04 April 2011

Uffff... I've been busy

Hiya again.  I dunno if there were many people really looking at this, but either way, I've updated the blog some.  My goal is to get all of my stories copied to this so that I can have a working blog *and* website.  It might be tricky.

So what do you guys think of the new colors and stuff?  I thought they were pretty nifty, but my friend said he felt like he was on drugs.  Oh well.  Blah for him.  I think they're pretty!!!

I added all these summaries to the stories I have posted... and I could tell when it started getting late because they started becoming really really bad (aka: cheesy).  But it was fun nonetheless.  I'm excited about getting all of my stories up here.  I was looking through the Terrence/Bri ones today and wow.  I'd forgotten about a lot of that stuff.  But yeah.  Any weird stuff... I'm sorry in advance!

I'm not sure what else needs to be said :)  Goodnight!

Oh!  Right!  Thanks everyone for all the comments you've made the last couple of months :D  They're greatly appreciated and it always brightens my day when someone takes the time to leave a nice comment.  You guys are amazing!

1 comment:

Alex_Carter said...

You should add more to the Terrence/Bri stories. They're my favorites.

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