28 December 2010

Story: The Eminem Concert

Part of The Stabler Girls series.  Breanna and Lenore go to the Eminem concert without permission, and almost anything bad that could happen, did.  Their father isn't too happy when he gets ahold of them...

The Eminem Concert
by Breanna and Lenore

Ten-year-old Lenore was in her room, singing along to the CD her sister had gotten for her. "They tried to shut me down on MTV But it feels so empty without me So, come on dip, bum on your lips Jump back, jiggle the hip and wiggle a bit And get ready ‘cause this is about to get heavy I just settled all my lawsuits, 'Fuck you Debbie'!" She was jumping around on her bed as she sang along.

Elliott was headed toward his youngest daughter's room. He’d been shouting at her to come to dinner for the last 10 minutes but no response, which he soon realized why as he pushed the door open to be greeted by the f-bomb. Infuriated, he hit the off button on Lenore’s CD player. "Where on earth did you get this trashy music from?" He wanted to know.

Lenore stumbled slightly, as she stopped jumping on the bed. "Um.... around..." She replied vaguely. She stood there looking like a deer caught in headlights.

He ejected the CD. "You won't be needing this anymore," he said firmly, stooping down to her level. "This is pure trash, Lenore, and I won't have it in my house. Do you understand?"

"But Daddy," Lenore protested. "It's just some music...Everyone's singing it."

He shook his head, and began to name off a list of people who weren't singing Eminem, but then stopped noticing Lenore’s boredom with the list. "This music is no good. It's violent and distasteful and not allowed in my house. And if I hear it, or any of the lyrics, in this house again, you will get a spanking. Is that understood, young lady?"

Lenore scowled. "Yes, Daddy...even if that's not fair!" She jumped down off her bed, and stomped out of the room.

Elliott caught her by the arm and looked into her eyes. "If you're going to have an attitude, you may sit in time out until you're ready to act your age."

Lenore managed to yank her arm away, glaring up at him angrily. "I am acting my age! You're just too old to remember what it's like to have any fun!" She huffed slightly. "And I don't see why I can't just sing it in the house. I don't even know what most of it even means!"

"Which is exactly why you shouldn't be singing it." He paused. "Now, do you want to sit at the table like a young lady, or do you want to sit in here and pout?"

Lenore turned in response, stomping back into her room and slamming her door shut in his face. "YOU'RE SUCH A JERK!" She shouted, using words she'd heard her sister use before. She then went over and flopped down on her bed, arms crossed over her chest.

Elliott sighed and retreated back to the dining room where Breanna sat, texting one of her friends. "Phone away," he admonished lightly. She rolled her eyes and he sat down next to her. "You need to watch what you say around your sister. She is becoming awfully mouthy and saying things I've heard you say." She opened her mouth to argue but he stopped her. "I don't want to hear it. Just watch your mouth around her."

Lenore, feeling defiant, though she was usually rather obedient, dug out another Eminem CD she had, and began to play that one now instead - loudly. She knew she was risking her bottom, but her father had made her angry. It was just some music. Yeesh. She stood and began jumping around to it on her bed once more. Besides, her sister listened to it all the time - not that she was going to rat her out, but still!

As the music began, Elliott looked at Bre. "And so help your bottom, if you got this CD for her," he said, making her squirm. He stormed into Lenore’s room, shut the CD off and looked at her. "What did I say would happen if I heard this type of music again?"

"I wasn’t singing it," Lenore argued, sassily. "I'm just jumping to it." She jumped on her bed some more, as if to prove her point.

"Answer my question."

Lenore glared at him. "Somebody ought to spank you for bein' such a meanie-head. It’s just music, Daddy. Get a grip!"

In a quick flash, he grabbed her wrist, pulled her down from the bed, and began smacking her bottom at moderate force. "You will not talk to me with such disrespect young lady," he lectured as he spanked. "I told you that I don't want to hear this music in this house and I mean it." He stopped swatting her for a moment and pulled out the chair to her desk, moving her in front of him and looking into her eyes to see if she had anything to say for herself.

Lenore's eyes were wide, and a little frightened. Yes, she knew the consequences. And yes, she had purposely pushed his buttons. But, still... What if he decided to spank her bare again!? That was the most horrible moment of her young life, that last time she'd been spanked. She felt her eyes brim with tears, and suddenly she didn't feel so big and tough anymore. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she managed to squeak.

"That music is trash, Lenore. The language is bad and they talk about doing bad things. I don't want you listening to it. And I also want you to hold off on the attitude. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," Lenore whimpered, nodding her head like crazy. Her eyes darted around, trying to find a means of escape. She was becoming a runner lately, though she was still her Daddy's little Princess, and somehow always managed to weasel her way out of a worse spanking.

Before she could dart, though, he had her over his lap. "You're getting a spanking for disrespect, attitude, and disobedience. And this will be the last spanking you ever receive over your jeans. From now on, you will be bare bottomed for at least some portion of your spanking. You're old enough to know better, and now you know the consequence. So think twice before you break any rules again." With that he began the spanking, circling her waist to keep her in position.

Lenore began to sob almost immediately. Being spanked hurt like hell, yes. But the thought of being spanked bare from now on had her scared. She hated to feel and be humiliated more than anything. She kicked and squirmed, still wishing to get away.

"I'm sorryyyyyyyy!” She wailed.

Elliott held onto her. "What are you sorry for?" He asked, giving her a few harder swats to send the message home.

Lenore let out a couple yelps, then replied midst hiccups. "For-For bein' nasty! An'-An' for-for listenin' to-to the m-music!"

He finished up the spanking and stood her up. "I want every CD you have that has bad language in it," he said, holding out his hand.

Lenore whimpered, rubbing at her watery eyes. She slowly began to hunt down all her Eminem CDs, plus a Nelly one. She found her Backstreet Boys CDs and paused a moment. She glanced over at her father tearfully. "Does damn count, even if you can't really hear it, Daddy?" She asked softly, as she knew it was whispered at the end of the one BSB song.

He shook his head. "Only the CDs that have parental advisory stickers," he said. Then, knowing Bre and Lenore could be sneaky sometimes, added, "or songs that are from a CD with a parental advisory sticker on it." He knew someone would undoubtedly have a burned CD and claim the sticker wasn't there in an effort to get out of trouble.

Lenore breathed a small sigh of relief, as she gently pushed her BSB CDs aside. She scowled a little hearing him mention the burned CDs. She huffed and got down on her tummy, to crawl under her bed. Once there, she pulled out a whole basket of CDs with bad language - some with the parental advisory, and some burned and without it. She stood once more and pouted as she handed her CDs over to him.

He was shocked at the amount of obscene music his baby girl was listening to. "Where did you get all of these?" He wanted to know. "Did your sister get them?"

Lenore shuffled uneasily, really not wanting to squeal on her sister. "Jenny has some she got from her sister," she said softly, stating half the truth. "And she gave me copies."

"Remember what happened last time you lied?" He asked, unsure if she'd told him the complete truth.

Lenore squirmed as her eyes went wide. "And....Bre might've gotten me some........." She whispered softly. She just hoped her sister didn't hate her for ratting her out, in order to save her own behind from another spanking.

Elliott nodded, and hugged his little girl. "All right. Let's go have dinner," he suggested, holding her hand as they walked to the dining room. On the way he threw the CDs in the trashcan.

Lenore walked with him quietly, still rubbing at her eyes. She eyed the chair at the table, and was glad for once it was cushioned.

Breanna was wide-eyed as her dad and sister approached, stuffing her phone back in her pocket. "Breanna," Elliott began. "I put it away," she claimed, knowing he was going to scold her about texting during dinnertime, but he shook his head. "No, that's not it. I found a substantial amount of trashy music in Lenore's room and want to know if you have any idea where it came from."

Lenore kept her eyes downward, as she quietly took her seat. She felt awful for ratting out her older sister, who'd been nice enough to share the music with her.

Breanna chewed on her lower lip glancing at Lenore and wondering if she'd ratted her out. "I guess I might have shared some music with her... But I didn't realize it was that bad. I'm sorry..." She said softly. Elliott nodded. "No more, got it?" He explained the new rule to Breanna and promised her a spanking as well if the rule was broken. She shifted uncomfortably and replied with a meek "yes, sir."

Lenore quietly ate her dinner, not saying a word, though usually she was a little chatterbox about her days at school. She finished, and squirmed in her seat. "May I be excused, please, Daddy?"

Breanna noticed the strangeness in her little sister but their dad didn't seem to get it. That was normal though. The two of them always understood each other when no one else did. Elliott excused Lenore, then Breanna shortly after.

Breanna scampered to Lenore’s room and tapped on the door. "Sis?"

Lenore lifted her head from the pillow she'd buried her face into. Her cheeks were tear-stained once more, as she looked at her older sister. "You c'n come in...." She sniffled.

Breanna closed the door behind her and sat down on her sister’s bed. "What's wrong?" She asked, playing with Lenore’s hair.

"Daddy's gonna spank me bare from now on," Lenore wailed, more tears falling from her eyes. "And I didn't mean to rat you out, but I was scared he was gonna spank me again, if he found out I lied." She paused a moment, as her breath hitched. "And I got in trouble at school for sassing the teacher, and got a note Daddy hasta sign, but if he sees it I'll get spanked again...And now that he has my music, he'll never let us go to that concert Jenny and her sister are going to!"

Breanna hugged her sister, thinking about how to solve this problem. "Where's the note from your teacher?"

Lenore gently rolled off her bed, and dug it out of her knapsack that was lying on the floor in front of her closet. "I had to stay inside at recess, and write lines and everything!"

"That's awful!" Bre said, grabbing a pen off of Lenore’s desk and signing her dad's signature. "There, dad knows, and tell your teacher you got spanked for it. She'll believe you. And apologize."

"Thank-you!" Lenore exclaimed, but not too loud. She hugged her sister tightly. "I don't think my bum could take another spanking right now. Daddy spanks much too hard."

"You're the greatest sister ever!" She added.

Breanna smiled. "And we're going to that concert," she said.

"Really? We are? How?" Lenore wanted to know. "Did you convince Daddy to let us go? 'Cause we hafta go! Eminem is sooo hot!"

She giggled. "He is hot but no. Remember Chris? My boyfriend?"

Lenore nodded. "Uh-huh. The guy Daddy doesn't really like much. But he's cute, so I like him."

Breanna nodded. "He's gonna take us. We're going to sneak out, walk to his house, go with him, and he'll bring us home after."

"But didn't you get in trouble for sneaking out last time?" Lenore asked softly. She was excited and really wanted to go, but her father's warning of her next spanking being bare, was still fresh in her memory.

"Do you want to go to the concert?"

"Yes!" Lenore nodded eagerly. "I can't let Jenny be the one to tell our friends everything!"

"Well you know dad's gonna say no. So it's our only other option."

"Okay," Lenore nodded. "So...how're we gonna sneak out? Daddy hears everything, sometimes."

Breanna thought for a moment. "I don't know yet. But we will figure it out okay? Don't worry and DON'T tell anyone, okay?"

"My lips are sealed!" Lenore promised, pretending to zip them together. "I c'n keep secrets, unless Daddy's spanking them outta me."

Breanna smiled. "Good," she said. "Now let's go play singstar... I'm gonna win this time though!"

Lenore giggled. "No you're not, I am!" She stuffed the note into her knapsack once more, then followed her sister down to the living room to play.


A few days later, the girls had it all planned out. They went to bed early, then put pillows under their blankets like Breanna had seen kids do on TV. Then she pried her window open, jumped out, and tapped on Lenore’s giving her the sign to come outside as well.

Lenore turned on her tape recorder, of her sleeping. She'd made it to ease suspicion. She cracked her window open enough for her to slide out, then managed to close it before jumping down. She landed and looked up at her sister with a big grin on her face. This was the most exciting thing she'd ever done in her young life!

"Ready?" Bre whispered, taking the girl's hand and running with her down the street until they were far enough away not to be seen easily. "Yay! I'm excited!"

Lenore was giggling like crazy. "This is gonna be sooo much fun! I've never been to a concert before! Daddy keeps telling me I'm too young. But then he tells me I'm a big girl. He needs to make up his mind already." She squeezed her sister's hand in excitement. "Is Chris gonna stay with us? I'm gonna be able to see Eminem good, right? I'm short."

"Yes Chris will stay with us and if you can't see I'm sure he'll put you on his shoulders or something to help you." They turned the corner now and Breanna saw her boyfriend and his roommate sitting outside smoking a joint. She gave him a kiss and he greeted Lenore with a pat on the head.

Lenore giggled some more, blushing a little. She'd a small crush on the older boys. They were cute and always nice to her when she happened to see them.

"You girls ready?" Chris asked, taking a final puff before passing it back to his roommate and opening the backseat for Lenore to get in, then the passenger's side for Bre. Breanna looked at her little sis to make sure she was okay with sitting next to Chris’s roomie before getting in.

Lenore giggled again as she slid into the backseat of the car and buckled up. "I was born ready! I wanna see the real slim shady! Whoot!"

Breanna plopped down in the front, giving her boyfriend the thumbs up sign and wondering if they'd share the green with her. "This show’s gonna be awesome," Breanna said, buckling up. "Sure is," Chris agreed.

Lenore cast a sidelong look at Josh, then looked away, giggling once more yet again. She was just full of giggles tonight! Part from the excitement of it all, and part from having crushes on Josh and Chris. "Is it far to go?" She asked at last, ceasing her giggles for a moment or two. "Jenny said she's got third row seats."

"Not too far," Chris said, backing out. "And you can tell Jenny that we got floor tickets so we don't even have seats. We'll be right up front." He dug the tickets out of his pocket, giving his girlfriend a grin as he did so.

Lenore squealed in excitement. "Jenny's gonna be sooo jealous! I can't wait! I'm gonna sing loud as I can too! Maybe Eminem will notice me then. Hehe."

"Maybe," Chris said. Breanna smiled, her heart racing as she glanced back and saw Josh about to light the joint again. "Hey maybe you shouldn't do it in front of the kid," Chris admonished, but Breanna shook her head. "Lenore doesn't mind, do ya? And Josh, you should totally share with me."

Lenore shrugged slightly. "How can I care, when I don't even really know what it is? I'm too excited to care. Dude, drive faster! I don't wanna miss anything!"

Josh shrugged, lit up, and passed it to Breanna. Bre smiled and took a hit, coughing instantly and wanting to die from the smoke in her lungs, but wanting to feel high, so taking another puff. "Wow," she said, eyes watering. "Careful," Chris warned. "Don't smoke too much." She brushed him off and took a final hit, passing it back to Josh. "Almost there," Chris said to Lenore, glancing at her in the rearview mirror

Lenore grinned back at him, bouncing in her seat a little. "That stuff smells neat," she commented randomly, sniffing the air. "Oooh! I see the arena! Yay!"

"Maybe we should roll the windows down..." Bre said, realizing that Lenore might get high, which would be super bad. Not that it mattered; they were pulling into a parking space now. Bre began to find herself paranoid. "Won't they smell it on us?" Chris turned to her and gave her a kiss. "No worries," he said. "I'll smoke a cig. That’ll kill the smell." He flipped one out of his pack and passed one to josh. "We'll go in, in a second, Lenore, k?"

"Just hurry it up, Dude!" Lenore told him, smiling. "I want a souvenir! And they might go fast!"

"Chill," Josh said, patting her leg. "I promise you'll get a souvenir if I have to get it myself." Breanna looked back. "Remember that dad can't see it..." She said, feeling a rush and realizing that she was super high. "Whoa."

"Duh," Lenore commented. "Daddy's not ever gonna know." She shuddered at the thought of their father finding out. She also hoped he never found out that Bre had signed her note from school, with his signature. She'd been extra good these past few days, in order to make up for feeling so guilty.

She smiled some when Josh patted her leg. Boy, was he hot!

The boys finished their cigarettes and the four got out of the car. Breanna had to hang onto her boyfriend to make sure she didn't fall over. "Make sure my sis is ok. I'm too high to tell," she whispered. "She's fine," Chris assured. "You ok back there, Squirt?" He asked

"Yup! I'm good!" Lenore grinned, jumping a little as she came to stand near them. "Can't wait to get in there! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

"Hold my hand," Breanna told her weakly, noticing that everything was sharper and moving sort of in slow motion.

Lenore obediently grabbed hold of her sister's hand. She didn't want to ruin their night by being a brat or anything - though, she was rather extra sweet at times. Her naivety allowed her that. "I hope he sings the Slim Shady song! I like that one!"

"I'm sure he will," Josh said, lighting up another cigarette. They got to the entrance and were all searched by the security, then waved through. "Please don't get lost," Breanna begged her kid sis, still holding on tight. The concert had already started, but it was a rapper they hadn't heard of. Quickly, Chris and Josh scooted through the crowd, leading the group to the front. "Can you see okay, Squirt?"

Lenore stood on her toes and jumped a little, frowning. "These people are too tall. Tell 'em to shrink so I can see. Please?"

Breanna poked josh. "Let's smoke some more," she yelled, having noticed that a lot of people around were doing the same. Chris smiled, told Bre to enjoy herself and not to worry about Lenore – he’d make sure she was ok. "Let's try to move closer," he then said to them all.

"Yeah!" Lenore agreed readily, grabbing Chris' hand and pulling him forward. "Let's get closer! I wanna touch him when he sings!"

He looked back to Bre who urged him to go, but that she and Josh would stay back and smoke and not get in the big crowd of people. And that's exactly what they did -- smoked! "This is good shit!" She yelled over the music. "Damn straight," Josh answered. She looked up at Chris and her sis and smiled. They were at the stage now and it was so cute what a big bro role he was playing. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the music.

Lenore jumped excitedly as Eminem finally hit the stage. She screamed loud as she could and just went nuts for the famous rapper. She tried to reach his hand, when he leaned down to slap people's hands, but she was too short. She frowned, then squealed a moment later, as she felt Chris place her on his shoulders. She began bobbing her head to the music and singing along, as Eminem began to rap.

Breanna kept smoking, now sufficiently high. She was also enjoying the concert immensely and singing along, dancing around. It was so excellent, the best she’d ever been to.

Lenore rocked out to the music for quite some time, highly enjoying herself. She'd grabbed Eminem's hand a few times and had been sung too, and sung into his microphone with him, giggling some as she did so. He'd just gone backstage for a quick break, when she leaned down to talk to Chris. "I gotta go to the bathroom. I need Bre, please."

Chris took her down from his shoulders and walked her back to Bre. "She has to go to the bathroom..."

"Ok I'll take her," Bre said, obviously higher than a kite. "Come on my fave lil sis!" She chirped.

"Maybe I should go with…." Chris said, certain that they'd get lost.

"Don't be silly. You and Josh save our spots. We'll be back."

"Yeah! We're big girls..." Lenore smirked. "We know how to walk!" She laughed at her own joke, and took hold of her sister's hand. As they were headed for the bathrooms, she spotted a neat Eminem bracelet hanging out of someone's bag. She eyed it longingly, then reached over and grabbed it right quick when they passed by. Soon as they were in the bathrooms, she ran for a stall and stuffed it into her pocket, then did her business. She came out of the stall and began to wash her hands, when some girl walked in looking pissed.

"YOU took my bracelet," the girl demanded, pointing a finger at Lenore.

Lenore gave her a confused look. "I didn't take anything of yours. Honest!" Though, she was secretly glad her pockets were deep.

"Liar!" The girl shouted getting all in Lenore’s face. "Give it back before I punch your face in."

Bre, who had been standing outside the door, realized what was going on and immediately pushed the girl away. "Who the fuck do you think you are," she shouted. "Don't talk to my sister like that or I'll punch YOUR face in!!"

Lenore shrunk back, a little scared. She'd never been threatened by anyone bigger than her before - except for her sister. And the one bully at school. So this was a little scary for her. "Bre, let's go back to Chris. I want Chris."

The girl turned away from Lenore now and got in Bre's face. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" She said back. "I can talk to whoever I want, however I want."

Bre didn't know what came over herself, she just punched the girl, right in the nose like her dad had taught her to do if someone was ever attacking her. The girl let out a shrill and held her face, blood dripping down from her nostril.

It took her a second to realize what she'd done. "Oh shit," she muttered.

Lenore's eyes went wide, as she grabbed her sister's hand. "C'mon Bre! Let's get Chris! Please! Let's go!" Though she hadn't known her sister's boyfriend and friend for extremely long, she felt as though Chris could protect them from anything. He was sort of like a knight-in-shining-armor to her, so to speak. "Please, let's go! She’s gonna tell somebody! I just know it!"

Lenore's small scared voice snapped Breanna into reality and she remembered why she'd punched the girl to begin with. "Yes, let's get Chris," she said calmly. She inched closer to the bleeding girl who was muttering obscenities under her breath. "See what happens when you fuck with my sister?" She said, then gave the girl a final hard push, sending her crashing into the trashcan and falling, narrowly missing slamming her head against the sink. Breanna turned away, ignoring the stares she got. They walked outside and she began to get paranoid, feeling like everyone was watching her. She shivered slightly, hoping they weren't, when they passed a souvenir shop.

"Oooh! I want a shirt, Bre!" Lenore said, momentarily forgetting her haste to get to Chris. "Can we get one, please? I promise I'll keep it hidden better than my CDs!"

Breanna looked around, still high, still feeling like everyone was watching her, but told Lenore to hurry up. She hid behind a shirt rack near the wall so she could see everyone and make sure no one was coming after her.

Lenore quickly handed over some money, and grabbed the shirt she wanted, then ran back for her sister. It was when she reached her sister that she noticed the girl from the bathroom pointing in her direction. "Bre, I think the bitch just tattled! I'm ready to find Chris now!"

Breanna's heart stopped. She felt the security guard looking toward her. He had to know she was high. "Oh shit yeah let's go." She grabbed her sister's hand and walked as quickly as she could, trying to breathe and ignore the scared feeling that was forming inside of her.

Lenore walked quick as she could. The moment she spotted Chris, she latched onto him tightly, her arms encircling his waist. "I think I wanna go now," she said softly.

Meanwhile, Elliot was sitting in his patrol car filling out paperwork when he heard the dispatcher request a unit to go to the Eminem concert where a young female had assaulted another female. The dispatcher described her as a white female about 15 or 16 years old with red hair and blue eyes, accompanied by... A 10-12 year –old female; described as a white female with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. He stopped writing for a moment and listened to what had happened. He desperately hoped it wasn't his girls, but the descriptions matched and he knew they'd wanted to go to that concert. But they wouldn't, would they? He picked up his radio and told the dispatcher he was on his way.

Back at the concert, Lenore explained. "Some girl wants to beat me up!" She exclaimed, clinging to Chris a little tighter. "She said I stole her bracelet."

"Well, did you?" Josh asked.

"Of course she didn't!" Bre shouted. "And who cares if she did, she doesn't have the right to threaten my sis. So I beat her up." Neither Chris nor Josh had expected that. "What?!?" Chris asked. "You've got to be kidding."

"We gotta go!" Lenore pressed. "The stupid bitch tattled, and now there's some fat dude after us!"

"Calm down," Chris said in a low voice. "No one's after you and there's a million people here. They won't find you."

Breanna shook her head. "No they saw us. We really gotta go."

Josh looked around, also stoned, and growing more paranoid. "Dude, maybe we should go..." He said.

"Please!" Lenore pleaded, tears filling her eyes. "I don't wanna be in any trouble. Tonight was s'pose to be fun!"

Chris with all the pressure from the 3 finally broke and led them out. "Try to stay calm though," he ordered. "Or they'll think something’s up."

Lenore took a shaky breath, and clung tightly to Chris' hand now, instead of his waist. There, she was a normal kid, leaving the concert with what appeared to be her older brother. She clung tightly to the t-shirt she'd purchased in her other hand.

She just hoped Chris - and Josh - weren't too mad at her and Bre for ruining their fun night out.

Little did they know that the night was only going to get worse. They stepped into the cool evening air only to find flashing lights before them. The worst part happened when a man stepped out of the vehicle: Breanna and Lenore’s dad.

Lenore's eyes went wide as saucers, and she immediately ducked behind Chris, though she didn't dare let go of his hand.

Breanna was too high to really comprehend anything that was going on. Until she heard the deep voice. "Breanna Nicole and Lenore Edna! You two are in serious trouble!"

Lenore clung even tighter to Chris, staying partly hidden behind him, as her eyes filled with tears once more. So much for getting home in one piece - their father was going to kill them!

Breanna’s throat got dry. "D-dad?" She stammered. She didn't even know of a good excuse. He came toward them and grabbed both of their upper arms. He scowled at Chris. "I thought I told you to stay away from my daughter." "Leave him alone Dad," Breanna said, glaring at her father. "He was coming to pick us up ‘cause we didn't have a ride home." Elliot looked at Bre, then at Lenore for confirmation.

"He's a nice guy, Daddy," Lenore spoke softly. "He's not bad like you think. Really."

Elliot looked at Chris and Josh now, smelling the weed on their clothes and aware that Josh was clearly high. However, he was impressed that Chris seemed sober, and Lenore clung onto him for dear life... "We'll discuss that later. You two, in the car, now."

Lenore hugged Chris once more, feeling extremely nervous now. Their bottoms were going to be TOAST! Her eyes went a little wide as she remembered the promise of bare bottom spankings from now on. It figured she’d end up ruining their fun night out.

Breanna waved bye to her friends and took her sister's hand, sure to walk a great distance from her father so he wouldn't land an embarrassing swat to her bum. She scooted inside the car so Lenore could sit next to her. "We’re in so much trouble"

Lenore got into the car and snuggled up against her sister quietly. "I don't wanna think about it..."

"Daddy's gonna beat our butts good..."

"Ugh, I know," Breanna said, wondering how they always managed to get caught.

Lenore gulped quietly, trying not to think about how this one was going to be bare most likely. She was extremely nervous. "I wish I'd never had to pee...."

Breanna couldn't agree more. "We'll know for next time."

Elliot opened the door now, having finished his conversation with Chris and Josh. He sat down in the driver's seat and radioed the dispatch, letting them know that the situation was under control. He then sped off. "What on earth was going through your minds?" he wanted to know as he turned onto the main road.

Lenore glanced at her sister, not sure if they were supposed to answer him or not.

"We're sorry," Breanna said. "Sorry?" he asked, getting agitated. "You assault a girl, your sister steals from her, on top of the fact that you snuck out of the house, and all you have to say is that you're sorry?" Breanna slumped down in the seat, a tear falling down her cheek.

"I was gonna give it back," Lenore muttered softly. "If she hadn't scared me, and yelled, I would've given it back. All she had to do was say please."

Elliot shook his head, gripping the steering wheel as he drove. He couldn't believe what they had done, and was too infuriated to even really speak. Thus, he said nothing else to them during their ride to the police station. Breanna wiped the tears out of her eyes, as she looked down at her little sister. "Lenore, he's gonna kill us," Bre whispered.

Lenore shuddered, suddenly feeling a flash of fear surge through her. "Think we can jump out of the car safely, and run?" She eyed the door next to her warily.

Breanna shook her head. "Definitely not, sis."

Their dad pulled into the station and opened the door. "You two get to spend the night seeing what's going to end up happening if you keep fighting and stealing," Elliot said, opening the back door for them to get out.

Lenore got out, looking a little confused. "Why're we here? I thought we were going home?"

She moved to stand closer to her sister.

"We're going to go home when I get off work," Elliot said, getting two pairs of handcuffs out of his belt. "For now, you are going to be brought in wearing handcuffs, just like real criminals." He looked at his two little girls and said, "Face the car, hands on your head."

Lenore's eyes went wide as saucers, as they filled with tears. "Daddy?" She squeaked, looking terrified.

Breanna stiffened, taking Lenore's hand. Elliot gave them each a nudge. "Let's go, girls. Don't make it harder on yourselves."

"But Daddy! I don't wanna be cuffed!" Lenore wailed, turning and burying her face into Breanna as she started to cry.

"Then maybe you will learn not to steal," he said, easing the two girls apart and turning Lenore around first, then waiting as Breanna turned herself around, too, and put her hands on her head. Elliot waited for Lenore to do the same.

Lenore hugged herself instead, still crying. "It's in my pocket, Daddy...." She sobbed.

Elliot took Lenore's arms in his hands and moved them to her head, holding them there with his left hand as he searched her pockets with his right. He found the bracelet and threw it on the hood of the car. He then put her hands behind her back and cuffed her, leaving her like that as he repeated the same procedure with Breanna. She froze with fear when she realized that he was about to search her... she'd put that last joint in her pocket...

Lenore stood there bawling, feeling completely awful. She'd never thought her Daddy would ever arrest them.

But she didn't feel as awful as Breanna did when he dug the joint and lighter out of her pocket. "Marijuana, eh?" he asked, throwing it on the hood as well. "So we have a thief, and a pothead," he concluded, cuffing Bre's hands behind her back.

"I didn't smoke that much, Daddy, I promise..." she said, but he silenced her.

"We will discuss it later." He took one girl in each arm and led them to the station.

Lenore dragged her feet a little. She'd never been inside the police station like this before. Usually when her and Bre came to visit, they'd drop their bikes off out front. Only now, they were visiting for a very different reason.

Elliot's colleagues were shocked to see his two daughters in handcuffs. "Can you book these two?" he asked his co-worker, giving her a look as if to say that she didn't have to do it for real, just go through the same procedures.

"Sure," she said, un-cuffing them to fingerprint them and take their picture. She then finished the intake procedure, finally handing them both an orange jumpsuit to change into.

An hour later, the girls sat down in the jail cell. "What did I get us into?" Breanna muttered, burying her face in her hands. "This is awful!"

Lenore curled up in a corner, hugging her knees to her chest as she bawled. Though, she made sure to stay close to her sister. "I wanna go home! I don't wanna be here!"

"I don't either," Bre cried. She wanted so badly to be strong for her sister, but she couldn't. She felt awful and wished to wake up from this horrible nightmare.

Lenore moved over to hug her sister. "Least we can still sit..." She trailed off. "You don't think Daddy'll spank us here, do you!?"

Breanna shivered. "I hope not," she said in a near whisper.

The two stayed like that until they fell asleep next to each other on the cold hard bed. When Elliot came to get them the next morning when he got off work, they were still lying there. "All right," he said in a loud voice. "Get up, get dressed, and let's go." He laid both sets of clothes on the bed next to them and closed the door. Breanna pushed herself up, stretch out and wiping her eyes.

Lenore yawned and stretched, frowning. "We don't gotta get changed in here, do we? People could see us!"

"No one can see us," Bre said, looking around. "Unless they have cameras in here... but let's not think of that." She grabbed a hold of her clothes and looked at Lenore.

Lenore glanced around nervously, then moved to the one corner to change. Once she was changed, she placed the orange jumpsuit on the bench. "I'm hungry," she said softly.

"I'm sure Dad’ll get us something to eat... right?" Bre said, jumping a little when Elliot opened the door.

"Let's go," he said firmly, motioning for the two girls to hand him the jumpsuits on their way out.

Lenore handed him her jumpsuit and stood a little ways away from him. She was unsure of how angry with them he still was.

Breanna took her sister's hand and they followed their dad out of the jail, back to his car, finally arriving home with still not a word. "Dad?" Bre said weakly, breaking the silence when they pulled into the driveway. "We're sorry..."

"We're really, really, really sorry, Daddy," Lenore said softly.

"Not as sorry as you'll be when I get finished with you," he said, opening his door. "Both of you to your rooms. I will make breakfast then we'll have a talk."

Lenore looked up at her sister a little scared. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd ever been in this much trouble.

"Yes sir," Bre said weakly, giving a sad look to Lenore as if admitting that she knew they were in tons of trouble. She scampered to her room where she sat on her bed thinking about her impending doom. She was not looking forward to this at all.

Lenore was a little slower getting out of the car, not so sure about any of this. She'd been terrified last night, and was starting to feel scared once more. She didn't like this one bit. She cast their father a nervous glance, freezing just outside of the car. She could feel the urge to run starting to come back, but had ended up frozen in her spot instead, eyeing him worriedly.

Elliot towered over his littlest daughter. "Inside, Lenore," he said.

Lenore shrunk down a little. She didn't like when he got all big and scary on them. She didn't like to be afraid of her hero.

Elliot gave her a slight nudge. "You did something wrong and now you have to face the consequences. Now, you may walk inside on your own like a big girl, or I can carry you in there myself. Your choice."

"You won't spank me just yet, if I choose you, will you, Daddy?" Lenore managed to ask in a whisper after a moment.

He couldn't help but crack a soft smile and then lifted his little girl up. "No baby, I won't." He gave her a tight hug. "I'm very upset about your behavior though, and you will be getting a spanking later."

Lenore clung tightly to him; her eyes filled with tears, as she buried her face into the crook of his neck. "I love you, Daddy," she whimpered softly. Though she knew her impending doom, this made her feel a little better.

"Love you too kiddo," he said, bringing her inside and letting her drop to the floor. "To your room. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes."

"Kay," Lenore said quietly, though she clung to him just a moment longer. Once she was sure she could make it upstairs without freaking out, she managed to pry herself away and head on up. Soon as she reached her room though, she started to cry once more, flopping down onto her bed and hugging Mr. Stuffles, her beloved teddy bear.

Elliot busied himself in the kitchen, flipping pancakes and scrambling eggs, two things that he loved having his girls' help on. He felt a pain in his stomach -- when had they grown to do something so disrespectful and dangerous? Had he not been a good enough parent? Did they need a mother in their life that badly? Or were they just in that stage? He sighed as he finished frying the bacon and called them both down. He set the table and waited.

Lenore wiped her tears away, and tried to look a little more composed. She'd be doing more than enough crying later on, that was for sure. She took a deep breath, and then headed on down to breakfast, Mr. Stuffles going with her.

Breanna met Lenore on her way. "You ok?" She whispered as they neared the dining room.

"I'm a little better," Lenore whispered back, extremely glad their father had carried her in earlier. She'd been looking for re-assurance that they were still loved, and that he didn't hate them. "But Mr. Stuffles is coming to breakfast too," she added, hugging her teddy bear closer to her. "'Cause he's still a little scared."

Bre gave her sis a sideways hug. "I'm scared too," she admitted. They walked into the dining room together and Bre sat down, eyeing her dad and hoping he’d calmed down a bit.

Lenore quietly took her seat, sticking Mr. Stuffles in her lap. She eyed the food longingly, but not so sure her stomach was going to agree.

Elliot took a few pancakes for himself then passed them to Lenore, while Breanna grabbed some eggs. "Dad? Are you still mad?" Bre wanted to know.

"I'm disappointed," he answered. That gave Bre an awful feeling in her stomach. She hated disappointing him.

Lenore shrunk in her seat a little bit, as she grabbed some pancakes and drowned them in corn syrup.

She remained silent throughout all of breakfast; hoping breakfast would last forever. She was not looking forward to what came after breakfast - not at all. Though, much to her dismay, the end of breakfast came a whole lot quicker than her or her sister would've liked.

They finished about the same time and gave each other a pathetic look. Elliot gathered the plates to put in the kitchen and then told the girls to have a seat on the sofa.

Lenore quietly went to the sofa and sat, hugging Mr. Stuffles tightly to her chest.

Elliot looked down at the two girls. "Lenore, tell me what happened last night, beginning to end."

Lenore sighed softly. "We went to the concert, and were havin' a good time," she spoke quietly. "I even sang with Eminem - not the bad words though, Daddy, I promise." She paused a moment, and looked down then. "But then I had to go to the bathroom," she sighed again. "And I saw the bracelet and just wanted to look at it. I was gonna return it on our way back. And then she came after me in the bathroom and I got scared, and told her I didn't take anything. And then she threatened to punch me, and Bre attacked her. Then she told security and I guess they called the cops, 'cause you showed up after Chris came to get us..."

She didn't dare mention that she had sworn last night, when the girl she'd stolen from had tattled.

"I didn't attack her," Bre piped up. "I told her to leave my sis alone and she threatened me and I got scared and punched her. But I didn't mean to daddy."

Elliot squatted down to their level after listening to the girls. "Who gave you the marijuana?" He wanted to know.

Bre felt her throat get dry and she tried to steady her voice as she said, "a guy at the concert."

"And what on earth possessed you to smoke, Breanna Nicole?" She squirmed. "I dunno..." She muttered, looking away. "And in front of your sister nonetheless!"

Lenore looked a little confused. What was marijuana? She thought her sister was just smoking a cigarette like people did on T.V. sometimes. She kept quiet though.

"And taking your sister to the concert in the first place? When you know I disapprove of that music and you know there are drugs there and all sorts of bad things? Have you lost your mind?"

"But I'm sorry, daddy..."

He chuckled, standing up now and pacing a bit. "Sorry huh. What if you two had gotten kidnapped? Or killed? Or raped? Or arrested -- which would’ve actually happened if I hadn't shown up. Then what?" Bre shrugged. "Who took you to the concert?"

Lenore shuddered at the reminder of them being locked up last night. She'd been so scared...She never wanted to go through that again! Not ever! "Jenny and her sister were there," she squeaked out, knowing her friend and her sister, had, had permission to go to the show. “We just had better seats."

"Who got you the tickets?"

"Chris won them from the radio station and gave them to me... But he didn't know that you didn't give me permission," Bre added, hoping to keep Chris out of this.

Lenore nodded her agreement. She too didn't want their father angry with Chris. Chris was super nice, and she really liked him

"I see," Elliot said, not sure how much he believed their story but too upset about the other events to pursue questioning. He looked at Lenore. "You, little lady, have no business going to concerts and listening to dirty music like Eminem." He turned to Breanna. "And you have no business taking her. And since she doesn't know what the words mean, I'll let you explain the lyrics to her so she knows what she's singing." He paused, looking back at Lenore. "You also are *not* to steal, Lenore. You know better than that."

"I was going to give it back," Lenore insisted softly. "I just wanted to look at it."

"And that's why it was in your pocket?"

"I didn't wanna drop it into the toilet. I'm not gonna stick my hand into a toilet for anything. That's gross!" Lenore answered.

"Do we need to have another discussion about lying?" He asked, then said, "furthermore, you know that you do not take things without permission. If you want to hold or 'look at' something that's not yours you have to ask first."

Lenore went silent then, unable to argue with that. She hated when he was right.

"You're both getting a spanking," he stated. "Lenore, you're first. Then Breanna."

"Why do I always gotta be first," Lenore grouched quietly to her teddy bear - hugging her stuffed friend even tighter.

"Because Breanna’s getting more than you. So when I'm finished with you, you'll be going to your room while she gets hers. Unless you want to get more."

"No, Sir," Lenore spoke quickly. "I don't want more."

Breanna wanted to argue about getting more but shut up when her dad started to speak. "After all, you did sneak out, take your sister some place dangerous, take drugs, fight, and no telling what else," Elliot said, eyeing his teenaged girl. "Both of you stand up."

Lenore clung tightly to Mr. Stuffles as she nervously stood. She was surprised she could even stand with how shaky her legs felt right then.

Bre stood next to her, shaking as well. Elliot sat where the girls had been, pointing to the side where he wanted Breanna to stand. "You can watch and see what your irresponsibility has caused to happen to your sister." Bre shivered, feeling a pit in her stomach. She hated always having to be the responsible one. It sucked being the oldest.

Lenore buried her face into her teddy bear, as her tears began to fall already. She felt horrible for the trouble she'd caused. But she could tell her sister felt even worse than she did.

Elliot pulled his youngest toward him. "Lenore, I'm very disappointed in your behavior," he lectured. "If I tell you that you can't do something, it’s for your safety. What you and your sister did last night was very dangerous, and you could’ve gotten badly hurt. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," Lenore answered, still not letting the teddy bear go.

"I'm also disappointed that you stole something. You know that stealing isn't right, don't you honey?"

"I promise I was gonna give it back," Lenore whimpered. "But then I got scared. I didn't mean to run off with it."

"And I promise I won't ever take something again."

"I'm glad to hear it," he said. "On a more serious note, do you know what Breanna was smoking last night?"

Lenore shook her head. "No....Am I s'pose to know?"

Elliot looked at Bre. "Care to explain?" She didn't want to, and shook her head at her father but the look he gave told her that it was more of an order than a question. "I was smoking drugs, Lenore," she said softly.

Lenore made a face. "Yuck."

Elliot was pleased at Lenore’s reaction. "Listen," he told her, looking straight into her eyes. "If you're ever around anyone who's smoking what Bre smoked last night -- you'll be able to tell because it smells funny -- I don't care where you are or who you're with, call me to come get you. It’s very dangerous for you to be with them and you could get arrested, too."

"Kay," Lenore nodded. "I'll call you, Daddy. Promise."

"And I know you don't like to tell on your sister," he said, glancing at Bre, "but I expect you to tell me if you ever see her smoking again. Are we clear?"

Lenore sighed, but nodded nonetheless.

He looked at Breanna. "And if I find out you've threatened her, I will blister your behind." Bre's heart stopped momentarily. "Yes, sir," she choked out. Elliot turned his attention back to Lenore. "Come on, over my lap now," he said, reaching out to help her.

Lenore went over his lap, burying her face into her teddy bear once in position.

"I'm proud of you for accepting the consequences like a big girl, Lenore," he told his littlest one and then began the spanking over her pants, swatting her mildly.

Lenore yelped with each swat, crying almost immediately because of her nerves.

"I hope this, along with staying the night in jail, will teach you not to sneak out or steal, young lady," he said, continuing the spanking.

Lenore continued to cry, drenching her poor teddy bear she was desperately clinging too.

He stopped lecturing for a moment and concentrated on covering her whole bottom, finally stopping and lifting her up. He put both hands on her shoulders. "Remember what I said the other day about punishments from now on?" He asked.

Lenore started to cry even more. "But Dad-dyyy..." She wailed.

"I know, but you were warned." He reached for the button on her jeans and unsnapped them, then pulled the zipper down, tugging them to the floor. "Back over my lap," he said softly."

She sobbed as she went back over once more, hugging her teddy bear even tighter.

Elliot pulled her panties down to meet her jeans, resting a hand on her bare bottom. "Do you understand why you're getting a spanking Lenore?" He asked before beginning.

"Yes," Lenore cried. "I'm not gonna steal or sneak out no more!"

"Good girl," he said, spanking her naked cheeks with medium force but quickly and covering her entire bottom and sit spots. "Because if you do, you'll end up right here again, understood?"

"Yesss!" Lenore hissed, sobbing even more.

He spanked until her bottom was bright red, then rubbed her back as she sobbed. "Almost over," he said gently.

"No mooooooooooore!" Lenore wailed. Her bottom had never hurt so badly!

"Because what you did this time was especially bad and dangerous, I'm going to give you 5 swats with the belt," he said.

"Noooooooooooo!" Lenore shrieked, squirming to try and get away.

Elliot popped her bottom. "You've taken your punishment so well, don't mess it up now or we'll have to add swats." He lifted her to her feet and stood. Breanna watched, chewing on her fingernail. She didn't think Lenore had ever gotten the belt... And now she was... And it was all her fault!! She felt awful and tears began to slip down her cheeks.

Lenore looked panic stricken, as she was stood upon her feet. Without even thinking about it, she yanked her panties back up and bolted out of the room. She ran quicker than she ever had; managing to make it out the back door, which she left open in her haste; and up into the tree in the backyard. She climbed until she was sure their father couldn't reach her, and she sat gingerly on the one branch sobbing as she hugged the tree, having had dropped Mr. Stuffles in her flight.

Elliot was shocked at first. He had never expected her to run so quickly... Usually he could catch her before she got away. He then groaned in annoyance and stalked after her. "Lenore?" He called. "This isn't funny. Get back in the house this instant or it will be worse for you."

"No! No! NO!" Lenore shrieked, from her safe perch up in the tree. She'd only ever been spanked with a ruler over the seat of her pants, and now during her second bare bottomed spanking ever he wanted to spank her with the belt!?

Elliot stepped off of the back porch and looked up in the tree. "Lenore, I'm not telling you again. Come down from there."

Lenore just kept shaking her head no, as she sobbed. She didn't care how badly her panty-clad bottom burned with the tree bark underneath it. She was NOT ever coming down from this tree!

Elliot took a deep breath calming himself down. Of course she was scared. He’d never used the belt on her before and it had to have been scary for her. He tried a different approach. "Okay, I understand you're scared," he said. "And we will talk about it, but not while you're up there."

Lenore just kept shaking her head. She wasn't stupid - she knew she'd still end up getting it eventually. But right now, she was too scared to come down out of this tree.

"Why don't you want to come down?"

"I'm scared," Lenore managed to choke out midst her sobs. "And my bum hurts lots already...And I'm not ever gonna steal again, Daddy, I swear!"

"You've earned this spanking baby girl. I know it's scary but you know I love you and wouldn't do anything that's not in your best interest. Now, come down please."

"NO!" Lenore shouted a little louder than intended. "I'm NOT ever gonna come down! Not EVER!"

Elliot sighed and walked back into the house. Breanna sniffled. "Where's Lenore?" "Up the tree out back," he said exasperated, sitting back on the couch and sighing. "Can I go talk to her?" He nodded in approval and Bre went outside, calling out to her little sis.

"Don't let him spank me with THAT, Bre! Please!" Lenore wailed, hearing her sister.

Bre leaned against the tree, sliding down to the ground and staring up at Lenore. "I'm so sorry for getting you in trouble," she said, presently more concerned with her own bottom since he was going so hard on Lenore. "At least you're not me... Imagine how bad I’ma get it."

Lenore shuddered. "I don't wanna think about it. It's my fault," she cried. "If I hadn't've had to pee, none of this would've happened. Daddy never would've known we were there."

Bre giggled slightly. "You can't control when you have to pee, silly. I shouldn't have fought that girl. We should’ve walked away sooner." And then, remembering why she was in trouble, she added, "and I guess I shouldn't have convinced you to go anyway. I'm sorry."

"But I wanted to go," Lenore insisted. "Eminem's hot, remember? I sang with him and everything!" She sighed dreamily a little, despite her tears.

"Daddy's gonna spank me even more now, isn't he?" She sighed heavily.

"Probably," she said. "And it's delaying my own punishment which I'm ready to get over with..."

"But I don't wanna be spanked anymore," Lenore wailed, starting to cry harder once more.

"I know, me either," Bre said. "Air hugs! Since you're so far away and I can't give you real hugs."

That made Lenore giggle a little, despite her tears. "Air hugs!" She called back, sniffling and hiccupping some. "Bre...do you think Daddy'll be really mad to know I'm stuck? I've never climbed this high before. An' this tree bark is hurting my spanked bum!"

Breanna couldn't help but giggle. "Daddy's gonna be super mad, Lenore." She stood up to try to see how high Lenore really was. "You can't try to climb down a little?"

Lenore glanced down again, causing her eyes to go wide as saucers. She started to cry again, when she answered. "No..... I’ve never gone past the fifth branch...It's too high..."

"I'll be here to catch you... and you can do it, lil sis. Just try."

"I'm scared," Lenore whimpered, hugging the tree just a little tighter, ignoring the tree sap that was sticking to her.

Breanna sighed. "I'll go get dad... Be right back. Hang on sis, okay?" Breanna ran inside for a second, telling her dad in a quick breath that Lenore was stuck. Elliot followed his oldest daughter back outside where Lenore was still clinging to the tree for dear life.

Lenore just cried a little harder. She was scared to come down for the remainder of her spanking, but she was even more frightened by just how high up she was.

"You ready to come down, kiddo?" Elliot asked her.

"Daddy, I'm too high!" Lenore wailed. "Please don't be mad, Daddy.... I didn't mean to climb so high..."

"I can get you down," he said. "Hang on, okay?"

"O-O-ka-ay," Lenore hiccupped

She squirmed slightly, as the tree was killing her already well-spanked bottom.

Elliot grabbed the ladder and leaned it against the tree, climbing up to save his little one, and bringing her safely back down to land. "Now come on, let's get back inside," he said, holding her hand and leaving the ladder against the tree. "We have to finish our talk." He kept hold of her hand so that she didn't try to escape again.

Lenore felt a bit of panic sear through her, but she only stopped long enough to latch onto her father tightly as she still cried.

Breanna followed the two inside and watched as her father led Lenore to the couch. He sat down and looked at Lenore. "Is there anything you have to say for yourself before I finish your spanking?"

"C'n-C'n I have a-a minute to-to stop cryin', 'fore I-I answer?" Lenore managed to get out through her tears.

Elliot nodded, rubbing her back soothingly.

Lenore eventually calmed down some, like she always did when he rubbed her back. "I'm sorry...." She spoke softly. "I just - I got scared. You never spanked me with your belt before..." She took an extremely shaky breath. "And my bum hurts lots already...."

"And I hope that I will never spank you with it ever again, Lenore. But what you did last night was especially bad. And if you and Breanna ever do something so irresponsible and dangerous again, I will use the belt again."

"But it's scary, Daddy," Lenore insisted, her eyes filling with tears once more. "And I won't EVER steal again I swear! Cross my heart!"

"I know you won't. Because you will remember that the belt will be used again if you do."

Lenore frowned, as she realized she'd never be able to talk him out of it like she used to be able to do. "C'n I.... C’n I get spanked when Bre gets it? It's too scary to get it alone, Daddy!"

He thought about it for a moment, glancing at Breanna who was chewing on her fingernail. "All right," he said finally.

Lenore breathed a small sigh of relief. Her panties would get to stay up a little longer!

"Okay," he said, standing up. "Hands flat on the couch... Breanna, you too."

Lenore looked extremely nervous, as she glanced at her sister for re-assurance.

"Both of you, hands on the couch." Breanna moved to her sister, still chewing on her fingernail, and placed her hands on the couch, bottom out, not wanting this to happen. But she had to do it for her sister.

Lenore hesitated for a moment, but finally complied, as her eyes filled with more tears.

Breanna grabbed Lenore's hand as a sign of reassurance that she was here to help her through this. Elliott, unbuckled his belt, and slid it through the loops of his pants. "I'm very disappointed in you both for what you did last night," he scolded, folding the belt over and then tugging Lenore's panties down. "And I think you both know that you deserve every ounce of this spanking that you're receiving." He gave the first swat to Lenore, not too hard, and then gave one to Breanna, then another to each.

Lenore immediately began to sob, squeezing Breanna's hand tightly.

Breanna tried to stay strong, although the swats were starting to get harder, and hearing Lenore cry made her tear up as well. "Lenore, you were only going to get ten, but since you ran, I'm giving you five extra," Elliot said after having given her eight swats. "So we're halfway finished."

"But Dad-dyyy!" Lenore wailed, sobbing even more.

"I hope that next time you don't run off like that," Elliot said. "I know you were scared, but you need to talk to me about it instead of running off, do you understand?" he asked, giving them both another swat.

"Yesss!" Lenore hissed.

He finished up the spanking and laid his belt on the coffee table. "Breanna, you can go to the corner, and I'll finish dealing with you in a few." He then scooped up Lenore in his arms, sat down on the couch, and pulled her onto his lap, holding her tightly.

Lenore buried her face into his chest and sobbed for all that she was worth. This was most definitely her worst spanking yet!

He stroked her hair. "It's all over now, baby girl."

"You never give me extra...." Lenore choked out. "Whyyyy?"

"Because I'd given you a warning, and you need to learn that when I tell you something, I'm serious."

"I'm sorry," Lenore whimpered. "I'ma be VERY good, Daddy."

"I'm glad to hear that," he said, kissing her on the top of the head. "Now, have a shower, get cleaned up, and go to your room."

"Kay," Lenore sniffled, hugging him once more. She carefully got up, wincing, then went over to her sister and hugged her tightly. "Thank-you, Bre..." She said softly.

Breanna smiled, hugging her sister back. "I'm sorry for getting you in trouble," she said.

"I'm not mad," Lenore told her, managing a small smile. "I had fun...."

Breanna glanced up at her dad, then back down at Lenore. "But not worth it."

"No, totally not worth it," Lenore agreed, making a face. "But I'm not mad at you.... I could've said no...."

"No worries," Bre said.

"I love you," Lenore told her sincerely.

"Love you too, sis," Bre answered, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Lenore flashed her a smile, before leaving the living room and heading into the kitchen instead of upstairs.

"Lenore?" Elliot said, wondering where she was going. "Upstairs," he reminded her in a warning voice.

"I know, Daddy," Lenore replied, walking past the living room doorway. She held up her beloved teddy bear, as she gave him a small, watery smile. "I forgot Mr. Stuffles."

Elliot breathed a sigh of relief and ruffled her hair.

Lenore smiled a little more, then headed on upstairs as she'd been told.

"All right, Breanna, come here," Elliot said. Bre turned around and shuffled to her father, beginning to chew on her fingernail again. "I'm sorry, Daddy," she said softly.

"What in the world were you thinking?" Elliot asked. "You know how young and impressionable your sister is. You also know just how dangerous it was to sneak out and for me to not know where you were. Didn't we go over this once already?"

"Yeah... it's just that... she really wanted to go to the concert... and I wanted to go... and I knew you'd say no..." she looked at the floor, eyes clouding with tears.

"Don't you think I had every right to say no?" Elliot demanded. "You knew perfectly well why I'd say no. The drugs, the language, the setting."

Breanna didn't say anything. He was right. He had a good reason to deny them permission to attend the concert. But that didn't help her not want to go.

Elliot shook his head. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

She shrugged. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done it."

"You're right, you shouldn't have," Elliot agreed. "And I'm going to make sure you never do it again. " He reached over and undid her blue jeans, then lowered them to her feet. "Now, over my lap, young lady."

Breanna whined and did as she was told, squeezing her eyes shut and holding onto the couch cushions.

"You are going to learn one of these days, Breanna Nicole, that when I tell you not to do something, I absolutely mean it," Elliot lectured; as he pulled her panties down to join her jeans. "Even if I have to spank you every single day."

"Daddy, I'm sorry. I really won't do it ever again. I've learned my lesson."

"I'm going to make sure you won't, and that you have learned," Elliot stated, as he began to reign down hard spanks, mostly to her sit-spots. "You are NOT to ever put yourself or your sister in that much danger EVER again! You are NOT to fight! You are NOT to do drugs! And you are NOT to sneak out and go to concerts I don't approve of!"

Breanna kicked and squirmed. "Oooowwwwww, I won't Daddy, I promiseeee!" she squealed, beginning to cry.

"And if I EVER catch you doing ANY of these things again, this spanking I am giving you right now will seem like a walk in the park!" Elliot told her firmly, as he smacked his hand down all over her bottom, and her upper thighs. "I will NOT have you endangering your life, young lady! You mean too much to me for me to just let that happen!"

She reached her hand back to block the smacks. "I'm sorry, I'm s-sorry!" she stammered.

"Breanna, move your hand," Elliot ordered, smacking her upper thighs swiftly.

"But it... hurtsssss," she hiccuped, tears streaming down her face. "And I'm... s-sorryyyy!!"

"It's supposed to hurt," Elliot riposted. "Your sister was sorry too, yet still took hers. Now, move your hand, or do I have to get the ruler?"

Breanna hurriedly moved her hand away, wiping the tears away and burying her face in her hands to cry some more.

Elliot tilted her forward more over his lap, and began to spank her sit-spots lightening speed. "I hope you feel this spanking, and remember it for quite some time, Breanna."

"I doooooooo," she cried. "I'll be gooooood!!! Please stoppppp!!!!"

"I'll stop when I think you've had enough, and not a moment before," Elliot replied. He landed a few more zingers to her upper thighs, then let her lie there a moment, while he rubbed her back. "You know there's still more to come, Kiddo."

Breanna sobbed, trying to catch her breath, but only able to mutter, "y-yessss."

Elliot gently eased her up into a standing position. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He asked.

She wiped her eyes, having calmed down a bit, and said, "I'm really sorry, Daddy. I shouldn't have taken Lenore, and I shouldn't have fought or smoked or anything. I'm sorry, and I won't do it again," she said, starting to cry again and hugging her dad tightly. "I'm so sorry."

Elliot returned the hug. "I know, Baby.... Now, I'm going to give you a choice. You can either stand like you did before, or you can lie over my lap for the next part. But whatever you decide, will be fine. And you'll be getting fifteen licks - one for each year."

She didn't know how to respond to that. Her real choice would've been just skipping the belt altogether. She really didn't care how she was positioned. So she just shrugged.

Elliot kissed her forehead. "All right. Back over my lap, Kiddo. We'll do it this way."

Bre wiped her eyes a final time and positioned herself over her father's lap. She took a deep breath in and gripped the cushions, bracing herself.

Elliot placed a hand on her back, and raised his belt, bringing it down swiftly with a loud CRACK.

Breanna winced and cried out, tears beginning to flow again

Elliot reigned down the next five in rapid fire.

"Oooowwwwww Daddyyyyy!" Breanna screamed, reaching her hand back to rub after the quick five and then moving her hand away as she realized that she wasn't supposed to reach back.

"Give me your hands, Breanna," Elliot ordered gently, but firmly.

Breanna did as she was told. "Sorry," she whined.

"You know the consequences," Elliot reminded her. He brought the next five licks down sharply to her upper thighs. "I only do this because I love you and want what's best for you, and your sister, Breanna. I know it has to be hard on you two, without your mother here, but I am going to do the best I can." The next five came down quickly as well.

Breanna kicked and squirmed, dissolving into sobs and unable to really speak. Her bottom stung like crazy and she felt horrible for what she'd done. All that was left were her tears.

Elliot took pity on his eldest, and gave her the extra five with his hand. Once that was over with, he sat her up, and hugged her tightly. "I love you very much, Kiddo."

"I love you too, Daddy," she sobbed, burying her face into his chest.

Elliot rocked her and kissed her head softly. He hated being so hard on them, but they had to learn. And if this is what it took to keep them safe from the things he saw every single day, then so be it.

Lenore peeked her head over the railing of the stairs then, Mr. Stuffles in her arms. "Daddy? C'n I come back down yet?"

Elliot released Breanna and looked at Lenore. "Sure, kiddo," he said. Breanna pulled her pants back up and wiped her eyes.

Lenore came running into the room, her hair still a bit wet from her shower. "Are we grounded, Daddy?" She asked.

"Just for today," he said.

Lenore scowled a little. "So no T.V. then, huh?"

"Nope, but you know you deserve it." He paused, adding, "and as soon as Breanna gets cleaned up, you can start on chores."

Lenore scowled. "But it's Saturday! I don't wanna do chores."

Elliot raised his eyebrows. "Well, last night you wanted to go to the Eminem concert, so now you have to pay the consequences."

"Ain't we been punished enough?" Lenore pouted pitifully.

Elliot sighed irritably. "You do realize that when you argue punishments, you're more likely to get punished worse?" he asked.

Lenore sighed heavily. "I used to be your little Princess...." She gave her sister a certain look. "I'm gonna go do my homework...."

"I'll let you know when I'm out of the shower," Bre said, running upstairs.

"Kay," Lenore said softly, eying their father once more, before turning to leave the room and go on back up to hers.

He sat back down and picked up the newspaper he’d brought in earlier. He unfolded it and looked at the front page, smiling as he saw a familiar grin on the cover. He heard the water turn on in the upstairs bathroom, so he eased quietly up the stairs and laid the paper on Breanna's bed. When the 15 year old got out of the shower she found the surprise and ran into Lenore's room, without knocking. "Look!" she said, lying on the bed next to her sister.

Lenore peered at the newspaper in her sister's hands and grinned excitedly. "That's me!" She exclaimed. "And you're way in the background! And Eminem's singing to me! Oh, wow!"

Breanna rolled over to her back, wincing as she felt the pain in her bottom. "I know that we shouldn't have gone to the concert, but I’m glad we did. It was fun."

"Can you keep a secret, Bre?" Lenore asked, as she rested her head on her sister's shoulder, while lying on her tummy.

"Of course."

I think the concert was worth it.... sorta...." Lenore told her quietly. "But don't tell Daddy I said that. 'Cause I did learn my lesson... But it was Eminem!"

Breanna giggled. "I think it was worth it, too," she whispered back.

Lenore giggled, as she stayed lying there snuggling with her sister.

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