14 September 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Beach Party

Who else would rather be at a beach right now?  Today's Throwback Thursday is Beach Party from September 2009.

08 September 2017

Allie & Natalie Go To the Zoo

The girls have finally earned their rewards -- the zoo and the phone! Allie's excitement gets the best of her and she breaks one of the rules, while Natalie wanders off to flirt with a cute high school boy. Needless to say, their foster parents aren't too thrilled about it...

Allie & Natalie Go To the Zoo
by Lenore and Breanna

04 September 2017

Allie & Natalie Earn Money

The girls decide that they need to earn extra money, and not exactly in a way that their foster parents or Neal would approve.

Allie & Natalie Earn Money
by Lenore and Breanna

31 August 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Blackmailed

A Throwback Thursday that I wrote with Lenore in August 2012:  Blackmailed

25 August 2017

Allie & Natalie's First Day of School (Part 2)

(If you haven't already, you may want to read Part 1 first.)

Peter helps get Natalie out of trouble, but that doesn't mean she's off the hook for her misbehavior on the first day of school.  And even though Allie's already been spanked, it seems she hasn't learned her lesson!

Allie & Natalie's First Day of School
Part 2
by Lenore and Breanna

24 August 2017

Spanked By Her Brother - Book 5!

Spanked by Her Brother: Book 5 (Terrence/Brianna) can now be found on LSF Publications!  (Find all of my published work here: Breanna Carter's ebooks)

Continued thanks to all of the purchasers, reviewers, and inspirers :)  Your kind words and actions are truly appreciated!

23 August 2017

Allie & Natalie's First Day of School (Part 1)

How much trouble can 2 kids cause on the first day of school?  Much more than they bargained for!  Follow the foster kids as Allie tries to make it in kindergarten without her big sister, and Natalie tries to figure out a way to make sure her little sis is okay.  

Allie & Natalie's First Day of School
Part 1
by Lenore and Breanna

17 August 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Daycare Drama

Happy Thursday!  This week is Daycare Drama from August 2005.

03 August 2017

Throwback Thursday! - Chemicals

This Thursday, one of my favorites.  From August 2008: Chemicals.

27 July 2017

True Story: Worst Punishment Ever

At work I played this cheesy game with a kid. It's allegedly a "therapeutic" game, like where you answer random questions about yourself. Of course I drew the question: "What is the worst punishment you've ever gotten? What were you in trouble for? Did you learn your lesson?" Naturally I blushed profusely and tried to think of a story, but ended up avoiding the question and moving on to the next one.  I decided, instead, to write about it and post it here :)  This is a true story based on what my stoner brain remembers.

Worst Punishment Ever
by Breanna Carter

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