19 March 2004

Story: Chicago Fun, Part II -- Chad's Party

Part of the Terrence/Bri and Ashton/Ana series.  Still in Chicago, the girls are invited to attend a party down the hall.  Neither can turn down the invitation and it's great fun.  Until it gets busted.  And then they're in deep trouble.

Chicago Fun – part II
Chad’s Party
by Breanna Carter

Anastasia and I looked at each other. Who in the world would be knocking on the door at this time of night?

“Chad,” Anastasia whispered, eyes opening up wide.

My heart thumped. Do we answer and decline the invitation, ignore the knock, or answer and accept? “What do we do?!” I muttered.

She shrugged and I could tell her heart was thumping, too, because she held her right hand over her chest to feel its beat (her other hand still rubbing her rear end). “We should go,” she finally said after another soft knock. “Nobody will find out, and besides, if Ashton’s there, he can’t really tell us that it was wrong for us to be there.”

I nodded. “Sounds good,” I said. I walked to the door and opened it to see Chad standing there.

“Heya,” he said, grinning. “I was beginning to think that this wasn’t your room after all.” Not knowing what to say, I just grinned. “Hope things went well with Ashton? He didn’t yell at you guys too much?”

Ana and I looked at each other and smirked. “Nah, he wasn’t too hard on us,” she said. “We can come down in our PJs?”


We grabbed our keys from the dresser and Chad escorted us down to his room, stopping by Patrice’s room on the way to grab her and Jayna. See, the boys were all downstairs, on the first floor, and the girls on the second. I don’t know why they did that, probably because they figured somehow it’d be easier for us to sneak in the guys' rooms if we were on the same floor?

We ran down the stairs and into Chad’s room where people were accumulating. Most of them, I noticed, were varsity girls, which isn’t unusual at all. Varsity boys tend to like varsity girls, wouldn’t you think?

We didn’t really do much of anything, except some people drank, but I decided against it since if we did get caught, I was in enough shit already. I think Anastasia felt the same way, because she only had one shot of vodka and then stopped. We, for god only knows what reason, watched Requiem For a Dream (great movie, you should buy it), which is the most depressing movie that one can watch, though we somehow managed to laugh through parts. Maybe it was because Chad and his guy friends were drunk as hell and some things just seemed funnier. It wasn’t funny to me, it was depressing. I almost began crying, AGAIN. No matter how many times I see that movie, the ending will always make me cry.

After the movie was over, we noticed that it was getting late, somewhere around 3 in the morning, and we weren’t ready to leave for the night yet. So we played spin the bottle with the remote control and it was completely and utterly dumb, and the only reason we played it was because most of us had never done it before. I ended up kissing Chad, whose breath smelt so badly of alcohol that it was gross, and another boy named Patrick, whom I didn’t want to kiss, and then it started getting weird because the guys wanted girls to kiss each other. Ana and I decided we’d had enough and said goodbye to the partiers, much to their disliking, then headed back upstairs.

As luck would have it, our coach just happened to be roaming the halls to see if anyone was out, and guess who she saw walking up the stairs in the wee hours of the morning? Yep, it was Anastasia and me. I thought she was about to fly through the roof from being so angry.

“What in God’s name are you doing?!” she scolded. “Out in the hallway at this time of the night! Someone could come in this hotel and kidnap you! If we weren’t going home in two hours, believe me, you’d both be out of here right now!”

I gulped.

“And I assume that it was the two of you who took all the tape off of the doors?”

At least I could answer honestly on this one. “No, ma’am, I promise, it wasn’t us. We heard someone take it off then opened the door to see who it was because we weren’t sure what time we were supposed to get up, and when we didn’t see anyone we decided to come outside and see if we could find them.” It sounded believable enough to me...

The coach grabbed each of our upper arms. “I see that your brother didn’t teach you a lesson earlier, did he?” she asked, looking at Anastasia. “Let’s see what he thinks about this. And YOU,” she said, looking at me, “are going to call your brother this instant and tell him what happened and both of you will be taken back to your rooms and put on suicide watch, which means I’ll be watching your room for the rest of the night. Am I making myself clear?!”

“Yes, ma’am,” we chanted.

“Good!” She dragged us back downstairs, then pounded on Ashton’s door.

Anastasia and I just stared at each other, hearing the commotion from the other room. We didn’t really want the others to get in trouble, but hey, if we had to suffer, maybe they should, too.

I saw the coach lift her head, hearing a slight noise come from a room down the hallway. That was about the time that Trey, one of Ashton’s roommates, answered the door. “Is it that time already?” he muttered.

“No,” the coach said, still trying to make out the sound she was hearing. “Will you get Ashton, please? Tell him that I need to see him.” Trey nodded. “You two girls stay right here.”

We didn’t dare move as she ambled down the hallway to the sounds that she was hearing. It was all kind of funny in a way. She finally arrived to the room and swung open the door, since it was open a little anyway. The look on her face almost made me die of laughter. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped and she looked like she was about to have a heart attack. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” she yelled, Ashton coming to the doorway and by this time, Trey was awake and so were the other two guys in their room. We were all looking down the hall at the angry coach and everything was silent. Well, at least Ana and I weren’t the only ones in trouble. “OUT! All of you!” she shouted. “What is THIS?!” She stomped into the room and I knew that she was getting the alcohol and people were bolting from the room. But, I knew she remembered each person who was in the room, and she was royally pissed when she came back outside. She walked over to us. “Have you told him yet, Anastasia?”

“No,” she said politely then turned towards Ashton and the other three guys and immediately blushed. “Uh, well...” I guess they noticed her discomfort because they went back inside and Ashton stepped out of the doorway and shut the door to where it was closed, but not locked. Then he folded his arms.

“Well, what?”

“Well, uh... see...” she gulped, her entire body shaking. “I’m sorry, Ashton,” she muttered, the tears beginning to stream down her face and she let her head fall into his chest. “They knocked on the door and took the tape off and we weren’t going to go but we decided that it wouldn’t hurt and we went to the party but we didn’t drink or anything and didn’t stay that long, just watched the movie and I’m sorry!” she said in one breath.

He rubbed her back. “Ana,” he said, pulling her away, “did you already forget what happened earlier?”

She shook her head, wiping some tears away.

“And you didn’t think about that when you decided to leave?”

“I really wanted to go,” she whined. “I didn’t think we’d get caught.”

“Regardless, you shouldn’t have gone out past curfew and you know that.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” she repeated.

He sighed and looked at the coach then back at Anastasia. “Get some sleep, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

She nodded, wiping the tears away once more.

I had almost forgotten that I was in trouble, too, and was brought back into reality when the coach shoved her cell phone in my hand. “Dial,” she ordered.

I dialed the familiar number. Terrence almost immediately answered... the phone was right by his bed and he’d rather pick up the phone than listen to it echo through the empty house. It did, however, take him a minute to say something.

“Hello...” he murmured in a barely audible voice and I could tell that I’d waken him.

“Hey, Terrence,” I said.

“Everything okay?” he muttered.

“Not really,” I admitted. “We got in trouble again for being out past curfew.” I decided not to beat around the bush... that’d just make it harder for me to tell him what happened. “Some guys took the tape off of our door and knocked and we decided it wouldn’t hurt to go out for a little while and we didn’t do anything, just watched a movie and then when we were coming back to our room, we got caught.”

There was silence.

“I really am sorry...”

“Brianna,” he said in an irritated voice, probably fumbling around with the right words to say. “When you get back home tomorrow, we’re going to have a long talk, the four of us, me, you, Ashton, and Ana, about all that’s happened this weekend, because I don’t think you understand how serious this stuff is.”

“No, I really do understand, Terrence.”

“No, I don’t think you really do.” He was extremely aggravated. “How could you do this? Do you want to get kicked off the soccer team, suspended from school, expelled again? I’m not going to let you screw up your life, Brianna.” I reached back and rubbed my bottom that still ached from the session with my hairbrush. “What’s the coach doing about this?”

“She’s going to put us on suicide watch for the rest of the night, watching the room to make sure that we don’t leave.”

“And what else?”

“I dunno...”

“Let me talk to her,” he commanded. “And you go to bed and I want you to think about what you’ve done on your way home tomorrow, because I expect to hear a good explanation for your behavior.”

“Yes, sir,” I muttered. “Goodnight.” I handed the phone to our coach. “Can we go on to bed, now?” I asked.

“I’ll walk them up,” Ashton said and the coach nodded.

I felt his hand pressing against my back as he led us back upstairs. “What do you think she’ll do,” I whispered.

“I hope nothing too drastic,” Ashton said, “but what Terrence and I are going to do... THAT is something you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.”

We got to our rooms and opened the door and practically fell onto the bed from being so tired. I cried myself to sleep thinking about how I had let so many people down by being so irresponsible... and I was definitely in for it when I got home.

Anastasia and I probably got an hour of sleep that night, and when we heard the loud knocking on our door, it took us about 10 minutes before it finally registered that we had to get up and leave soon. I found myself asking that question again: Who in their right minds drives to Chicago from Louisiana?

“Owwwww,” Anastasia complained as she attempted to put on some jeans that were a little tight in the butt. “Screw this, I’m wearing a skirt. My ass hurts too much.”

I let out a half smile. My rear still hurt a lot, too. “The thing is, Ana,” I began, pulling up my baggy jeans. I realized at that time why I actually bought pants a couple of sizes too big, “that after we get home, man, we’re not going to be able to sit for a week. Terrence and Ashton are so pissed. I wish we hadn’t gone to that party last night. It wasn’t even that fun.”

She nodded. “It wasn’t fun at all.” She put her skirt on then straightened it. “Ready?” she asked.

I shoved as many things into my bag that would fit, then put the rest of my clothes into a souvenir bag. That’s what happens when you pack enough clothes to last you for three weeks. It’s always harder to pack stuff back up than it is to pack it in the first place. “Yeah, I’m ready,” I said, throwing my backpack on and putting my bag on my shoulder and my soccer bag on my other shoulder. “Geeze, this is so heavy.” I grabbed the other bags with my hands. “I don’t think I’ll be able to open the door.”

Anastasia grinned. She had been a light enough packer to where she could fit all of her souvenirs into her clothes bag, so she had two extra hands. She opened the door for me after making sure that we’d gotten everything and the two of us trudged downstairs.

“Did you hear?” Jayna said.

“Hear what?” Ana and I said at the same time.

“Coach changed the seating arrangements. You guys are sitting in the front by Coach and Ashton. And she made it to where everyone at the party last night is going to be on the same bus. I have the feeling that we’re going to get yelled at.”

Anastasia and I looked at each other. I don’t know about her, but I’d MUCH rather get yelled at than spanked again. “That sucks, yo,” Ana said.

“She said she’s going to call all of our parents,” Jayna continued. “And the next soccer trip she’s going to have a chaperone sit in the hallway to make sure no one gets up. And she’s also considering checking all of the bags before the trips.”

“Oh, man,” I muttered, smacking myself on the head. “What have we done?”

“I guess everyone’s pissed at us now,” Anastasia said.

“Nah, not really. They’re pissed that they left the door open and were so loud that they got caught. Well, I mean, they’re kind of pissed at you guys, but you didn’t rat us out, right?”

“NO,” I nearly yelled, wondering why the hell she’d suspect that.

She must have sensed my anger. “Okay, okay, I didn’t think so, but some people do.”

“We would NEVER rat you guys out. I just said that someone knocked on our door and we went to check out who it was.”

Anastasia nodded in agreement.

“Oh,” Jayna began, “well, you should probably tell Chad that. He thinks that you left the party so you could rat him out.”

“What an ASS,” I murmured, about to call him more names before I felt Ashton’s hand on my shoulder.

“I guess Jayna told you about the new seating arrangement?” he asked.

We nodded.

“Ana, you’re sitting with me, and Bri, you’re with Coach. How are you guys feeling?”

I blushed, knowing exactly what he was talking about. “Not so well,” I admitted. “I really like baggy jeans, though.”

He smiled. “Well, you’ll like them even more after we get home.”

Jayna stared at us in confusion until a chaperone ushered us to the bus, telling us to hurry so we could leave already. I yawned again, then stuffed my things under the bus, and headed up the stairs, resisting the urge to rub my still aching bottom. Ashton had walked on the bus before me and sat behind the driver’s seat and I was so pissed that I had to sit in the front of the bus. But I guess it could be worse. I took the seat right across from him next to the window and stared out into the darkness. I couldn’t help but shift a little, it was so completely uncomfortable sitting on an aching bottom. I knew that was what Ashton had planned to do, though, make it to where we were uncomfortable sitting so we’d remember the consequences of our actions.

Coach stomped on the bus and immediately called out the names on a list and everyone answered “here!” I noticed that all of the kids who weren’t at the party were sitting in the back seat of the bus wondering why the hell the seating arrangement had changed. I also noticed that the bus consisted of the older students. Coach finished calling everyone’s name then threw her bag next to me and the bus driver drove off.

“I need everyone’s attention,” Coach yelled, not bothering to use the intercom, so therefore it was really loud in my ears. “What happened last night will NOT happen again.” The talking ceased and everyone looked at one another. “For those of you who do not know, a student took the tape off of everyone’s door and held a ‘party’ in his room.” There were a few murmurs. “And for the record, no student told me of the party. The loud racket in the room caught my attention while I was downstairs.” More people murmured. “There is a curfew established for a reason. It’s not to be mean or anything of the like...” she began. I saw Anastasia begin nodding off from boredom. Typical of her. She never listened to any lectures. She told me herself one day that she usually had no idea what the hell the teachers were yelling at her about. I asked if she did that with Ashton, but she said usually not because he knew when she began to think about other things. Then I realized that I wasn’t listening either, and that Coach had stopped talking and Chad was moving to the front of the bus.

“Just wanted to apologize for taking the tape off of everyone’s doors and for having the party and let you know that it’s a stupid thing to do,” he mumbled insincerely, glaring at me, then moving back towards his seat. I couldn’t help it, I just had to flip him off, but nobody saw me except Ashton, who gave me that look, and Anastasia who giggled.

The coach then went on to say some new rules that she was making, including the rule that someone would be watching the rooms on the next trip. I just sat and listened to everything, still shifting from uncomfortableness, and waiting for it to be over. And finally it was. She sat down next to me. “Girls, we need to have a talk,” she said. Anastasia was sitting on the aisle seat, so she was basically sitting next to the coach, too. “Brianna, I spoke with your brother last night, and Anastasia, I spoke with yours. Believe me, I like both of you girls a lot and you’re both a great asset to the team. I cannot kick you off of the team for what happened last night, seeing as it wouldn’t be fair to you because I am not kicking the others who went to the party off the team. And fortunately for the two of you, I’m not going to suspend you from the team, though all of the people who were at the party are being suspended.” I raised my eyebrows. “The only reason that you two are not being suspended is because I didn’t find you in their rooms and I was assured by both of your brothers that you’d be punished severely for what happened.” She looked at me. “Brianna, I’m sure you know this already, but you’re my number one choice right now for team captain next year.” She looked at Anastasia. “And you’re my number one pick for captain the next year. Girls, you’re both incredible players and great kids, I don’t want to see you throw it all away with one trip. That is why I’m giving each of you another chance to prove that you’re qualified to be team captain. The year is almost over and I’m choosing the captains in June shortly before the end of school.” She looked back at me. “If you show leadership in these last two and a half months of school then the position is yours. Otherwise, I’ll have to give it to somebody else.”

I nodded. “What kinds of things do you want me to do?”

“I want you to just set an example for the other girls, stay out of trouble, keep your grades up, and stuff like that. Since we’re not going on anymore trips this year, there’s no way for you to make it up that way.”

I nodded again. “I can do that,” I promised.

“Good.” She looked back at Anastasia. “Same for you, though you have next year to prove yourself.”

She nodded as well.

“I want the two of you to know how disappointed I am in each of you. I did not expect such behavior coming from two of my best players who are in 10th and 11th grade... perhaps a middle school kid, or even someone on the junior varsity.” She looked at each of us. “That’s all I have to say. Do either of you have any further comments?”

“I’m really sorry,” Anastasia said.

“Yeah, me too,” I agreed. “We honestly won’t do anything this stupid ever again.”

“Yeah, trust me. We won’t even THINK about doing it again.”

Coach smiled. “Good.”

After a little while of silence I decided to put my headphones on and listen to some music. I lay my head against the window, staring at the emptiness outside that matched the emptiness inside of me. I felt so horrible for letting everyone down... I wondered if Anastasia felt the same way.

Before I knew it, I was being shaken by Ashton. My CD player was off, and it was broad daylight outside. “Hey, Bri?” he said. I opened my eyes a bit and stretched out, then took my headphones off.

“Was I asleep?” I muttered.

“Yeah, you were. You and Ana both. We stopped at McDonald’s and I brought ya something to eat. We didn’t want to wake you up.”

I yawned and took the bag from him. “Thanks... if I had some money I’d pay you back but...”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, smiling.

I smiled back and opened it then he handed me a chocolate shake. I realized that somehow he’d known that my favorite thing from McDonald’s was an apple pie and chocolate shake. I grinned widely and looked up, noticing that he was now waking Ana up, who was also leaning against the window. I chowed down on my apple pie and drank my chocolate shake. “Where are we?” I finally asked.

“Far away from home,” he answered. “About seven hours out of Chicago.”

“Is this the first stop we’ve made?”

He shook his head. “Definitely not. We made the first one for breakfast but you guys were sleeping so peacefully we decided to leave you on the bus.”

I blushed. “Oh, okay...”

“Are you feeling any better?” he asked, probably referring to my rear end.

“Not really. I don’t know how I’ve managed to sit this long.”

“Well, when you’re asleep you’re pretty numb to pain.”

“That’s for sure.”

He looked at Anastasia. “How are you feeling, Kid Sis?”

“Hurts,” she groaned, eating whatever he’d brought her.

Within minutes, the rest of the kids came on the bus and I put on another CD and they put on a movie that I didn’t really watch. I just stared out of the window at the stuff passing by, then decided to do some word fill-in puzzles because I was getting bored and antsy.

After doing half of the book, we ate again then I took another nap. By the time I woke up from the nap we were back in Shreveport. My stomach turned.

“Congratulations everyone on some good games,” Coach said. “Get some rest and I’ll see you all on Tuesday. You’re all excused from school tomorrow.”

Nearly everyone cheered and clapped, but I was so nervous my hands were sweating and I didn’t even bother to grin. We let everyone get out in front of us then Coach stepped off the bus and I felt Ashton’s hand on my shoulder again, nudging me forward.

Terrence was the first person I saw when we got off the bus, a frown on his face, just standing there. I tried to smile and tell him hey, but I felt so miserable.

“How was the ride back?”

“Painful,” I said, a pitiful attempt to crack a joke.

“I’ll bet.” He looked at Ashton. “You guys going to meet us at the house?”

I guess Ashton nodded because Terrence nodded and said “see ya there” then began walking towards the car.

“Terrence, look, I...” I began.

“You’re always sorry, Brianna. Every time you do something wrong, you’re sorry. Next time think about what’s going to happen before you decide to be sorry. We’ll talk about this when we get home. And I hope you came up with a good explanation for your behavior because I want to hear it when we get home.”

I let a tear slip down my cheek and stared out the window. I was so sick of riding around and I was ready just to sleep in my own bed or actually get up and go somewhere.

We got home about three seconds before Ashton and Anastasia pulled into my driveway. I gave Anastasia a reassuring smile and she returned it, knowing that it didn’t help either of us: we were both scared shitless.

Terrence unlocked the door and held it open for the three of us to come inside.

“All right,” he said, shutting the door and locking it back up, “both of you have a seat... I’m ready to hear explanations.”

I sat and winced at the pain still in my bottom that had subsided a little, but not enough to where it didn’t still hurt a little when I sat. I then looked at Anastasia to see if she had anything to say, but she looked speechless so I decided to speak. “I know this is a lame excuse, but the reason we went to the airbrush place to get a tattoo was because I really wanted one and we thought we’d have the time..”

“Going to the airbrush place wasn’t what you did wrong... disrespecting an adult was.”

“Well, I mean... I didn’t really think we were disrespecting her 'cause I didn’t talk back to her or yell at her, just kind of walked away. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do instead of fight?”

“Brianna Nicole Carter, do not pull that shit with me. You knew that you were disrespecting and disobeying an adult by getting that tattoo...”

I hung my head. “You’re right. I guess I just wasn’t thinking clearly and I didn’t want to waste time arguing with her and trying to convince her to let us go, so I just pulled Anastasia away and hurried in here. And we don’t have airbrush tattoo places here.”

“And what would have been a better thing to do, Anastasia?” he said, glaring at my friend, probably noticing like Ashton always did that she wasn’t paying attention.

“Well, uh,” she stuttered, more nervous than I, “it would have been better if we’d have just listened to the chaperone and gone back to the bus right away and asked if you guys could drive us to Dallas or somewhere to get a tattoo...”

“Correct.” He looked back at me. “So Ashton punished the two of you last night?”

I nodded.

“And how did he punish you?”

I began blushing like crazy. Did he expect me to give him a play by play story of what happened?

Ana must have noticed my uncomfortness because she butted in. “He spanked us both with Bri’s new hairbrush and it hurt like crazy and then he made us write lines saying that we wouldn’t disrespect any adults.”

“I see. So what happened after he spanked you?”

“We washed our faces,” I began, deciding to leave out the part about us comparing backsides, “then heard someone take the tape off of our door and knock on it.”

“And did you know who it was?”

I thought for a minute. “No...” I said, half lying.

He raised his eyebrows. “Oh? You didn’t?”

He knew I was lying. “Well, we kind of did,” I said. “We assumed it was one of the guys... Jayna said that they usually had parties and apparently we were invited...”

“Okay, so then what happened?” he asked, looking at Anastasia.

“We thought about it for a little while, and I told Bri that it should be okay 'cause we wouldn’t get caught and even if Ashton was there we wouldn’t be in trouble.”

“And I agreed.”

“So, we opened the door and this boy, Chad, was standing there and asked us to come down to his room...”

“So clearly, the spanking you received didn’t make a big enough impression on you to not go down there with him, huh?” Terrence asked.

“Well...” I began, “it did, but we didn’t think that we’d get into any trouble for this...” I felt like I was on the witness stand and I had the prosecuting attorney firing questions at me.

“What happened when you got down there?”

“Some kids were drinking,” I said. “And then we watched Requiem for a Dream. It’s a good movie,” I said, trying to change the subject.

“I’m sure it is. Did either of you drink?”

I shook my head but Anastasia bit her lip. “Well, er, I drank a shot of vodka but that’s all... it didn’t taste good and, oh geeze... I’m sorry,” she pleaded, burying her head into her hands.

Ashton folded his arms. “Anastasia! Drinking? On a school trip?”

“Well, it isn’t so bad,” I said. “I mean, she only drank one shot, and that’s all...”

He glared at me.

“Cool it,” Terrence said. “At least you were honest, Anastasia. Since drinking wasn’t what you got in trouble for, I’m sure Ashton won’t punish you for it. But I want to let you know that drinking is totally unacceptable at your age, no matter if you’re at a school trip or somebody’s house, got it?”

She nodded, “yes, sir.”

“Good.” He looked back at me. “Then what?”

“Then we decided to go back to our rooms 'cause we were sick of partying and we wanted our sleep.” My hands were shaking like crazy. “And then we met Coach in the hallway and she was royally pissed. So she dragged us downstairs to Ashton’s room, then heard the noise from the party room and kicked them all out and...”

“Wait... did she question you?”

I gulped. “Yes.”

“And what’d you tell her.”

“That we heard someone knock on the door and wanted to see who it was...”

“So, you didn’t tell her the truth?”

“Well, not the whole truth...” I admitted.

He nodded. “So, what do you girls have to say about this?”

“It totally wasn’t worth it...” Anastasia said.

“We don’t have a good reason for doing it... we just wanted to have some fun and it wasn’t even fun,” I said.

Terrence looked at Ashton. “I expect more out of the two of you. Having just been spanked, with a hairbrush nonetheless, I’d think that you’d have more sense than to sneak out past curfew.”

“You’re both lucky that you’re still on the team,” Ashton said. “It was bad enough that you completely disobeyed a chaperone, but then you went and snuck out... That’s really not smart. And I know that both of you knew what you were doing was wrong when you did it.”

We nodded.

“What do you think your punishment should be?” Terrence asked.

Oh geeze, I hate it when someone asks that question... for your own sake, you don’t want to go too harsh on yourself, but you can’t go too light on yourself 'cause that’s basically giving them grounds to give you more. “I guess we could be spanked,” I murmured.

“Of course.”

There was a little bit of silence.

“And uh,” Anastasia said, “maybe grounded?”

Terrence nodded. “Well, since the hairbrushing didn’t work... how do you feel you should be spanked?”

“Only with the hand,” I said quickly. “Because we’ve already been spanked and it still hurts.”

Terrence chuckled. “You’ve got to be kidding me, Young Lady. You were out past curfew wandering the hallways where someone could have kidnapped you after you JUST got in trouble for something else...”

I whined a little and slumped down in my seat.

When Terrence realized that neither of us were going to say anything, he spoke up. “All right, well, you’re both being spanked the same way: first by Ashton with his hand, then by me with my belt. And the reason we’re doing this is so it’ll be completely fair, got it? You’re both being spanked equally hard. Who’s first?”

I think we were a little shocked from the first of Terrence’s speech that our mouths were dropped open and we had no idea what to say. First, for me, it was totally embarrassing to be spanked by Ashton since I had a crush on him and everything, and secondly, after being spanked by him, I still had to get spanked by my older brother, with his belt! And then he had the nerve to ask who’s first. I figured since Anastasia was first last time, it was my turn to be first. “I guess I will,” I whispered, knowing that if I talked too loudly that the knot in my throat would break and I’d begin crying.

“Anastasia, stand in the corner, and after Ashton gets finished spanking Brianna, he’ll call you over to be spanked while I’m spanking Brianna. Then Brianna you’ll go stand in the corner 'til I’m finished with Anastasia, got it?”

The two of us nodded and Anastasia walked towards the corner on shaky legs.

“Go ahead and take your pants off, Bri,” he commanded.

I did as I was told, unbuttoning and unzipping them then letting them fall to the floor. I took a deep breath in then stepped out and draped them over the chair. My heart was pounding so much I couldn’t even hear Terrence tell Anastasia to do the same with her skirt. So the punishment would be equal I guess.

“All right, come here,” Ashton said, bringing a chair from the dining room and sitting it in the middle of the floor. I slowly walked towards him, hands behind my back to semi cover my bottom, because I was so scared of getting spanked again. When I got to his side, he pulled me over his lap. I felt like I had lost my case and I was now that criminal going to the guillotine. I was just waiting for Ashton to ask me if I had any last words...

He didn’t, though, but instead tugged my panties down to my knees and didn’t bother resting his hand on my bottom like Terrence did sometimes, but instead began spanking me at full force. My bottom was already bruised as it was and no more than seconds after he began, I was howling and kicking and holding onto the legs of the chair for dear life.

“OWWWWWWW!!!!” I screamed, kicking wildly. “I’m sorryyyyyyyy!!!” I cried. “Oooowwwwwww, Ashtonnnnnn tttttthattt hurtssssss!!!”

He kept spanking, keeping an amazing rhythm: six slaps on my right cheek, six on the left, six on the right sit spot, six on the left sit spot, then three on each thigh, then all over again. “I know it hurts,” he said, not letting up, “it’s supposed to. Maybe this spanking will be one you can remember next time you think about getting into trouble, unlike the last one you had.”

“OWWWWIIIESSSSSS!!” I screamed, kicking. “Butttt I dooooooo re-OW-mem-OUCH!-ber the OWWIEEE last oneeeeeee!!! Pleaseeeee stoppppppp!!!” Tears were streaming down my face and I was wailing and I couldn’t help it because it hurt so much.

After tons of smacks, he lifted me up and marched me to the couch while I tried to rub, but instead of letting me, he spanked with each step then leaned me over the couch. I cried, trying my hardest to refrain from reaching back. I was crying so much and so loudly, I didn’t see or hear him go back to the chair and pull Anastasia across his lap, and I didn’t see Terrence move behind me. I barely felt him tapping his belt on my bottom.

“Brianna, we love you, and I don’t want to see you get hurt, and I don’t want you to get yourself suspended or expelled from school, got it? You’re too smart of a kid for that, and too good, okay?”

I nodded, still crying and sniffling, thinking it was a wonder that I even heard what Terrence was saying. About that time, I heard the beginning of Anastasia’s spanking.

“Ready?” he asked.

I cried louder. What a dumb question to ask...

I guess he assumed that I was ready because I felt him pick the belt up then I heard the crack and felt the pain and yelped and nearly jumped off the couch. Good thing he was holding me down because if he hadn’t, I’d probably have fallen right off of the arm of that couch.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!! I’M-M S-Sorryyyyyyyyyy,” I begged. “Pleaseeee no moreeeeeee.”

“Nine more, baby,” he said, barely above a whisper, then cracked it down on my bottom twice more, causing me to yelp and howl again and I was crying so hard I couldn’t speak at all, though I wanted to beg him to stop. I knew he wouldn’t stop anyway. He landed the final seven whacks on my bottom and they were so hard and I was shaking and crying and I couldn’t steady myself and I felt more and more horrible for doing what I’d done that all I could do was cry out of guilt and pain and finally Terrence lifted me up and walked me to the corner.

“Babe, do you want your panties up?” he asked softly.

I shook my head because I couldn’t speak. I didn’t even dare rub my bottom because I knew that’d make it hurt more.

I kept my eyes shut and my face in the corner, leaning against the wall for support. I listened to Anastasia behind me who was crying out as much as I had been, begging for them to stop, crying apologies. My heart sunk because I felt bad for her... bad for being such a horrible influence.

After not being too long in the corner, Terrence turned me around and hugged me tightly. He practically carried me to the couch where I lay against him, making sure not to let my rear end touch anything. He rubbed my back softly and let my tears soak into his shirt. And we stayed like that for a long, long time, until my crying had stopped and Anastasia’s crying had stopped and we wiped our faces with the sleeve of our shirt.

“I want to wash my face,” I heard Anastasia murmur.

“Mmmmk, kiddo,” Ashton replied.

She let out another small whimper. “Bri?” she asked in a weak voice. “Wanna come with me?”

I pushed up from Terrence and sniffled, then turned and looked at Anastasia whose bottom was dark red and still bruised from the hairbrushing and probably going to be more bruised from the belting she got from Terrence. I wondered what mine looked like. “Yeah,” I answered, then stood up and barely hobbled with her to the bathroom.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered to me when we got to the bathroom.

“Don’t be sorry, it was my fault, too.”

She nodded, getting two washcloths out of the drawer and wetting each of them. “Does it look bad?” she asked.

“Yeah, kinda... and mine?”

“Yeah. We won’t be sitting for a while,” she said, somehow managing a slight grin and a sniffle.

I nodded.

We each wiped our faces then hugged each other tightly.

When we got back to the living room, barely making it there, Anastasia asked if she could stay the night because she didn’t think she could ride in the car the entire way home. Ashton said, “I should make you go home with me for drinking,” and smiled, then said, “yeah, you can stay, kiddo.” Then he hugged her tightly, kissed her forehead, hugged me and kissed my forehead, and said, “I love you girls.”

We each smiled and returned the love, standing there in our T-shirts with red bottoms. Terrence walked Ashton out to his car and I grabbed some lotion and gave him the puppy eyes when he came back inside to rub it on our backsides for us to help us sleep better. He shook his head, smiling and said, “you girls are something else,” then walked us to the bedroom, told us to lie down, and rubbed the lotion 'til we both felt better and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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