21 May 2004

Story: The Deal

WRITTEN BY BREANNA AND HALEY, here's the third installment of "Have Faith", the sweet, humorous and now almost totally consensual spanking Summer tales of a 12-year-old Natural Born Brat and her 16-year-old "pretend-brother".

by Breanna Carter and Haley Brimley

THWACK! The wet mop slapped the floor with a loud slippery noise, and Francis Dolarhyde started cleaning the bathroom floor with eagerness, just wanting to get it over with and go home. It was a few minutes past six on a Sunday afternoon, with evening starting to fall on the town, and Hamel’s Amusement Park had just closed down. He was the one in charge of cleaning, locking the gates and everything, that week, so the 16-year-old got to it with his usual goodwill. It wasn’t long, though, before he heard some noises from one of the bathroom stalls. Turning off the music in his portable CD player, he called out:

"Hey, anyone still here?..."

Faith sat in the last stall on the top part of the toilet with her feet on the seat so whomever was in the bathroom wouldn’t see her. She had no idea that they cleaned the bathrooms after closing... you definitely couldn’t tell by just looking at them, in the morning. She tried to stop breathing when she heard a familiar voice, and it sounded like Francis’s. She couldn’t say she was in there, although he would probably figure it out eventually. And as her heart paced, her mind went through the long series of reasons why she should not be there in the first place.

Perhaps it was just his imagination, after all, but Francis could definitely tell he had heard something. Thinking about someone trying to infiltrate the place and steal the day’s earnings (it wouldn’t have been the first time), he was alarmed, and was about to back out to the office to call on the night guard... when a familiar smell reached his nostrils. Deodorant. More precisely, peach-flavoured deodorant. He knew only one person who would ever use such a thing. He opened the various stalls’ doors till, at the last one, he was presented with the sight of Faith.

The girl screamed in terror, or pretended to. "Ahhh! What the hell are you doing in here?!" she gasped, falling off of the toilet and hitting her head. "Ow! See what you made me do!"

Jumping forward, he helped her up and checked her head, making sure she wasn’t hurt or anything. There was no blood, perhaps just the start of a small bump that would form within the next hour. Francis took in a deep breath and tried to calm down.

"You scared the hell outta me! Me? I’m doing my job," he exclaimed. "You’re the one who was supposed to be home a hour ago, when we closed!"

"Whatever," she sneered. "Just finish doing what you were doing and I’ll stay right here, thank you very much," she said in the most bratty tone she could muster, not even thinking what she was saying or how... by now, acting like that with him was becoming natural.

He quirked an eyebrow. There was something weird in the way she acted, though, even for her. "Faith, for Goodness’ sake, it’s late. You know the rules about being here after closing time!"

"It’s not late," she said. "It’s only six and it’s not even dark outside. Now go away and leave me alone."

Rolling his eyes and taking another deep breath, Francis took her wrist and pulled her out of the stall. "I’ll do nothing of the like. C’mon, let’s go to the office and call your folks, then you can go."

"NO!" Faith yelled and stomped her foot. "Let me go!" She gave him a death glare, trying to be as bratty and annoying as possible because she needed his attention, needed him to spank her again, needed anything he could give her.

For a moment, Francis’s mind was brought back to when she was four or five, because that was the way she was acting: a bratty child throwing tantrums for no reason. While his heart thumped wildly, he started to consider what he should be doing. He crossed his arms and hissed: "Are you going to do what I say?..."

"No," she stated plainly, folding her own arms.

His breath shortened even more. "Fine." He grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the stall and across the bathroom, heading for the manager’s office. "Then see what this gets you."

"Stopppppp it!" she yelled, then grabbed onto the nearest thing that she could find, which happened to be the sink. "Leave me alone! I’m not going home!"

Turning around, Francis didn’t think twice before raising his hand and whacking her skirt-covered behind with a loud SMACK! that had her arch her back and let out a loud yelp. "I said COME along!" he roared, his ears flushing and his throat feeling hoarse already. There went that funny feeling again... he hated to have to do this... and loved it...

Faith glared at him. "I said NO!" she shouted, still pulling away and tempted to kick him, or bite him, or anything so he’d stop trying to take her to the manager’s office and instead bring her over his lap for another spanking.

On his behalf, Francis could barely believe his eyes. It was like she was looking for it! My, that’s impossible... is it?, he thought to himself. His eyes caught hers for a moment and they just stared at each other, before he reached for her and unceremoniously bent her over the sink and slapped her bottom twice in quick succession. SMACK! SPANK!

"OW! Hey stop that!" she said, in a fairly weak voice because she didn’t really mean it. She tried again to pull away from his grip and this time she actually succeeded, and ran back into the stall and locked the door. Why she did that, she was uncertain, but she wasn’t about to let him drag her to the manager’s office and call home because that would have been a major turn-off – also literally.

Francis stood by the sink, a dumbstruck expression painted on his face. She could run away all she wanted, but she didn’t. Yet again, it looks to him as though she was looking for a spanking... and then again, she was escaping. He didn’t get it. Why couldn’t she just speak her mind? A little voice in the back of his head said: ‘why, would you?’, but Francis ignored it and just walked to the stall, and tried to open the door, failing, since it was locked.

"Faith, open the door!" he said, pounding on it.

"Go away," she said softly, wiping a fallen tear from her cheek.

He couldn’t see or hear her starting to cry, though, so he pounded his fist harder on the door. "I said open the goddamn door, you have ten seconds before... before I..." he left it hanging.

"Before you what?" she asked, hopeful, just a tone of frustrated anger in her voice. Maybe he’d crawl under the door, because there was a small opening there, you know, like in public bathrooms sometimes, and then he’d drag her out and spank her, then hold her like he’d do sometimes. That’s what she was hoping he’d say.

But again he took another deep breath. Was he really going down that road? He felt it was a point-of-no-return situation. Or perhaps they were already well past that point and he hadn’t noticed. Giving her those small smacks might have worsened the situation, now that he thought about it. So, sighing, Francis said:

"... before I open the door with the keys I’ve got back in the manager’s office, take you out of there and give you a sound bare bottom spanking, little girl, is that clear?"

Her heart thumped wildly at that. She folded her arms. "Fine, go ahead. See if I care."

That was the icing on the cake, and just what he had been (quite secretly) waiting for. "Alright then, but don’t say I didn’t warn you." Francis rushed to the manager’s office and found the keys to the stalls, then ran back and approached the one Faith was locked away inside. "Just you wait..."

"I’m waiting," she teased, tapping her foot and grinning.

She tried to control herself, but she was so happy that he finally decided to spank her that she feared she might burst out laughing at any time. And when Francis finally worked the door open, he was presented with the sight of a defiant Faith, arms crossed and looking at him almost daringly.

"Well, your wait is over," Francis hissed, and stood her up and sat back down on the closed toilet. "Skirt up, and I mean it," he said, glaring at her.

She giggled more by seeing him being so serious. She giggled so much that she slid down to the floor, actually, and soon the whole bathroom echoed with laughter. "J-just a m-minute," she choked out, still laughing out loud.

Now, Francis didn’t really know what to think or do. There he was, threatening her with a sound thrashing... and she laughed?? "Faith... what... what the hell is wrong with you?" he yelled, more out of frustration than anything, though he had to admit it was an amusing sight.

She still giggled like crazy, trying to contain herself, but before she knew it, she was laughing so hard that her stomach was hurting and she was crying and curled up into a ball. Finally she breathed in and stopped laughing, trying to compose herself.

"Ahem, sorry," she murmured. She wiped her tears from laughter out of her eyes and looked up at his disappointed face. "Why are you giving me that look?" she asked, then stood. Her heart thumped. And she almost told him... in fact, she even started the sentence. "I just..." she began, intending to finish it with ‘wanted you to spank me again and I didn’t know how to tell you’ but instead she paused and bit her lip, then lifted her skirt up.

Francis just sat, amazed and unable to do anything, until she finally stood and stopped laughing. When she began talking and then paused, he edged her on: "You just..." he started, but then saw her raise her skirt and expose her thin white underwear, just like that, and his head whirled. "... you just what?..." he completed the sentence in a whisper. He stood, on shaking legs, and approached her, looking straight in her eyes. "Faith, what are you doing?... I’m going to spank you... you know that?" he stated. Perhaps she didn’t realise, perhaps she was being bratty, perhaps... perhaps...

"Yes, I know, and you told me to raise my skirt. So I did..."

Breathing hard, Francis nodded. There was a gleam in her eye, though, there was no denying it. "And... and you’re not going to do anything about it?"

She blinked then let out a nervous giggle, knowing she couldn’t start hysterically laughing again. "Is there anything I can do about it?" she asked, the famous answering a question with a question.

"I..." it was Francis’s turn to stutter and look for the right words. "I don’t know. You pleaded and tried to get away, the other times... now it looks as though you’re asking for it," he stated, plain and simple. Then he felt those words form in his mouth, and didn’t stop them: "Are you?"

Faith’s heart stopped then began pounding in her chest. How could she answer that question? Then the words escaped from her mouth before she had the chance to think about what she was saying: "Well, uh, maybe... yeah..."

That was even more astonishing than he could ever imagine, and again his head started spinning. "Oh dear," he whispered, more to himself than anything. Did she really mean that?? She couldn’t. She wouldn’t. No, she must have been teasing him, and mercilessly, too. He suddenly felt angry. Let’s see if she means business, said that small voice in the back of his head. "Then pull down your panties," he hissed, daringly, knowing she never would do that.

But she said ‘okay’ and tugged them down to her knees, and immediately covered up spots that he shouldn’t see. Yes, she did want to be spanked, but she still didn’t want him to see stuff like that.

Again, Francis couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was, not even five feet tall and looking at him with the most candid face in the world, her panties at half-mast and practically begging to be spanked. She was the most irresistible sight he’d ever seen, and yet, the saddest. A flood of thoughts rushed through his mind, but eventually he just reached for her and shook her shoulders with rage.


Faith didn’t know what to do, so she finally pulled her panties back up because she felt dumb just standing there like that with them down and she figured that it was time that she talked to Francis about something.

"Can we talk?" she whispered, and pointed towards the wall where she wanted to sit down and just tell him how she felt.

He just nodded, and pointed at the wall too. As seconds passed, he felt some of the anger being wiped away, and his flushed face lose some of its colour. "Okay," he finally whispered after a while. "We do need to talk."

She grabbed his hand and walked him over to the wall, then slid down onto the floor that was dry by this time, practically pulling him down with her. She lay her head on his shoulder. "This is hard to say," she said softly, wishing that her heart would stop thumping so much.

Sitting there with her, his heart was beating just as wildly, and he let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes when she rested her head on his shoulder. He clasped her hand tight into his, and kissed the top of her head. "I’m here, Faith," he said. "It’s hard for me too... let’s just say it, okay?"

She nodded. "Okay well... see... like, at home, I dunno, since I moved in with my step family it seems like I’m not getting any attention anymore and I miss it... I miss having someone care about me and hold me and rock me and, well... when you threatened to spank me, I kind of threw more pennies just to see if you’d actually do it, and I wanted you to, and when you did, I was so surprised and I liked it so much and I don’t know why... and... well... yeah, I just kind of like being spanked," she said in one quick breath, talking quickly so it’d be over and done with, and right after she said it, she blushed like crazy and hid her face in her hands.

Though he wouldn’t admit it, Francis was much more of a coward than she was. He would have never found the courage to say something of the like, not even at his age, let alone at twelve. As his whole body and mind were shaken by an electric thrill and he held her close, what was he supposed to say? I like it too?... and why not, after all. She’d had the guts, he could as well. Licking his lips, he gathered his courage.

"I understand... I’m so sorry about your family, Faith... but I kind of... yeah, I like it too. To spank you, I mean..."

She looked up, face red from being so embarrassed. "You do?" she asked, blushing more. "But... wait... then..." she stammered, not sure what to say. "This whole time?"

She sure did look very flushed in her face, and he probably didn’t look different. Francis gave a small nod and shrugged. "I don’t know... it’s hard to say... I think so, but then again, no. I mean, partly I felt like it was deserved, and partly I... yeah, I just wanted to, and I wanted it bad. You understand this, right?" he said, hoping, praying she would.

She shrugged. "Probably as much as you understand me actually wanting to get spanked."

She couldn’t be mad at him because, after all, she had hidden the fact that she liked it, too. She opened her mouth to say something, but found nothing to say, so she closed it and just rested on his chest, wondering, ‘what next?’ Ironically, he was at a loss for words just as well, so all he did was sitting with her, and they stayed there for quite some time.

At long last, Francis shifted his weight, gathered her in her arms and swept her onto her lap, planting a kiss on her cheek, making it last as long as possible. "Faith, I love you. You’re like a sister to me... you are a sister. I would never hurt you, believe me. I... just want your good. And mine too, yes, but I mostly want yours," he said, not quite sure himself what he was saying.

"My good? I don’t get it.." she admitted.

Francis swallowed and licked his lips. "I just mean to say that... well, yeah... if you want to be spanked, you don’t have to act up or do things you normally wouldn’t do. You don’t have to attract my attention like that and maybe even put yourself in some stupid danger, like when you rode off the train... you..." he took a deep breath "... you can just ask."

She perked up. "Really?" She breathed in again. This was easier than she thought it would be. Finally she nodded. "Well, then, uh, can you like, um, spank me, Francis? I feel horrible... I don’t want to go home, I want to run away... that’s why I’m still here. I figured I could just stay all night in here and tomorrow morning I could come out and do stuff like always and everything would be fine and I’d never have to go back home. I just want someone to care about me," she said, trying her hardest to keep herself from crying.

Still keeping her close, Francis nodded too. "Well I think you’re making too much of a big deal out of this, and that your family loves you and that even though you feel like this, you are wanted and they do care; perhaps it’s just a bit harder for you or them to show it... But yes, I do love you, and I do care... and do you really want me to spank you because you feel horrible? Is this what it is to you, a release of guilt? Or there’s more?" he asked, wanting to get to the bottom of it – and no pun was intended in that.

She shrugged. "Maybe. I dunno why I want to be spanked. Maybe for trying to run away... or maybe for being so bratty and stuff. I don’t know." And she honestly didn’t know.

"Okay," Francis said, nodding. "Well, if I have to be sincere, I don’t know why either... I just know it makes me feel good. It’s many things in one. It gives me that nice you-know-what feeling, and I know I’m being helpful, and that it’s bonding and that I feel SO close to you when I do it... am I making sense?" he shook his head.

But Faith nodded eagerly. "Yes, you’re making sense out of what I’m trying to say... because you’re like a big brother to me, and I wish you really were, and every time you spank me it’s like you’re more like a big brother and stuff like that."

"Oh Faith," he whispered, again looking straight in her eyes. "One doesn’t need biological lineage, you know?... I’d be proud to call you my little sister. You make my day every time I see you, you brighten me up and make me happy, and when I spank you, I feel like I’m doing your good."

She nodded. "Okay," she said, not quite getting it for now, but leaving it alone. "So that means that you’ll spank me? Like, ummm, now?" She didn’t want to seem like she was hurrying it along, it was just that she felt kind of uncomfortable talking about it since she had no idea why she liked it and stuff, and besides, she didn’t want him to think that she meant some other time: she wanted to be spanked that evening, whether it be in one minute or one hour. That’s what she meant by that statement.

Francis still did roll his eyes – but not on the outside – at that typical attitude to escape speeches after a while. It was perfectly understandable, though, given Faith’s age and personality, and he didn’t comment. And then, what was needed to be said had been said, after all, so he just nodded, but also leant forward and kissed her forehead again, loving the touch of it.

"Well no-one is here but us now... and I’m sitting already. I don’t see a better time than this, you know," he said, a feeble attempt at a joke, but he was being serious, too.

She nodded, not really catching the joke, and simply moved over his lap and lay her face on the cold floor. "I’m ready when you are," she said.

Again he was struck by such eagerness. She must really want it bad, Francis thought to himself as he raised her skirt, again revealing her underwear. He would NEVER tell her just how cute she looked with her bottom bared: that was one of the things she wasn’t ready for, not yet. He slipped down the tiny undergarment and rested a hand on her cheeks.

"You okay, really?"

"Yeah, I am," she said, taking a deep breath in. "I want this, remember? I like it as much as you do," she reminded him, hoping that it’d make him realize that she was fine, and wanted him to begin the spanking instead of stalling. Thinking that, she said: "Look who’s stalling now," then grinned.

That actually made him laugh, but only for a second, because he quickly regained composure and raised his hand, smacking it down with moderate force on the girl’s bare tush. "Well, I’ll add ‘stalling’ to the list of things you richly deserve to be spanked for," he said, just a slight note of irony in his voice. But then he found a pace, and the smile wiped off his face as he spanked Faith’s bottom to a rosy pink. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

"OW!" Faith yelped, being taken by surprise, because she expected him to make a comment of some kind before he spanked her. With each spank after that, she winced a bit, biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t exclaim ‘ow’ so often.

Francis wasn’t what you may call an experienced spanker, but he did know how to get his point across, and Faith had been a good testing ground, so to speak. He kept spanking up and down her petite derriere, focusing some smacks on her sit-spots, then making his way back up. When he spanked on her most tender areas, she couldn’t help but yelp, because that always hurt, and she finally began crying out.

"Owwwww, okay, that hurts, ow, Francis," she groaned, not wanting to tell him to stop because she wasn’t ready for him to stop yet, and nor was he ready to. He wondered when that should happen, actually, and then realised that as a ‘big brother’, it was his responsibility to decide when she’d had enough, and it was an important one.

"I know baby... SMACK! SMACK! ...but just so you know... SMACK! SMACK! ... I’m going to stop when I see fit... SMACK! SMACK! ... no matter how much you plead... SMACK! SMACK! ... or say you’ll be good... SMACK! SMACK! ... okay Faith?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Ow, okay," she nodded, glad that he’d take that job instead of she. It was in her nature to plead for it to stop when she didn’t really want it to end, so at least now she knew that it wouldn’t affect him so greatly if she did plead and didn’t want it to end, if that made sense. And in fact, Francis already knew he wouldn’t stop anytime soon, not until real tears had been shed and she was actually begging for him to end the spanking. He wasn’t quite aware of the mechanics, himself, but spanking past the point of real tears just felt like a natural thing to do. So he kept delivering hearty smacks to both of her cheeks, now quickly reddening.

Faith winced and soon she began squirming and kicking a little, still not begging, but on the verge of tears. "Owwwww!" she exclaimed, groaning and whining a little. "Francis, ow, that hurts!"

Francis concentrated a few whacks on her left cheek only, then moved onto the right one, then in the middle. Yes, she’s liking this to some degree, he thought to himself, but perhaps I should give it a reason, shouldn’t I? After all, she wants me to be like a big brother and love her and care for her, this is not just a game, is it?

And with that he said: "You will not run away from home... SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ... and will not stay here after closing time... SMACK! SMACK! ... and will not sass me, is that clear?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Faith felt that feeling spread through her body as he scolded. "Owwwww!!!" she exclaimed. "Yessss, Francisssss, owwwww, I won’t, I promise..."

"I hope you stick to that," he scolded some more... SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "... because if you don’t..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "... I’m going to take you over my knee..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "... and spank you again..." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "... and perhaps worse..." SMACK! SMACK! "... do you understand, missy?" he added for emphasis.

"Owwwwwwwiiieesssss," Faith whined, almost to tears, "owwwwwwww, yes, Francis, I understand! Owwwww..."

"Good, baby," he said, hoping she would like a term of endearment. But still he kept it up, circling her waist with his arm and taking a firmer grip on her, while smacking down on her naked bottom with force. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!

"Ahhhhh owwwwwwwwwww," she whined, kicking like crazy and finally crying, "I’m sorryyyyy," she cried, "I’m sorry, Francis... pleaseeee no more." Big tears fell down her cheeks now.

But he still kept her close, restraining her movements as much as he could, and spanked her bare bummy until the dark pink hue was a bright, blazing red. Only then he thought he could stop, and finished her spanking with a flurry of hard smacks to her thighs. She yelped with each of them, but she couldn’t move because he was holding her so tight, and when he stopped, she just cried like crazy, wailing like a small child, and lying there limp.

"I’m sorry," she muttered, wondering how in the world she could like this so much. But she did, and even now that her bottom was on fire and she really felt like a toddler, she was not having second thoughts.

Francis was breathing hard as he released his grip on her small body, and he leant back against the wall, watching her red backside and hearing her pitiful cries. He was so very sorry for her, but he was enjoying that thoroughly just as much as she was, and he too was having doubts and unanswered questions.

After a while, he started rubbing her back. "I’m here," he thought he’d let her know.

She nodded, then pushed herself up from over his knee and hugged him tightly. "I love you so much," she said, burying her head in his chest, still crying.

He was so very glad she did that, because he wouldn’t have found the courage to. He clung on to her like too, and kissed her head and let her cry out. "I love you too, little sister, oh so much..." he whispered as he rocked her like you do a small child.

She loved being held like this.. she loved knowing that she had an older brother who cared about her... and for some reason, she loved having a sore bottom. She held on to him so tightly and didn’t let go until she finished crying and she pulled away. "Thanks again," she whispered, then managed to stand and pull her panties up. She took a deep breath in and looked at her red puffy face in the mirror. "You know..." she began, "since the first time you spanked me, I’ve been wanting to see what my bottom looked like... so you think that maybe... uh," she felt so dumb asking this, "I could look and you could kind of lift me up so I could see it? ‘Cause otherwise, I’m too short to see my rear end in this mirror."

The way she was asking for that was so cute he almost felt like smothering her with hugs. Almost. Giving a small smile, and kissing her again, he wondered what he’d done to deserve such a lovely girl-child into his life. Then he did as she asked: he pulled her panties down on the back, to just below her tush, and lifted her so she could steady herself by placing her hands on his shoulders and still turn around and look at the mirror.

"So, how do you like the view?" he asked, teasing just a bit.

She blushed so much when he made that comment that her face almost matched her red bottom. Almost. She didn’t say anything to him, just reached back and rubbed her bottom a little, admiring its bright red hue and, somehow, just loving the half-numb, half-stinging feeling it gave when she kneaded the sore flesh with her fingers. Finally she nodded.

"Okay, all finished," she muttered, still embarrassed as hell.

Her embarrassment was visible, and though he snickered quietly, he didn’t say anything either, just put her down and replaced her underwear. "For what it’s worth," he said, though, "I find it a cute sight. Where’s a camera when you need one?" he shook his head, then crouched, as though waiting to be slapped.

She blushed like crazy again and went to the faucet and splashed some water on her face. She found it best just to ignore him when he embarrassed her, so she washed her face, dried it off, then looked at him. She grinned and hugged him one final time.

"Do I have to go home? Can I just go home with you instead?"

She was really quite a sight. Not even old enough to be in high school and there she was, blushing like crazy and grinning from ear to ear after a sound spanking. Francis hugged her back and again kissed her, but then shook his head at her question.

"No, Faith. I mean, yeah you can come home with me and hang out for a while, how would you like it if we watched a movie?... but we’ll call your parents first and let them know you’re okay," he reminded her.

She poked out her lower lip. "But I don’t wanna go home."

"Faith," he snapped, stressing the word.

"Francis," she imitated, and couldn’t help but smile. Finally she sighed. "Fine, you can call them and tell them I’m okay, but I’m not talking to them."

He smiled too at her bratty act – nothing new under the sun, there – but nodded. "Okay, you’re not talking, that’s a deal. But after the evening you’re back to your family, alright? And don’t say no or you’ll be across my lap again as soon as I take you home, got it?" he added, trying hard to suppress a smirk.

Faith thought about that for a moment, then smirked herself. Quietly, with a huge grin on her face, she said "no," then stuck her tongue out at him.

His mouth hang open wide and he shook his head, playfully nudging her. "Watch out, you might not want to test my limits," he said, circling her shoulders with his arm and heading out of the bathroom. "‘sides, you already have a very sore bummy to sit upon throughout the movie."

Faith nodded, quite fond of the thought. "I was just kidding anyway!" she said, rubbing her rear end and leaning against him. "You’re the greatest, Big Bro," she said.

"Naah, you are the greatest, Lil Sis," he replied, and as they walked out of the bathroom, he felt the closest to her as he’d ever been in the past, and she being back to her lively, if bratty, self told him she enjoyed that new-found relationship between them as much as he did.


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i think that you should right some fanfic about one direction (: , love the story

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Loved your story! Great characters!

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