11 January 2000


Terrence, Brianna, Ashton and Anastasia

Brianna is one of my oldest characters and the one who finds herself in the most trouble!  After her parents died when she was young, her older brother, Terrence, decided to take care of her.  He's also a firm believer in spankings, and Brianna finds herself over his knee more times than she'd like.  Anastasia becomes Bri's best friends after they meet during Brianna's junior year in high school.  Ana has a hottie for an older brother, and oddly enough, he spanks, too!  Together, they're more trouble than one can imagine!  Since Bri is one of the first characters I wrote about, she also has the most stories!  So I've divided them up according to her year in high school.  Some of them aren't very good, and they might not be in the right order (and you might notice weird difference).  Sorry about that :)

Freshman -
Stealing Is Bad -- M/f nc
Skipping Class -- M/ff nc

Sophomore -
Cheater, Cheater -- M/f nc
Skipping Again -- M/f nc
Party! -- M/f nc
Stolen Car -- M/f nc
To the Park -- M/f nc
Concert -- M/f nc
Heavenly Weed -- M/f nc
Summer of Concerts -- M/ff nc
Ashton's Car -- m/f nc

Junior -
Brianna's First Day of School -- M/f nc
Anastasia's First Day of School -- m/f nc
Bad Grades -- M/f nc
District Championships -- M/f nc
State Championships -- M/f nc
Ditching School (Anastasia) -- m/f nc
Rated R Movie -- M/ff nc
Chicago Fun Part I - Souvenir Hairbrush -- m/ff nc
Chicago Fun Part II - Chad's Party -- m/ff, M/ff nc
Anastasia's Birthday - Part I -- f/f nc
Anastasia's Birthday - Part II -- M/f nc
Spiffy Big Brother (Anastasia) -- M/f nc mouthsoaping
U Drink, U Drive, U Walk -- M/f nc

Senior -
Food Fight -- M/f nc
Lesson Finally Learned -- M/f nc
The Homecoming Dance -- M/f cons, M/f nc, M/f cons
The Soccer Party -- M/f, M/f implied
A Bit of Jealousy -- M/f nc
The Good Old Days -- M/f nc
Dinner At Romano's -- M/f nc
Viva Mexico - Part I
Viva Mexico - Part II -- M/Ff nc
No Pain, No Game -- M/F nc
Temper Tantrum -- M/F nc

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