12 July 2018

Throwback Thusrday! - Running Lies

Happy Throwback Thursday!  Today's blast from the past is the first Stabler Girls story, written in July 2010:  Running Lies

21 December 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Ashton's Car

Happy Holidays!!  No drinking & driving this new years... or something may happen like in Ashton's Car, today's Throwback Thursday from December 2003.

07 December 2017

Throwback Thursday! - My New Little Sister

Happy Thursday!  This story is from December 2011:  My New Little Sister

23 November 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Cherry Kiss

Happy Thanksgiving!!  This Throwback Thursday story was featured in The Great Spanking Anthology: Volume 1 by LSF Publications.  It's Cherry Kiss from November 2004.

18 November 2017

Allie & Natalie's Dude Ranch Mystery (Part 2)

Natalie was spanked for letting out the horses, but still claims that she didn't do it!  Maybe she and Allie can find evidence to prove it?

by Lenore and Breanna

09 November 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Camp Counselors in Trouble

Happy Thursday!  Another fan favorite:  Camp Counselors in Trouble from November 2012.

02 November 2017

Throwback Thursday! - A Second Older Brother

Hopefully everyone is having a lovely October!  Here's a throwback from October 2005:  A Second Older Brother

25 October 2017

Allie & Natalie's Dude Ranch Mystery (Part 1)

It's time for the family to take a vacation!  Allie is excited to ride horses for the first time, and finally has the chance to bond with Peter.  Natalie, as always, is enjoying being the best at everything, despite the envious glares she receives from her foster cousins.  Will they manage to stay out of trouble?

Allie & Natalie's Dude Ranch Mystery
By Lenore and Breanna

12 October 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Practice Makes Perfect... Years Later

Happy Thursday!  A fan favorite has always been the Practice Makes Perfect series.  Today's throwback is the final story from October 2011:  Practice Makes Perfect... Years Later.

28 September 2017

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