04 May 2017

True Story: Driving Under the Influence

A real LiveJournal entry from 2010 about the time I was spanked for driving under the influence.  Names have been changed.

Driving Under the Influence
by Breanna Carter 

Tuesday night Luke spanked me. It was the hardest I've ever gotten a handspanking. I'd driven under the influence, again, after we'd already had one discussion before about it. I arrived at his apartment, and he wasn't home, so I waited for him which was the most nerve-racking 10 minutes of my life. Then when he pulled up I was whining because I was anxious, and we walked up to his apartment together. He had to take a shower, so he gave me the remote and I flipped through channels for a few minutes, waiting for him to get out. Then when he came out I was watching Deal or No Deal, which is lame, so I told him that he could for sure change it. We ended up watching Jay Leno and Judge Judy til he got tired of the tv and turned it off.  


He then said "shall we deal with you?"

Chewing on my lower lip, I nodded, and said "I should maybe tell you something."

He raised his eyebrows. "Maybe you shouldn't, but go ahead."

So I told him that I'd A) done some homework ("good"), B) driven under the influence more times than I'd told him about ("before or after the time you told me?"... "after"), and C) not skipped class even though my friend tried to pressure me to ("good"). And then I asked if he liked how I sandwiched the bad thing in between the two good things, and he said yeah haha. He told me that he had the same things to say about my behavior that he'd already told me last time. And then he told me to stand up so we could get this over with. So I pushed myself up and walked over towards him.

"Take those down," he said, giving me a stern look that made my stomach churn.

Whining, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to about the middle of my thighs then got over his lap. He rested his hand on my panty-clad bottom -- he always does that. It makes me so nervous. I don't remember if he said anything to me at this time or not. My head was all foggy. I just remember he started the spanking and it was hella hard!!!! I hadn't been expecting it and started whining from the beginning. I told him I was sorry. So he said "then why'd you do it?" or something to that effect. And I blamed it on not thinking. To which he pointed out that I'd done it enough times for me to have not been thinking. Hm. Damn. Didn't get me out of that one.

The warm up lasted almost absolutely no time whatsoever. He stopped, now tugging down my panties, and reminding me that I'd really fucked up (only in nicer words than that). Then he started spanking me on the bare and it was awful :(  

This was the most comfortable spanking I've gotten from Luke. I opened up a little more and apologized and whined, two things I don't normally do (it's usually a really awkward silence)... and me talking more got him to talk more, so he scolded me a little during the spanking which is something I've wanted for a while. Now I know how to get him to do it hahaha. I just wish he'd spank me a little harder on a normal basis so I *could* squirm and plead and stuff. Oh, and I kept halfway reaching back haha. I'd go to reach back, but try to control myself and end up holding onto his knee instead of reaching all the way back lol. I'm such a dork.

One of my favorite things about being over Luke's knee is the way he rests his right hand across my back as he's spanking me. And he rubs my back a lot, too.  

And this time when he was finished, he said "it's all over now." Which is a classic story line.

And then he told me to get up. My hair was all disheveled and I was half-crying (but not really) and he ordered me to stand in the corner with my bright red bottom on display which was uber embarrassing. He told me to stand there and think about what I'd done.

I think he's as ADD as me 'cause he really only had me stand there for about 3-5 minutes. He said "are you thinking?"

And I said, "yes."

And he said "about what?"

And I said "lots of things."


"Like how I'm never going to drive under the influence again."

"And why not?"

Ugh. I didn't like having to answer this question. "Because I could hurt someone or go to jail or something."

"What else are you thinking?"

lol. "I was wondering who's in these pictures?"

So he told me haha. Then he got up, walked behind me, and pulled up my panties and told me I could readjust my pants. My bottom was stinging like crazy. He gave me a hug and said that he hated doing that to me.

Oh, I forgot to mention... during the middle of the spanking he asked me what I thought needed to happen if I repeated this behavior. And I told him I didn't know. And he asked what I thought would happen. And I said something along the lines of "the same thing." And he said, "yeah, and I will be putting you over the arm of this sofa and taking my belt off." Whoa!!! That made me whine. I was uber not liking that answer.

Anyway. I do want him to use the belt, but for now, I'm not going to test him on it. I've been testing too much. And I really didn't like letting him down like that. He was really and truly upset with me. He even said "the reason I'm so mad is..."... I mean, I don't remember now why he was so mad lol. I think because he'd *just* spanked me for it on Monday and then I was driving under the influence again by Thursday... or Wednesday (but in my defense, I was thinking with my stomach!!!). So tonight I got food beforehand :)

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