15 June 2017

True Story: Spanked While High

Real LiveJournal entry from 2012 of a real spanking I received by a friend.  Yes, we were under the influence, so if you disagree with that, it's probably best to not read this.

Spanked While High
by Breanna Carter

Someone asked me about my experience of being spanked while high... so I decided to post it here, too :)


A spanker friend and I had discussed the possibility of me being spanked while high, and he was (much to my surprise) cool with it. So we met halfway and stayed the night at a hotel... and we played around a little bit without me smoking to make sure we had a feel for each other's psychological and physical limits. He's more into ageplay than "real" discipline, so we roleplayed a little (with real things I had done mixed in hehehe). We click really well because we have so much in common in both spanking and vanilla life, so it was really easy to be open and honest and I felt completely comfortable with him.  

Ummm... guess I'll have to disclose here that I also take meds for ADD... and part of the high experience for me included mixing my meds with weed. I know, it's probably a terrible idea. But I mix the two mind-altering substances every so often because it produces such a unique feeling for me. A feeling of... I dunno... losing myself in another world... believing that whatever screwed up fantasy my brain has produced is actually happening. It's easier to crush through the barriers that I normally hold up in everyday life. Easier to forget who I really am and put myself into that mindset of a 15 year old who's actually in trouble with her older brother (err, that's the scene we were going to do lol but I can really get into a variety of mindsets if I let my imagination go wild).  

So I popped a pill and a little later went to my car to smoke. He ended up having a few hits, but it didn't really affect him. As we walked back to our room, he asked if I had any final requests or limits before we scened again... by this time the weed was joining forces with the pill and I had this euphoric feeling. I was really going to do this!! After fantasizing about it for months!! I was really going to get into the headspace of my inner teenager!! Thinking about all of this just made me feel more submissive, realizing how much trust I was putting into him... realizing that anything could happen... I wasn't in my right mind... I could agree to something I wouldn't normally... I could get hurt for real... 

I channelled the anxiety into adrenaline. It was too late to back out now, and we had a great connection, so I just had to trust my instincts.  

Realizing that I'd been consumed by my inner dialogue, I looked back up at him, blushed and felt even more submissive. I started chewing on my fingernail. He asked if I was okay and I nodded. He asked again if there was anything else I wanted to tell him and I shook my head. I had been really talkative all evening, so this shyness was a clear indication to me that the substances were doing exactly what I wanted them to do.

The scene was that I had come home way past curfew (well, it was actually like 2am by this time lol) and was noticeably intoxicated. One of the bad things about weed is that it really affects memory... so the details are slightly blurred in my mind... but anyway, I "walked in" and he began by asking me where I had been, making it clear that I was his 15 year old sister and he was very unhappy with my behavior. I then confessed to him that I'd gotten a ticket (which I had actually gotten a couple of weeks before), and he wanted to know the details of that and the rest my day, including the reason I'd gotten home so late... Well, that part was a bit difficult for me, it kind of got me out of character because I had to make something up lol and it reminded me that this was all just fantasy. But I told him that I had been with a friend, and used the name of a real friend I have that I smoke with and that I did know when I was 15, so that kind of helped make the scene feel more real again.

And then he asked that dreaded question about what was wrong with me, why I was acting so weird... and I stammered a few answers that he wouldn't accept and yeah... eventually had to admit to him that I had been smoking...

Now, being spanked for mind-altering substances is one of my favorite scenes (and I do realize the implications of this, don't worry). I grew up in a fairly conservative working-class household and I'm pretty sure my mom would have flipped out if she'd caught me smoking.... well, I still think she'd flip out if she knew that I smoked! So it's something that already produces a kind of anxiety for me... a kind of, "oh shit, I'm in a lot of trouble this time."  

So when I said that I had been smoking... and he gave me that look... I couldn't help but get that feeling in my stomach. My heart raced and I fumbled around for excuses, but he wouldn't have it. He was really playing the role of a strict and concerned..... um.... well, it felt more like dad than older brother to be honest... but I guess that doesn't matter. He was really playing the role. Really being what I had yearned for when I was 15.  

I guess the important thing to note is that it was mainly the psychological experience I wanted from being spanked while high. I don't know that the physical part was much different for me. I'm sure that some of the pain receptors are blocked by the THC, right? But it still stung... I still felt it... I still cried out as I normally would (well, maybe a little more since I didn't have my guard up).  

And we played for a realllllllllllllllly long time. And things got a bit more hot and heavy than I usually prefer lol.

He used his hand, a hairbrush and a bit of the bathbrush on me. And I was sooo into it that I didn't want him to stop... so I just kept confessing more things that I'd done wrong hahahaha. Don't worry... I didn't have to stretch my imagination too much ;)

Anyway, it was an awesome experience. Would totally love to do something similar again... although it would be better if it were unexpected. Like, if I snuck out to smoke while he was on the phone or something, and came back in uber high and trying to hide it. But I suppose the logistics of that are a bit complicated.

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