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I enjoy the spanking lifestyle and writing spanking stories.  I've been into the internet scene since I was 15ish.  I'm also into the real life scene, as I have attended parties and met with a number of spankos outside of the internet world.  I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the spanking scene from the perspective of someone growing up in the internet age.  I enjoy chatting with people for the purpose of chatting -- exchange of knowledge and opinions.  I'm also open to offering advice for anyone starting out.

Outside of spanking, I enjoy traveling, partying, philosophizing, thinking about sociology, guitar hero, roller coasters, and being spontaneous.  

16 May 2014

by Mackenzie -- The Brightest Beacon

Mackenzie's Story.  Raised in a conservative Christian family, Leah's older brother, Shane, gets kicked out of the house when he comes out to his parents. 9 years later, Leah finds herself in a similar situation, and struggles to cope. Will Shane be able to pull her back from the edge?

The Brightest Beacon
by Mackenzie

If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Leviticus 20:13.

This is the exact verse my parents quoted from the Bible the day they kicked my older brother, Shane, out of the house. I was 7 years old at the time. My brother, 19 years old, barely into college, and my parents cut him off from everything. They threw him out on the curb with a single suitcase and a backpack, not even offering him a ride or directing him to a safe place. I didn’t see him for 6 years, until I found him in the phone book at 13, and dared to bike across town to his address. I spent the next 3 years meeting up with him in secret, not letting my parents know about the secret rendezvous with their forsaken son and forcing Shane to remain silent about it, knowing that my parents would cut me off from him if they knew.

I was 13 when I thought I fell in love. She had dark hair, as dark as a raven’s. Emerald eyes. Black skin. She was beautiful. And I was barely a teenager, thinking I knew what love was and having nothing else to compare it to. But I was a girl. And girls weren’t supposed to love girls. I sat in church and listened to the priest when he told us that the world was coming to an end and that this was the first sign. First, they will allow the gays to marry, and then, slowly, the end will come. I believed him when he said that what I felt wasn’t love… it wasn’t emotion… it was sin.

I ran to Shane, anyway. 6 years had passed and I hadn’t heard from him, hadn’t seen him. But I ran. Because who else would understand? I ran and I found a 25-year-old man, happy, with a college degree, a career, a house and a husband. Surely, that should have cleared things up. Being gay wasn’t a sin… and I could really have a normal life. But Shane wasn’t a part of my life. He was a secret cove that I disappeared to when I wouldn’t be noticed. He was a forgotten branch of the family tree. The one link in the genealogy that years from now, my descendants wouldn’t be able to find. And his normal life didn’t comfort me, didn’t give me hope. I only saw that he had it because he was separated from us and from me.

But I was 13, and for the first time in my life, I had met someone that caused my lungs to explode and my heart to palpitate every time she walked by. Maybe it wasn’t love, but it was more than I could say for any boy I had met.

24 November 2013

Story: Christmas in Amsterdam

Misc Story.  Tessa is in the middle of all the insecurities that come with being a pre-teen.  While on winter break in Amsterdam, she worries that her cousin and friends think she's a loser, so she does what she can to prove them wrong.

Christmas in Amsterdam
by Breanna Carter

 When I was 12, the last thing I wanted to do was spend winter holidays with my dad's family in Amsterdam.  I didn't even know them that well, hadn't seen them in years, and had no interest in getting "reacquainted with my cousins" (as my dad called it), especially since my friend was having a huge New Years Eve party that *everyone* was going to, including my crush, Damien.

I begged and pleaded with my dad, but he'd already bought the plane tickets (before even telling me). "It's only for a week and a half, you can see your friends when we get back," he said, not looking up from the bills he was paying online.

"But Da-ad!  It's not fair!  You're ruining my social life," I wailed dramatically.  Hey, I was 12, I took everything as a personal attack against me and an attempt to rid me of any chances of survival in my peer group.

"Tess, I'm sorry that you think I'm ruining your social life, but we're going to Holland, end of story."

I growled and muttered something under my breath that my dad pretended not to hear, then stormed off, slamming my door.  I plopped down on my bed and cried for a few minutes, texting my best friend Chelsea about my futile attempt to persuade my father.  As if it wasn't hard enough for me to fit in already -- I was one of the "early bloomers" in my middle school, my curves feeling more like extra annoying weight than something to be proud of, and I had a frizzy mass of hair that was only remotely tame when I ironed it (and of course my dad didn't understand the importance of having a straightening iron and refused to buy me one).  Now on top of it, I'd be the only one in my class who didn't get to go to the super cool party everyone would be talking about when we got back from break.  I felt like such a loser.

11 July 2013

Brother/Sister story!

Someone wrote a brother/sister story and emailed it to me... so I posted it on my website :)  Here's the link!  Lucas (M/f, non-consensual)

03 June 2013

Story: Senior Skip Day

Misc Story.  Alex, with her cute puppy face and ease with telling stories, is lucky enough to get away with almost everything.  On senior skip day, however, she finds out that she won't always be so lucky.  

This story involves drug usage, so if you're not cool with that, you probably shouldn't read it.

Senior Skip Day
by Breanna Carter

It was 8:20am on senior skip day and I was waiting in the school parking lot for my best friend Kayleigh.  She wasn’t actually supposed to be skipping school that day: her super strict, conservative parents would have nothing of it since her grades weren’t amazing and she’d missed so much school already.  But Kayleigh was the portrait of a punk rebel teenager, which meant she didn’t give a shit what her parents or any authority figure said, she was going to do whatever she wanted.  My parents, on the other hand, didn’t care that I was skipping school that day (or any other day really).  They were hippies, the total opposite of Kayleigh’s parents, and they let me get away with pretty much everything.  Well, most people let me get away with everything, because, unlike my best friend who had pink hair and various facial piercings, I was really good at faking innocence. I was shy and really smart, which really helped people believe the array of lies I spat out easily.  And if lying didn’t work, I just pulled out an adorable puppy face and within moments I would be let off with a warning.  That’s why Kayleigh and I made a great pair... she always got us into trouble, and I always managed to weasel us out of it.

I glanced around the parking lot, getting impatient.  She was twenty minutes late, and if she didn’t hurry up, the fat security guard was going to spot me and ask why I wasn’t in class like everyone else. 

Where are u?  I texted, checking the time again and drumming my fingers against the steering wheel in boredom.

Almost there she answered. 

I was about to text something smartass-y back about her lack of punctuality, but I spotted her older brother’s ugly old Jeep a couple of blocks away, speeding towards me.  Kayleigh was in the passenger’s seat putting on mascara and yelling at Jimmy, who was clearly ignoring her as he jammed to some obscure punk band.  He turned the volume down as he neared the parking lot and pulled up behind my car.

“Hey kid,” he said to me, waving and smiling. 

“Hey Jimmy,” I said back.

“Be careful with this one today,” he said, pointing to Kayleigh as she grabbed her backpack out of the back seat.  “She’s pmsing or something... very moody.”

15 February 2013


The Spanking Library has published a collection of stories and decided to include one of mine in it.  Here's the link:  The Great Spanking Anthology

18 January 2013

Random Thought

This video reminds me of my Practice Makes Perfect series.  But I'd be super pissed if Headmaster Tom broke my bow!

19 November 2012

Story: Camp Counselors in Trouble

Misc Story.  Elena and Sami are best friends at their summer job working in a camp.  They get the bright idea to steal the camp van one night, and end up getting a dose of the strap just like some of the campers receive.  WARNING -- this story is dirtier than many of my other ones!  There's some touchy-feely stuff at the end, so if you're not into that, I suggest you don't read after the spanking scene.  It's my first time writing something like this so feedback is welcome :)

Camp Counselors in Trouble
by Breanna Carter

After my first year of college, I decided to spend the summer in South America working with low-income kids in a day camp.  It was the type of job where they provided me with on-campus room and board, as well as a small stipend, in exchange for my work.  It was such a wonderful experience where I met many awesome local and international staff who shared my passions for travel and helping people.  I couldn’t have picked a better summer job.

My roommate was a girl from Spain named Elena.  She had just turned 18 and was an only child who wanted to spend the summer away from home to prove to her parents she was an adult.  She stood a few inches taller than me, had thick wavy black hair, green-ish eyes and a few freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks.  And she was one of the most fun people I’d ever hung out with.  She was child-like, unafraid to show her emotions and didn’t take things too seriously.  Within days, I’d developed not only a strong friendship, but also a small crush on her – something I hadn’t even been sure was possible, given that I’d considered myself heterosexual before leaving the US.

One weekend Elena and I were almost the only people around the camp.  It was a national holiday so the locals went home with their families, and many of the foreigners took a bus to the capital where there was a big parade and endless drinking.  We’d opted out of leaving because our money was running low and we both had to finish up some evaluations for work, but after a few hours of the quiet boredom in our room, we started to regret that decision.

“I wonder if anything is going on in town…” I thought aloud.

“Even if there is, how will we get there?”

I shrugged.  The camp was only a few miles outside city limits, but no local buses ran around there and it was too far to walk.  “We could always steal the van and drive to town,” I joked.  “Santiago’s shown me where they leave the keys.”

04 August 2012

Story: Blackmailed

A Stabler Girls story.  Lenore bribes Breanna to do something they shouldn't, and they both end up over their father's knee!

by Lenore and Breanna

Things had started getting hot and heavy with Breanna and Chris.  They had rounded third base and were heading for a home run when Lenore pushed her sister's door open and let out a shriek.  Bre also screamed, covering herself and yelling, "Get out! Get out! Get OUT!!!"
Lenore covered her eyes, and backed out of the room quickly. That was NOT something she had wanted to see.
Breanna re-dressed herself with nervousness, catching a glimpse of her blushing boyfriend who stammered, "I should probably go."  She nodded and rushed him out of the house before knocking on Lenore's door to find her still shocked beyond belief.
"That was gross," Lenore insisted, rubbing her eyes. "Ick. I'm trying to get it out of my head."
"Sorry," Breanna said, sitting down next to her.  "You know, when you get my age, you just get curious about stuff... that's all."  She paused, glancing at the cage where their mouse Jerry sat looking up at her.  "You won't tell Dad, right?"
"Depends," Lenore replied.
Breanna made a face.  "On what?"
"On what you do for me in return," Lenore told her.
"What? Come on!  Don't be a brat."
"Be nice...." Lenore warned. "I could still tell Daddy."

19 June 2012

Story: Tio Ricardo (español)

Esta historia escribí en ingles por mi "tío" y ya lo traduci a español.  Gracias a todos mis amigos que me ayudaron!!!!  Y por favor, disculpa los errores.

Tio Ricardo
por Breanna Carter

Mis papás decidieron mandarme a Colombia en mi último año de colegio. Me dijeron que yo necesitaba conocer otras culturas... que no agradecía las cosas simples en la vida... que yo necesitaba conocer el mundo sin mi celular, ni computadora las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. Yo estaba muy enojada, ¡no era justo que me mandasen fuera el último año de colegio! Supuestamente el último año es el último tiempo para pasar con mis amigos antes de separarnos para ir a la universidad!

Pero a mis papás no les importaba mi vida social, ellos querían entrometerse en mi vida social, por todos los problemas en los que me meto... como, por ejemplo, me había agarrado la policía dos veces, entonces sí, en parte esa fue la razón por la que me mandaron a Colombia.

No importa que no supiera español, no importa que nunca haya conocido a mi tío con quien iba a vivir, no importa que mis amigos ni pudieran llamarme y menos verme.

A mis padres no les importó nada de eso, nada más querían mandarme a otro país a estudiar, porque supuestamente eso me ayudaría con las aplicaciones de la universidad. Pero me da igual, a mí no me importa la universidad, nada más divertirme, pero lo que yo quería no importaba y antes de darme cuenta, ya estaba en el avión para Bogotá. No tenia ni idea de que me esperaba, ni idea como sería Colombia, ni idea de como sería mi familia allá. Lo único que sabia es que en Colombia el café es buenísimo... y hay muchas drogas.