15 March 2010

Introduction, Procrastinating, and Random Thoughts

So.  If you're at this page, you probably know me already.  Therefore, an introduction is super unnecessary.  But I guess I feel kind of obligated to have one just in case by some random chance of nature someone that I don't know meandered upon this page.  Right.  So yeah, my penname is Breanna, and I'm a 23 year old grad school student in New Jersey.  I'm not really new to the blogging thing, but my livejournal is friend-locked so no one ever reads it... um, except my friends lol.  Although I don't think they read it either.  Not that they have much to read 'cause I'm the worst at keeping stuff updated.  Yeah.  So is my life.

That brings me to procrastinating.  I have this strange feeling that it's what I'm doing about right now.  Oh wait, that's 'cause it is.  As a grad school student, my top priority is procrastination -- I will do anything to avoid homework.  This morning I've played DDR, showered, washed dishes, cooked, read news, and posted stories on this blog.  Oh, right, I guess it's not really morning, it's 4pm.  And have I started on homework?  Right.  I haven't.  It's so annoying, but I'm not entirely what to do about this problem I have.  You know how some people are alcoholics and all they want to ever do is drink and drink and drink?  And they can't stop?  That's me with procrastination!  There is a 12 step program, but I'm strongly against those.  That's another thing I can introduce about myself -- I'm pretty much atheist, and anything about higher powers annoys the crap out of me.

That was random.  Well, I'm a random person.  So be prepared for my ADD.

Maybe that's why I procrastinate so much.

Anyway.  Another fact about me... I'm completely and totally in love with the Spanish language, especially when it comes to spanking.  Now that I have a blog page, I'm going to start following some blogs.  I read one the other night that had a spanking dialogue in it and WOW it was amazing.  My goal is to write a story in Spanish.  I don't know if that will ever happen, but who knows.  Maybe it could.  Perhaps.

I will eventually figure out how to post pics here and stuff and have a super cool blog like other people.  But for now, I'm just boring.  Hey, at least I have some good stories posted up here.  I'm really digging the Jess and Kate stories.  They're all on my website, which is conveniently linked to each story that I post.  Isn't that amazing?  Blogger is the shit.

Yeah I'm rambling.  That's because I'm procrastinating, and the longer I can make this entry means the longer I can go without doing homework.

Hmmm... what else...

I'm long overdue for a good spanking.  Anyone else ever go through that?  Do tops go through the same problem?  Part of the problem with me is that I want the emotional thing there, too, and that's so hard to find.  It's only really and truly happened to me a couple of times.  But I'm totally craving that about right now.  And probably super deserve it.  After driving under the influence for like the millionth time.  I know, I know, bad idea.  But in my own defense, it wasn't alcohol, and I was super hungry.  Yes, every time I did it.  Well, except when I was home for Xmas break... at that time it was a necessity.  And I promised so many people that I wouldn't do it anymore, but obviously the promises didn't mean anything.  So I ended up driving the other night after smoking entirely too much.  It was rainy and dark outside, and even slightly foggy.  Perfect night to listen to Cradle of Filth.  Anyway, that's besides the point.  I hadn't eaten, and it was late, probably midnight.  All I could think was "chocolate shake!" and so yeah, I listened to my stomach and weaved through the neighborhood til I saw the golden arches in front of me.  I ordered my quarter pounder meal, equipped with large fries and Dr. Pepper, and a chocolate shake on the side.  Did I mention that food is fantastic after smoking?  Yeah, it is.

So anyway, I got my meal and drove back home, half talking to my friend on the phone and half listening to music.  I think I worried her a little bit, but I had to let someone know what I was doing so in case something happened she could message my mom on Facebook.  I know, technology these days.  Don't ya love it?  I made it home okay, quarter pounder and all, unlocked my door, and came inside to enjoy my fantastical mountain of food.  When I woke up the next morning -- er, afternoon -- I was like "where are my keys?" and guess what?  They were still in my door.  Oops.  Shows you how hungry I was lol.

Also shows that I was pretty messed up.  And yes, I'm going to be spanked for this.  Belt and all.  Kinda scared and worried.  Wish it'd just be over with already.  Would make things a lot easier.

You know what else would make things easier?  If I'd done this stupid homework already.  Then I wouldn't have to do it today.  Or if I had someone here to motivate me.  That'd be stellar.

But since I'm lacking in the motivation realm, and the homework isn't finished, I shall continue to procrastinate.  What will I do now that I'm finished blogging?  Sleep.  Yes.  I will procrastinate by sleeping.  Hehe.  Goodnight :)

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