06 January 2006

Story: Fighting Is No Good, Part I

Part of the Carlos/Danielle Series.  Danielle is at the wrong place at the right time and almost gets in a fight.  But here's to Carlos who saves the day, like always, and protects his little step-sister before she gets herself seriously hurt.

Fighting is No Good
Part 1
by Breanna Carter

"Did you hear that Julio and Diego got into a fight?" I asked Carlos while he was on the computer. I sat down next to him and began putting on my shoes and socks.

"Yeah, and?"

"Isn't that f-in' funny? Diego kicked some ass!"

"I didn't think it was too amusing," Carlos said, clicking away on the computer.

"Well I think it's hilarious. I can't wait to rub it in to Julio. Miguel said that he might stop by his house tonight."

At that point, Carlos turned around and looked at me. "If the only reason you're going over to Miguel's house is to point fingers at Julio, then I'd advise you not to. It's none of your business, you should stay out of it."

"Chill, Carlitos. Nothing's going to happen."

He gave me an admonishing look. "If I find out that you're putting your nose in someone else's business, it's your ass. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I said, tying my shoe. "I'm out of here before I get anymore lectures."

He shook his head at me, but I skipped off, being serious when I said I wanted to skip the lectures! What did Carlos know anyway? It's not like I'd bug Julio much, and besides, he knew as much English as Miguel, so it's not as if he could understand me anyway! And even if he did, who could get mad at an adorable little girl like me? Definitely not him.

I zipped up my jacket as I walked down the street. The sun wasn't quite down yet, so it was still light enough outside for Carlos not to get bothered that I was walking around by myself. Despite the fact that it was still daytime, it was still a bit chilly outside. That wasn't such a bad thing, though... I love cold weather.

I walked up to Miguel's apartment and he was standing outside with his roommate, smoking cigarettes.

"Hola, mamasita."

I rolled my eyes and giggled, walking up the stairs. "I think it's the funniest thing in the world that Julio got his ass kicked. Is he coming over tonight?"

Now, while Miguel didn't speak much English, he mostly understood what I said. "No good, Danielle," he told me, then added something in Spanish that sounded like Julio's business was none of my business.

"Ah well, it's not important. Diego is hott. I'm glad he beat the shit out of Julio. I'd have paid money to see that shit."

Miguel ruffed my hair and said, "Oye, Danielle," then invited me inside his apartment. His roommate followed and the three of us watched tv for a little while, in Spanish, of course. I was mostly used to Spanish tv because that's what Carlos and Juan enjoyed watching. I got really interested in this Spanish soap opera when someone honked the horn outside. I was halfway lying on Miguel, so his roommate decided he'd get up and see who it was. He came back in seconds later muttering something to Miguel and grabbing his jacket. I noticed that he'd said "Julio" and was curious.

"Julio is here?" I asked.

Miguel ignored me, watching tv.

"MIGUEL! Is he here?"

"Si," he answered softly, not adverting his gaze from the television.

"YAY!" I exclaimed and hopped up.

"Danielle, please... leave it alone."

"I'm just going to go out there for a minute.." I said and was out the door before Miguel's roommate. "Aye! It's Julio! Nice black eye!"

He was standing outside with a couple of friends, chattering in Spanish. He glanced up at me for a moment, then looked back at his amigos.

"Que pasa, amigo?" I asked, more in a sarcastic joking way than actually worried about what'd happened.

"No soy tu amigo."

"Oh? Porque?"

He went on to answer me in Spanish, saying that I was a liar and gossiper, but I shook my head and just told him to shut the fuck up. I don't know the exact translation for how he replied, but it wasn't very nice. So I couldn't help myself, I started ragging him.

"Oh, don't even pull that shit with me, Mr. I-can't-win-a-fight-because-I'm-a-pussy. *I* could beat the shit out of you."

"Take it easy, Danielle," Miguel shouted from the top of the stairs.

Julio looked to his friend for a translation, but the man just shrugged, then he cussed me out in Spanish.

"Oooooo I'm so scared. Tengo miedo! Pinche cabron." I know half of what I was saying, but the cuss words... well, I just knew they were bad and would piss him off... and they did...

By this time, Miguel was near us and steadily warning me to shut up and trying to get me away but it didn't work... especially when Julio proceeded to call me a "puta" along with another string of words... ahhh... I love me for being such a bitch.

Didn't Carlos warn me? "Chinga tu madre!" I shouted.

Julio was livid when I said this and didn't even think about it before he slapped me across the face, and hard! The two of us were shocked for a couple of seconds then I became livid and pushed him as hard as I could. He then mocked me, saying that I *should* be scared because I fight just like a girl and he could kick my ass anyday because I was just a worthless piece of trash or some degrading statement towards women. I didn't exactly understand what it was that he said, but my face turned bright red in anger and I charged at him again, pushing him even harder this time and he slapped me again, causing me to fall to the ground. I quickly stood and tackled him, not having enough time to fight because I was all of a sudden being pried away.

It was Carlos who'd pried me away from the man, and threw me aside into Miguel's arms. I watched as Julio stood back up and started bitching at Carlos about me, and Carlos shouted back, getting all up in his face and telling him off. Miguel was holding onto me and caressing my face where I'd been slapped twice, repetitively asking if I was okay. I don't remember if Julio or Carlos tackled the other first, but within no time they were lying on the ground wrestling, then Carlos was on top of him punching the shit out of his face.

I covered my eyes. "Make em stop, make em stop," I told Miguel.

He noticed my distress and said something in Spanish to the two fighting boys, but they didn't stop. I snuggled closer to him, still muttering.

"Carlos, please," I begged. "Please stop. I'm sorry."

He didn't stop, though, nor did Julio. It seemed like they were down there forever... at least until the lady across the street threatened to call the cops and Miguel's roommate started yelling, "la policia! La policia!"

The two guys broke up and Julio's nose was bleeding pretty badly. Carlos told him that he wouldn't hesitate to beat the shit out of him again... then Julio told him that if he'd keep me in line he wouldn't have to do it for him... and Carlos got back in his face and said that if I needed to be kept in line it was between he and I, not Julio. They almost started again, but I dragged Carlos away. He was so pissed off that his fists were clenched and when I pulled him away I could feel his muscles... and then realized that I would be next to feel his wrath. Dammit. How'd he find out what was going on anyway?

"Miguel called me," Carlos answered on our drive home. "Good damn thing, because if not, he would have beat the shit out of you. What the hell is your problem anyway? Are you trying to get yourself killed or arrested?"

"Shut up, Carlos, you fought him."

"He's not twice my size and I didn't start it. What did I tell you about staying out of other people's business?"

"Who cares," I muttered.

When we got inside the house, I took a good look at Carlos. His face was swollen and he had a small cut on his forehead, some minor bleeding, but nothing too major... especially compared to Julio.

"I'm going to take a shower. Go to your room and don't even think about leaving because you're already getting it badly enough as it is."

I glared at him. "Not fair."

"I don't give a shit if you think it's fair or not..."

I scowled and stomped towards my room, trying not to slam the door, then plopping on my bed. I rubbed my cheek where I'd been slapped those two times. It was hurting like crazy! Of course, I'm sure this pain was nothing compared to what I'd be feeling in a few minutes... but damn. This all just sucked. All of a sudden I was pissed at Miguel for calling Carlos... but what else could he do? I mean, he was just looking out for me... but couldn't he have thought of a better way to look out for me? What's the deal with people always fighting at Miguel's house anyway? Damn Mexicans.

I was silently cursing Mexicans and their fighting nature when Carlos came in my room, clean clothes, not looking nearly as rough as he had. He sat down on my bed next to me and studied me with his dark brown eyes.

"What is your deal, Danielle? Do you just go out looking for trouble?"

I shook my head.

"Could've fooled me. Didn't I warn you once about hanging out with Miguel? He's no good, dammit."

I shrugged. "He's my friend, Carlos. You can't stop me from hanging out with my friend."

"You're right, I can't stop you, but I'd figure you'd have a little more sense than that. And to think, you JUST got yourself in trouble like this, what, last month? Over the same exact thing... putting your nose where it needn't be."

I shivered, staring at the wall. He was right... it hadn't been much longer than a month since I'd gotten fucked up at Miguel's house and told some random drunk Mexican "chinga tu madre" and got chased around my neighborhood... Me and my big mouth. Dammit. "I know, Carlos... I know. My bad."

"Yeah, your bad. What am I going to do with you, hermana?"

I shrugged.

He caressed my cheek with the tips of his fingers. "He slapped you pretty good... Gah, Danielle... what possessed you to even think about pestering him... after what happened with that other weirdo..."

"I knew my big brother would come bail me out," I teased.

"Yeah, you were lucky. If Miguel hadn't called me, you might be beat up pretty badly right now."

"I could've taken him."

He chuckled slightly.

"What! I could have!"

"Okay, okay... but that still doesn't hide the fact that you disobeyed me. What'd I tell you before you left?"

I sighed. "To stay out of Julio's business... but..."

"That's right, to stay out of his business. And did you listen?"

"No, but..."

"Right. That means you're getting a spanking, hermana."

"Dammit, Carlos... must we always solve things in this manner?"

"This time, yes. And don't worry, I'll be sure to tell your mom that you were already spanked, so it won't happen again."

"Hey wait! No fair! You can't spank me *and* tell Mom!"

"I can and I am."

"Carlos... noooo... please! Just one or the other."

"No. If you're not going to listen to me when I tell you to stop hanging out with Miguel, maybe you'll listen to your mom."

I pouted. "You're not being fair!"

"I think I'm being plenty fair. I didn't tell her about last time when you almost got yourself killed, so I'm going to tell her this time. You had your chances."

"And spank me, too?"

He nodded, then pushed himself off my bed. "Pants down, Hermana. You know the drill."

"This isn't fair, Carlos," I said, rolling over on my back so he couldn't spank me while I argued. "You can't do both. Please. Just spank me and get it over with and not tell her and I promise I'll be good."

He ignored my pleas. "Pants down, Danielle, and don't make me ask you again. You'll just make it harder on yourself."

"Carlos, will you listen to me?"

"I am listening, and I've already told you: I'm telling her and nothing you do or say will change that."

I folded my arms, to which he replied with folding his arms and an exasperated look. I didn't budge, though. It's not a good idea to resist your brother, especially when you just saw him beat the hell out of some guy on the street for you and felt his muscles... He was waay stronger than me. Why the hell was I resisting?

"I mean it, Danielle. Pants down. You're just making this harder on yourself."

"Can you give me a good reason as to why you're telling Mom?"

"Are you really going to make me take them down myself?"

"Dammit, Carlos!" I yelled then rolled over hesitantly as I pulled my pants down to my knees. "Sometimes you bug the hell out of me."

"The feelings are mutual, I assure you," he answered, pulling my panties down to meet my jeans. "If you'd just minded your business like I'd said, you wouldn't be getting spanked and my face wouldn't be swollen."

I looked over my shoulder and watched him unbuckle his belt and couldn't help but let out a loud groan. "Carlos! Pleasee!! Don't use that..."

"Aye, you'll think about this next time you go to Miguel's house?"

"I'll think about it even if you don't use it! Pleaseeeeeeeeee!"

He smirked. "Nice try, Hermana," he said, sliding it through the loops. "Really, nice try. But I'm using it anyway."

I watched him fold it over and watched him raise it high in the air and winced right before he slapped it down on my backside and I screamed bloody murder.

"Oooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Carlos!!! Please!!"

He crashed it against my bum again, in the exact same spot, causing me to squirm like mad crazy and try and block the next smack. Instead of actually blocking, though, he took my wrist in his hand and slapped me extra hard. "Do not try to block, Young Lady," he scolded, then delivered another.

"But... ahhoowww it hurrts!!!!!!"

"Good..." he said, then slapped it down more times. I could somewhat see him over my shoulder, crashing his black leather belt down on my bottom. I kicked my legs and bawled like a baby, more than I'd have ever cried in front of that asshole Julio. I could have taken him on! Dammit.. why'd Miguel have to go and get involved. Oh well... I'd get that asshole back, no matter what... Yes, I was thinking this as my ass was being beaten by my older brother who made me swear that I'd mind my own business. Guess I don't learn too easily...

"You're going to be good from now on?" Carlos asked, giving me a final slap on my sitspots.

"Oooowwwwwww, yessss!!"

"Good," he answered and slid the belt back through the loops of his pants and buckled it. I buried my face in my pillow and Carlos gently helped my pants and panties back up. I winced when they touched my tender bottom, then he sat down next to me, rubbing my back. "Aye, Hermana. Porque te gusta problemas?"

"I *don't* like problems," I muttered.

"Then why try and fight Julio?"

I shrugged.

"Dad is going to give me shit."

I sniffled, then turned my head to look at him. He was leaning against the wall, still rubbing my back, staring into space with a look of worry in his eyes. "He is?"

Carlos nodded.

"I didn't think about that."

"When we lived in Mexico, I used to get in fights at school all the time. Dad didn't mind much, til we moved here and I almost got kicked out of school. He tore my ass up good. Only fought once since then, besides today.."

I bit my lower lip. "I'm sorry," I told him. "Lo siento mucho?"

He nodded. "Don't fuck around, Hermana. You'll get yourself in a lot of trouble. Not only here, but with the cops, too. Okay?"

"Okay," I whispered and looked away. That guilt was finally forming in my stomach for what I'd done. I'd never meant to get Carlos in shit, too. In fact, that's the last thing I'd wanted to do... which just made me hate Julio more. Ohhh, that boy would pay...

Carlos stayed in my room until our parents got home. It was nearly midnight when they got in, and once Mom walked in my room she started freaking out.

"Oh my gosh, Carlos! Danielle! What happened!?" she screamed, hand over her mouth.

That was my cue to answer... or maybe Carlos's nudge was my cue to answer. Anyhow, I was the first to speak. "Mom, I got in a fight with this stupid guy at Miguel's house and Miguel called Carlos and Carlos tried to stop me but I wouldn't stop and the guy wouldn't stop and Carlos ended up beating the hell out of the guy."

My mom shook her head. "Who was it? Should we press charges?" She turned around to see Juan walking in the room behind her.

"Que paso?" he asked, noticing all the commotion.

Carlos decided to be the one to talk now. "No, there's no reason to press charges, right Danielle?" he said, glaring at me. "Why not try telling the WHOLE truth?"

I growled. "Gah, couldn't save me from being in anymore trouble?" I hissed, then looked back at my mom and stepdad who were standing in the doorway with a questioning look. "It was my fault because I instigated it and said some pretty mean things to him, so it's just as much my fault as his. But not Carlos's... he was just protecting me."

Juan looked at my mom then back at Carlos. "Quien?" he asked.

"Julio," I answered.

"Julio who?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. Some crazy Mexican."

"What did you tell him to make him so mad?"

I bit my lower lip and glanced at Carlos who gave me a slight nod as if telling me to go ahead and say it. "Something bad?" I answered.

Juan studied me. "What did you say?"

"Uhmmm..." I began.

"Today, Hija," he answered.

"Chinga tu madre," I said in a near whisper and hid my face so I wouldn't get slapped again.

"Si?" he asked Carlos.

"No se. Cuando yo llegué, ya estaban peleando."

"Porque, mi Hija?" Juan asked me and came towards me, touching my cheek that Julio had slapped. "Fighting is no good, Danielle."

"Pero yo la castigue."


"Un azote."

He looked at me. "Si?"

I nodded: yes, Carlos had already spanked me... which is what Juan was asking. After so many years of listening to Carlos and Juan randomly talk to each other in Spanish, you begin to realize what they're saying to one another. He then called Carlos to the hallway so they could talk about it. I could sort of hear what they were saying... like Juan thanked him but told him that next time there would be other ways to deal with things... my mom was still in my room with me, muttering things about being so worried, but I wasn't much paying attention to her. Carlos and Juan's discussion turned into a screaming match of Carlos wanting to help out his sister and Juan telling him that the parents should be the one to do that.

"Danielle, please stay out of fights, okay?" my mom said.

"Yeah, okay," I answered, still more interested in Carlos's screaming match with Juan and wishing I was fluent enough in Spanish to understand it. It ended with Carlos slamming his door in Juan's face and my stepdad breathing heavily. I bit my lower lip and gave my mom a pathetic look, and she patted me on my head then left my room, pulling my door shut and probably going to reassure Juan that everything would be okay.

I lay on my bed for a while, just staring at the ceiling. Out of boredom, I called Miguel to apologize for causing such a scene. Diego was over there when I called and asked to talk to me, which I thought was totally adorable. I'd always had a crush on Diego. He congratulated me for kicking some ass, ignoring the fact that it was actually Carlos who did the damage. After hanging up the phone with him, I dialed my brother's cell number.

"You're calling me when your room is only a few feet away?" he answered.

"Gee, nice talking to you, too," I teased.

I heard him smile. "Que pasa, hermanita?"

"Are you okay? What'd you and Juan fight about?"

"Oh? Being nosey again? Are you going to go beat him up for me?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "I can't help it that I'm nosey!" I said. "And anyway... what happened?"

"Don't worry about it, Danielle. But I'm fine. Go to sleep, okay?"

I pouted. "But I wanna know!!!!"

"One day I'll tell you. Goodnight....."

I sighed. "Fine, goodnight," I said, then hung up the phone, not as irritated with him as it seemed.

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