01 June 2017

Random: Studying Vocabulary Sentences

The best way I learn is by writing... so when I was studying vocab for a standardized test, I made some very interesting sentences that I thought I'd share with you...

Studying Vocabulary Sentences
by Breanna Carter

1. Metaphor – figure of speech comparing two different things

I can’t help it if I like metaphors, and you really do spank like a little girl!

2. Livid – discolored from a bruise; pale; reddened with anger

He was livid when I told him that I’d stayed out all night instead of studying.

3. Liberal – tolerant or broad-minded; generous or lavish

My tutor considers himself liberal, but I’ve found him to be quite intolerant of disrespect and disobedience.

4. Lethargic – acting in an indifferent or slow, sluggish manner

It’s not that I’m lethargic, school is just super boring!

5. Leery – suspicious

My good behavior had everyone leery of my ulterior motive.

6. Larceny – theft of property

After being arrested for larceny, I was sent home to my angry older brother who proceeded to roast my bottom!

7. Lament – to express sorrow; to grieve

I lamented over my sore bottom for weeks.

8. Kindle – to set fire to or ignite; to excite or inspire

The scolding kindled my anger and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut anymore.

9. Keen – having a sharp edge; intellectually sharp; perceptive

He applauded me for the keen idea, but it didn’t get me out of the spanking I’d earned.

10. Zephyr – a gentle breeze; something airy or unsubstantial

The zephyr on my bare bottom made me shiver as I awaited the first swat.

11. Variegated – varied; marked with different colors

After the spanking my bottom was not variegated, only one deep shade of red.

12. Inexorable – inflexible; unyielding

Sometimes when I really misbehave, my tutor has no choice but to be inexorable with my punishment.

13. Antagonize – to annoy or provoke to anger

When I’m feeling surly, I enjoy antagonizing my siblings.

14. Antipathy – extreme dislike

Most of all, I enjoy antagonizing those in which I feel great antipathy towards.

15. Luminous – bright; brilliant; glowing

After all the antagonizing, I usually find myself with a luminous red backside.

16. Sully – to tarnish; to taint

When my enemies saw how much I cried during a spanking, I realized that my tough-girl reputation had been sullied.

17. Cacophony – a harsh, jarring noise

When my sister and I were spanked together, we created a cacophony with our cries.

18. Glower – to glare or stare angrily and intensely

As I was awaiting my spanking, I glowered at the girl who’d tattled on me.

19. Gradation – a degree or stage in a process; a variation in color

When I inspected my bottom after the spanking, I noticed many different gradations of red.

20. Repast – meal or mealtime

The peaceful repast was interrupted by a cacophony of arguments by my little sisters.

21. Dilatory – intended to delay

Asking my tutor about his day was simply a dilatory tactic to delay admitting my faults.

22. Martinet – strict disciplinarian; one who rigidly follows rules

We all know that we’re in big trouble when we are sent to the principal; he’s a martinet and won’t let anyone off the hook.

23. Misanthrope – a person who dislikes others

She’s such a misanthrope… I don’t know what to do to convince her to stop hating me!

24. Glib – fluent in an insincere manner; offhand; casual

Oftentimes I can get myself out of trouble thanks to my glib speeches, but my tutor can see right through me.

25. August – dignified; grandiose

My tears and aching bottom didn’t distract me from noticing the august sunset.

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