attitude, then laughing with her friends. And then a friend would chime in and everyone would laugh, and then Molly started in again. I knew every few seconds Alison would tease back, or at least defend herself, but it wasn’t helping the situation at all. Finally, Molly said one final thing, everyone laughed except Alison, and she skated off as fast as she could, the tears streaming down her face.

I wanted to go down there and put an end to it right then. I wanted to remind Molly of what it was like to be the new person in a place... to be the one who doesn’t fit in. I wanted to make amends between the girls. But I didn’t really get the chance... I turned my head for a split second to ask Brad to put in Shawn Mullins, and I scanned the rink one final time to make sure everything else was under control just in time to see Alison stumble out of the bathroom and pass out cold.

As you can imagine, my initial reaction was panic. I hopped over the counter and rushed towards the girl, rolling her over to her back and tilting her head in hopes that she could breathe. I felt for a pulse and it was there. By this time a crowd was forming near myself and Alison. “Back up,” I ordered, probably a little firmer than it should have been. I caught a glimpse of Molly, saw the look of worry in her eyes, then she disappeared.

The kids backed up and Shannon came loping over. “What’s going on?” she asked, seeing the girl passed out on the ground.

“Get me some wet papertowels,” I said. “Alison? Alison, can you hear me?” I asked. Shannon handed me the papertowels and I pressed them against her neck and forehead, hoping to get some sort of response. “Call an ambulance!” I felt like I was in a movie... you know, like ER or something. The kids still wouldn’t back away, of course, I can’t say I blame them. Had something that interesting happened when I was a kid, I’d have wanted to see as well. All I could think, though, was why hadn’t it happened when I was a kid and not when I was the one in charge!

A firetruck came in record time, since the firestation was only a couple of blocks away. I took this time to investigate the scene while they did whatever they did. I’m no idiot... I knew that Molly and the girls hurt Alison enough to where she did something to herself. What it was, I did not know. That is, until I saw one of the toilets filled with vomit. My stomach gave a lurch and I groaned... this probably meant that Alison was bulimic.

After finding out everything was okay and the firemen were giving Alison something to eat and drink, I went in search of the guilty parties -- Molly and the girls I had seen with her. Molly was good at disappearing, but I knew the skating rink like the back of my hand. I knew all the good hiding places. They, apparently, did too. I found them huddled together under the bleachers giggling loudly.

“Out of there! All of you!” I bellowed, frightening all of them. They scurried out from under the bleachers and stood in a line facing me. “You KNOW that you aren’t supposed to be down there,” I scolded. They nodded frantically. I took a deep breath in. “What did you guys say to Alison?”

They all looked at each other, not saying a word.

“WHAT did you say to Alison? I am not asking you again!”

Finally one of the shyer ones spoke up. “Molly told her that she was fat and that’s why her mom left her!” she squeaked.

Wow... that hit a soft spot inside of me. That would be like telling Molly that her dad died because she didn’t drink enough alcohol, or smoke enough cigarettes... not to mention that it was totally not true. Alison wasn’t fat... maybe a little well developed for her age, but fat?

“Yeah!” another chimed in. “Molly said she was fat and that nobody liked her and she would never find any friends!”

“Stop putting all the blame on me!” Molly shrieked. “You guys were mean, too!”

“Yeah, but you were the meanest. She tried to kill herself because of what you said!”

“Hey! Stop the arguing,” I said. “She did not try to kill herself, let me get that straight right now. She simply passed out due to a vitamin deficiency. And I think Molly is right... she was not the only one saying mean things, because I saw you all talking to her.”

Molly stared at the floor. BabyMolly... why’d you have to go and do something so upsetting?

“I don’t want to see anything like this happen again,” I told them. “And if it does, the four of you will not be coming back to this skating rink, do you understand?”

They all muttered their responses and I ran my fingers through my hair.

“Is she... okay?” Molly asked.

“Yeah, she’ll be fine.”

“We’re sorry.”

I nodded. “I am, too. The poor girl was crying her eyes out because she wasn’t accepted by you guys... can’t you just be nice? Do you want her to go and kill herself?”

They shook their heads.

“Molly, I think you should stay home tonight...” I told her.

She stomped her foot. “Brian! That’s not fair!”

“It’s not fair what you did to Alison.”

She gave me a death glare then sighed exasperatedly, stomping off. I let it go for the time being. I needed to talk to Alison and make sure everything was okay.

I walked towards Alison and the fireman to find out that everything was fine, she was going to be okay, just to take it easy for a little while. I thanked him for his help and shook his hand, then he ruffled her hair and stalked off. The two of us watched the firemen leave, my arm gently around her shoulder. “Come on,” I said softly. “I want to talk to you for a moment.”

She nodded... it was a slow nod, almost like she was uncertain of whether or not she should go with me.

I opened the door to my office and waved her inside. “I’m Brian,” I introduced. “I guess I should have told you that sooner, but I didn’t think about it until now.”

She nodded again. “I know... Molly lives with you. And I’m Ali... please don’t call me Alison. It makes me feel like an old lady.”

I smiled. “Okay, Ali.” There was a moment of silence. “So..” I began, not sure how to say what I was thinking. “What happened?” It wasn’t the most original way to ask someone if they were throwing up all of their food, but I guess it worked...

“Uhm... nothing,” she murmured, looking away from me.

I leaned back in my chair. “Nothing?”

She shrugged.

“Come on, Ali. You can talk to me.”

She shrugged again.

I fiddled with one of the pencils on my desk. “Okay, well, I’ll just tell you what I saw then. I saw Molly and her friends teasing, I saw you pass out, and I saw a toilet full of vomit. I guess you can imagine what this leads me to think.”

She turned white as a ghost. “They weren’t teasing me... we were just talking,” she stammered.

“Then how come you were crying?”

“I wasn’t crying.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “Ali,” I began, sitting up in my chair, “you’re a beautiful young lady. You seem really nice and like a great person. I just want you to talk to me. What we say in this room stays in this room, okay?”

I saw a tear slip down her cheek. “I... I just...” she broke off. “I don’t know.”

“Ali baby, did you throw up your food on purpose?”

She hid her face from me and nodded.

I felt a knot forming in my throat. “Why?”

“Because-- I’m fat,” she whispered.

“Oh Ali.. you’re not fat.”

She nodded. “Yes, I am.”

“No... you’re far from it. You don’t need to throw up your food... it’s not healthy. If you did want to lose weight, there’s much better ways of doing it...”

“But this is the quickest.”

“And the most dangerous.” I walked towards her and squatted down to her level, turning her face to look into her eyes. “Ali, I know it’s hard moving to a new place and trying to find friends. But to find friends, you gotta be yourself. You can’t go trying to please everyone because there’s no way that you can please everyone. People have to like you for who you are, ya know?”

She shrugged.

“Please don’t do that to yourself, Ali. Please? Your family cares about you, and hell, I care about you. You’re so much stronger than that...”

“But... I don’t want to stop,” she admitted.

“Ali, I told you that our conversation stays in this room. But technically, I have to report something like this if I see it...”

Her eyes widened. “Pleaseeee, Brian! Don’t tell my father! I don’t want to go to the crazy house!”

“Take it easy, babe. I won’t tell him this time, okay? I’m not telling anyone. Only that you passed out from a vitamin deficiency, because I have to tell him that. But please, Ali... please stop doing this to yourself. I assure you that you’ll find some friends, just give it time, and be yourself, okay?”

She hesitated, but nodded. “You’re not going to make Molly be my friend, are you?”

“I can’t make anyone be your friend, Ali. But I’m sure that Molly’s going to want to be your friend after we talk..”

“I don’t want her to be mad at me for getting her in trouble.”

“You didn’t get her in trouble... See, Molly’s different... she’s always been different. Since I’ve known her, she’s accepted everyone, always been nice to everyone, all of that stuff. And at one point in time, she didn’t fit in, either. So she knows how you feel. I don’t exactly understand why she’s been like this lately, but I’m going to talk to her about it, and that’s it. I’m leaving the decision up to her.”

Ali nodded. “Molly started talking to me once. Introduced herself in math class. Told me the stuff I needed to know about the teacher and some of the people in there. And then that afternoon I tried to sit with her at lunch and one of the other girls said ‘Oh Molly, you’re not letting that loser sit with us, are you? Don’t you know her mom left her when she was a baby?’ And Molly just looked at me, and I could see her eyes tearing up, and I was expecting her to defend me, but all she said was, ‘Yeah, why are you trying to sit with us, Ali. We don’t want you over here!’ And then one of the other girls called me fat, and that’s when I ran off, throwing my tray in the sink, and spent the lunch period in the bathroom, throwing up.”

She was nearly to tears. I was nearly to tears! I got on my knees and hugged the weeping child, rubbing her back gently. “I’m sorry, baby. I’m so so sorry.” She nodded, crying for sure this time. “You’re not fat, Ali. You’re not even close. Those girls aren’t worth it. Nobody is worth hurting yourself over, okay?”

She nodded again.

We stayed like that until her tears subsided and she sniffled, pulling away. I couldn’t imagine Molly doing that -- it wasn’t the MollyCakes I knew.

“Thanks, Brian,” she said, sniffling and standing up.

I stood as well, giving her a final hug. “If you ever need me, I’m here, okay?”

She nodded. “Okay.”

I looked at my watch and determined that it was almost closing time, then escorted Ali out of my office and went outside to look for Molly. Like I said, I knew all of the hiding places in the skating rink, but she didn’t seem to be in any of them. Then I realized that I couldn’t find her group of friends. With that in mind, I walked to the DJ booth.

“Brad... have you seen Molly?”

“Oh, yeah, she left a few minutes ago... said she was spending the night with one of her friends and to tell you she’d call later.”

I could feel the anger rising inside of me. I’d specifically said “no” she couldn’t go to her friend’s house... not after what had happened at the skating rink. And she took it upon herself to go anyway, against my wishes? This didn’t settle well inside of me, and I stormed off to my office, hurriedly counting the money and locking it in the safe. No way Molly was going to get away with this stunt. If she figured she was in trouble for the way she treated Ali, it was nothing compared to the trouble she was in now!

I locked my office door and went to Brad. “You’ll be okay closing tonight by yourselves?”

He nodded. “Sure, we’ll be okay. Gotta go check on Molly?”

“I guess you could say that,” I muttered angrily and waved goodbye, walking out the door.

I grabbed the tiny scrap of paper that Molly had scribbled the address of her friend on. I guess Molly probably wasn’t expecting me to remember that I had the address. Either that or she wasn’t expecting me to take it as far as showing up at her friend’s house. Well, whichever way, I was going to find her and she’d not be a happy camper after we got home. Not even close to a happy camper.

03 November 2004

Story: The Homecoming Dance

Part of the Terrence/Brianna and Ashton/Ana series.  A long account of what happens at the Homecoming Dance during Bri's senior year.  Well, mostly what happens afterwards, which involves alcohol and, of course, spanking.

The Homecoming Dance
by Breanna Carter

{Bri's Perspective}

I took a deep breath as I opened the front door. I wasn't stereotypical, never had been... except for eating at McDonald's before going to Chicago... but that doesn't count. In other words, I wasn't the type of girl who waited up in her room finishing her hair while her prince charming knocked on the door and spoke with parental units. No, I was the one who answered the door, and I'd have liked to be the one driving, but seeing as Terrence STILL hadn't given me my car back, I couldn't really do that.

Opening the door, I was faced with one of the most popular guys in school, Mark. He was nearly eighteen, brown hair, baby blue eyes, tall, thin, captain of the lacrosse and basketball team.. everything that most girls dreamed of, except me. In fact, I wouldn't have even accepted his invitation to homecoming had I been allowed to drive myself. But Terrence was set in his rules, and I can't say that I honestly blame him.

"Well, hello, princess Brianna," Mark said, smiling and bowing to me, handing me a single red rose.

I blushed slightly. "Hey, Mark," I said casually, trying not to play up to this medieval game.

"You look beautiful."

"Thanks," I said, then turned around. "Terrence! We're going!"

Terrence looked up from the television and nodded. "Okay. Have a good night," he said.

I smiled at him, kind of rolling my eyes at Mark in the process, but Terrence knew what I meant. He has brother's intuition.

Mark opened the passenger's side door for me and I climbed inside his tiny expensive car. It reminded me a lot of Ashton's, except the person driving it wasn't nearly as spiffy as the one who would be driving Ashton's car. And then I dozed off in a daydream about Ashton and how I wished that it was he who was taking me to homecoming instead of Mark, and then I realized that Mark was talking to me.

"Bri? Are you okay?" he asked.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah... I'm great. What were you saying?"

"I was saying that the restaurant is really nice. I think that you and Ana will like it. Have you ever tried Greek food?"

I shook my head.

"Oh, well, it's a lot like Italian food."

I didn't mention that the most Italian food I'd ever eaten was spaghetti or pizza and that I doubted they'd have that in an expensive Greek restaurant, but just nodded and smiled.

We walked into a restaurant that was really nice, probably the nicest restaurant I'd ever eaten at. People ate with their mouths closed and kept conversation at a low murmur, while cutting their meat with one of the 900 knives they were provided with. I can't exactly say that I was excited to be eating at such an expensive restaurant. Anything could go wrong.

Luckily, I had Anastasia with me, and although she had her own date, she and I ended up sitting next to each other and she whispered in my ear what to do when I seemed confused. She also had to pronounce the items on the menu for me. Thank God for Ana...

After the dinner the four of us went to the dance which was held in the ballroom of a local college and we basically sat in the back and listened to the music and talked. It was fun, I guess, but most of it was just pointless conversation. Kids from the soccer team would chat with us, then some of the other kids would chat, and finally, Ana got sick of chatting and dragged me to the dance floor, basically threatening me with my life to dance. So I did. And then we met up with Shellie and Jayna and some of the other girls, and danced some more, and then the music stopped.

"It is time to announce this year's homecoming court!" a lady roared over the loudspeaker.

I covered my ears to keep from turning deaf.

She went on to name the people who got the different positions of royalty, and then she got to the seniors and I was surprised when Jayna was named only princess instead of queen. And that meant, if she was princess, then...

"And homecoming queen for the 2003-2004 school year... Brianna Carter!" the lady said and I just kind of stood there and blinked.

Ana shoved me away from my spot and towards the front where everyone else stood and I could feel Jayna's eyes glaring at me. This wasn't a good sign. She'd never speak to me again. Of course, it's not like that really bothered me so much...

Turns out that I got homecoming queen and my lovely date got picked as homecoming king... then we got to dance in the middle of the floor in front of everybody and I was totally embarrassed and desperately wished it upon Jayna to be homecoming queen. It's not like I wanted that damn title anyway! None the less, after our dance in the middle of the floor, we decided it was time to head out because not only was Jayna on a warpath, but everyone wouldn't stop congratulating and "aww"ing at us!

"But Bri! You're just so cute in your little queen's hat!" Ana squealed.

I rolled my eyes for the Nth time. "Okay, Ana, I get it," I said back.

"So my brother's having a few friends over," Mark began, "and we'll all stay in the camphouse."

I didn't really like the feeling I got in my stomach when he said that. He must have noticed the expression on my face because he said, "Don't worry, Bri... there's some girls going to be there, too. And if you don't want to drink, you don't have to."

Oh, don't worry... I was GOING to drink... even if I was kind of worried about what his older brother and his friends, or more importantly what HE, would do. It was my senior homecoming, though, and I had to make the best of it.

{Ana's Perspective}

I knew I couldn't drink. I'd learned my lesson about that from my sixteenth birthday party. And I also knew that Bri was kind of worried that someone would do something to her against her will, so I knew I had to stay sober for her, to protect her, even if she was more like the older sister in our friendship. Sometimes we can change roles for a while. Besides, it was her senior year and only my junior... I could always drink to celebrate next year's homecoming.

She was feeling kind of down to begin with, I could tell. Whether it was because she didn't have her car or she wasn't going to homecoming with her first choice person or because Jayna was mad at her, I have no idea. But something was bugging her. However, it still took me by surprise when she downed three shots of Southern Comfort in about ten minutes. She wasn't much of a heavy drinker and she didn't weigh too much, so three shots of whiskey told me that if she kept that up, I'd get to hold her hair back while she puked. And with that thought it my head, I figured it might be better to just go ahead and drink so the puke wouldn't bother me that much.

But I didn't. I just sat and watched in amusement as Mark and Eric (my date) drank some beer, and Mark's older brother hit on some of his friends that were girls, and some of his friends hit on Brianna, and they just all did stupid things. I mean, don't get me wrong, I wasn't being ignored. In fact, I'd have probably been happier had I been ignored... I was getting hit on by drunk guys, and that's not exactly a cool thing to me.

I don't know how much alcohol Bri had drank... more than I could have tolerated, that's for sure. We'd been at Mark's place for about two hours and about 3/4 of the Southern Comfort was gone, half a bottle of Bacardi, half a bottle of vodka, and a 24 pack of beer. I knew for a fact that Brianna had drank all of the Bacardi, seeing as she hugged onto it and snapped at anyone who tried to get it, then started in a fit of giggles, commanding them to drink either vodka or beer instead.

"Bri, slow down," I ordered in a motherly tone.

She stared at me blankly then got set off in a fit of giggles. "Wha.. yew saya?" she giggled.

"I said to slow down on the alcohol... you're going to be sick."

"Me no sick!" she said, then seeing that she'd left the Bacardi unmonitored on the table she decided to try and walk again. She had been sitting Indian-Style on the floor and somehow managed to roll over on her tummy, but she couldn't push herself up. Instead of asking for help, she whined for a minute, then got set off in giggles again, then remembered what she was after and tried to push herself up again. "RYAN!!" she yelped, seeing the first person and shouting his name.

"What?" he said, blinking a little and turning around to find where the piercing scream had come from.

"Hep?" she asked, holding a hand out, still on her tummy.

He smiled and somehow managed to lift her up. He held onto her for a moment, but once he let go, she collapsed to the ground. I rushed over to her.

"BRI! ARE YOU OKAY!" It was my turn to scream.

"Yesss, silly," she said, giggling and trying to touch my nose but hitting my shoulder instead.

I sighed and tried to help her back up. "You need to get to sleep, kiddo."

"Nahhhhh," she said, though she couldn't really fight. We got halfway to the stairs and she said, "I hafta peeeee!" More like yelped it, really.

I covered my ears and said, "Okay okay, I'll take you to the bathroom."

I led her back away from the stairs and towards the bathroom. I was going to help her out and stuff, but she shooed me away, giggling like a maniac. One of the guys came over and gave me a massage while I was waiting for her to get out of the bathroom. He told me to loosen up and stop freaking out, that everything was fine and maybe I should have a drink. The massage was so good that I actually considered it for a minute, until I heard a loud noise sounding exactly like someone falling to the floor. It took a minute to register where the noise was coming from then I realized that it came from the bathroom.

I ran to the bathroom frantically. "Bri!! Bri!!" I shouted, pounding on the door. "Are you okay?" When she didn't answer, I pounded harder. "BRIANNA! Open the door!" But she still didn't answer.

I held back tears. "Mark, do you have a key to the bathroom?"

He looked up and shook his head, mouth dropped. Some help he was.

Finally, I decided to use my tae kwon do skills (which I don't have) and I kicked the door as hard as I could until it opened. There was Bri, spread out on the floor, mouth hanging open, pants barely at her waste.

"Oh my God," I murmured to myself, looking around. "Bri!" I shouted, moving towards her and rolling her over on her back. "Bri! Can you hear me?" I'd taken CPR so I knew kind of what to do, but I wasn't about to actually try CPR on her...

She didn't answer. I put my head to her chest to see if her heart was beating and surely it was. I looked out of the door and nobody was near. I had to get her to the hospital.

I tugged her pants all the way up and buttoned them (as you've probably guessed, we changed out of our homecoming dresses ages ago), then I put my hands under her upper-arms and dragged her out of the bathroom.

Eric looked at me. "What ya doin'?" he asked.

"Playing hide-n-seek! What the fuck does it look like I'm doing!" I snapped.

He blinked.

"Hey, she doesn't look so well," Mark's older brother said.

"You're quick," I insulted, but then realized that I didn't have a car, so I'd have to take her to the hospital myself, and I'd have to find someone drunk enough or willing enough to let me use their car. I took a deep breath in. "Eric, I need your car," I said.

"Shit," Eric said, turning away and trudging up the stairs.

I looked at the remaining guys in the room until finally, Mark's older brother spoke. "Fine, you can use mine, but if you hurt it, you're buying me another one."

I nodded.

He tossed me the keys then helped me drag Brianna to the car. Or really, he carried her and I just led them to the car. "Do you need me to go with you?" he asked.

It'd be nice... I thought. "No, we'll be fine," I said.

He didn't buy it, though, and jumped in the backseat of the car. "Your brother will probably beat me up for this shit," he said, leaning his head back. "I know I'd beat up any fucker who got my little sister's best friend drunk."

I just drove, trying not to concentrate on what he was saying, but morely the road. True, it was late at night and mostly deserted, but the last thing I needed was a cop pulling me over without a license and busting my best friend for illegal consumption of alcohol and Mark's brother for contributing to a minor.

I pulled in at the emergency door entrance. "Stay here," I ordered to Mark's older brother. "I'll be right back."

I ran inside the emergency room almost in tears. By this time I didn't know if Bri was dead or what, and morely, I had no idea what was wrong with her. And then just thinking that she could be dead, well, that made the tears come.

"What is it, honey?" one of the ladies said.

"I-it's my friend... she's in the car... she passed out!" I blubbered.

I didn't know if the reason they rushed to the car was because it could be something serious or because I was close to hysteria.

Then they asked tons of questions... our names, addresses and phone numbers, what we were doing, what she had drank, how long she'd been out, what exactly happened... stuff like that. I was so scared I could barely speak, so Mark's older brother did some of the answering for me, or at least he answered everything he could. She said that she had already called Brianna's guardian and asked if I'd like her to call mine, and I just cried harder, knowing that Ashton would be so mad at me, for whatever reason, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I just knew he'd be mad at me! Mark's brother rubbed my back a little and told me it was going to be okay, and that's when I nodded and told her that yes, I did want her to call Ashton. He was my older brother and one of Bri's good friends, he deserved to know what was happening.

They didn't tell me anything until Terrence and Ashton got there. I mean, the most they said was, "have a seat in the waiting room... I'm sure she'll be fine." And when I saw those two guys walk through the door, I was set off again thinking that for some reason because they came, maybe it was more serious than I thought and maybe she was going to die... or maybe she was dead already. And I cried harder and harder until my head throbbed and my nose was stuffy and my throat was sore. Ashton scooped me in his arms trying to calm me, rubbing my back, stroking my hair, talking to me calmly telling me it was okay. I couldn't help but think that it wasn't, though. And Terrence held my hand. I felt just like a seven year old. But I guess that isn't always such a bad thing.

Eventually I calmed down. I don't know what calmed me down... not the nurses or anything, that's for sure. I guess it was a combination of having three older brothers with me, even if only one of them was mine. It something about big brothers that's just comforting. And after a while, I just rested my head weakly on Ashton's shoulder and sniffled, silently praying that Bri would be okay.

After waiting for what seemed like hours, a man in a white coat came in, a look of total seriousness on his face. Terrence stood up and they introduced themselves to each other and then the man looked at me and said, "What you did tonight saved your friend's life." And that's when I smiled because she was okay. All that time I'd been expecting that man to walk out like they do in movies and tell me that she'd died of some incurable disease and she wasn't coming back, but he didn't. He just said that I saved Bri. And that was enough to get me ecstatic again, but I kept my mouth shut because the doc was talking to Terrence. I wasn't exactly sure what he said, but Ashton had told me after the doc left that it was alcohol poisoning and they had to pump her stomach and she'd be feeling weak for a little while, but would be fine. Then the doc said that Terrence could see her, but for the night she needed some rest and we should come back tomorrow.

As Ashton drove me home, silence filled the car. I was hoping that Mark's older brother would be okay to drive home, but it'd been a few hours since he'd drank anything, and he really wasn't that drunk to begin with, so I was sure he'd be okay. I'm sure Ashton was worried about Bri, simply because she was my best friend and always something more to him than just one of my friends. Had it been anybody else he probably would have only come up there for me, but with Bri, he was there to make sure she was all right, too. And then I began worrying about Terrence... because Bri was all he had left and he might have a heart attack from worrying so much. And then my head began to hurt and I leaned against the cool car window and closed my eyes, not wanting to think about the evening anymore. I didn't even have my homecoming dress or any of my stuff with me, but I didn't really care. I just wanted to go home and go to sleep.

{Bri's story, again}

When I woke up, I had one of those feelings as if wondering where the hell I was... because honestly, I had no idea what had happened. In fact, the most I remembered was keeping the Bacardi rum to myself and giggling over stupid stuff. So when I woke up in a room that was plastered in white with my older brother standing at my side, I began to worry. I tried to stretch out a little, but it hurt to move. My head was throbbing and my stomach felt like someone had punched it millions of times. I began to speak, but my throat hurt, too. What had happened!

So I groaned, catching Terrence's attention, who had nearly fallen asleep next to me. "Bri!" he nearly yelped, and that was a side of Terrence many people never saw. He worried so much about me that he could actually manage to do a girly yelp!

"Hey," I whispered.

"How ya feelin', kiddo? You scared the hell out of us last night."

"What happened?" I asked, ignoring his question.

"You had a little too much to drink... well, a lot too much to drink. Never do that again... please." He was practically pleading... I hadn't even realized I drank that much. "Ana brought you up here late last night because you passed out and she was terrified. Had she not, you might not have made it through the night."

I digested that statement and the feeling in my stomach wasn't as it had been, but now it was filled with guilt. I would have started crying, but I felt so dizzy and weak, I just nodded slightly and groaned, going back to sleep.

When I woke again it was late afternoon and Ana was in there. I felt a little better and managed to sit up a little.

"HEY!" Ana said, tackling me in a hug. "You've been sleeping all day! Geeze, I thought you'd never wake up."

I nodded.

She sat back down. "How ya feeling?"

"I'm okay." My throat wasn't as sore anymore and my stomach was tied into knots and my head felt better.

She nodded, turning away.

"Where's Terrence and Ashton?"

"They went downstairs to get a bite to eat. Terrence has been up here forever... he hasn't eaten anything, hasn't even moved. Ashton had to pry him away."

"He's really worried?" I asked, feeling more and more guilty by the minute.

"Yeah. Said you woke up this morning and seemed kind of... weird... but I told him it was nothing unusual," she added, smiling slightly.

I grinned as well. "When can I go home?"

"Whenever you get your lazy ass up!"

I smiled again, but then put on a serious look. "What happened, Ana... I mean, I know what Terrence said, but, well... you were with me the whole time.. I didn't... do anything stupid... did I?"

"Aside from drinking enough to almost kill you?" she teased. "Nah, nothing you'd regret I'd say. Just crawled around and acted like an idiot, but you know, that's normal for you."

I was glad she was joking a little because it made my stomach feel not so uneasy. "So... what happened?"

"I was trying to get you up to the bed so you could sleep, because you were really drunk... and you said you had to go to the bathroom, so I took you in there, and next thing I know, you were passed out on the floor and I had to find someone's car to take... so Mark's older brother let me drive you to the ER, and then they called Terrence and Ashton and pumped your stomach."

I nodded. "I don't remember anything," I admitted.

"At least you're okay, and that's all that matters."

We sat there and watched tv for a little while, until Terrence and Ashton came up. The room suddenly got loud, seeing as they were two moronic guys who took every chance they get to tease me about how I slept with my mouth hanging open and snored so loud you'd think it was a train coming. I just grinned and shook my head at them, trying not to feel so bad about what happened. You can't even begin to imagine how hard it was not to feel guilty.

The doctor finally came in and talked to me for a little, telling me all this stuff that I didn't quite comprehend but it wasn't really that important, or so Terrence said, and then he sent me on my way, telling me to take it easy for a little while and then lectured me about drinking responsibly. I assured him that I wouldn't drink ever again. I didn't want to put myself or anyone else through what had happened. The guilty feeling still stayed with me, though. It just wouldn't go away.

As the doctor had ordered, I took it easy for a couple of days, even got to miss school. I ate tons of saltine crackers and chicken noodle soup. I felt like it was the middle of January when it really wasn't even close. But I still had that guilty feeling.

"Ana... I hate feeling this way," I told her. "Everyone's looking at me differently it seems."

"It's only cause you're not feeling well. They're just taking care of you."

I sighed, fiddling with something on the night stand as I talked to her on the phone, she sneaking the cellphone in the bathroom to have a chat with me. "I know, but it's almost like... I know I deserve to be punished, but I worried everyone so much they're scared to punish me. Does that make sense?"

Ana knew me well... we'd had a conversation similar to this previously. She giggled. "No, Bri, it doesn't. You don't deserve to be punished, you've been punished enough..."

I shook my head. "For some reason I don't feel like it.." I said, intending to go on further before I heard the loud roar of a teacher in the bathroom.

"Uh, I gotta go," Ana said quickly and then hung up. I sighed, hanging the phone up and plopping myself back down on the my bed, wondering what to do.

{Ana, Again}

"Anastasia! You know it's against school rules to have a cell phone at school, much less be talking on it, much less be talking on it in the bathroom during the middle of class!"

I stuffed the phone in my pocket. "Sorry, ma'am," I murmured. "My friend is very sick and I was calling to make sure she didn't need anything." It was mostly true.

"Well, we have phones in the office for that. And I'm sure Brianna is fine, if she needs anything her brother will cater to it, okay?"

I think my teachers knew me too well. I nodded, figuring the best way out of this would be to not use a smart mouth. I knew this teacher well enough to know she was strict, and the more rational I was, the more rational she would be. Or at least that's what I thought.

"Hand it here, Anastasia," she ordered.

"B-but... Mrs..."

"I'm not playing games, Ana. Hand me the phone and you can pick it up this afternoon in my room after I have a talk with Ashton."

"A talk with Ashton? Is that really necessary, ma'am?"

"Yes, Anastasia, it is." She held out her hand for the phone.

I groaned and placed it in her hand, regretting that I hadn't gone in the stalls to talk on the phone.

"To class," she demanded, pointing towards the doorway.

I grabbed the plastic hallpass that I had sat on the top of the paper towel dispenser and ambled away back towards my class.

I spent the entire day worrying about the fact that my science teacher, Mrs. Hull, was going to be calling Ashton. Ashton hated being bothered with stuff concerning me... like me getting into food fights or having a cell phone at school. Stupid stuff I knew I wasn't supposed to do, but did it anyway. I was only a little worried... maybe Ashton could see my side of this situation and I'd get out of a sore backside. Yeah, right... fat chance.

Thus, I spent the whole day fidgeting nervously in my seat. I was very jumpy, everyone noticed it. During soccer practice, my mind was elsewhere and I accidentally passed the ball to the wrong team member.

"Ana, what's up with you today?" Shellie asked.

I bit my lower lip. For some reason Shellie seemed like a spiffy enough person to tell the truth to. "I'm in for it when I get home," I told her.

She patted me on the back. "I'm sorry, Ana... maybe it won't be so bad?"

Her words of encouragement didn't help much, though. The anticipation still filled my body.

After practice we headed for the showers and I got all clean then skipped towards Mrs. Hull's room. The last period of the day was her study hall class and I had a little time left before the bell rang, so I wanted to meet her quickly and get out of there.

No such luck. The classroom door was locked. Busy seniors scribbled down their homework, while others passed notes to one another. Not one student dared to speak. That's how strict this teacher was.

I had been standing there nearly five minutes when I felt a large hand on my shoulder that caused me to jump. "Holysh--" I began then turned around to see it was Ashton towering over me and stopped myself. "Heya, Ashton.." I said, trying to put on my most innocent smile.

He rolled his eyes, apparently in a good mood. "Ana, Ana... what am I going to do with you," he said, ruffling my hair.

"Love me and give me a hug?" I answered.

He tackled me in a hug, squeezing the mess out of me. "Oh, Ana... you're still in trouble.."

That lowered my hopes. Even if he was in a good mood, I was still in trouble. Great.

The bell finally rang and the seniors practically ran out of Mrs. Hull's room. Some people greeted me, other's said hello to Ashton, but for the most part they just ran out. Most of the seniors that Ashton and I were friends with played two sports, so they wouldn't have been in study hall.

"Hello, nice to see you both," Mrs. Hull said, shaking Ashton's hand. She reached in the pocket of her dress and handed Ashton my cell phone, then locked the classroom door behind her. "I don't want to see the cell phone again, Anastasia," she told me. "If I do, you will not see it again for the rest of the year, understood?"

Had Ashton not been there, I'd have popped off a smartass comment. But I resisted. "Yes, ma'am." I was trying my hardest to not get spanked.

Ashton led me to his car without speaking. He wasn't ignoring me out of anger, I don't think. He just didn't want to talk. And I was fine with that, I'd rather not talk then have him yelling at me.

We hadn't been in the car longer than a few seconds when we noticed the phone vibrating in Ashton's hands. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the caller ID.

"Who is it?" I asked, but he answered.

"Heya, BriBri!" he said, grinning.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Hey, that's what Ana has on her phone!" I knew she was bitching about him calling her that. "Blah blah blah, yeah, here, talk to Ana. You big grump."

He threw the phone at me and started the car. "Hey, Bri," I said, glaring at my brother.

"Ana... would I be stupid to ask for a spanking?"

That wasn't what I was expecting to hear. "Uh, Bri... are you sure you want one?"

"I can't handle this stupid guilty feeling I keep getting. I need something and I don't know what. I need Terrence and Ashton to stop wanting to punish me but being scared to."

"Ashton?" I asked, not fully understanding and getting a weird look from my brother who was wondering why the hell I was talking about him.

"Yes," she stated, then began crying.

"Hey, Bri... babe... calm down!" I said, noticing that she was close to hysteria.

"I can't," she murmured.

"Sure ya can... just breathe..." when I could tell she was breathing, I decided it was time to talk again. "Look, I'm in trouble, or I'd come over. Talk to Terrence about it, okay? Tell him why you're upset. I'm sure he'll understand."

Her voice quivered, but I knew she was nodding. "Okay, Ana," she whispered. "Thanks."

Ashton said nothing when I hung up the phone, just held out his hand. "What?" I asked.

"The phone is mine, Ana... it's mine for the next couple of weeks."

"Heyyy, I need this phone!"

"Not exactly," he said.

"Aww, come on Ash... please don't take my phone. Bri needed someone to talk to earlier, that's why I called."

"I'm sure it wasn't a life or death situation."

"And what if it was?"

"She could have called me.. I was home, she knows how screwed up my Monday schedules are."

"What if it was a girl problem, huh? What if she thought she was pregnant?"

"It could have waited until after school," he said, winking at me. "Phone, Ana."

I sighed and handed it to him. My phone was like a security belt! How could I go without it!

"You're not even supposed to have it at school," he said.

"I know, it was dumb, I won't do it again."

"I know you won't... I'm going to make sure of that. You'll know that if you do, you'll get your phone taken away and a spanking."

"A spanking!" I gasped. "Come on, Ash... it wasn't that big of a deal!" I pleaded.

"Big enough for your teacher to call me, big enough to get a spanking."

"Well what if she was calling to tell you something good I'd done?"

"Then I guess you're out of luck," he teased. "Seriously, though. You know there's rules against having the phone at school, so you're getting a spanking. End of story, okay? When we get home, do your homework, we'll have dinner, and then you're getting it."

I whined and looked out the window. Seems like I spent all of my time getting spanked nowadays... and Bri, too. I was surprised that Ashton hadn't said anything to me about hanging out with the "wrong crowd" after what had happened at homecoming. But I guess he was like Terrence, just too worried to think about punishment. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, though. And to think... Bri wanted the punishment. Yikes!

{Back to Bri's Perspective (is this getting annoying?)}

I hung up the phone from talking with Ana and snuggled with my teddy, staring blankly at the tv as I waited for Terrence to get home. Ana was right -- I had to talk to him. Just like I'd had to talk with him about my grades... just like I had to talk with him about everything. It was because he was my brother and he loved me and I loved him and we cared about each other and we really were all we had left, so you know, it was a given that we'd talk to each other. Of course, it's not like I could actually keep anything from him. Like I've said plenty of times before, he has brother's intuition.

He finally came home about the time I anticipated him. He knew something was wrong. If you saw your seventeen year old sister sitting on the couch cuddled up with a teddy, you'd probably think something was wrong, too -- brother's intuition or not.

"Hey, Bri. How ya feeling?" he asked, shutting the door behind him, throwing his jacket on the chair and plopping down next to me.

"Crappy," I admitted, looking at him with a puppy face.

He gave me a questioning look. "What's up?"

"I feel terrible about homecoming, about what I did, about worrying you guys... and..." I bit my lip trying to think of the least blunt way to put this. It wasn't working. "Terrence... the thing is... I deserve a spanking." There, I said it... clear as daylight.

He blinked, apparently not expecting that to be the problem. "You deserve a spanking?" he said, still giving me a weird look.

I hadn't been expecting that look. "... yes," I finally answered, after a long pause.

"Why do you say that?"

Becoming frustrated, I tried to think of an answer. "Because I got completely shit-faced and made an idiot out of myself and scared you and Ashton and Ana half to death and it's just not right for me to get away with it."

He nodded. "Don't you think the way you feel now is some form of punishment?"

"Yeah... but... I don't feel like I've been forgiven."

"Oh, Bri... you've been forgiven... we've just been really worried about you and want to make sure you're okay."

"But I don't feel forgiven," I answered.

He put his arm around me and let me lie my head on his chest. "Baby, there's going to be times in life that you're going to do something wrong and feel bad and not be spanked for it... what are you going to do then?"

"Come to you and ask you," I said in a whiney voice, knowing that it was an unrealistic answer.

He chuckled slightly. "And I'd do it for you, Bri. I'll do anything for you... you know that, right?"

I nodded, trying to hold back the tears.

He hugged onto me tightly. "Are you sure you want to be spanked, though?"

I nodded again.

Terrence understood... like always. He let go of me and gently led me over his lap. I could tell that this hadn't been his plans for the evening. Who actually plans to spank their younger sister because she asked for it... I mean, literally asked for it!

I found myself face down on the couch, over Terrence's lap... a position I found myself in more often than I liked. I took a deep breath in as he steadied me and tugged my pj pants down. Second thoughts? Yes, of course!

"Brianna, you worried me to death the other night. You know that you're too young to drink, and I don't care if it was your senior homecoming or not, that doesn't justify what you did by any means."

"I know," I said. "And I won't do it again, I promise." That was a genuine promise if I've ever heard one.

He slapped my backside and it was a love tap if I've ever felt one. But in my condition, it didn't matter. I'd already begun crying. It didn't take too many love taps before I was kicking and crying like a baby. I knew my bottom wasn't much darker than a bright pink, but I hurt so badly on the inside, it didn't matter much. I felt like I spent an eternity over his lap, having my bottom beaten to no extent, when in reality, I probably spent no longer than a minute or two over it and it was nothing even remotely close to what I'd gotten on previous occasions. Anastasia was right -- the real punishment was already done. I'd spent a night in the hospital, worried the three most important people in my life to death, and had to deal with the guilt. That was my real punishment.. this was just the physical aspect that I felt like I needed. I don't know why I felt like I needed it so much.

He finished up and let me lie there and bawl like a baby for a few minutes before scooping me in his arms and holding me there, rocking me back and forth. "Shhh, Brianna baby. You're okay... we're okay now. You're forgiven and I love you so much. Please don't worry me like that again."

"I w-won't," I promised, hiccupping and snuggling close to him. While my bottom was throbbing and I felt like a two year old, there was still something there... something I needed. And the guilt was gone. I didn't regret my decision at all. Not even close.

{Are you ready to find out about Ana's punishment??}

How evil of Ashton to prolong my punishment until after dinner! Can you even begin to imagine how embarrassing that is, sitting around all day, knowing that you're going to get it. Plus, that demand to stay in my school uniform since I got in trouble at school. Geeze, I couldn't even change into my pjs!

So that's how I spent my day after I got home, with this stupid punishment looming over me. And I didn't even have my cellphone to call any of my friends! In fact, everytime it rang, Ashton made sure that he was somewhere near me and he'd always answer it, letting all of my friends know that I wouldn't have my cell phone for a couple of weeks and I'd call them as soon as I could. Ugh, what nerve! Well, I have to admit, I'm glad he was at least in good spirits about it. Things could have gone over a lot worse.

After finishing my homework, I was allowed to play the Sims on my computer for about thirty minutes before dinner was ready. Yes, I know it sounds like I'm nine again. Leave me alone.

"Hey, Ana! Dinner's ready!" Ashton called about six. It's about time. Geeze. I'd been fidgeting nervously the entire day, still in my plaid skirt and white button-up shirt.. So not only was he treating me like a nine year old, I looked like one, too... I'm sure there was a point to this.

Dinner was very uneventful. We, um, ate... and talked about different stuff, like school. How's it going, did you finish your homework, made any plans for college yet, any cool soccer trips this year? By listening to us, you would have never known that a spanking was impending. I was desperately wishing that it wasn't.

I ate as slowly as possible, but Ashton has always been a quick eater, and when he finished, he was ready to get it over with. "Hurry up, Ana. I'm not going to wait on you all night," he said, gathering the dishes and beginning to wash a few of them.

I poked out my bottom lip and ate a little more of my food, finally deciding to stop delaying and get this over with. I wondered how Bri was doing right about then. "So how about I call Bri?" I decided.

"Right after your spanking," Ashton said, completely avoiding the fact that I was trying to change the subject. That stuff never works with him. I don't know why I even try anymore.

He sat down on one of the chairs in the dining room then motioned for me to come over towards him. I gulped. "Ashton, really," I insisted. "You took my phone away, isn't that enough?"

"We've already been through this, Anastasia -- if someone from school calls me, you're getting a spanking. I'm not going to let this slide this year... you and Bri are going to both stop getting in trouble at school, got it?"

I pouted.

"I thought we'd covered that after the incident with the food fight."

The thought of that made me shudder. That was one incident that I never wanted to bring up again. The sight of my bum was not pretty after that evening. I did bring that upon myself, though...

"I know, I know.." I began. "But Bri really needed a friend."

"Ana, you're stalling, and I'm in a fairly good mood and the more you stall, the more impatient I get and the grumpier I get and you really don't want me to be grumpy during your spanking..."

I sighed and took a step towards him. He grabbed my left arm and pulled me over his lap then prompty lifted my skirt. I wanted to beg, but like Ash had already said, he was in a decent mood, and I didn't need to ruin that. Perhaps I wouldn't get it as bad if I just complied. If only I listened to my own philosophy every once in a while!!

I felt my panties being tugged down as I placed my hands on the floor and stared at the legs of the chair. How come I couldn't just stay out of trouble at school? Things would be so much easier if that were the case!

"If you'd just stay out of trouble at school, things would be so much easier on you," Ashton said, as if he were reading my thoughts. Hmm, that's kinda creepy.

"I know," I answered, then felt the first smack which caught me by surprise and made me yelp. Believe me, I've had much worse, but it still hurt! He then delievered the next flurry of smacks, all of which caught me by surprise because I wasn't exactly expecting them to be that hard. "Ow! Ash... ouch! That -- ah! Hurts!"

"Good. See what happens when you disobey rules?" he asked, still delivering them to me.

Oh yeah, I got it! "Yesss," I answered, squirming slightly.

He slapped my sitspots for a while and then added swats to my thighs. "No cell phones at school, Anastasia. And no more bad notes about you, okay?"

"Okay," I answered, squirming and near tears.

He stopped spanking and stood me up, allowing me decency by tugging my panties back up. He took my chin in his hands. "Seriously, Ana.. You're not a bad kid, not even close to being bad. Having a cell phone at school isn't a big deal, at least to me. I've had my share of illegal things at school.." I wanted him to elaborate, but now wasn't the time. "We all have. That's why I went easy on you. But I better not get a call from your school the rest of the year, understand?"

I nodded.

"Good," he said, letting go of my chin. "Now go have a shower and we'll watch CSI."

I smiled. That show is the greatest!

I didn't make it all the way to the shower, though, before the doorbell rang. There were only two people who would come over without previous notice, unless they tried to call my cell and couldn't get through -- and even then, there weren't many people who would just randomly come over.

Ashton and I both stared at the door. The sun was nearly set so we couldn't see much of a shadow from behind the blinds, but I think we knew who it was before he called out, "who is it?"

"It's me, Bri," the voice said. We both looked at each other and I flattened my skirt to make sure that she wouldn't be able to see my reddened thighs. Ash walked to the door and answered it.

"Hey, Bri... wasn't expecting you..." He said, seeing her tiny frame standing there.

She nodded. "Terrence dropped me off because I wanted to talk to you guys."

Hmm, maybe she could watch CSI with us? Pleaseee let that be why she's here!

We both knew that wasn't why she was here. "Sure, come in," Ash said, moving out of the way and letting her come inside.

I smiled and tackled my best friend in a hug. I could tell she had been crying. Ash sat on the couch. "Heya, Bri! How are you??"

"Better," she answered, smiling. "But there was something else I wanted to get taken care of." Then I remembered our previous conversation. Oh no... she wanted Ashton to spank her, too!

She looked at my older brother. "Ash, I know what I did the other night was irresponsible, and Ana's like a little sister to me, I should have left and done the right thing... and I didn't.."

Wait a minute... Ashton still hadn't really bugged me about what I did that night and I wasn't itching to hear about it now. Why did Bri have to be such a good girl sometimes!

"And, well... I feel terrible for worrying you guys like I did... and, uhm, I talked to Terrence about it... and decided it'd be fair if you spanked me, too.. and Ana watched... since what I did affected both of you."

Eck! I knew she was going to ask Ashton! But I didn't know she was going to make me watch. "Wait, Bri.." I began, stepping in. "What does me watching have to do with it?"

She looked at me, about to answer when Ashton interrupted, "Brianna, you're a really good friend of mine," he said. "More than a friend... more like a sister." Go Ashton! Tell her she's fine and that we're going to watch CSI like a family would! Please don't spank her and make me watch! "And you worried me to death the other night.. I guess I can spank you if you really want it, but wouldn't you rather me spank Ana for letting you drink that much??"

"HEY! Wait! That's not fair!" I said, pouting, though I knew he was just teasing.

He smiled and so did Bri. "No," she said, "I think you should spank me for being dumb enough to drink that much, and make Ana watch since she watched me drink."

"Wait, wait... this still isn't fair... I didn't have much control over it."

"I know, Ana... you didn't... but I worried you, and I mean, I guess, you could punish me, too... but wouldn't it be just as embarrassing for me if you watched your brother spank me?"

I nodded -- I definitely didn't want to partake in spanking my best friend! She was older than me and that would just be weird.

We looked at Ashton for his approval. "Okay, here's the deal," he began, pointing to the couch on the opposite end of the living room for me to sit and motioning for Bri to come towards me. "Bri did have a point, Ana. If she's doing something you know is wrong, even if you can't stop her, you could call Terrence or me. You both knew that going to the party was wrong... and it was something that neither of us would want you to do. And the reason that neither of you have been punished is because Terrence and I both felt it was enough of a scare when Bri got sick. We figured that was enough to dissuade you from wanting to do anything like that again."

We both nodded at that statement.

"But, Bri, if you still feel like you should be punished, I'll do that -- and Ana will watch to add punishment on both ends. Ana, this is what happens when you aren't responsible with your friends, and Bri, this is what happens when you aren't responsible at all."

I gulped, taking a seat on the couch. Gah, what happened to CSI???

Ashton pulled my best friend towards him and then over his lap. He ignored the fact that she was still wearing pants. That's probably a good thing -- I didn't want to see her get spanked on the bare. That's so embarrassing... I would have turned nineteen different shades of red.

She was wearing windpants, though, and I guess I didn't realize they were easy to pull down... because the second she got across his lap, they came down and those nineteen different shade of red I was telling you about -- well, my face turned them. There she was, my best friend, over my brother's lap, bottom exposed, a bright pink hue from her previous spanking I assumed. OMG I thought I was going to die.

There were no protests, though. I think all three of us were too nervous to say anything. I watched as intently as an onlooker of a bad car accident -- you know, those people who feel bad for staring but are too curious to actually look away? He lifted his hand high in the air and slapped it down on her bum causing me to jump nearly three feet in the air. This wasn't good for my nerves. It just got worse as the spanking carried on. It was basically the same thing that had just happened to me, like I was watching it in third person -- I guess it kind of was. He spanked her cheeks until they were pinkish-red, and then spanked her sitspots and thighs. She took it a lot better than I, though, not struggling, just crying silently into the couch cushion. I bit my lower lip, shifting in my seat until he finally stopped and cuddled her closely.

They sat like that for minutes, just cuddling. I was kind of jealous because he didn't cuddle me like that! but it didn't last long because Bri honestly needed it more than I did. She'd been through so much more than I had. I felt so bad for her that I started crying and next thing I knew, I was over there with them and we were just all cuddling with each other. Needless to say, we stayed like that until CSI came on and I demanded that we watch it as a family, since we were a family. Bri called Terrence to let him know that she was okay and then I pestered them to let her stay the night until everyone agreed. Yay! So we watched CSI until Terrence came over to bring Bri some clothes, and then we still watched it and he got engulfed in it and we really did watch it as a family... like we were all brothers and sisters. It was great.

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