Misc Stories

These are all of the stories I've written that don't belong to a series, in case you couldn't figure out that on your own. If there's some you'd like to see a series from, just let me know by commenting below.  Hope you enjoy!

Alex and Anali -- M/f nc
Alex y Anali (español)  -- M/f nc
The Advisor -- M/F nc
Back on Track -- M/f nc
Back on Track 2 -- M/f nc
Back on Track 3 -- M/f nc
Beach Party -- M/F nc
Boarding School -- M/f nc
Bratty Little Sisters Are a Pain -- M/f nc
Camp Counselors in Trouble -- M/FF nc, voy, sexual themes
Camp Counselors in Trouble (Edited) -- M/FF nc, voy
Chemicals -- M/f nc
Cherry Kiss -- MM/F nc, voy
Chilean Spanking -- M/F cons
Christina's Bad Day -- X/mmmf nc, voy; M/f nc
Christmas in Amsterdam -- M/f nc
The Circus -- m/f nc
Curious Jenny -- M/f nc
Cynthia's Mexican Adventure -- M+/f nc, voy; M/f nc
Daycare Drama -- M/f nc
DDR Junkies -- m/M, m/f, M/f, Mm/f semi-cons
Drag Race -- M/f nc, M/f nc
Drunken Rampage -- M/f semi-cons
Ecstatic For Ecstasy -- M/f nc, voy
The Emo Story -- M/F cons
Fake ID -- M/f nc
Fed Up -- M/f nc
I Like Cheese -- M/f nc
I Like eBay -- M/f nc
I Wanna Go Home -- M/f nc voy
Jared -- M/f nc
Learning the Hard Way -- M/F nc
Learning a Lesson -- M/f nc
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire -- M/f nc
Like a Father -- m/f nc
My New Little Sister -- M/f nc, M/F nc
Nikki's Amusement Park Adventure -- M/f nc
Not Normal -- M/f nc
Old Fashioned Family -- M/f nc, voy
One Week Later -- M/f nc
Patrick -- F/f nc, M/f nc
Peer Pressure -- M/f nc
Picture Yourself Here -- F/f nc, voy; F/f nc semi-voy, M/f nc
Potty Mouth -- M/f nc
Random Short Story -- M/f nc
Raven's Black Tears -- f/f sc (self-injury theme)
Running Away -- M/f nc
A Second Older Brother -- M/f nc
Shopping for Aunt Becky (Full House FanFic) -- M/f nc, f/f sc, M/ff nc voy
Sleeping Kicks Ass -- M/f nc
Sneaking Out -- M/ff nc voy
Spanked Down Under -- M/ff nc voy
Stupid Paddles -- M/F cons
Tears of Frustration -- M/F sc
Tio Ricardo -- M/f nc
Tio Ricardo (español) -- M/f nc
Too Drunk -- M/F semi-cons
Too Much -- M/f nc
Total Anarchy!... Sorta -- M/f nc

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