08 August 2016

Guest Story: Through Hardships to the Stars (Part 2)

Guest Story.  Find Part 1 here.  17 year old Marta is suffering the consequences of a four-year prison sentence, but is still a scared little girl on the inside.  Will the prison principal be able to help her shape up and accomplish her dreams?  

(original title ‘Przez ciernie do gwiazd’ written in Polish)
written by Aleksandra Jakubowska

04 August 2016

Guest Story: Bubble Bath

Hang in there everyone!  It's almost the weekend :)  In the meantime, enjoy Dee's awesome new story!

By Dee. Part 2 of the Damien/Kiera installment.  Kiera finds herself in trouble again as she attempts to get out of having to take a bath.  But it's Damien's fault for taking away her bubbles!

07 July 2016

Spanked By Her Brother Book 2!

Spanked by Her Brother: Book 2 (Terrence/Brianna) can now be found on LSF Publications!  (Missed the first book?  No worries!  Find it here: Spanked by Her Brother: Book 1)

A special thank you to all of the purchasers, reviewers, and inspirers :)  Your kind words and actions are truly appreciated!

28 June 2016

Guest story: Through Hardships to the Stars (part 1)

Guest Story.  On the inside, Marta was just a terrified 17 year old, trying to make sense of this miserable world after being abandoned by her parents.  On the outside, she's a royal brat who's gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd.  It doesn't take long for her to end up in prison where she must face the consequences of her actions.

(original title ‘Przez ciernie do gwiazd’ written in Polish)
written by Aleksandra Jakubowska

16 June 2016

New Story by Dee!

Remember Dee, the author of Lucas and Natalie?  She's written another story for us!  After the death of their father, 9 year-old Kiera is sent to live with her sergeant-like, uptight big brother.  It doesn’t take long before she disobeys all of his rules and finds out what his “penalty” is for disobedience.

"Kiera" can be found on my new website, here!

13 June 2016

New Website!

Eventually I'm going to use this as an actual blog of thoughts, and my stories will be nicely organized on wordpress:  https://breannastoryworld.wordpress.com  It's still under construction, but it's looking good so far!!  If you find any broken links or anything wrong, feel free to contact me through the form on my blog.  I really appreciate all of the assistance :)

09 June 2016

Story: Starting Over 2

Author's Note:  A special thanks to my readers for sticking through all these years and still checking back for more :)  This one is for you -- get ready for a surprise guest....

Chloe is determined to find out more about this psychologist woman whom she feels convinced Izaak to start spanking her.  The discovered gossip was well worth her efforts!

10 May 2016

Story: Starting Over

Even if nobody else is there for Chloe, she knows that she can rely on Izaak.  Will he be able to help her after her grandmother's death? Or will her bad habits send her life into a more chaotic spiral?

24 April 2016


Well, it's not a new story or anything, but as a belated 4/20 and birthday present for myself, here's the first installment of the Terrence/Brianna series on ebook!  Check out Spanked by her Brother on LSF Publications, and leave a nice review if you don't mind :)  And most of all, enjoy!

08 April 2016


Links are working again, and I'm officially getting back to the writing board.  Hoping to get something for you guys soon!  In the meantime, enjoy Senior Skip Day as you prepare for or remember your own senior skip day :)

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