31 March 2006

Story: Nikki's Amusement Park Adventure

Misc Story.  Thirteen year-old Nikki and her friend love causing trouble at the local amusement park.  You'll have to read to find out what genius prank they decide to pull.  And I'm sure you won't be surprised to find that her older brother punishes her adequately for it.

Nikki's Amusement Park Adventure
by Breanna Carter

I waved goodbye to Steven, my older brother, when he dropped my friend, Charlotte, and I off at the amusement park. It was a gloriously sunny day, except for it was so hot sweat was threatening to drip down my face already and I'd just stepped outside! The two of us were thirteen years old and had nothing better to do with our free time than hang out at the amusement park down the street. We'd both managed to bug our parents to buy us season passes, so we got in free and thus spent every evening we could there.

Well, the main reason we went was because of Derrick, a junior in the high school that we would be attending. He was tall and thin, always wore a hat and had dark brown eyes that would make any girl swoon. As you can imagine, most of the time we spent there was either riding the ride that he was operating or sitting at a picnic bench across from him, munching on ice cream.

Derrick wasn't the only good-looking boy that worked there... of course there were plenty. And we'd become friends with most of the guys. The females... well, they were another story. They saw us as what we were: bratty little teenagers who had nothing better to do with their time than to terrorize amusement park workers.

"Oh no, it's Nikki and Charlotte again," Jonathan murmured. He was my favorite worker, even though he wasn't the most attractive. He definitely had the best personailty and treated us like we were his own little sisters. He always looked out for us, which was mostly a good thing... in case we got into any trouble, he could help us out.

"You know you love us," I said, walking towards him.

"Yeah, right... as much as I love a stomach ache."

"You love those, too?" Charlotte said, giggling.

"What are you two kiddos up to today?"

"Same as always... just bugging innocent amusement park workers like yourself," I said.

"Innocent?" Charlotte answered and laughed.

"Well you two be careful... and leave Miranda alone... she's having a tough day."

"Miranda's a bitch," I muttered.

"Hey! That's not very nice! And aren't you too young to be using that type of language?"

Before we could answer, Derrick walked past us, on his way to working the bumper cars. Charlotte and I both watched him walk by then glanced at each other and said, "Gotta go" and "See ya!"

We giggled as we stood in line for the bumper cars. It was a slow day, not many kids were there, so we didn't have to wait in line for too long. Derrick smiled when he saw us and I wondered if he knew our names yet, then blushed because we'd be seeing him at school and he'd always know us as the two kids with nothing better to do with their time!

"Back again?" he asked and opened the gate for us to ride the bumper cars.

We didn't answer him just found a car and carried out our normal activities of bumping into each other and finding some little kid with their parent and bumping into their side to try and make them cry. How evil are we?

The day was fairly uneventful and before too long, I had a stale pretzle and she a bag of overcooked popcorn and we sat at the picnic bench watching Derrick and talking about what we could do to bug someone.

"Oh yeah!" Charlotte mused. "Remember how I told you that I had a fantastic idea?"

I nodded, chewing on the pretzle.

"Well... here goes.." She put down her popcorn and stared at me intently, all seriousness on her face. The thing she said after that took all the seriousness away: "We're going to fill the logride with bubble bath!"

I nearly choked on my pretzle from laughing so hard. It was so random and so funny... a perfect idea! "Did you bring some bubbles?" I managed to snort through all the gagging on the pretzle.

She opened her purse to reveal the second most funny thing: a superman bubble bath bottle. That was priceless.

"So let me get this straight... we're going to pour bubbles from superman's head into the water on the logride? And how are we going to do this without getting caught?"

"Simple. Today's a slow day, and Miranda's the only one at the logride. So she'll have to make sure we get off okay then push the next log to the front so another kid can get on and she'll have to help them on before she comes back to where we are. That'll give us a good minute or two... and I'll be on the lookout to make sure she doesn't see and you can pour it in, then we can make a run for it."

Seemed like an intelligent idea to me.. And funny as hell. Who, besides Charlotte, would EVER think about putting bubble bath in the water of the logride?

We finished our food and waited in line, secretly planning our mission. Since I was wearing horrifically baggy jeans, she opted for me to put the bubble bath in my pockets in case they wouldn't let her have her purse. It didn't take long before we were to the front of the line and bitchy Miranda helped us into the boat as if we were too special to figure it out for ourselves. We began singing like we always did, some crazy song that we'd heard on the radio, just to amuse ourselves and entertain the people who were standing in line. We finally began to ascend and I felt my heart nervously pounding in my chest.

We screamed as the logride plunged to the bottom, becoming soaked with water and watching as Miranda sent the next person off and came to meet us in the back. She pressed the button to stop the log and helped steady the boat when we got out, then watched us exit and went back to the front. Then Charlotte and I turned around and went back inside.

I tiptoed towards the water and Charlotte peeked her head around the corner, keeping a close eye on Miranda who was chatting with some kids in the front of the line. I pulled the bottle out of my pocket and unscrewed the lid, then began dumping the contents into the water. It seemed like it was taking forever and then the water started bubbling and Charlotte began giggling and trying to cover her mouth to keep from laughing aloud. The bubbles were finally all drained and Charlotte muttered "Oh shit! She's coming!" and ran past me, somehow managing to knock me over in the process.

The rest happened in slow motion. She rammed me in the shoulder, I lost my balance, then tried to catch myself, but ended up stepping on my pants instead and toppled over.... RIGHT into the water. I don't know how I managed to miss the track, but I did and ended up in the lake right next to the track where the kids who had last been put on the ride were now coming down. I started freaking out and screaming, trying my hardest to swim out, but I was panicking so much that the only result was water in my mouth. The log drifted past me and I heard a girl say, "Look, Mommy!"

I then realized that Miranda had radioed some of the other workers and they were all rushing towards me. Miranda was freaking out so much that she almost forgot to stop the breaks for the people who'd just finished riding. She started screaming out what'd happened to one worker as the other came over to me and told me to grab his hand. I did as instructed, then saw the bubbles and began laughing. I was laughing so hard that when I was finally pulled out of the water, I just lay on the grass cackling. The workers didn't find it very amusing. One of them was already scolding Charlotte, who was on the other side of the fence.

"Are you trying to kill yourselves?" he was rambling, then adding a few more things. The worker who was near me, Josh, helped me up and walked me towards Charlotte and the yelling manager man and let me have a bit of the yelling, too. Everyone was staring at us and I had the strange urge to wave at them, but resisted. He took ahold of each of our upper arms and dragged us to the front where we passed by every good-looking worker EVER, including Derrick. Not to mention we saw Jonathan who immediately gave us a questioning look.

Needless to say, they weren't very happy with our bubble adventure. The only rule that we'd really broken, though, was sneaking inside the exit without a worker present. He made sure to tell us how dangerous that was and that it was a rule that could not be broken. I secretly hoped that Miranda would get in trouble for not keeping a better eye on us, but didn't have much time to think about it.

"I'll need the name and number of both of your parents," the manager spat when we got to a small building. It was the place where there was first aid and lost and found... It also had his office. He handed me a towel and I wrapped myself up then followed him to the room. The two of us sat in the chairs in front of his desk, just like we were little kids having been sent to the principal's office and were awaiting our paddling.

Charlotte was the first to rattle off her number and I noticed that her lip was quivering. Fearless Charlotte was finally broken. She talked like she'd do anything, but she was just as scared as I was...

Not to mention I so knew what Steven would do when he found out what I'd done.

We waited in the cold room outside of the manager's office for what felt like hours. Random people kept walking in and seeing us sitting there. I looked so pathetic wrapped up in my towel with dripping hair and shivering. Jonathan even came in once to see what was going on and make sure we were okay. Of course he expressed his disappointment. And as much as it bothered me to see him upset with me, I knew I'd be devastated when Steven found out. And unable to sit.

Charlotte's mother arrived before Steven and she was infuriated. She stormed inside and shouted, "Get into the car, Charlotte Jenkins. And you better enjoy sitting down while you still can!"

Even though both of has been spanked before, even together, Charlotte turned at least seven different shades of pink when her mother said that and ducked out of the building. I was sure she was swearing that she'd never step foot in this amusement park again.

Being there without Charlotte was the most frightening thing ever. I stared at the clock and listened to the girls answer the phone. Every so often another person would walk in for a bandaid or something they'd lost. I was absorbed into trying to figure out how the two-way mirror worked when I heard heavy footsteps and noticed a tall figure over me.

"Oh, uhm, hey Steven," I stammered.

"Hey, Nikki," he replied, and I noticed a flicker of anger in his eyes. I couldn't help but gulp. While Derrick had the most beautiful dark brown eyes, my brother had the most frightening. The way Derrick stared at you was like an adorable little puppy. The way Steven stared at you was like he could see right through you and you weren't getting out of it no matter how hard you tried. "Let's go."

He was surprisingly calm, but I didn't try to initiate a conversation for fear that I might be reprimanded. I wanted a peaceful ride home, but the fact that he kept the radio turned off didn't help that. Not to mention it was about a thirty minute ride from the amusement park to my house. The tension in the car was unbelievable.

Steven finally spoke. "How the hell did you fall into the water?"

I giggled a little and realized he was glaring at me so stopped. "Charlotte was on the lookout and she came running past me and ran into me and I tripped and fell..."

"That's so dangerous for you two to be there unsupervised. You're lucky they didn't kick you out of the park for the rest of the season."

"I know," I murmured. "I really am sorry... we just wanted to pour bubbles into the water.."

He shook his head, but was grinning. "You're so getting a spanking when we get home," was his only response.

Well, there it was.. the fate was sealed. I was going to get a spanking. How did I manage to get myself in these predicaments?

I shivered a little, all wet and sticky from being in the logride water. With the air on full blast, it just made it colder and I was nervous anyway (a spanking always makes me that way)... so *that* didn't help with the shivering.

"Steven... do you have to spank me?"

He nodded. "Sure do."

"How come? Mom and Dad never spank me."

"That's because you were significantly better behaved before they went to Florida. Before you started hanging out with Charlotte."

"It's not her fault.."

"I'm not blaming her. I just think that when the two of you get together you don't think about consequences as much as you should. I figured the first spanking would've told you what happens when you do something you're not supposed to.."

I had a flashback of that first spanking that my brother had given me. It was the last week of school and Charlotte and took it upon ourselves to skip English class by sitting in the locker room in the gym. It was one of those class periods where only sixth graders had P.E. and we stuck out like a sore thumb. We threatened a couple of the kids to not tell on us, but some of them didn't listen and told anyway. The gym teacher, who was normally a boys' coach, but had this class of co-ed sixth graders, had a girl go inside and make sure that no one was changing, then stormed into the locker room. He wasn't such a tall man, but that afternoon he towered over us and yelled with all of his might. It was the scariest thing in the world! He lectured us on skipping class and then sent the girl who'd taddled to his office to get the Board of Education (such a creative name... how many schools actually have a paddle called that?). She came back with a smirk on her face, hoping she could watch, but he dismissed her instead.

I'd never been paddled before. In fact, the most spanking I'd ever gotten was a couple of swats from angry aunts or uncles. My parents never spanked me. They never felt the need to. I guess that's why I was so terrified. I kept telling myself that he couldn't do that to us when I knew very well he could -- we lived in the deep south, in the boonies. Spanking in schools was still allowed, whether right or not. I began to wish that I lived in the city...

The paddling was short and sweet... he told us to bend over and swatted us three times with the paddle. It stung, but nothing nearly as bad as the spanking I got when I got home and Steven found out what'd happened. He'd muttered obscenities under his breath and swore that he'd "tear me up." I was uber surprised that my brother would even *think* about spanking me because he wasn't even raised in the south and he'd only gotten spanked a couple of times himself. But hell, he spanked the daylights out of me and I was bawling like a baby within seconds.

Thinking about that didn't help the shivering go away -- not only was I cold and afraid for the next spanking, but I was having the horrible feeling of remembering what it felt like. I was almost to tears by the time we pulled into the driveway.

When I didn't make any effort to move, just gave him the look of an innocent puppy, he shook his head. "Get out of the car, Missy. You are getting spanked, and no adorable looks will get you out of it."

I pouted, but pushed the cardoor open and walked two feet behind Steven towards our house. He held the front door open for me then directed me towards the sofa. He sat down and stared up at me.

"I am so disappointed in you, Nicole. You literally could've drown..."

"But wouldn't that be a cool story to tell everyone? 'How'd your little sister die?' 'She fell into the water at the amusement park and drown.' Then maybe that bitch..."

"HEY! Watch your language, Young Lady. And NO, it wouldn't be cool to tell everyone that story. I'd like to keep my sis around for a few more years, even if you are a pain sometimes."

I bit my lower lip.

"Pull your pants down."

"But Steven! I'm soaked!"

"I don't care. Pull them down, NOW," he bellowed.

I whined but peeled my jeans off and let them fall to my knees. He didn't waste any time getting me over his lap. "Pleaseeee Steven.." I begged, squirming to free myself from his grip and not go over his lap. He was overpowering, though. I was over his lap and staring at the carpet. My only defense was to move my hands back to try and cover my bottom so he wouldn't spank me.

"MOVE YOUR HANDS, Nicole!" he yelled and slapped the back of my leg.

I yelped and moved my hands in front of me. "Please no... please please please. I'll be good!!"

He ignored me and pulled down my panties.

"Pleaseeeee Steven. I'm sorry I'm sorry... I won't do it again. I promise!"

"Damn right you won't do it again," he said, then slapped my still-wet backside. "Because you won't be able to sit down for long enough to contemplate it." He smacked me again and again, and each time I yelped and squirmed as much as I was able under his firm grip. "And you are going to write a letter of apology to the manager, do you understand?"

"A letter of apology?!?" I shrieked, only to be answered with a sharp smack on my right sit spot. "Okay okay okay!! I'll write a letter of apology!! Pleaseeeee stopp!!"

However, he didn't stop. He kept up spanking me, circling my waist with his arm to ensure that I'd stop squirming so much. I was bawling by this time. The tears steadily streamed down my face and I couldn't breathe from all the crying. I tried to wiggle away but he wouldn't let me. I tried to reach back but he grabbed my hands just in time. There was no preventing this assault on my backside.

"Are you going to behave, Young Lady?" he asked in a stern voice.

"Yes, yes!!! I willllll!" I promised.

He smacked my sit spots a couple of times then stopped, resting his hand on my bum. "Now, go take a shower and get to bed. No amusement park for the rest of the week."

I didn't have it in me to argue. I just rolled off of his lap and let him hug me tightly, then limped away to the shower.

After a spanking like that, I'd surely stay out of trouble the rest of the summer... Right?

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