Molly is the sweetest little girl in the world.  She loves the skating rink, her Irish heritage, making new friends, and most of all, Brian, a good friend of hers from the skating rink who decides to look after her.  I've had tons of good feedback from these stories, so I hope you like them, too.  Not all of the stories have spankings in them, so if you only want spanking scenes, just read the ones with "M/f" written on them (as if you couldn't figure that out on your own).  Enough rambling.. just enjoy :)

Chapter 1! -- M/f nc
Chapter 2!
Chapter 3!
Chapter 4!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 5!
Chapter 6!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 7!
Chapter 8!
Chapter 9!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 10!  -- M/f nc
Chapter 11!
Chapter 12!  -- f/M sorta
Chapter 13!  -- M/f nc

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