26 November 2020

Starting Over: Violet's First Day at Work (spanking scene only, M/F)

Spanking scene from Starting Over.  This is from Chapter 15.


Before I had the chance to obey, he snatched my upper arm and dragged me to my feet.  “Take those down,” he ordered, tugging at my slacks.

“So fucking bossy, bro.”  But I unlatched the button as Gabe walked towards the closet where he kept his rattan cane.  With a deep breath, I looked out at the dark NYC skyline, impressed with the view from his corner office.  When I’d worked for him a few years ago, his name wasn’t on the wall and he had a much more intimate workspace.  Now, though, it was huge and impressive.  I decided to pull my panties down, too.

Gabe came back towards me, cane in hand.  He had taken off his suit jacket, and I took a moment to admire his broad shoulders and meaty arms.  I hadn’t paid attention to him yesterday or that morning, but now I could see he’d been working out a lot over the years.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve been caned in your office.”

“Over the desk,” he ordered.

“I’m still bruised.”

“Good, you deserved it.”

With an eye roll, I leaned over the desk, poking my bottom out. 

“Where is the list of your debts?”

“Didn’t get around to it yet.”  

Gabe grumbled something under his breath, plopping a pad of paper in front of my face.  “The amount and name of everyone you owe.”

“Ugh, I’m gonna need more time for...”  Without letting me finish, the cane crashed across my ass, taking me by surprise and almost causing me to shout at him.  But then I remembered we were at the office.  Even though most people had already gone, better not make the leftovers raise their eyebrows.

“You will do it now.”

I growled — “Grrrrrrr” — and was met by another lash.  Fucking Gabe.  Whose idea was it to work with him again?  I was starting to regret this.

I racked my brain trying to remember who all I owed.  Andy and a few of my poker mates… and paying Clo back.  Probably I should add in the money for Jason, even if I was still pissed at him.  And my credit cards... I’d gone crazy with them the last few weeks, including my old company card that I’d received a bill for.  Fuck me for my lousy spending habits.

When everything was written, I calculated it all, and it was closer to $15k than 10.  Shit... I hadn’t expected that.  

Gabe took the pad from me and glanced over my debts.  I buried my head in my hands, not wanting to face him.  My behavior had been nearly perfect the last few years.  No coke, no crazy spending, keeping steady with my job.  And somewhere it all crashed.  The break up was the cherry on top. I was suffering long before that.

“This is a substantial amount more than you estimated yesterday.”  Gabe’s voice startled me away from my thoughts.  


“Excuse me?”

“You know... YOLO... you only live once.”

The notepad fell to the floor, and I felt another cane stroke against my bottom, maybe harder than the previous two because I couldn’t stifle my squeal.  “Wrong answer.”

“Fuuuuck, Gabe, geez, I’m sorry.  I suck at math, I didn’t have a calculator or piece of paper yesterday.”

He whipped the cane in the air, whooshing sound causing me to shiver.  “Do you remember what it’s like being under my protection?”


“This is only the beginning.”  Another lash, less harsh, producing more of a moan to escape.  “If I find out you’ve blown this money, what will happen?”

Before I could answer, another lash cracked against my bottom.  “You’ll beat me black and blue.”

“I have an arsenal of implements ready to bring on the tears.  And I’m also not afraid to humiliate you.”  He took a fistful of my hair, tugging my head back to look him in the eyes.  I was tearing up, guilty feelings coming to the surface mixed with the pain from that stupid cane.  “Bare naked, twisted into whatever position I desire, in the presence of whoever I desire.  Am I clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

He released me and cracked the cane down again, then again, determined to make me shed tears.  It was working.  I was almost broken down.  “Get your shit together, Violet.”  A couple of more lashes fell, making sure he covered my butt in red stripes before stowing it away.


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