10 May 2016

Story: Starting Over

Even if nobody else is there for Chloe, she knows that she can rely on Izaak.  Will he be able to help her after her grandmother's death? Or will her bad habits send her life into a more chaotic spiral?

24 April 2016


Well, it's not a new story or anything, but as a belated 4/20 and birthday present for myself, here's the first installment of the Terrence/Brianna series on ebook!  Check out Spanked by her Brother on LSF Publications, and leave a nice review if you don't mind :)  And most of all, enjoy!

08 April 2016


Links are working again, and I'm officially getting back to the writing board.  Hoping to get something for you guys soon!  In the meantime, enjoy Senior Skip Day as you prepare for or remember your own senior skip day :)

04 April 2016

good news and bad news...

the good news is... comments are working again! :D and all of the "read more" links should be gone *crossing fingers*

the bad news... i still can't figure out how to get links to work. if you're a computer genius and want to help, i would eternally appreciate it

16 March 2016

New Format + Poll

How long has it been since I've written?  Way too long!  The good news is, I start telecommuting next month, which means more down time, which means... more writing?!  So... inspire me!  Answer the poll to help me decide what ebook I want to write :)  

24 December 2015

Throwback Thursday!

I know it's been forever since I've written anything... but I was just looking through all of the comments that you guys have made the last two years or so and wanted to say thanks!!!  I'm hoping to be inspired to write more :)  Until then, how about checking out Tio Ricardo (in English) from December 2010 -- one of my favs!

19 April 2015

Guest Story -- Painful Reunion

by Robyn.  Alys has decided that it's better to smoke cigarettes than talk to her friends about the stress in her life.  Her best friend, Alex, who is like a big brother to her, finds out about the cigarettes and does whatever he can to make sure she never smokes again.

19 January 2015

Guest Story -- Natalie

By Dee (author of Lucas).  Dee sent me this ages ago and for some reason I never posted it.  It's one of my favorite brother/sister stories.  Maybe if you leave a lot of nice comments she'll write more :)  Fourteen year old Natalie is concerned about one thing only:  making friends with the cool kids in her new high school.  This causes her to make some bad decisions which allows her to see a side of her older brother, Lucas, that she's never seen before.

15 January 2015

Throwback Thursday!

Two things...  First, I'm thinking about doing this Throwback Thursday thing every so often, hopefully to inspire myself to write more and also to share some of my older (and not so great) stories.

Second, there's a very special reason that I chose a story from this particular series as my first TBT post...  can you guess why??  ;)

From October 2005, one of my favorite Terrence/Brianna stories:  Dinner at Romano's

13 January 2015

by Mackenzie -- Procrastinator's Oblivion

Mackenzie's Story.  Kris is having a hard time staying focused and doing as she's supposed to in school.  By chance, she meets a fellow spanko, Heath, and turns to him as a mentor.  After working together for a bit, he's unimpressed when he finds out that she's still not following the rules they have set for her.  Find more of Mackenzie's stories on her blog:  Mackenzie's Incredible Story World

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