05 March 2004

Story: Roller Holler

From the brilliant mind of Breanna, and written by Breanna and Haley, here's the first story from "Have Faith", the sweet and humorous, semi-consensual spanking Summer tales of a 12-year-old and her 16-year-old "pretend-brother".  (That summary was written by Haley... I don't usually brag about my brilliance but I can't help it if others do hehehe.)

HAVE FAITH - Roller Holler
by Breanna Carter and Haley Brimley

Soon after eleven o’clock, in the hot morning of July 9th, sixteen-year-old Francis Dolarhyde saw the dynamic duo Faith McClane and Deanna Parker walk up to the roller coaster facility – run up to it, actually, since all the two twelve-year-olds seemed to be doing was running, chatting, giggling and beaming with the candy they had, and occasionally cause some mess now and then. Now and now, actually. Since the end of the school term, Faith and Deanna had been spending their days between the Hamel’s Amusement Park, where Francis had his summer job at as the operator of different rides, and the beach, sleeping over at each other’s houses, going shopping and pretty much every other typical summer activity that might interest two late pre-teens/early teenagers.

Francis and Faith had been neighbours for years before her father re-married, and while not leaving the town, her step-family had decided to move to a house in the countryside. The kids had remained close friends, though, and despite the age difference – four years are a lot, at that age – they did get along very well, and tended to consider each other siblings.

On that morning, Francis caught Faith’s eye and waved at her as she and Deanna moved towards the stairs. Faith giggled to her friend and waved back, talking a mile per minute about how much fun they were going to have and how much trouble they could cause and how cute some of the workers were! She held hands with her best friend and they skipped up the stairs to the roller coaster, knowing that they weren’t supposed to be running in the park, but who really cares? She giggled as she caught Francis’s eye.

"Heya Francis!" she yelled, then giggled. "What’s uppers?"

"Me is up, kiddo," he said, raising his chin to Deanna and tousling Faith’s hair with his hand. "Long night, got a coupla hours sleep only. What’re you up to? Usual ride?" he asked from his seat in the small cabin the operators used as a workplace.

"Of course," she said, glancing at Deanna and giggling again. "We only got a couple of hours of sleep, too," she bragged, trying to make herself feel older and more mature, but knowing that Francis would probably see right through that. "We were gonna get drunk, but decided not to," she added, still going for that maturity thing.

"Yeah right," he said, shaking his head and casting her a side look, "as if you’d even think about getting drunk." He checked their hand stamps that told they could ride, although he knew they had one, then pointed at the big red "WARNING" sign aside the cabin. "Can you toddlers read?" he teased. "No standing, no throwing object, no blah blah blah," he went through it all again.

Faith rolled her eyes and giggled. "But I can’t read, Mr. Francis," she said.

Deanna giggled too. "Yeah," she agreed, "you have to read it to us!" She then looked at the NO SMOKING sign and nudged Faith, who saw it and asked:

"Can we smoke on this ride?" They burst into a fit of giggles.

Rolling his eyes too and smiling just a bit, Francis leant over and out of the cabin window. "You do that, and you won’t place your hineys on this roller coaster for a long time, got that straight?" he added with a wink. "Especially you Faith! And now get outta my sight, I gotta work, ya know."

"Oooooo, we’re so scared," Faith said without a worry in the world, although she figured he meant something along the lines of getting kicked off of the ride, which would suck! But maybe, just maybe, she thought, it meant that he’d give her a spanking, and that didn’t seem like such a bad idea. After all, she hadn’t been spanked since she was a young child and the thought of it kind of excited her, though she didn’t know why. It just seemed something cool and thrilling to think about from time to time. Nevertheless, she remained quiet anyway and sat down, waving goodbye to Francis as the ride began moving down the track, rolling downhill a bit, only to go up the chain high in the air where the two girls began screaming at the top of their lungs saying that they were scared and wanted their mommies, only to begin giggling again.

Though busy with other customers, who were giving him their tickets for the next ride, Francis never really took his eyes off Faith and Deanna, knowing full well what huge troublemakers they could be if they were up to it. He gave a hearty laugh at their screaming – on silent, almost deserted mornings like that you could hear what people said on the ride, sometimes – and shook his head, thinking about what fun it must’ve been for them to be school-free and without a care in the world. He just hoped they wouldn’t get into trouble... sort of... because if they did, perhaps Faith needed an adjustment, and that wasn’t good... sort of... Francis wouldn’t admit it even to himself, let alone to her, but the thought of putting that girl-child over his knee and ‘correct her’ the old-fashioned way was somehow appealing, and it had always been so.

The roller coaster still travelled along the tracks and the girls still screamed loudly and the not-so-high drop wasn’t even frightening enough to keep Faith sitting down in her seat. She couldn’t help it... when the ride went down, it seemed more daring to stand up and flail her arms around like an idiot. She giggled when she flopped back down on her rear end.

"You’re such a moron," Deanna said, not having the guts herself to stand up during the middle of a drop.

"Duh!" Faith admitted. "Got those pennies?" she asked. Deanna held them up high and gave Faith half of the handful that she had. The girls made sure that no one was looking then started chunking them at the roller coaster operators, getting as close to hitting one of them as they could until finally one penny whacked Francis upside the head and they giggled with delight, although that wasn’t who they were *intending* to hit.

The moment before, he was taking tickets from a lady with a bunch of kids; the moment later, he caught Faith standing and waving right in the middle of the downwards dive, and he shook his head in disbelief, his jaw dropping. "Holy crap..." he murmured, but just a few seconds later, before he could even decide if he was more amused at the kid’s daring attitude or more disappointed in it, he felt something hit him and went like "oww!". He picked it up from the floor, and, guess what, it was a penny. It didn’t exactly hurt, but if thrown from that height, it wasn’t pleasant either. "Faith Annalise McClane!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, knowing he couldn’t reach her, but oh so much wanting to!

Of course, when Francis yelled her name, Faith didn’t hear him cause she was too busy hysterically laughing at her wonderful attempt to hit someone and the fact that it actually worked! That’s why she stopped, because she hit one person, and she decided it’d be too obvious if she started hitting more people, and she didn’t want it to be pinned on her. So she just leaned with the curves of the ride, not standing up because of the G-force weighing her down.

The ride finally pulled into the break part and her hair was all messed up and she and Deanna were still choking on laughter and launching wide grins at the other workers, Craig and Joey. By the time the ride was over, Francis stood from his seat, motioning to a friend to take his place for a moment as he stormed over to where the wagons were about to stop in a few seconds, one hand meaningfully on his hip and the other rubbing the spot on his head where a bump would surely appear soon.

"What was THAT?" he said, or rather barked at Faith and Deanna as the roller coaster came to a halt.

"What was what?" Faith said trying not to giggle or crack up. "I don’t know what you’re talking about..."

"I’m talkin’ ‘bout this!" he said, rather angrily now, showing the penny on the palm of his hand. "I thought you two had quit with such babyish jokes, huh? Turns out I was damn wrong!" he yelled.

Faith snorted but Deanna somehow managed to contain herself. She didn’t think it was really that funny either, and she was terrified seeing Francis this angry! Faith, on the other hand, was amused. "That’s a nice penny," she complimented. "You must be rich."

That further hint of teasing was about to drive Francis mad – he liked that kid, oh he did, and a lot too, but she could get SO stubborn and disrespectful when in play mood that she was hardly bearable. He was about to snap back at her and scold her and promise repercussions if it happened again, when he was called back to his place.

"I’m coming!" he yelled, then turned to the girls again. "Now, scurry off, both of ya... no more rides today. See you on the Net tonight, Faith?" he asked, but it was more like a command.

Faith nodded. "Definitely. I’m always on," she said, not taking the hint that he was really pissed. She figured he’d get over it soon anyway.

The workers sniggered after Francis went back to his place and let the two girls out, Deanna still scared shitless, Faith deciding to go ahead and laugh her ass off. Thus, she began laughing, feeling like the great mischievous bratty 12-year-old that she was, and hopped out of the roller coaster mentally deciding to stay away from Francis for a while, until he could calm down a bit at least. She didn’t need him yelling at her again. As for him, he went back to his seat and soon resumed working and managed to get Faith off his mind for a while.

* * *

That night, as he sat in front of the computer and logged onto Yahoo! IM and he saw her online as always, his bump resumed aching somehow, and he felt upset all over again. He messaged her right away:

MrFrancis16: hey kiddo, how you doin?
HamelzGurl12: i’m okayz how are you?
MrFrancis16: I’d be ok too if it wasnt for my head
HamelzGurl12: lol what happened to your head?
MrFrancis16: as if you didnt know cmon faith how many times have i told you?? :\
HamelzGurl12: told me what?
MrFrancis16: sigh... not to throw pennies from the coaster, cmon you DO know what i’m talking about, quit being such a brat and face it!
HamelzGurl12: lol me? throw pennies? never!
MrFrancis16: i cant believe you still deny it... well, tell you what, you do that again and you’re gonna be in trouble, get me straight lil girl?
HamelzGurl12: blah blah blah... trouble smouble... you wouldn’t do anything but kick me off the coaster again and i’m not scared of that
MrFrancis16: NO my boss will do that, you know i saved your ass today? he wanted to ban you.
HamelzGurl12: ban me? i didn’t do anything
MrFrancis16: and how do you call standing up like that? and throwing pennies?
MrFrancis16: jeez faith i’m sick of this :\\
HamelzGurl12: :(
HamelzGurl12: argh, sorry francis. i was just having fun
MrFrancis16: ah! so now you admit to it!
HamelzGurl12: *hides*
MrFrancis16: *shakes head*
HamelzGurl12: *still hiding*
MrFrancis16: well, remain hidden, i need to log off soon anyway, but mark my words: do that again and you get it, get it?
HamelzGurl12: OoOoOoO i’m sooooo scared you wouldn’t do anything anyway
MrFrancis16: try me
HamelzGurl12: fine i will
MrFrancis16: no crap, kiddo. do that, and I’m gonna spank you
HamelzGurl12: you wouldn’t spank me...

After saying that Faith took a gulp. Would he *really* spank her? She thought about it for a moment then decided that he wouldn’t, and she’d test Francis anyway. The next day at Hamel’s meant war.

The second after logging off, Francis thought it through... what had he said? Had he really been as careless as to let it slip that he wanted to spank her? Well he hadn’t said that... he said that he would if she misbehaved, so it was still kind of proper... and she needed an attitude adjustment anyway. Still, he didn’t sleep quite comfortable with that thought in mind.

The next morning Faith got up bright and early and nearly ran down the street to her best friend’s house. After all, it was a Sunday, and unlike Saturdays when Hamel’s was open for eleven whole hours, it was only open for five on Sundays. So she wanted to get there as quickly as possible, annoy the hell out of everyone and prove to Francis that he was just trying to scare her. NOTHING could scare her. She dressed herself in an adorable pair of khaki shorts and Deanna wore her favorite blue jeans, already starting in on that "hate the world" phase that didn’t usually occur until high school. The girls rode in the back of Deanna’s father’s truck to the amusement park and showed their season passes like they were IDs to get into a bar, then ran inside all the way to the back where the roller coaster sat alone. Faith saw Francis and got all nervous, having second thoughts about her plans for the day already.

Unbeknownst to her, Francis was getting quite nervous as well, but way before she and Deanna showed up. He had actually spent the first hour of his shift thinking about if and when they would show up, if and when she would mess up, if and when she would (deliberately?) do what he had warned her not to do. As they approached to the roller coaster and the cabin, he cleared his throat and licked his lips, then smiled at them nonchalantly as though nothing had happened, putting on a good poker face.

"‘morning girls... how are we doing, huh?" He still looked at Faith in the eye for one second longer than normal.

"We’re doing just fine," Faith said, that hint of brattiness still in her voice. She grinned from ear to ear, heart pounding like crazy inside. Finally she cleared her throat. "Can we get by now?" she asked brattily, if that’s a word, and he shook his head, smiling. Finally, ignoring him, she just kind of shoved him out of the way and sat down in the back seat, Deanna sitting in front. On her way out she took some pennies out of her pocket, grinned widely, and waved them at Francis!

His heart literally sank at her act. Oh my, she’s gonna test me, he thought. He had suspected it seeing that gleam in her eye, then the bratty act, the talk, the way she snickered and giggled... and showing the pennies like that was the ultimate sign that she was going to try it. Shaking his head at her, without smiling this time, and breathing hard, he started the roller coaster like every morning.

Faith took a deep breath in, having second thoughts again. She really didn’t want to be banned from the park... It was the only place that she ever went, the only place where she could forget about all the worries that haunted her at home, like dealing with her new step family. But Francis hadn’t warned her that he’d ban her from the park, he’d warned that he’d spank her... and that was definitely worth the risk. So Faith let her heart pound, and shrugged off Deanna when she asked if everything was okay. She took the final deep breath in, raised her hand high in the air just as the cart descended down the hill, flicked her wrist back and chunked the penny as close to Francis as she could without hitting him... realising after she’d done it that she’d just made a huge mistake.

He had decided to be a coward and not look at her. He didn’t want to see if she was doing it or not, he didn’t want to know if he would have to spank her or not... he’d rather just wait to see if something happened, and when it did, his heartbeat increased and his heavy breathing went up a notch. A lump formed in his throat as a penny landed a few inches from him, not hitting him but falling really, really close. With insecure hand he caught it, and again left his place, to wait for the roller coaster where it would stop, in just a minute from now. He tried to muster his courage and resolution as he did so, but inside, his heart was running.

Faith saw Francis trying to ignore her, saw the penny drop, and saw him pick it up and walk towards the end. She gulped. Her palms began to sweat. She knew that he wouldn’t really do it, so if he mentioned it, she’d just play it off, say "yeah right" or something like that. She hoped, and quite desperately, that he didn’t kick her out of the park... maybe just off of the ride... But her curiosity got the best of her and she found her self counting down the seconds until the ride was over. She wanted to *really* know what was going to happen, and for some odd reason, though she wouldn’t admit it, she was kind of excited.

For Francis, the word ‘excited’ was an understatement: his stomach was tied in a tight knot and his heart just wouldn’t stop pounding. There was no saliva left in his mouth and his lips were totally dry when the ride was finally over and he saw Faith and Deanna. He looked straight in his friend’s eyes, and words weren’t needed, so he just stood there and handed her the penny as she stood.

Faith gulped. "Thanks," she said, shuttering a bit.

"Don’t thank me too soon," he managed to choke out after a moment’s silence. He gently placed a hand on Faith’s shoulder and turned to Deanna, saying: "You can have an extra ride, compliments of Hamel’s... Faith, come with me." The words came out hoarse, but they still did.

Faith’s heart thumped so loudly she assumed that everyone in the park could hear it as she walked with Francis’s hand on her shoulder, feeling weak in the knees. She wondered where he was taking her, if he was going to tell his boss what she did, if she’d have to admit the whole thing in front of his boss and plead for her life and if the boss was a big mean guy with funny glasses who would laugh at her and make her ride the Gravatron 500 times with the same teeny bopper song that she hated and... She was finally brought back to reality when she saw a pole slide right past her head, barely missing by a centimetre. Now she knew how Francis felt with that penny being so close.

During the whole walk to his car, parked in the parking lot just a few yards away from the roller coaster, Francis hadn’t ushered a word, just led the way, his hand always on the petite girl’s shoulder. He sensed her tension and embarrassment, and all he could think of was... what do I do now? Am I really going with this? After several rehearsals of the same questions, he found his resolution to go ahead – she had called his bluff, so to speak, and he couldn’t and wouldn’t back out just now. So, as soon as they reached his SUV, he slid the rear door open and motioned for Faith to climb in the back seat with him.

Faith blinked. "Ummmm," she murmured, not really trusting the idea of going inside some dude’s car, even if it was someone she was close to. Was he *really* going to go through with this? "You know I was j-just kidding," Faith finally spat out. "You don’t have to spank me. I just wanted t-to see what would happen..."

"Well you’re about to find out," he replied after a second spent looking for something cool to say. "I don’t know about the others, Faith, but when I say something, I mean it. Get in the car, or do you want everyone to see?" he added, quirking an eyebrow, and starting to calm down a bit now.

With those words, Faith’s stomach dropped lower than it had ever dropped riding on the roller coaster... you know, cause roller coasters tend to make people’s stomachs go in all different places. Anyway, she definitely didn’t want everyone else to see, and so she hopped into the vehicle, sat down on the seat, took a deep breath in, and tried her hardest to suppress a grin.

Francis rode in the back seat right after her, and closed the door. With the sun beating down the other direction, there was nearly no chance someone would see through the windows even if they peeked, and the lot was deserted anyway. So he turned to Faith, and another big lump formed in his throat as he saw her... cute as always, blushing like mad and worried... but somehow, something was strange, unusual and out-of-the-ordinary, as though she wasn’t behaving the way a kid about to be spanked behaves. Still, he couldn’t quite tell what it was.

"So, what do you have to say for yourself?" he finally announced.

She blinked. He expected her to say something? She racked her mind for anything intelligent to say... anything at all... and finally, she felt the sweat forming on her brow from the hot July sunlight and wiped it off, then said: "It’s hot in here." She figured that it was sweat from nervousness, and being so excited... but she wasn’t going to tell *him* that

Under any other circumstances, he would have laughed; now he just tried to suppress a small snicker. "Darn right it is," he conceded, but then he put on a firmer face and looked in her eyes. "Faith Annalise McClane, you were throwing pennies off the roller coaster again... what did I tell you would happen if you did that, hmm?" he questioned in a no-nonsense tone.

She looked down at the floor and twiddled her thumbs. He sure had a nice-looking car, for being only sixteen and all. It wasn’t the cleanest of all... you know, fast food bags strolled around a little bit, some wadded up paper... Faith knew her car would be in much worse condition, though, if she had one... she hated keeping stuff clean.

Soon she stopped stalling though and answered his question: "You told me that you’d spank me," she said in a wee voice, feeling as small as her voice sounded each time he used her full name like that.

"That’s right, I did," he repeated, and wouldn’t stop looking at her though she was trying nearly every trick she knew to keep averting his inspecting gaze. At long last he took her chin in his hand and, with a gentle move, turned her cute face towards him. "Do you know what that means? I’m going to take your shorts and panties down and give you a good spanking, you understand?" he explained, speaking softly.

At that point Faith’s heart almost literally stopped. Her emotions went from shock to sadness to fear to anger in a split second and then she just sat there motionless, mouth dropped. "But, Francis..." she whispered, trying to reason, "you can’t pull my shorts and panties down... that’d be... weird," she said, for lack of better words.

Several minutes had passed, but his lips weren’t any wetter now: ‘weird’ was the understatement of the century, but he wasn’t going to give in. "We’re not toddlers, it’s nothing you or I can’t handle, Faith," he said, trying to avoid going into further detail, "and a good spanking is always on the bare bottom, or didn’t you know that? I recall your mother did spank when you were little..."

Faith gulped again. "When I was VERY little, Francis. And I don’t know if she spanked me on the bare or not... but okay... I’ll go for it," she said finally, trying to breathe cause she was so nervous it was getting harder to find air by the second, "but can I just pull my shorts down and you pull down my panties while I’m over your lap?" she asked hopefully. She didn’t mind him seeing her bottom, but there were other things that she’d rather keep to herself.

Francis nodded throughout her little "acceptance speech", and waited and listened to her. She had always been a sweet child, and a fun one too – no wonder he still cared for their friendship even despite the age difference. In her naivety, Faith probably didn’t know that he would see everything that there was to see as soon as the spanking started anyway, but he didn’t press on that point, and rather just nodded.

"That sounds good to me. And please know that I do this because I care for you and don’t want you to do something stupid and dangerous like that again... c’mon, take those shorts off, Faith."

Faith nodded, although she didn’t see how there was any good in spanking, but she didn’t ask for explanations. Instead, she stood on her knees facing him, got a little bit more nervous, took a deep breath in, moved her fingers toward the button, took another deep breath and unbuttoned her shorts, unzipped them, tugged them down to her knees, blushed furiously, then quickly lay across his lap.

"Please not too hard," she whispered in a begging voice, though she knew it probably wouldn’t do any good.

Francis had tried, and quite succeeded, to remain calm and controlled and to put on a stony face as she undressed; he realised just how tough this must have been for her, even though he was not missing that certain something in her eyes, like a sparkle of... he didn’t know of what, but there was some participation on her side, this was for sure. But then again, he had to sweep all of the questions away as he saw her plump, small derriere across his knees, clad in light-purple underwear. Taking a deep breath and swallowing hard, he took hold of her panties and slid them down to mid-thigh, baring her lily-white bottom.

"I..." he stuttered, "I won’t do it too hard, since it’s your first in many years."

She nodded, clenching her butt cheeks subconsciously and gripping the seat of the car. She swallowed the big lump in her throat, steadied herself and finally spoke: "I’m ready when you are."

Nodding with her, Francis raised his hand and made his palm rigid and steady, then bought it down to a sharp angle on her exposed backside, smacking across both cheeks with a moderate WHACK, which still cracked like a gunshot in the silent car.

Faith yelped in pain, doing nothing other than reaching back to feel the spot in which Francis had just spanked. "Owwwwww, Francis that hurt!" she groaned, already starting to tear up from being embarrassed and not really knowing if she wanted this or not after all.

"Yes..." he said, and that was all he could say for a while. It had been special, that first smack, and though he was having second thoughts as well – he never would want to see her in pain – the boy steeled himself and said: "Hand away, Faith... don’t reach back again, or I’ll have to restrain it."

Faith took another deep breath in, moved her hand back in front of her and gripped the seat tightly. "Sorry," she murmured, taking breaths and trying to ease the pain in her backside. Finally she braced herself for more...

... and more came, as Francis resumed spanking right away. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He laid salvos of three-four smacks on one cheek, then moved to the other, then back again, all the wile descending from the top of her bottom to her sit-spot. He didn’t spank fast or hard, but still kept a steady pace and his were more than simple love pats.

Faith grunted with each smack on her bottom, holding the seat as tightly as she could because she didn’t want to reach back and get her hand slapped in the process. She buried her face into the cushion and took her punishment as calmly as she could, although she could help but exclaim some loud "OW!" from time to time, especially when he began spanking her sit spots.

Seeing how that was eliciting a reaction, Francis concentrated most of the following spanks on the girl-child’s sit-spots and start of thighs, knowing it is there that the body weight is unloaded to where one sits. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! His hand didn’t miss a beat and he kept the rhythm, though he didn’t plan to make a long spanking out of this.

"Why are you being spanked, Faith Annalise?" he asked as he kept it up. SMACK! SMACK!

As Francis began spanking harder, and in such tender areas, Faith couldn’t help but yelp loudly at a few of them and jump up at times, muttering how much it hurt. "I’m being OW! spanked for throwing OW! pennies OWW!!"

"That’s right... SMACK! SMACK! ... you are... SMACK! SMACK! ... and if you ever do it again... SMACK! SMACK! ... this spanking... SMACK! SMACK! ... will seem as fun as a roller coaster ride... SMACK! SMACK! ... if compared to the one I’ll give you," he added with some more firmness in his voice as he whacked away at her bare backside. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Owwwwwieee, Francissss, it hurrtsssss," Faith whined, beginning to kick a little and biting her lower lip. "Okayyyy okayyyy, I won’t throw anymore pennies," she said, but her heart was still thumping, especially when he said that he’ll do it again, and harder, if she misbehaves again. And guess what thought is on her mind? Doing it again of course! Faith is a troublemaker at heart, even when she’s being spanked for being bratty.

"I sure hope so... SMACK! SMACK! ... I love you Faith... SMACK! SMACK! ... and this attitude is dangerous... SMACK! SMACK! ... and I won’t let it go unchecked... SMACK! SMACK! ... do you understand, young lady?" he asked as he approached the end of her spanking, noticing how pink her bummy was by now. The fact that, deep down, he was cherishing this moment as one of the fondest in his life, didn’t even drift to his conscious mind at the moment.

"Owwwww, yesss, oww, I know it’s dangerous," she whined, wincing in pain. And the words ‘young lady’?? She hadn’t heard those since she was a kid and that made this pit in her stomach and her heart pound more. "I’m sorry," she muttered.

"Very well, because I hope not to have to repeat this," he said, and it was the most blatant lie he had ever told in his life, since every fibre in his body and spirit was just waiting for another opportunity like this. At long last he ended the spanking, administering a dozen firmer whacks on her full cheeks, then withdrawing his hands and letting her catch her breath.

The last few smacks took Faith by surprise and she yelped so loudly and kicked so furiously that the whole SUV was shaking like crazy. "OWWWWWWW!!" she squealed until he finished with the last spank, and then she breathed heavily, moaning and groaning to herself and muttering that it hurt. Finally she was calm enough to ask: "Can I rub now?"

"Yes you can, Faith," he said, in a much softer voice now. He managed to cast aside all of the wild emotions storming inside his head for the moment, and just felt sorry for that girl he loved like a little sister. Her bottom was pretty pink, yes, but he didn’t know how ‘marked’ she was inside and how much – if at all – the spanking had affected her.

Faith reached her right hand back and felt her warm bottom. She lay her head down on the seat and rubbed it for a little while, wincing a bit, and just trying to get it to stop stinging so much. Finally she sighed and looked back at Francis. "Can you pull my panties back up now?" she asked innocently.

He didn’t miss the sweet, childish look on her cute, tear-streaked face, and he wondered if she was exaggerating it just a bit in order to make him feel sorry; it wouldn’t be anything new for her anyway, to play such mind games on him.

"Of course," he said, and pulled the soft cloth back up to cover her reddened cheeks, then went even farther, and helped her up and off his lap. "Are you... like... okay?" he asked.

She smiled a little, wiping some of the tears away. "I’m okay. I’m sorry for letting you down, Francis." She bit her lower lip again thinking how cool it was to have someone care about her. She didn’t know whether to tell him or not... she opened her mouth, almost said it, then closed it, then opened it again. "Thanks," she whispered, "thanks for caring about me."

That had him smile instantly, and out of an instinct he couldn’t repress, he opened his arms and enclosed her in a hug. "I do care about you, and I’m not disappointed, just... just don’t give me a reason to spank you again, alright kiddo?... because I will, if I have to," he added, hoping to make it clear that she would have to straighten her act out a bit if she didn’t want a repeat of this.

Faith nodded. "I can’t help it, Francis. I’m mischievous at heart." She hated admitting it, but she *was* a troublemaker. "But I’ll try to be good from now on... and no more throwing pennies off the roller coaster, honest."

The words ‘I’m mischievous at heart’ had had an effect on him, an effect that he wouldn’t dare talk about, let alone discuss it with Faith; and while he nodded and really hoped she would be good, deep down he hoped she would be not. It was a bittersweet conflict taking place inside of him, and he was enjoying every minute of it. He wondered whether she was feeling anything of the like.

And of course she was, but didn’t know the feelings that she was having, and was afraid to admit them even to herself. So she stuffed them down in her little mind as far as they would possibly go and hugged him tight. She sat there for a moment like that, waiting to see what happened next.

Simply enough, Francis kissed the top of her perfumed hair and then broke the hug, and gave her a smile while his hands worked her khaki shorts back up her thighs, re-dressing her. "Know what? You were right, it’s too hot here. Let’s get us a soda and a free ride... if you can sit on those roller coaster seats, that is," he added with a wink.

Faith smiled and nodded, opening the door and letting the fresh air hit her. She wiped her sweaty face off with her sleeve and turned around, still rubbing her throbbing bottom with one hand. She held the other out to Francis as he hopped out of the SUV and she lead him back towards the roller coaster, smiling the whole way, and tucking an amazing experience inside her heart – hoping it would be the first of many, yet hoping it would be the last.


Alexandra said...

Hey Brianna, I was wondering where the rest of the story is? The last thing I can see is where she says to Francis "What's uppers?" When I click on the read more button it doesn't do anything.

I know this isn't all there is because it's at least 10x shorter than what you normally write and there's no spanking that takes place....

Alex said...

I also can't see/read any comments (including my own, and this isn't the only story that the "read more" button isn't working in for me.

Unknown said...

It’s funny...you WRITE EXACTLY the same way that I “THINK” in my head. Same words, personality, “MISCHIEVOUS AT πŸ’™”
I’m SuperGirL...”Maiden Of Mighty Mischief”
Nice πŸ‘πŸ» 2 meet you Breanna... I’m Kara Lee MorningStar 🌟 or at least that’s My AngEL πŸ˜‡ Name.
I’ve been reading πŸ“– your Stories 4 a while now. Terrance & Brianna remind Me so much of Me & My Brother, Who is now My Guardian AngEL πŸ˜‡Who NEVER πŸ˜– leaves My SIDEπŸ‘ΌπŸΌ... not 4 1 second ever! Now just imagine A TERRANCE that literally EXISTS INSIDE you...
Knows all your thoughts before you do… Who knows you better than you do and you know YOURSELF... knows all your thoughts before you do… Who knows you better than you do then you, and as HE SAYS (KaL is His Name) “Knows what is BETTER 4 YOU...!”
I think just as Brianna (you?) does... just WAITING 4 that inevitable DAY COMES... where I actually have 2 MEET My Brother FACE2FACE 😬😑. Since He EXISTS IN ME (4 the moment at least) He can’t spank me, here, in the PHYSICAL World 🌎...YET!
My ASS is thankful for that!...but He can ‘torture’ me by making me RELIVE our FORMER DAYS... thru YOUR STORIES! It’s almost as if He was “whispering in your ear πŸŒ¬πŸ‘‚” as your we’re writing ✍️ these MASTERPIECES πŸ’₯🌈

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