06 August 2008

Story: Studying Abroad Chapter 2

Part of the Carlos/Danielle series.  A continuation of Danielle's studying abroad adventures.  She and Emi go out for the night and kind of don't exactly abide by Carlos's rules.  No spanking yet, but definitely a leadup.

Studying Abroad -- Chapter 2
by Breanna Carter

We sat there and watched the festivities. The kids whacked the crap out of the piñata until it finally burst open and everyone ran to collect the candy and toys. Emi and I had been eyeing the cake for quite sometime and after the piñata they sang and passed out pieces. It was delicious.

Finally, it was time to go.

"Que vas hacer esta noche? [what are you going to do tonight?]" Emi asked as Carlos and I stood.

"Nada. [Nothing.]"

"Entonces, voy a ir al cine si quieres ir conmigo. [So, I'm going to go to the movie if you want to go with me.]"

I grinned. "Si, claro," I replied, giving her my number. Carlos had disappeared so I wasn't sure if I could actually go or not, but I didn't bother trying to explain that to her. I just waved goodbye and met my family at the car.

"That was fun," I told my brother. "How come we never have anything like that for you?"

"Because I'm not 11."

"Doesn't mean you can't have a piñata. I want one for my birthday."

He gave me a look as if I were too old for one.

"And Edgar was gorgeous."

This time he rolled his eyes before saying, "you're such a girl."

"I know. Isn't it lovely?"

He smiled but didn't answer.

I watched out the window, still shifting on my aching bottom and replaying the day's events in my head. All of the people I'd met -- family, Edgar, the bitchy girl, Valeria, and Emi -- the cultural festivities... and my stupid self getting into a fight. Oh well, at least I hadn't said the forbidden phrase which Carlos had made me promise not to say unless I wanted to be slapped... and I didn't.

"Hey Carlos... am I still in trouble?" I asked suddenly.

He glanced at me. "Do you think you should be?"

"I really hate that question."

He gave a slight smile. "Well, have you learned your lesson about fighting?"

"Yes! Definitely. I never want to be spanked in public again."

"Then I guess you're not in trouble. Why do you ask?"

"Because Emi asked if I wanted to go see a movie tonight."

He shrugged. "I suppose that's okay. As long as you don't stay out too late."

"Me? Stay out late? I wouldn't dare think of such a thing!"

I was relieved knowing that I wasn't getting seconds and skipped into the house shortly after pulling into the driveway. I was excited... it'd been a fairly good day so far and I'd met a new friend which was ultra-spiffy. Sure, Carlos was okay to hang out with, but he was my brother. Of course it got old after a while.

I took a quick nap only to be interrupted by the phone being shoved on my ear and Carlos telling me I had a phone call. It was Emi. The conversation was mildly interesting because I was dead asleep and neither of us has perfected our Spanish. Finaly I realized the movie was at 8:30 and I'd never heard of it before. We decided to meet downton in front of a church. Spectacular.

I pushed myself out of bed and took a shower. I had to pretty myself up in case there was some gorgeous guys that wanted to pick up an American. I sat down for an early dinner with Carlos (because it was about 7:30 and we usually ate at 8:30...) whom I promised I'd be home by midnight. He didn't go for that and we finally compromised with 11:30... just in case the movie was longer, or she wanted to get ice cream afterwards, or I got lost on the way home.

Then I said, "why don't you go out tonight? There's plenty of bars, huh? And you can get in? You can call a cousin or something."

He shrugged. "I was thinking about it."

"I'll go with you."

"I don't think you want to do that. You know how over-protective I can get."

"This is true..."

"But one day we'll go out. Whenever you're more confident with your Spanish."

I nodded wondering when that would be. "Or since you're over-protective, maybe I can go with Emi."

"We'll see. But not tonight."

Damn. Oh well, it was a good try.

I finished up my quesadilla and put the plate in the sink. "Hasta luego, bro."

"See ya. No later than 11:30..."

"Right-O," I answered already walking outside. I threw my purse over my shoulder. It had two things I couldn't live without: a camera and umbrella. Ever tried walking 30 minutes in pouring rain? It's not pleasant. And it had rained almost every night since my arrival.

Emi was at the church as promised, on time by Mexican standards, about ten minutes late by American. Of course, I, too, had become accustomed to arriving late, so it was no problem. We made small talk on our way up the mountain to the theater. We saw "Just My Luck" which was dubbed but fairly easy to understand because the plot was so predictable. I made a mental note to check it out again once I got home.

When we got out of the theater, Emi asked me if I wanted to go to a bar.

Carlos had said not tonight and I couldn't help but remember how I ran into him last time I did something like that, so I almost said no. Almost.

"Si, pero tengo que ir a mi casa a las 11. [Yes, but I have to go home at 11.]"

She nodded and dragged me to a bar called "Bar Ocho." It was pretty small, but had three floors. We went to the second and smushed ourselves into a tiny table on the side. The room wasn't so crowded, but very smokey and loud. A waitress came by and we both ordered a beer. No IDs checked. I was in Heaven!

We had two beers a piece and chatted about our hometowns, what things we missed and what things we didn't. I learned that the drinking age in Japan is 20. We taught each other cuss words. It was fantastic. When I looked at my watch and saw it was only 11, I decided to get a third beer. I knew it would take at least 15 minutes to get home, probably closer to 25. But I wasn't concerned. More than likely because of the two beers I had drank.

Emi and I talked about school starting the following Monday. We were in the same level of Spanish and would be taking most of the same classes. Our grammar and conversation class were at the university, but the rest of our classes were at the prepatoria school. We were both taking history and art, but she was taking literature whlie I was in psychology. We both hoped for good-looking guys, but didn't hold our breath.

When we finally paid our bill, it was 11:30. I was going to be late, but Carlos would live with it. There were tons of people out and I contemplated going to one of the clubs with booming techno, but now wasn't the time to push my luck.

Emi's house wasn't too far from mnie. It was cool, not having to walk home alone the whole way.

I glanced at my watch a last time when I arrived in front of my house. It was closer to midnight than 11:30. Oops. I slowly inserted my key into the gate, idly wnodering if everyone was asleep. I could pass for being a little tipsy and didn't want anyone to know. No such luck... Carlos was downstairs in the kitchen watching tv and peeked his head out of the door when I walked in.

Just stay in there... I silently begged.

"I know you know you're past curfew but I'm sure you have a great excuse," he said, getting up and walking towards me.

Great... I knew I couldn't pull this one off. "Um... I'm in Mexico? That's my excuse?"

He shook his head. "What did I tell you about going to bars?"

"I didn't go..."

"I said, what did I tell you about going to bars?" he repeated.

"Not tonight," I said.

"Exactly. And I know that's where you were because you reek of cigarette smoke and I can smell the beer on your breath."

I decided not to argue this point.

"I know you're going to do ths nightlife while you're here... that's a given. But I don't appreciate you doing something after I specifically said not to. Much less joining that with coming in 30 minutes late." He paused, clearly angered. I still didn't say anything, remembering how only hours earlier I'd been spanked. "Are you going for two spankings in two days? Is that it?"

"No," I answered.

"Well you're certainly getting it, Young Lady. First thing tomorrow morning."

I winced, reaching back to rub my bottom. "But, Carlos..."

"Don't argue. Just go to bed."

I hung my head like a pouting puppy and walked past my brother up the stairs, half-expecting him to swat me one on the way.

The next morning I woke with drool dripping down my face and the sound of cars and buses out my window. I groaned when I saw it was only nine. There must've been about thirty loud buses that had passed int he last ten minutes. I gave up all hopes on ever going back to sleep and rolled out of bed. Then I remembered that I was going to get spanked and almost crawled back into bed.

Everyone else in the house seemed surprised to see me emerging so early. Grandma and Carlos were both in the kitchen chatting and watching tv. Upon my arrival, Grandma grabbed a chair and dragged me to it and set the placemat and silverware.

"Aye, you're up early," she said then went to cooking something.

"The buses are really loud," I answered.

She and Carlos both laughed. I took this as my chance to persuade my brother not to spank me.

"Carlos... look... I'm sorry about last night," I stammered uncomfortably. I expected him to say something, but he didn't. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to continue. I took my chances anyway: "It's just that Emi wanted to go to this bar and it was on our way home and I figured that she'd just get a drink then we'd go and I didn't think it'd be a problem." I paused and he still didn't say anything. "I was just curious, that's all. I wanted to see what it was like." Was I digging myself into a hole?

Finally he said something. "It's not the fact that you went that bothers me, just that you did so after I told you not to. And you came home late. You'll be here four months, you can wait until your Spanish gets better before you barhop. You can wait until you know the city a little better before you go roaming around in the middle of the night."

I nodded as grandma asked Carlos what was going on. He explained my coming in late, omitting the part about the bar and drinking which I was pleased about.

I thumped my foot nervously, heart pounding as I prepared myself to ask the question that would seal my fate. Grandma was now responding to what Carlos had said but I wasn't quite sure what she was saying. I couldn't tell if she was on my side or his.

Finally they stopped talking when she handed me breakfast. "Carlos... are you still going to spank me?" i asked shivering then quickly taking a bite of my eggs. I could hear grandma putting tortillas in the microwave. Carlos was thinking. Was this a good sign? On the tv a commercial for toothbrushes filled my head. Please say no, I silently begged.

He sighed. My foot was still thumping. "I would really consider not spanking you, but seeing as you deliberately disobeyed me twice yesterday, I'm sensing a pattern and it's time to break it."

There it was. My fate was sealed. I was getting it.

"When I tell you not to do something it's not just to hear myself talk, Danielle. It's for a reason. And if you choose not to listen, you'll just have to accept the consequences."

Grandma placed the tortillas next to me. I'd stopped eating momentarily to stare at my brother, but quickly began eating again at the sight of warm tortillas. I loaded them with beans and eggs, eagerly stuffing the food into my mouth. When I'd told my mom about this breakfast combination she didn't think it sounded very appetizing. But it was delicious. And at that moment it was helping me keep my mind off of the punishment.

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